Thursday, November 19, 2015

Review: #435 Axel vs. Nick Diesel (UCW)

So there must have been a rope sale at Home Depot or something, because here we are again with a match where ropes are involved. This time, it's in UCW with Axel vs. Nick Diesel. Champion Axel puts his belt on the line against challenger Nick Diesel. I know I've said it before, but I really like that they have a belt. It's fun and adds a unique element to their matches.

Champ Axel
Challenger Diesel

The champ is confused by the ropes until he sees Diesel, who I guess has used them before. It's my first time watching him in action, but the narrative is clear. The challenger is gunning for the belt and plans to use any and all means to get it.

Both guys fit the UCW aesthetic very well. As always, Axel is comfortable and confident, but Diesel more than holds his own in the attitude department. With his trim hard body and blue collar vibe, Diesel worked hard for me here. He's a cocky bad boy with a plan and I quickly found myself cheering for him to win the belt.

Yes, Axel's on his game
But Diesel is impressive, too
Sorry, Axel ... I'm Team Diesel now

The action is top-notch UCW. The action is smooth and the holds are executed really well. It all feels intense and real, with strong submission-level holds. There's minimal nonsense, outside of the ropes, of course. I think there might've been one low blow each and no referee interference.

Hard-hitting, well-executed action
The action feels real 

Diesel definitely feels like a keeper, kind of like a hotter Quinn Harper. The hottest moments for me are all applied by the challenger on the champ. Diesel proves that he is a stud who's more than capable of defeating the more experienced Axel. At several points, he uses the ropes beautifully to dominate and control Axel. It plays into multiple interests of mine.

Diesel "pounds" Axel's ass
Diesel: "Is this how you pictured losing your belt?"

There are only two minor down points for me. Neither one ruined my enjoyment, but I'm still going to mention them. One is Axel's red patterned shorts, which I did not think were flattering or sexy. Diesel's small, tight briefs are perfect. Too bad Axel didn't have equally good gear.

I prefer Diesel's gear
Axel's shorts aren't his best

The second one is Referee Jeff. He's probably a great guy, but his presence just seemed like an unnecessary distraction that actually results in two missed opportunities. There are two knockouts, but he doesn't do the sexy arm-lift doublecheck. It's always a hot moment for me when a ref does that, so it would've been cool to see. Now, it might've meant that the match would end prematurely or the story would change, but in that case, don't have a ref. As it is, he really serves no purpose.

Overall, if you like UCW, you'll love this. At least I did. If you've never bought a UCW match, this wouldn't be a bad place to start. It's a very good example of their style, in terms of wrestlers, action, camerawork and attitude. It's 28-minutes of hard-hitting action (31 minutes total) for just $15.99, so the risk is small.

If you're a UCW fan or are just curious about them, please take a moment to comment! I'd love to hear more perspectives on this match from guys who like UCW or think they'd like UCW.



  1. Haven't seen the match, and probably won't due to the ropes being an integral part. However, I agree with you (at least from the pictures you've posted) that Axel's gear is not the greatest. Unfortunately, this is his 2nd consecutive match, at least for me, where his gear has not been showing off his great assets. His bulge used to be the 3rd participant in many of his matches!

    1. Thanks for the comment. That's a fun way of describing it. The bulge is still there, but it's subdued due to the pattern, color and cut of the shorts. I've definitely seen him wear a lot better.

  2. Imho, there's a MUCH hotter ropes match between Diesel and Johnny Deep. Much hotter gear- including skimpy purple posing bikinis on Deep (salivates), older vs younger vibe, lots more rope bondage action, lots of lowblows, no distracting ref... One of my favorite matches from UCW, you should check it out!

    1. Awesome, thanks for the reco. I'll have to check it out. I did like Diesel and thought I'd check more of his matches out, but hadn't gotten around to it. I enjoyed this match a lot because the rope work was in addition to good wrestling (as opposed to being a bondage video masquerading as a wrestling video).

  3. Lets be honest here for a second, I have gotten all but 10 of the UCW videos that have been put out and this one is not very good. It is by far the worst rope match they had - watch Diesel vs Quinn as an example of how to do one properly. The issue is when you have the same 1 talent out there who has gotten so boring and predictable, you cant possibly have a good match anymore. Im not talking about Diesel, im talking about Axel. He is such an overrated talent, he manages to make the BG East videos he is in boring as well. He has the same 5 moves every match and therefore when he trains all the new talent that comes in, he shows them the same 5 moves as well. Another issue appears to be that all the 2 higher-ups in UCW care about are looks and looks only. Except fpr Malik, name me another talent that they found in the past year that has any personality at all. Plus its always a good thing when 1 of the owners is condescending to all the talent on camera ...if he can even remember what their name is ... see Diego. So keep bringing new talent in who learn the same 5 moves over and over again and after they do 1, they look off screen to see what they should do next (see Shane - their new flavor of the month) and just keep raising the prices just a little more while you are at it.

    1. Thanks for the opposing point-of-view. While I enjoyed this match a lot, I appreciate getting another perspective.

    2. good point. axel and quinn are my favorites because of their trash talk. ares brought in a brutish element that was missing. razor and nero added a tough guy appeal. would like more focus on the wrestling. probably will check out the new axel video. like to see him struggle a bit.

  4. You can catch a glimpse of Nick's dick in this...what are yall complaining about....?????

    1. Well, I wasn't complaining. ;)

      Everyone has different tastes, but I was definitely thinking I was the only one who liked this. Sounds like you did, as well, so thanks for the comment!