Thursday, September 8, 2016

Review: Krush vs. Donald Jay 1+2 (Krushco)

Full disclosure: These videos were provided to me by Krushco.

This could be a fairly simple review ...

Two business guys in suits savagely going at it, no holds barred.

If that sentence excites you, Corporate Combat Part 1 is the video for you. Part 1 is a rough mat battle between two dudes over a job. Corporate Combat Part 2 strips the guys down for a second battle, although the pants, a belt and a tie still play a significant (and hot) role in the action.

Part 1 is a businessman brawl

The pants come off for Part 2

In Corporate Combat Part 1, I love that the guys really commit to the premise. They keep the suits on for most of the 43-minute war. Only the shoes come off before the action, but the jackets are on through 31 minutes, shirts and ties come off about 6 minutes later. So this is definitely a suit vs. suit battle. At the end of the match, they're still in their dress pants.

Like the costumes in superhero videos, if you're going to do a themed battle, it's important to actually do it. I'm sure it was uncomfortable and annoying at times, but I appreciate that Krush and Donald kept their clothes on. What a weird thing to say, but in context, it makes sense.

It all gives the video a unique feeling and I actually think the scenario is exciting. Maybe because I've actually fantasized about something like this, although for lustful reasons, not because of strong dislike for anyone.

It's a chokefest for Krush and Donald Jay

If you're wearing a piece of cloth around your neck,
you're gonna get choked

The pants stay on as the action moves
to a climactic conclusion

The action is hard-hitting with a lot of punching, low blows and chokes. Donald Jay sets the tone early. As an analog for a ruthless New York businessman dirtbag, he has a win-at-all-costs mentality, so literally anything goes for him. He goes low. He bites. He rakes eyes. He chokes. He uses his shirt as a distraction. Krush does respond in kind, but usually after he's left writhing on the mat after some dirty trick.

Not surprisingly when you have two guys in ties, chokes are the primary submission maneuver here. The submissions are especially hot moments because of the pure domination of chokes. The guys go red. They gag. They desperately tap. They even pass out. When you have two guys with such deep animosity, it's great that Part 1 match delivers on the intensity.

I was surprised Krush vs. Donald Jay Part 1 wasn't a squash, give the political subtext of a name and attitude with Donald Jay. However, it's a 4-3 battle that goes right down to the wire. This was a smart choice. It's always fun to see Krush on the receiving end during a tough battle. Both guys are very expressive with selling. More importantly, it builds the tension perfectly.

Krush in control

Donald plays dirty

No respect for Krush

Corporate Combat Part 2 is a direct continuation, but the score resets. After winning the "suits" round, the winner wants more and the loser wants redemption. We know the guys. We've watched their dislike grow. So the transition to a stripped down underwear battle feels natural and the intensity is baked in from the get-go.

Two minutes in, the guys strip off their pants to their underwear. There are 9 submissions in the 25-minutes of action. Although halfway through it’s tied, it ends with a flurry and a lopsided score. However there's still a lot of back and forth right until the end and each guy does submit repeatedly.

And the chokes continue

Is this the secret to shutting Donald up?

Donald smothers Krush

Krush gets creative with a unique
chicken wing and figure-four headlock combo

You can buy these videos together (at a discount) or separately. I think together is the best option, unless you're a total gear guy buying only for their outfits. Having spent 43-minutes with these two in Part 1, it definitely gives Part 2 added tension. And Part 2 adds to the story and the action is great.

In the end, I'm glad Krush went for it here. I like seeing guys trying different things and non-traditional gear is a great way to add a cool element. The two guys have a chemistry which is really engaging. The pair of videos are intense and exciting with plenty of hot moments throughout.

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