Sunday, December 20, 2015

The 2015 Caveys: Producers

Welcome to the final day of The 2015 Caveys!

I've reviewed my favorite matches and my favorite wrestlers, but there are no matches or wrestlers without the producers to create and distribute the content.

Here is a list of the eligible producers (meaning I've bought or rented at least one match from them in 2015 and watched it):

And The Cavey goes to ...

Presenting the producer awards ... it's Ben!

Favorite Promotion: UCW

No promotion gave me more enjoyment for my dollars spent in 2015 than UCW. Call it a confidence pick, because as a buyer I like knowing what I'm going to get. They know who they are and they deliver it each and every time.

I admire UCW for their single-minded clarity of purpose. They produce a lot of videos, post them on a regular schedule and keep the quality consistently high. They offer the best and most reliable value around. And of all the companies I bought from, no one had as high a success rate of winners to misses. For me, UCW only had one miss all year and even that had its moments.

UCW's action is intense and fast-paced with the most 'real' feeling punches, kicks, claws and slams anywhere. Yes, it can be goofy, sloppy or gimmicky, but it all works in context.

They also have a diverse roster with a lot of guys that I think are studs, like Aron, Axel, Marcus Ares, Max Ryder and Tyson Hammer. Even the guys who aren't classically attractive, like Nick Diesel or Quinn Harper, bring a winning personality to the garage and manage to engage me.

All of it comes together and earns them the first-ever Cavey for Favorite Promotion.

Axel and Nick

Max and Tyson

Marcus and Eli

Marcus and Aron

Leaders Award: Thunder's Arena

The Leaders Award goes to the company that I think is setting the standard and raising the bar. That fits 2015 Thunder's Arena to a tee.

It's impossible to deny that Thunder's Arena had one hell of a year. On top of an already ridiculously hot roster, they added some of their best guys ever. They launched a new line of ring matches, which I've enjoyed so far. And there was even the return of a certain big and sexy wrestler's matches within their new rental option.

As if that wasn't enough, Thunder's Arena even improved on pricing with early purchase incentives, low-priced add-ons that lower your per-match price, and seasonal discounts and offers. They even adjusted the price of Brian Cage/Johnny Bravo from its $50 launch price to a more palatable $33.

I'd still like to see some more quality consistency in terms of wrestling and production, but they captured more of my money than anyone else in 2015 and it looks like that'll be the case in 2016.

Favorite Roster: Thunder's Arena

Well, this is probably not a huge surprise. Whether I look at quality or quantity, the answer was always the same. Thunder's Arena simply has the most incredibly attractive and charismatic roster around. And so many of them are unique to Thunder's, it's like they're Willy Wonka and have their very own stud factory. If that's the case, I definitely volunteer to paint myself orange and be one of their Oompa Loompas. Turnover is high, but they seem to be able to find high-quality replacements so fast I barely notice.

Jersey (with Frey)





And of course, Eagle

Favorite Action: BGEast

While Thunder's Arena has the best looking guys, I think BGEast puts on the most professional action. It has a roster of diverse and skilled wrestlers who all seem trained and knowledgeable in what they're doing. BGEast's matches tend to be the most seamless, involve complex plotting and a logical progression of moves, and are easier to lose myself in.



Hard and fast

The textbook definition of textbook

Favorite Gear: Movimus

Nobody puts every one of their guys in the hottest gear more than Movimus. The best part is that it suits and enhances their product. Submission wrestling is intense and we can always see and appreciate these muscular bodies straining and struggling for dominance.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B
Exhibit C

I know I posted Dave Markus before, but that gear ...

Summary of All 2015 Cavey Winners

Multiple Award Winners:

So that's it. Congratulations to all the winners! I hope you enjoyed it. I'm sure you must have a comment, suggestion or (polite) disagreement!



  1. Alex R:

    Im actually surprised that you didnt chose RHW for anything lol. I know you are a big fan of their style, quality and boys they hire.

    1. Good question. RHW was my favorite and if I'd done these awards in the summer, it would've won favorite producer for sure. Unfortunately my interest in RHW has plummeted since the switch to their new style (RHW 2.0). From the look to the talent, it just isn't exciting me the way it used to.

  2. Alex R:

    I saw the new look and I tend to agree. I also dont like the look as much and the newer guys are not as beefy. But lets cross our fingers!

  3. I find it interesting that favorite gear you picked Movimus. I try to avoid watching them because I feel like it's the same match over and over. That being said it's the same for the gear. Yeah it's skimpy and all that but I don't feel like there is much variety. And that's mainly why I kinda pass on all their stuff

    1. Thanks for the comment! Obviously this is all subjective, so who would you give best gear to? I thought there'd be more comments on my choices, so please fire away.

      For me, Movimus has never had a gear-fail, while everyone else has. And the gear really suits their style.