Friday, March 30, 2018

Story Preview: April 2018 (Warning: Spoilers)

Today, I try the first MONTHLY preview of stories. If you want to know what April holds, here's where to look. If you DON'T then don't click. Spoilers abound, but you have the power. Consider yourself warned.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Cast: Who's Who (March 2018)


Lots of guys this month, from today and from the past. I like using vintage guys for the Tarzan story, feeling like it helps with the vibe I'm trying to create.

The Cave Undercard 21

Rocky/PoleStar = Christoffer

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Review: Bruno the Beast vs. Ryan Sparks (MBW)

Muscleboy Wrestling is teasing the release of catalogue 7 coming out soon. I still have a ton of earlier matches to watch. Bruno the Beast vs. Ryan Sparks is one that I've had for awhile. I really like one of the wrestlers, but wasn't really into the other, so it wasn't a priority. New stuff kept coming along and it was sitting on my hard drive, getting passed over. Well, no more!

Now that I've finally watched it, how did it go?  It actually took me a couple of viewing sessions to get through the whole thing. For good reasons. There's a lot to like here.

Can Ryan Sparks turn the table on Bruno?

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Review: Ty Alexander vs. Jakeno Enzi (BGEast)

I'm moving forward in time in my Ty Alexander Wrestling Spotlight reviews. Ty vs. Jakeno Enzi is the first match on the BGEast compilation, but looking at Ty, I was pretty sure it's the second one filmed, so it's the second one I watched.

Unlike Ty vs. Austin, I went into this with literally no expectations. I didn't even recognize Ty’s opponent by name and OTA’ed this pre-catalogue release. I didn't even plan to review it, since the other two videos seemed more interesting. However, after watching it, I just really wanted to write about it. Why? I figured if I was overlooking it, you might, too.

It's a mismatch when young Ty faces tough guy Enzi.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Review: Eagle vs. Scrappy (Thunders Arena)

I've been fawning over Cason lately, because I think he's the hottest new thing going. However, Thunders Arena has plenty of gorgeous guys still showing up for fun, sexy action. Eagle and Scrappy, for example. They've both been the hottest new thing before, so Eagle vs. Scrappy should get my attention and it did.

It's a motel room romp for two of Thunders' best.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Review: Ethan Andrews vs. Chad Daniels (88Wrestling)

Full disclosure: This video was sent to me by 88Wrestling.

Any new venture takes some time to figure out. Even with my blog, I've switched a lot of things around. 88Wrestling grew out of Rock Hard Wrestling, but a few of my favorite things didn't make it to the new group. On the production front, the black background that made bodies pop was missing, as was the crisp videography and closeups. With the more recent videos, they've returned and everything is better for it.

Ethan Andrews vs. Chad Daniels is the first video I've seen with the new approach and it really does make a huge difference.

Superstar heel plan a takeover.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Review: Flash LaCash vs. Zip Zarella (BGEast)

I'll admit that I was really excited when I saw Flash LaCash vs. Zip Zarella. It seemed like it could be a great old school vs. new school pro match up. And, it looked like another strong entry on an already exciting BGEast catalogue that features Ty Alexander's Spotlight and the Wrestling with Pride benefit event. I OTA'ed both of those, so I had time to take a detour to VOD this.

Did this match live up to my expectations? No. Why not? I'll explain in more detail, but if you're lactose-intolerant, you might want to avoid this, due to excessive cheesiness.

It's pro vs. pro when Flash battles Zip.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

St. Patrick's Day 2018

What to celebrate on St. Patrick's Day?

Hot Irish wrestlers.

Finn Balor is perfection (and a former BGEast guy).

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Heroes: Tarzan and James 2

Chapter 1

"William? What can I do for you?"

William Clayton.

The thickly-muscled man easily pushes me back into my bedchamber, closing the door behind him and then locking it. As he stands before me shirtless in tall black leather boots and tight black pants, William Clayton looks me up and down. I suddenly feel like prey. The handsome aristocrat moves in close. I back up until I hit the large wooden four-poster bed. He reaches out quickly, seizing hold of the front of my pants.

William sneers, "I know what kind of man you are, James Porter. I have known the truth since the moment you appeared on the doorstep to Greystoke Manor with your wild tales of meeting my supposed cousin, the savage."

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Story Preview: 3/15 (Warning: Spoilers)

In my three year anniversary post, I opened the door for content suggestions. Helpful reader and frequent commenter Axel suggested previews of upcoming stories. It was too late to do March, but if teasers are interesting, it is something I'm willing to try.

Of course, there will be spoilers. Some guys like to know what's coming. Others don't. I can see both sides. I will have to at least show who's going to be wrestling and provide an intro to whet your appetites. For some of you, you might want to actually avoid these posts.

I'll do them in such a way as to leave the choice to you. How?
  1. Clearly titled: Story Preview: [ MONTH ] (Warning: SPOILERS)
  2. Keep spoilers below the cut. So if you visit the homepage, you won't see anything unless you actually click on the post.
  3. Non-spoiler first image: If you're like me, you see the first image in the preview. That could reveal at least one wrestler involved. Sounds like a spoiler.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Review: Austin Tyler vs. Jesse Zane (Muscleboy Wrestling)

It's always exciting to see a favorite underground wrestler appear somewhere new. It doesn't always work out well, but that doesn't mean it's not exciting. In this case, I get to check out Austin Tyler at a third location. I've enjoyed him at UCW and Wrestler4Hire, so Muscleboy Wrestling can make it a trifecta, if Austin Tyler vs. Jesse Zane delivers.

It's Austin's debut at Muscleboy Wrestling

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Review: Ty Alexander vs. Austin Cooper (BGEast)

Ty: "Austin Cooper? I'm not impressed. I thought you'd be taller." 
Austin: "Yeah? I thought you'd be smarter."

Ty Alexander got his first Spotlight on this latest BGEast catalogue. I figured I'd eventually check out all three matches, so I OTA'ed it. This compilation runs through three different Ty's - early, middle and recent. He's got one superstar opponent and two far less famous dudes with only five total matches between them.

I decided to start with the second match, which is obviously the oldest of the three. It features the superstar - THE Austin Cooper. I didn't choose this because it's Austin, though. I chose it because I figured chronological order was the best way for me to experience this Spotlight, even if BGEast put it in a different order.

Even in this early match, Ty has his cocky attitude.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Review: Steel vs. Cason with Scrappy (Thunders Arena)

I'm not even go to try to not spoil Steel vs. Cason with Scrappy from Thunders Arena. By the end of this post, you'll know who wins. This decision is partly because it'll be obvious from any pics I choose, but mainly because I don't think it's actually important. This video is more about the journey than the destination. It's a light-hearted muscle romp that quickly strays from any idea of a serious competitive battle.

It's Muscle-mania with plenty of surprises.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Review: Cason vs. Joey King/Brute (Thunders Arena)

I expected to review Cason vs. Joey King and Cason vs. Brute separately, but after watching the videos, I found that I had to do them together. Why? Because they're basically the same video. Beat for beat, they have extremely similar pacing, action and storylines.

I enjoyed Cason's first ring matches and have a preference? Will you enjoy them or have a preference? I'll try to help you figure that out with a couple of simple questions. Which pro do you like more. Who do you want to see suffer more - Cason or the pro?

I'm going to go out on a limb here ...
Cason has one of Thunders best bodies EVER.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Review: Duke Russo vs. Apollo 2 (Movimus)

It's a bit of deja vu as March starts off in similar fashion as February with a Movimus re-match here and a couple of Cason match reviews following on Tuesday and Thursday.

One month ago, Duke Russo showed rookie Apollo some moves then hit the mats with him. Now, we've got Duke Russo vs. Apollo II, the re-match. Has the new muscleman learned enough to challenge the reigning stud of Movimus?

Has Duke taught Apollo too well?

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Marco News.

I've said before that I view my role as a blogger as more informational than promotional. I received an email from Marco asking for some promotion, but I think it's valuable information for my readers, too. And so, I'm sharing it. In this fast-paced 24-hour news world, there's no longer any responsibility to vet things or actually investigate, so I haven't.

I know some of you are BIG Marco fans from his work at Thunders Arena and Wrestler4Hire. I've posted about 13 of his matches, included him in Battle of the Wrestling Stars 2, and he was runner-up for my Second Look Cavey this year. My first review of him (here) is still one of my biggest reviews ever.

Marco x 2 was a huge hit.

I'm sure that most of you know that he has "retired". However, it turns out that he's "retired" in the classic pro wrestling sense. That is, he's just moved on to something else. Here's the email I received, unedited, in its entirety.

Good morning! It’s Marco from Thunders. I just started my own personal site and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind talking about it on your blog. I won’t be wrestling for any more company’s so it is the only way to get any new videos of me. I also have a place for private wrestling matches there. I’ve decided to start the site to stay exclusive to my own content. The videos can include me or other guys. It can be other no nude custom content as well. Not limited to wrestling and flexing. The difference with my videos compared to other studios:
Faster turn around time: two weeks tops if has other guys in it
Videos WILL NOT be resold like other sites do. If someone is paying a premium précis I believe they should be the sole owner. Custom scripts will be done accurately. Not over looking any small details.
If you can do a post on this I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

And so, now you know what I know. This is not an ad or any kind of endorsement. I don't know how the site will work, if it will work or anything more than what you read. I just figured that it was something folks would want to see.

I know a lot of you like checking Marco out.
(Marco vs. Slash - Thunders Arena)


Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Cave Undercard 21: Moneymaker vs. PoleStar

This story is a reader commission.

The Cave Ring Area

“So, this is where you get your ass kicked by all these California prettyboys, eh? Shit Mac, you know that you're embarrassing Canada, right?” Rocky turns to me, “No offense, eh? I'm not talking aboot you. I know you're tough, Bat.”

I smile, “Call me Cody. And no offense taken.”

Me. Cody aka The Bat.
Co-owner of The Cave.