Sunday, June 12, 2016

Review: Flash LaCash vs. Van Skyler (BGEast)

Every match could be someone's first. It could be the first match they ever choose to buy, first from the company or first with the wrestler. It's why it should be important that every match is the best it can be and descriptions be accurate. I have definitely purchased from a couple of producers then never purchased again. I've done the same with wrestlers. Maybe it wasn't their best match or their best for my tastes, but it was my first and I formed my opinion.

Of course sometimes first impressions can be wrong, but most of the time, I think it's more like they're just incomplete. Depending on where you start watching a wrestler, you might not see their potential. You might not get their persona or see their skills. It's why I like reading blogs and asking other guys about different guys. Folks often gush over guys and I don't get why. Sometimes it's just different tastes, but sometimes it's because I haven't watched the right match.

Flash + Van = Perfect Combination

I say all this because I watched Flash LaCash last year. It was his BGEast match against Guido Genatto. It was good and I wrote a positive review (here). But I assigned most of the credit to Guido. Flash didn't really 'wow' me or catch my eye in a big way. In fact, I described him a good counter-balance to Guido's brash arrogance, because he was subdued.

Well, after watching Flash LaCash vs. Van Skyler, considered me wowed. He's now one of my favorite heels.

Flash: "Let's celebrate. I'm doin' fuckin' awesome!"

Flash: "I just don't know what I'm capable of until
I get in the ring with a jobber like you."

Flash: "Not only am I cuter than you, but I'm
a way better fuckin' wrestler."

Flash is looking bad ass in his dark metallic shorts with a big, tanned muscular body. He's got a thick beard and intense scowl that intimidated me and I was just watching on my iPad. Everything about him screams heel, but once the match got going, he really won me over. He's got a big personality and a full arsenal of rough, punishing moves.

Now Van Skyler did wow me the first and only time I've watched him. That was against Biff Farrell (reviewed here). He's the reason I wanted to watch this match. Van is decked out in gorgeous pink trunks, white boots and white socks with pink trim. The guy has a simply amazing body and a cute face, so he's the perfect contrast to big bully Flash.

Flash: "Look at it!"

Flash: "You really know how to make me
feel good about myself."

Flash: "You've got the right to remain silent, my friend,
but I'd be insulted if you did."

This is a Gut Bash match, so it goes like you'd expect. Both guys shine and within a couple of minutes, I was sold on big stud Flash. He manhandles and mocks the smaller stud as a poser, beating him down relentlessly with great trash talk. He's pumped, flexing and showing off his body that made me appreciate it in a new way. He's so sweaty that the heel glows. Suddenly, Flash moves from off my radar to one of the sexiest men in wrestling.

Flash: "I got you a ticket to the Gut Bash!"

Flash: "I can see my size 12's right across your stomach!"

Flash: "Gut Bash City next station. Population, your abs."

The abuse is brutal. Van shows early on that he isn't a talker, unable to keep up with Flash, but he moans just fine. When he lets out a very genuine sounding "Oh fuck!" at the 7 minute mark, it is glorious. Flash laughs at his pain then forces the adorable poser to look at him flex over him. Van tries to attack Flash's abs, but the heel shrugs off the jobber flurry.

It doesn't take long before Van's stomach is red, evidence of the intense beating his core takes. The jobber holds on, refusing to give. I love that Van's trunks stay wedged up and off his left butt cheek for the last 20 minutes of the match, the jobber making no effort to fix it. Of course when you're getting mauled by a mean muscle monster, it's probably not your focus.

Those are some stretchy pink trunks

I like that Van never gets a chance to adjust them back

In the end, this match is a star turn for Flash. He looks great. He sounds great. He moves great. And Van makes a wonderful victim, showing his versatility after a back and forth match with Biff. Here he comes across as a sweet little muscle boy jobber with the looks, talent and desire, but not the strength to hang with the big boys. Flash calls him a poser and a jobber then expertly proves that both assessments are true.

What did others bloggers say when this came out?

If you haven't seen this, I recommend you do. That's my take, what's yours?



  1. Great review! Damn these guys are sexy!

    1. Thanks! Yes, they are both uber-hot in this match, plus they perfectly play to their roles in every aspect - look, sound, attitude, action and gear.