Monday, December 19, 2016

2016 Cavey Awards: Matches

Welcome to day two of the 2016 Cavey Awards.

Yesterday, I gave awards to my favorite wrestlers of 2016. Today, it's my favorite matches.

Matches were tough, but easier than wrestlers. I started with a list of 16 and got it down to 7 winners fairly easily. Not surprisingly, there's a lot of crossover - my favorite matches starred many of my favorite wrestlers.

In terms of changes, I scrapped the Favorite WTF?!? Match (no contenders this year), but added Favorite Pro vs. Pro, Favorite Superhero, and Favorite Outdoor as new categories.

Here are the videos that earned recognition as my FAVORITE MATCHES OF 2016 ...

Favorite Match + Favorite Ring Match: Christian/Charlie vs. Ty/Chase (BGEast)

Anyone who read my review knows how much I enjoyed this match. I called it a love letter to tag team matches and it stands up to re-viewing quite well. (My review)

Favorite Mat Match: Duke Russo vs. Case CT Thornton (Rematch) (Movimus)

This video featured two great wrestlers in a competitive and feisty re-match. Both guys are on point and there's a wonderful chemistry and intensity to the whole encounter. (My review)

Favorite Outdoor Match: Kid Karisma vs. Carter Alexander (BGEast)

This was a "Favorite Match" contender. The guys are full of attitude, while the action is hard-hitting and sexy. Kid is the King of the Gazebo and he looks spectacular, but Carter really makes this the ultimate winner. (My review)

Favorite Pro vs. Pro Match: Billy the Kid vs. NJustice (Thunders Arena)

The most difficult choice. There were great options from from Thunders, Wrestler4Hire and BGEast, but this match stood out as my favorite. Very re-watchable. I love Billy and this match was just terrific. The two guys work great together and you get a great pro vibe. (My review)

Favorite Squash: Flash LaCash vs. Van Skyler (BGEast)

The match that propelled Flash to the Favorite Heel award also earns recognition as my Favorite Squash. This transcends the others thanks to Flash's running narration during the incredibly hot beatdown. (My review)

Favorite Superhero Video: Superman vs. Nightmare (Wrestler4Hire)

Most of the superhero reviews were for porn, but if you've been following me, it's probably not surprising that I liked a G-rated wrestling video much more. I enjoyed how this video upended the expected storyline and it amazingly got even better after repeat viewings. (My review)

Favorite Gimmick Match: Roid Rage: Krush vs. Stan Torum (Krushco)

They had me at the storyline - young muscleman and usual punching bag Stan uses chemical enhancement to stack the odds in his favor against his nemesis Krush. The fact that the action and performances are also really good makes this a Cavey Award winner. (My review)

Congratulations to the wrestlers, producers and behind-the-scenes guys who created my top matches for 2016. What were some of your favorites? What great matches did I miss?

Tomorrow, we finish up with the Producer Awards.



  1. Thanks again alex for the recognition 😘

    1. You're welcome again. I really liked that match in June and I still really like it.

  2. I'm not gonna lie, it "hurts" not seeing Jake vs. Austin 2016 included here. For me that was def top 5 this year.

    You are def right on when you list the Kid Karisma match and the Van Skyler beat down. Both were delicious.

    P.S. I bought the Krushco match based on your endorsement here :)

    1. Yeah, the Jake/Austin match was very close to getting recognition. It was part of my original list of 16. Maybe because it was their third go-around, it just didn't finish #1 for outdoor or mat. Jake actually came super-close twice this year, as a wrestler and here with that match.

      That's cool to hear on the video reco. Hopefully you like it.