Saturday, June 18, 2016

Review: Christian/Charlie vs. Ty/Chase (BGEast)

This is the first of three reviews from BGEast's upcoming Tag Team Torture 19. It's just been released on catalogue 114.1, so check it out.

In pro wrestling, I feel like tag team wrestling has fallen on hard times. There aren’t many amazing duos and they seldom headline pay-per-views. It’s mostly singles studs pairing up for short-term title reigns before going their separate ways again. One bright spot is NXT, but the genre (is it a genre?) is still not near its glory days.

As a lifelong fan of tag teams, I watched the entire Tag Team Torture 19 compilation. At first, I was going to just do one post about it all, but really, each of these matches is unique and works better as its own post.

First up, it’s popular BGE veterans pairing up with rookie partners in Christian Taylor/Charlie Evans vs. Ty Alexander/Chase Addams.

It's called tag team torture for a reason, Christian

Ty Alexander has built quite the resume and is my most popular review subject. Now last time I reviewed a match he was in, I had some big issues that resulted in Kid Leopard himself having to intervene. It had nothing to do with Ty and it all that got cleared up for the good, but the question is, what about this match? Will the big boss of BGEast have to step in again?


It turns out that this match is a freaking love letter to classic tag action. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It’s got pretty much all the tropes and trappings that make me love tag team wrestling. It's a playful and entertaining trip back to my favorite elements of tag matches wrapped up in one video. From the gear to the personas to the action, it's all here.

The guys are perfectly paired and attired, but the action is also classic tag team awesomeness. They hit so many points of great tag wrestling. Contrasting teams, each perfectly coordinated. All-American babyfaces. Arrogant, self-absorbed heels. Doubleteaming. Isolation of the hotter stud. Using one partner against the other. In-fighting and a team break up. It’s all here and more.

Chase taunts Christian with a possible tag ... DENIED!

Charlie goes for a ride

Long and lean Christian Taylor teams up with a red-headed up-and-comer Charlie Evans. Christian's done a ton of matches, including a great pool/mat match with Jake Jenkins that I’ve used for some of my posts on holds and gear. I’ve never watched Charlie before, but Bard has reviewed some of his work from at Muscle Domination Wrestling (here, here and here).

Together, they make up a classic all-American babyface team. Starting in board shorts, the barefoot boys lose those fast, stripping down to matching USA speedos. They’re both lean and ripped, with high energy and boy next door good looks.

The babyfaces break out the double DDT

Double teaming goodness 

Opposite them is the perfect contrast - vain, cocky heels who care only about how they look. Trophy Boy Ty Alexander and his rookie partner Charming Chase Addams (you know he's charming because it's written across his butt) have matching pro gear and matching attitudes. The self-absorbed heels are just begging for their comeuppance from the minute they walk in, taking selfies and talking trash.

Is it wrong that I don't see how
this is punishment for either heel?
Chase charges for the save ... OOPS!
I don't think Ty's taking a picture of this hot spladle

This is a long match with all four guys getting their turn to both punish and suffer. 6/8 ass cheeks are exposed and every one of them submits at some point, a couple of the guys submit multiple times. In fact, there are so many submissions during this match that I have no idea who actually got more, but one team walks out victorious, leaving the other one wrecked. Maybe it was best 5 out of 9? Not that it matters.

Ty hangs Charlie out to dry

In terms of the action, the prolonged isolation and abuse of Christian Taylor is my favorite part. At first it seems like he’s the powerhouse of the team, which makes his sustained time on the receiving end all the hotter. Any tag fan should love moments like when Chase holds his arm out, taunting the babyfaced with the possibility of a tag before snatching it away.

Ty: "We'll get to this later."

Christian is bent and wedged in an awesome ab stretch

Chase shows some skills and strength with this hold

Ty introduces Christian to the dragon

The two heels trade off, forcing the suffering Taylor to decide who is hurting him worse. The suffering swimmer proves to be a fickle judge, giving the honor to whichever guy has him wrapped up and helpless at the moment. It doesn’t hurt that I’m using the same idea on a story commission for later this year or early 2017, but it’s still a helluva lotta sexy fun.

What are other bloggers saying?

This was a great start to this compilation. As I said, it’s a playful match in the spirit of classic tag action. And it sets up the next match as the arrogant bad boys are left with battered bodies, bruised egos and a big score to settle.



  1. Thanks so much for the great review Alex!!!!

    1. You're welcome. Thanks for a great video. Really well thought out and well executed.

  2. Thanks for the review! It's among one of the more interesting matches BGE has released in recent memory. Unconventional yet entirely believable.

    1. You're welcome for the review. Appreciate the comment!

    2. Of course its super interesting because I'm in it :) but seriously thanks for the compliment Anonymous we all are glad you like our match

  3. Wow, thanks for the fantastic review! I've been a fan of this blog for quite some time (wrestling AND comic books? What's not to love?), so actually being featured in a review on here is very cool! Since this is my BGE debut, I was INCREDIBLY nervous, but I've been absolutely blown away by the response. Thanks again, and I'll def try my best not to be a stranger around here :)

    1. You're welcome! Thank you for the fantastic match. I'm happy to hear that you're a fan of the blog. You didn't look nervous, so great job. I look forward to seeing more from you in BGE.

    2. Oops, meant I was nervous about the reception/online debut. That was probably like my 30th-40th match in a ring ;)