Saturday, July 9, 2016

Review: Roid Rage: Krush vs. Stan Torum (Krushco)

I love an underdog. Even when he’s a villain. One of the reasons I think characters like Superman, Batman and Tarzan getting crushed works so well is their legacy of superiority and dominance. They are established as the strongest, smartest and best fighters. We’ve seen it. They have decades worth of victories over all manner of foe and that makes their defeat hotter.

In wrestling, it’s the same deal. When a usually unstoppable guy like Goldberg or John Cena goes down in a humiliating way, it’s extra special. I like seeing many jobbers go down to a bigger heel, but when an established champion stud gets dominated, it’s awesome.

Krush is one of those guys. A wrestler with his own site (Krushco), he has a reputation for being tough and winning a lot. His opponent here, Stan Torum, has no such reputation. I have one other match with him and he's wrestled in others. He's young and built, but he's not the wrestler Krush is. Stan seems like an underdog. Well, before this video he seemed like one.

It's Krush vs. Stan Torum

In Roid Rage: Krush vs. Stan Torum, Stan is looking awesome, a potential star with his body and attitude. He's ready to kick ass in black patterned trunks. His older opponent is looking for another fun match, likely where he controls the muscular hottie. Krush starts out in red briefs and a white tank top then ends up in just his briefs.

Stan takes charge

"Fair and square?"

The contrast between the two and their history gives this match a natural storyline. It works a lot of angles, depending on where you want to go with it. While it's obviously two rivals going at it, this video also works as coach-protege, father-son, hero-villain and general muscleman domination. It's a reversal of fortune for these two and it's just awesome.

The 'roid rage' angle isn't big, just a one-off line from Krush as he questions the source of Stan's new attitude, power and aggressiveness. However, it sets off the volatile Stan into more domination. The implication does remind me of John from 'Rants, Roids and Wrestling', who featured the idea of evil punks made superhuman through science.

Krush can't get away that easily

Younger controls older 

Stan is relentless

The action is good as the usually dominant (or at least competitive) Krush is squashed. He's dominated, stripped out of his tank top, manhandled and humiliated by the pumped up Stan. The cocky young punk insists he's just having fun and talks about fair and square, even as he's choking his victim with his tank top and grabbing him from behind.

Krush does a great job suffering, taking the abuse like a jobber, rather than his usual powerful self. Stan makes a compelling muscleman heel and looks gorgeous.

Krush sells the pain

Stan savors his dominance

Sexy and unstoppable - Stan is a stud and a star

Digging his heel in for extra punishment

Production-wise, I will say that there are some cuts in the action and the sound of punches feel artificially enhanced, but it didn't really distract me. The sight and sound of the King of Krushco being put through the wringer was more than enough to keep my focus.

In the end, it's very cool to see the veteran wrestler on the receiving end and so thoroughly controlled. Stan is very hot and makes an awesome punk villain. So I definitely recommend this video. I thought it was just great.

Stan looks good on top

Can Krush mount a last minute comeback or
has the younger punk succeeded?

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  1. I've gotten some Krushco stuff before, its always good :) This looks damn tempting too, thanks for the review :)

    1. You're welcome. If you're a Krush fan, I'd definitely get this.

      I think it actually answers a lot of the comments I read from people who aren't submission wrestling fans. It has a classic storyline, strong action and constant chatter, so it's exciting and fun.