Sunday, September 4, 2016

Review: Billy the Kid vs. NJustice (Thunders Arena)

"I don't doubt that you're tough, but your line-dancing, quick-drawing, horse-riding, trough-licking shit ain't gonna work in this place, punk." -- NJustice
Turns out that Billy the Kid vs. NJustice isn't actually a wrestling match. Nope. It's a rasslin' match. And a damn good one at that. Thunders Arena gives us two beefy Southern brawlers in the ring ready for hard-hitting pro action. NJustice sets the tone for this brawl pretty fast with the above quote.

This is an intense battle over the most basic stakes - respect. NJustice stakes his claim to the ring, while Billy the Kid aims to earn his place in it.

Good ol' boy Billy wants to earn a spot in the ring

The action is non-stop. It's got amazing flow and the moves are excellent. With two big boys like this, you want big power moves and you get them. A lot of them. Some highlights include the piledriver, stone cold stunners, suplexes, and the stomps and punches that feel intense.

Big boys doing big boy moves

No surprise, the boys are inspired by Stone Cold

Love the extra hold up top - now that's a suplex

Ouch! That's how a pro makes it look real.

This is a video that just keeps going. You think it's done, but then one of the studs kicks out of a sure finisher. There's no break to pose. No long breaks. Nope, these two put on a fight that could be a winner in any indie fed.

Billy the Kid is coming off his stellar debut against Beast. The guy is sexy as hell, poured into his pro trunks. He seems bigger than his 5'9"/200-lbs listing, looking taller than NJustice (5'10"/190-lbs), even though he's supposed to be shorter. With a perfect rassler body, the cowboy is terrific giving and receiving. He's the face in the match, an earnest cowboy who just wants to earn his way into the ring. He won't give up until he's proven himself.

Big Billy is one hot cowboy

Spread 'em

NJustice is playing the roughneck veteran. He wants to break the big rookie then send him off packing. He fills out a dark singlet, starting with the straps already pulled down so you know he's looking for trouble. The guy has a heel attitude and motor mouth as he whups the cowboy. He sells like a champ when the tables are turned. So even though his name is inconvenient because it's the enemy of my autocorrect, I'm liking him.

Singlet straps were made for choking

Using that beef to choke the big cowboy

The camerawork here is good. I didn't feel like I missed anything, which is an improvement over some of the latest stuff I've watched. There is a confusing name thing going on here. Someone at Thunders must think there's power in names, because yet again a name is used as a plot point. BTK refuses to disclose his name, saying 'Cowboy' is good enough, but NJustice mentions Billy the Kid (presumably the real one) a couple of times. It just plays out oddly. It distracted me, but didn't diminish my enjoyment.

Two cuddly cubs

Billy ducks the clothesline

You can't barrel over the beefy cowboy

In the end, this is a great video. Everything about it delivered for me, from the two beefy badasses who know what they're doing to the outstanding action. Billy is a major stud, so I hope he sticks around.

So that's my take. What's yours? I have noticed fewer comments on the reviews since mid-July. Maybe it was summer or the Olympics. Maybe it was my choice of topic or the frequency. Anyway, even if you haven't watched the match, you can still let me know what you think about the guys, the review, Thunders ring matches or whatever. When it comes to comments, I'm easy. :)


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