Friday, May 13, 2016

Review: Duke Russo vs. CT Rematch (Movimus)

And I'm back. Yesterday, I covered the first Duke Russo vs. Case 'CT' Thornton encounter. Today, it's rematch time. I specifically made sure to write my review for the first match before watching this to ensure I wasn't influenced by anything that happened here. It turned out to be the right approach, because things change up a little, including a couple of my points from the first match.

Duke and CT are back at it

Of course the guys haven't changed nor have my positive emotions towards them. Duke Russo still looks like a submission wrestling god, while Case 'CT' Thornton is still a lean and long wrestling star.

Last match, I found Duke's intensity to have a raw, animalistic hotness. Movimus must have felt the same way, because he's in tiny zebra trunks. Like the green ones that came before, these simply can't contain him in back.

Duke is open for a rematch

CT psychs himself up

This is a 29-minute video with over 25 minutes of it being pure action. Right away, you'll notice a change. Duke talks. And it turns out that he's a cocky dude. As soon as they shake, he says, "You're going down CT." Say what? I literally rewound to make sure I heard what I heard and it wasn't a 'good luck CT' or anything else innocuous.

Now, Duke isn't Mikey Hanlon, but he speaks five times. It seems like it's all for fun and I liked it. A couple of times the banter is inaudible. I don't mind that because my brain can fill in the gaps. Like I made "grunt CT grunt tough" into "c'mon CT, you're supposed to be tough." Maybe that's what he said, maybe it isn't. It's what he said now.

CT goes after Duke's head and neck

The intensity rises

What's also interesting is what follows these taunts. CT responds verbally twice, quietly and I couldn't get it, but he also responds with a reversal. After Duke asks, "Well, how's that feel?", CT gets him in a head scissors. When the hairy hunk taunts, "You like that?", CT maneuvers him into some nice neck wrenching. It gives the match a really nice flow.

CT uses his legs to target the head and neck

"You like this?" (I do, if I'm the one you're asking)

This is much more competitive and spirited than the first match. Once again, there are only two submissions and the first fall takes over 20 minutes. Duke moves CT around and powers out of things, but he doesn't or can't (I'm not sure which) close the deal. When he asks CT, "You like that scissors?" CT confidently responds, "I've had better."

And I was right in my first review. There's a lot more head and neck action here. It's the right approach and I'm surprised CT doesn't get a submission a couple of times. The holds looked good enough to me that a tap wouldn't have been weird. Not the story here, however. Anyway, the leaner stud ends up on top and in control much more often than the first time.

CT is a bigger pain in the neck this time

Duke wraps CT up

Aim high ... I like CT's strategy this time

What are other bloggers saying?

In the end, I liked this even more than the first match. The guys are great, the intensity is high and the moves are terrific. I got a sore neck just from watching a couple of them. Lucky the guys are flexible. Duke reveals a cocky dude side and CT shows a lot of grit and skill. And if Duke likes to talk, I hope he keeps going with it.

No peeking, CT ... it's not that kind of video

CT smothers the hairy hunk

A mid-match massage? Duke looks pretty chill.

As an aside, I will add that I'm wishing CT had convinced the guy to come to UCW. In my head canon, Duke would show up and strip Axel of the belt in his debut match. I like when guys do shit like that. It's surprising and cool, like Carlito standing over John Cena with the belt. And naturally I would've filmed Duke losing it for my vault for when he decides not to come back. I'm a planner like that. The point is, I saw a new side of the hairy muscle hunk here, I liked it and think it could play well elsewhere.

Shocking and sexy to see a rookie beat
the champ in his debut

I know from views and comments that my Movimus reviews are a more specialty taste, but any respectful thoughts on Duke, CT or this match are encouraged! Based on his review, Joe saw this video quite differently than I did, so maybe you did as well?



  1. I enjoy submissions in matches, but not an entire match devoid of any power moves or story-telling (other than who could gain the most submissions in an allotted amount of time). Could never get into Movimus because of this. However, I've seen Mikey and CT at other places and love there work. And if Duke were to ever show up anyplace else, he'd be at the top of my list to check out and show some of the veterans who the new kid in town is

    1. Thanks for the comment! I think as a writer, lack of storyline never bothers me because my brain can make one. Especially in a re-match between two studs like we have here and with Duke's new swagger.

      And I really hope he can be convinced to show up in multiple places. I'd for sure check it out!

  2. Am i the only one who don't enjoy that "pre-match stuff" movimus wrestling do with their videos? Just focus on the fight itself and leave the gymnastics off.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I've mentioned this in previous posts, I just fast forward past the intro stretching. Of course, Movimus isn't the only one with pre-match stuff. I do the same with posing, arm wrestling, working out and any other time wasting on wrestling videos.

  3. i actually enjoy the pre-match stuff. i like stretching, trash talking, and the stats. i especially like the tale of the tape in boxing. also enjoy watching training leading up to big matches like brock vs the rock and pac vs marquez. ucw does a little of this with quinn harper and derrick cole.

    1. I like some trash talking, but them stretching isn't interesting for me. I fast forward through most of that.