Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Review: Kid Karisma vs. Carter Alexander (BGEast)

Kid Karisma vs. Carter Alexander is a match that I knew I’d want as soon as I read about it. This might be the best looking BGEast match of the year. Both guys are incredible and should be front runners for BGEast’s year-end Body, Butt and Abs awards.

So two gorgeous and cocky studs, in a fierce but sexy battle, outside in the gazebo? Yes, yes, yes! And it doesn’t disappoint. It took me a couple of viewings to get through, but that’s a good thing. I literally loved every minute of this match, all 35 of them. I wish my images and GIF’s could do it justice, but I think the brightness of the gazebo and Kid's lime green neon trunks messes things up. I had to save them smaller and low res to get them to a manageable size.

Kid vs. Carter grabbed me right away and never let go

If it’s possible, Kid Karisma might actually look better than ever here. His tight green trunks are cut low in front and struggle to contain his award-winning butt in back. Opposite Kid, we have Carter Alexander in purple briefs. The guy is a stunning man. Handsome and tall. Smooth and chiseled. The guy has amazing abs, which he shows off right from the start.

Kid should need a license for that butt

Kid's Best Body nomination should be secure

Sexy Carter brings an award-worthy body, too

Big. beautiful Carter controlled

Kid talks more than I’m used to from him. He’s always cocky (and why wouldn’t he be?), but I never think of him really talking much. Maybe I’ve missed his chattier matches, but here he has quite a bit to say. Regardless, it’s fun and a great surprise.

It’s only Carter’s second match, but so far he’s faced Jake Jenkins and Kid Karisma. Wow, that’s a lucky man. He brings a blue collar charm to the gazebo. Now, I did describe him as a “gorgeous dolt” to a friend on email, but I meant that in the nicest possible way. He says stuff like “c’mon” a lot, as well as naming where he’s being hurt, e.g., “my abs!” And he delivers a gem with “I didn’t ask for this!” when he's being abused. Uh, yeah you did. You’re standing in the BGEast gazebo in speedos then you insulted Kid’s abs when he showed up. You most definitely did ask for this.

Abs so good you just gotta beat on 'em

Rookie domination! Yeah, this really happens and
it goes on for 30 glorious seconds.

Open wide, rookie!
Who would not trade places with Carter?

Carter got skillz - the rookie uses the gazebo like a pro

Kid knows how to use the gazebo, too

This match is relentless and rough domination. The guys make great use of the gazebo. The action is continuous with both having moments of dominance. Kid does enjoy more control, but he suffers, too. It's full of so much good stuff that you won't believe how much I had to leave out. Easily 20-25 images wouldn't have been enough. I've done my best while trying to be fair to BGEast and not spoiling it all.

The multiple head and body scissors are among the best you will ever see. The forearms look genuine and knee lifts are perfectly done. The camera is in the perfect location for the groin stretches. Hair is pulled. There are pec and ab claws, rear naked chokes/sleepers, and an impressive upside down bearhug. There's flexing, but it doesn't mean a break in the action in this match.

Abs and butts are on prominent display. Kid's butt is used as a weapon, but it's also spanked in a lengthy and humiliating cradle. He reciprocates with some ass slapping on Carter. The schoolboy pins are beautifully cocky. The loser is finally knocked out for good with a stunning sleeper and then counted out by a sexy and humiliating ten-count. Beautiful and exhausting.

In the end, Kid Karisma vs. Carter Alexander is a winner all the way around. It lived up to my high expectations, which wasn’t easy. I can't even convey how hot some of it is, but hopefully you get the idea. Kid's a superstar as always, but I'm also all-in for another Carter match.

What about you? Any thoughts on Kid, Carter or this match?


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