Cavey Awards

The Cavey Awards honor my favorite matches, wrestlers and producers.


* Note: There were no Promotion awards given in 2020. I didn't feel like ranking them. I think they all did a great job. Maybe I should have given them all Gold ... but I didn't think of that at the time.

2020 Wrestlers
  • Favorite Wrestler: Brendan Byers
  • Favorite Switch-Hitter: Cameron Matthews
  • Favorite Rookie: Bull Barrett
  • Favorite Free Agent: Zach Reno
  • Favorite Heel: Kayden Keller
  • Favorite Masked Man: El Fuego
  • Favorite Discovery: Johnny Lightning
  • Favorite Over-Actor: Brad Honeycutt
2020 Matches
  • Favorite Match: Brendan Byers vs. Bull Barrett
  • Favorite Gimmick: Chase Addams vs. Kayden Keller in a rope match
  • Favorite Surprise: Rob Palomino vs. AJ Johnson
  • Favorite Story: Cameron Matthews vs. Graham Varnett
  • Favorite Squash: DJ Beckham vs. Bobby Bryce
  • Favorite Soundtrack: Rex Bedford vs. Dash Decker
  • Favorite Foreign Language: Steve Mason vs. Ivan Guerrero
  • Favorite Discovery: Johnny Lightning vs. Cliff Conlin
  • Favorite Mask vs. Mask: El Fuego vs. Cheetah Boy


Summary of All 2019 Winners


  • Favorite Wrestler: Scrappy
  • Favorite Face: Cameron Matthews
  • Favorite Jobber: Joey McCoy
  • Favorite Heel: Chase Addams
  • Favorite Pro Crossover: Elite Eliot
  • Favorite Porn Crossover: Aspen
  • Favorite Beast: Brute
  • Favorite New Guy: Channing Travolta
  • Favorite Transformation: Brendan Byers


  • Favorite Match: Scrappy vs. Joey McCoy
  • Favorite Squash: Cameron Matthews vs. Cole Cassidy
  • Favorite Submission Match: Chase Addams vs. Noah Samson
  • Favorite Contrast: Brendan Byers vs. Dante
  • Favorite Big Boy Battle: Derek Bolt vs. Dax Carter
  • Favorite Fantasy Brought to Life: Dark Detective vs. Vengeance
  • Favorite Gear Play: Gabe Steel vs. Marcus Ryan
  • Favorite Flirt Club: Aspen vs. Scrappy
  • Favorite Back-and-Forth: Elite Eliot vs. Kirk Donahue
  • Favorite Pro vs. Pro: Garrett Thomas vs. Channing Travolta


  • Gold: Muscleboy Wrestling
  • Silver: Wrestler4Hire
  • Bronze: BGEast
  • Honorable Mention: UCW


Summary of All 2018 Winners





Summary of All 2017 Winners





Summary of All 2016 Cavey Winners

Favorite Promotions:

Favorite Matches:

  • Match + Ring Match: Christian/Charlie vs. Ty/Chase (BGEast
  • Mat Match: Duke Russo vs. Case CT Thornton (Movimus
  • Outdoor Match: Kid Karisma vs. Carter Alexander (BGEast
  • Pro vs. Pro Match: Billy the Kid vs. NJustice (Thunders Arena
  • Squash: Flash LaCash vs. Van Skyler (BGEast
  • Superhero Video: Superman vs. Nightmare (Wrestler4Hire)
  • Gimmick Match: Roid Rage: Krush vs. Stan Torum (Krushco)

Favorite Wrestlers:


Summary of All 2015 Cavey Winners

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