Sunday, February 28, 2016

One Year

Well, The Cave blog is officially one year old.

I have to say that it feels like an accomplishment. A lot of people start blogs, but can't keep them going. Sure, I’ve been writing these stories regularly since early 2012, but it’s different running a blog. There's a little more control and a lot more responsibility. While it can be frustrating, it has mostly been fun, interesting and source of relaxation. My TV viewing has declined, but that's no great loss.

I don't want this to be a duplicate of my 2015/2016 post. I already thanked folks just two months ago. And I shared some previews of 2016, too. Instead of doing that again, I'm going to focus on results for this anniversary post.

WARNING ... a lot of boring numbers below the fold ...

Friday, February 26, 2016

The Cast: Who's Who (February 2016)


Here are the base models for February's stories!

The Cave 16

Ryan = Mike Bennett (Pro Wrestler)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Quick Hit: #290 Diesel vs. Harper (UCW)

Wow. This was intense. It's Nick Diesel vs. Quinn Harper, the soon-to-be UCW champion, in a crazy rope match that results in one guy being completely wrecked in the end.

WARNING: I'm going to spoil the match, because there's no way to talk about this video without doing that. I don't think it impacts enjoyment. In fact, I think it heightens it in this case as you watch it all unfold.

Diesel's wild ride

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Review: #340 Diesel vs. Deep (UCW)

This is one of two matches from UCW that I bought based on recommendations from my review of Nick Diesel vs. Axel in a rope match back in November. I enjoyed that match quite a bit, especially the new-to-me Diesel. However, a couple of readers suggested Diesel matches they liked better, so I took them up on their suggestions and bought both.

I managed to watch Nick Diesel vs. Johnny Deep back at the end of November, but I run so far ahead with my content that this was the first place I could put the review. I gave it my 2015 Cavey Award for Best Gimmick Match, so you can probably guess that this will be a positive post.

Award-winning action from UCW

Yes, I did really like this match.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Inspiration: Spladle

As I looked to continue my idea to post examples of the moves I use in my stories, I realize I need a new strategy, because I'm spending a ton of time searching for the moves. That's one of the problems with having hundreds of videos on my hard drive. It's not your problem, it's mine, but if anyone has a suggestion to improve my efficiency, I'm open to it.

Anyway, Alex R. specifically mentioned wanting more on the spladle. Sounds good to me.

I love the spladle. Basically, it's a split leg cradle where you roll up your opponent and spread his legs. It's a pin, but also has options for submission. Just think about the pressure on your neck and groin in the hold. As you will see, there are many variations, but to me, a great spladle leaves one of the attacker's hands free to go roaming.

The first image below (Jake Lowe on Damien Rush from BGEast) is the one I most often try to describe in my stories. Rush is rolled up, legs spread wide, head on abs, his big bulge hanging over his face. Lowe has total control and a free hand that can grab pouch, ass and generally torment Rush. It's simply perfection.

Jake Lowe keeps one hand free vs. Damien Rush (here)

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Cave Undercard 10: Night vs. Day

"It's tough to see you guys end things like this. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Fuck yeah. It's been a long time comin', Cody. The kid deserves everything he's gonna get."

I pout, "I hate this."

"Liar. You love drama."

I put up my hands in a 'hold on' motion and shake my head, "Not for real, man. These days I only love fake drama. I mean, it's the end of an era. You're Night, he's Day. Night and Day. Watching you guys wrestle together is like poetry."

Night and Day in happier times

Friday, February 12, 2016

Review: Viggo vs. Raya (BGEast)

It's not new to see wrestlers working for multiple producers these days. So Viggo making the leap to BGEast's Florida ring shouldn't surprise me, but it does a little. He's one of those guys whose been around and in a lot of videos (20+), but he never struck me as a superstar. Maybe because he hasn't gotten a lot of love from blogs or Tumblr.

Viggo looks great in the BGEast ring

While I'd never watched a Viggo match before his Jersey match, it wasn't for any particular reason why. There's just too much content to buy nowadays. I liked the Jersey match, so I was cool with seeing more. For some reason, seeing him at BGEast made me more interested. I looked at Viggo then at his opponent, rookie Felix Raya, and figured I'd go for it.

Raya admires himself

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Review: Maverick x 2 (Wrestler4Hire)

Given the choice, would you rather your handsome and muscular indie pro studs be the squasher or the squashee in a one-sided match? That's the choice between CameronWrestler's most recent Maverick videos.

Both matches are complete one-sided domination. Maverick wrecks gorgeous homoerotic wrestler Cal Bennett inside a steel cage then lies down for fellow indie pro stud Caleb Klein.

Maverick owns Cal

Then he's helpless against Caleb

Monday, February 8, 2016

Review: Biff Farrell vs. Joe Mazetti (BGEast)

Since I'm late to the Biff Farrell bandwagon, I figured I'd do two reviews back-to-back. It takes me awhile to watch some of these videos, but I get there eventually. BGEast doesn't help by not having convenient downloads like everyone else.

After enjoying Biff vs. Van Skyler (review here), I was excited to see him in action again. There are three other Biff matches available, including The Comeback 2: Joe Mazetti. I don’t know why I chose this one instead of the Flash LaCash one, but I will watch that one at some point. I think I just got caught up in the newness of it and the return of Joe Mazetti.

Biff earns our love

Sunday, February 7, 2016

PSA: Thunders Arena Super Sunday Giveaway

Full disclosure: Thunders Arena sent me a note about this sale and sent me the video.


This isn't the first sale from Thunders Arena I've posted about, but it is the first time that they've initiated it. I figure that it's helpful to know about these things in case you're interested. They're having a promotion today featuring a free video if you spend $50 (about 2 videos).

Frey vs. Wolf. vs. rookie George

It is Super Bowl Sunday and we wanted to celebrate and give away a NEW, never seen, never released video to everyone who purchases $50 or more in downloads or DVDs today. It is a new match featuring a former college football player who is a real Maine lobster fisherman named George.

with $50 purchase


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Review: Biff Farrell vs. Van Skyler (BGEast)

I'm going to assume that this isn't the only blog you follow that covers wrestling videos. BGEast's Biff Farrell has been all the buzz since he debuted. An immediate fan favorite, he finished second in Bard's recent Homoerotic Wrestler of the Year Reader's Choice vote. In the comments on my The 2015 Cavey Awards: Wrestlers post, commenter AH mentioned him as an option for Favorite Rookie, but I hadn't seen any of his matches.

Until now. I've finally watched my first Biff match - Biff Farrell vs. Van Skyler.

Well, you can add me to the list of Biff fans. He lived up to the hype. A sexy fireplug, Biff is handsome, his chest and shoulders are wide, his waist is narrow and his legs thick and powerful. I feel like he knows his way around the mat, based on the smooth action. He suffers well and is verbal without being over-the-top or distracting.

Biff just chillin' outside (JPG)

Flex that beefcake! (GIF)

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Review: King/Travis vs. Marco/Bolt (Thunders Arena)

February was going to be a Thunders Arena-free month. I've covered a lot of their stuff and I wanted to give some love elsewhere. However, a commenter mentioned this tag team ring match - Marco/Bolt vs. Travis/Joey King. They've sent me three matches recently, so I figured I'd take a risk and try it out. Don't worry, though. I'm doing this as a bonus post, so you'll still get the five reviews and wrestling move post I've already uploaded for the month.

Now, I might have bought this without prodding, but I definitely would've thought twice before buying it. I've enjoyed all four of the Thunders ring matches I've watch so far, so that makes me interested, but none of these four wrestlers are must-buys for me.

Three of Thunders bestsellers together should be a winner, right?

Monday, February 1, 2016

The Cave 16: Ryan vs. Luke

"Wait, THIS is your gym? The one you like better than my place? Is it even open?"

I respond, "Cody. Be nice. You're the one who wanted to tag along."

My buddy holds up his hands, "You're right, Ry. I'm sorry. I just never expected ... it'll be cool. Lead the way."

We enter the gym and I escort my best friend Cody to the locker room. My name is Ryan. We've been friends forever, but we don't often work out together. Of course for most of my life, I didn't really work out at all, which is how I ended up soft and over 300-lbs. I'm down to a muscular 250-lbs on my 6'4" frame, a transformation I accomplished here. This place, as rundown as it is, suits me just fine.

Me, Ryan