Monday, July 22, 2024

The Cave Undercard 40: Blue Collar Beef vs. Valet

This is a companion story to the 7/15 story The Cave Undercard 39: Master Peace vs. Moneymaker. I tried to make it so it can be read alone, but your mileage may vary depending on your personal tastes and need for details.



“Nice moves, Street.”

I pull my baseball cap back on, “Yeah, I know. Told you that. I didn’t need any tryout. Natural athlete. Wrestled in high school. Fought a lot since then.” I start to head to the locker room, “So, we done, Cody?”

The handsome 29-year-old replies, “No, we’re not done. There are just a couple of things I want to check.”

Cody’s acting all business, not charmed by me at all. I can respect that. I’m all business, too. Chris should've told me how hot and confident this stud is. I was thinking the guy set up this little wrestling league to be around studs. Figured I could work him a little and get some extra cash. Not so easy. Won't stop me from trying, but I wasn't ready for a man like this.

Monday, July 15, 2024

The Cave Undercard 39: Master Peace vs. Moneymaker

Note: There are two narrators for this story. Chris aka Master Peace in Black text; and Miguel aka Moneymaker in Purple text. It is also noted at the start of each section. If it’s unclear to anyone for any reason, please let me know in the comments so I can adjust for next time.




“Ready to be my plus one, Street?”

“Plus one? I’m not your fucking date to a wedding, Chris.” My buddy asks, “Is that really what they call it?”

I shrug, “Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know why I called it that. They don't call the guy standing at ringside anything specific. The twink you’re countering is called a valet.” Street makes a face. Yeah. He’s not a valet. I suggest, “Bodyguard? Manager? Enforcer? Equalizer?” None of it changes the look. “What would do you want to be?”

“Paid. That’s all I wanna be. It’s the only reason I’m going to stand around, dressed up in a mask and trunks, threatening some twink while you kick his man’s ass. Cody said they pay right after the match. You better, too.”

Monday, July 1, 2024

The Cave Unleashed 19: Bird Boy/Toyboy vs. Enchanter/Scourge


Me. Xaq. As if you didn't know.

“It’s your lucky day, Birdy. We’re gonna wreck you.”

His bleach blond buddy smirks at me, “Since you get off on being humiliated, you’re gonna love what we got planned for you and your little master.”

Saturday, June 22, 2024

The Cave 32: Ryan Meets Mano


For a guy who just broke up with his boyfriend, I feel pretty good.

Maybe it’s because we didn’t completely breakup? Luke ended our dating relationship but changed it to a friend with benefits arrangement where everything will stay about the same. And the fact that I have another boyfriend, Corey, and another friend with benefits, Pete, could be helping, too. Weirdly, those relationships are both the cause and solution in this case.

Saturday, June 15, 2024

The Cave 31: Bane vs. Cage 3


The waiter sets down our drinks, “Do you have any questions about the menu?”

Before I can answer, Luke says, “Give us a few minutes, please.”

I’m surprised. Luke only orders one of two things here. And I know what I want. Something is up. Luke is a great guy. We’ve been dating for months. I know he’s challenged because I’m also dating Corey, a 19-year-old college student, and I spend a lot of time with Pete, a friend with benefits. He wants me to make a choice, but I’m just not ready to commit. I tense a little. 

Saturday, June 1, 2024

The Cave Undercard 38: Captain Patriot vs. Him


“Cody! How’d things go with Winston?”

I smile, “Awesome. Tons of fun. Before, during, and after the match. Xaq joined in our post-match shower.” I tell Darius, “Toyboy managed to handle Pink Punk all on his own. I wondered if he would have some help to move me around, but his GI Joe action figure never arrived.”

(check out the fun here … The Cave 31: Pink Punk vs. Toyboy

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Playing with AI (3 of 3)

This is it. Overall, I had fun doing this. However, I haven't been back to it in a month. It was a short-term game for me, but the novelty wore off fast. I did make AI images of my dogs and got really close. Why? Don't I own a camera? Yes, but I was testing it out. I also tried some other prompts and instructions, just to see how I could use it. However, the limitations are the limitations and I have no use for any of these images (except for these posts). I can't see myself doing more until my next superhero story.

Today's images are superhero-themed and some are also wrestling-focused with our heroes (and villains) in the ring. Of course, I'll start with Superman defeated. I put in something like Superman lying defeated in a professional wrestling ring with a muscular burly villain in camouflage pro wrestling gear.