Saturday, February 6, 2016

Review: Biff Farrell vs. Van Skyler (BGEast)

I'm going to assume that this isn't the only blog you follow that covers wrestling videos. BGEast's Biff Farrell has been all the buzz since he debuted. An immediate fan favorite, he finished second in Bard's recent Homoerotic Wrestler of the Year Reader's Choice vote. In the comments on my The 2015 Cavey Awards: Wrestlers post, commenter AH mentioned him as an option for Favorite Rookie, but I hadn't seen any of his matches.

Until now. I've finally watched my first Biff match - Biff Farrell vs. Van Skyler.

Well, you can add me to the list of Biff fans. He lived up to the hype. A sexy fireplug, Biff is handsome, his chest and shoulders are wide, his waist is narrow and his legs thick and powerful. I feel like he knows his way around the mat, based on the smooth action. He suffers well and is verbal without being over-the-top or distracting.

Biff just chillin' outside (JPG)

Flex that beefcake! (GIF)

And Van Skyler ... I'm a fan of him, too. Wow, I thought I was buying it for Biff, but Van surprised me. The guy is great. I love how cocky he is. And he loves to flex, especially in awesome pouch-to-face pins when he has Biff down. The big blond bulldog takes it, letting the dark-haired stud have his moment.

Van looks sexy in control (JPG)

Love that pin (GIF)

The gear is great. I'm a big believer in gear that suits the setting. In the ring, I like guys in full pro gear. On the mat, a nice pair of tiny briefs is perfect. In this case, they're outside, on the mats, so tiny works. And these guys are perfectly attired in similar tiny briefs. They're the kind with the loose pouches in front, so when they move, they jiggle. You know the ones. Yeah, they really worked for me.

The gear suits the setting (JPG)

The pouches enhance the viewing experience (JPG)

Nice view for big Biff (JPG)

There's a lot of action, but I realized that the holds in the match are few. However, they're really, really hot. There are multiple bearhugs, scissors and schoolboy pins. There's even more than one dragon sleeper, which is a personal favorite of mine. There is a ton of grappling and flexing, with Van showing off every chance he gets.

Studs on display (JPG)

Perfect for pounding meaty pecs (GIF)

Not one, but TWO dragon sleepers? I'm sold! (GIF)

So overall, I loved this match. I'm already looking forward to seeing more action from both these studs. Biff and Van have the potential to be huge stars.

What are other bloggers saying? This is something I started with Eagle/Frey, but has become a regular section in my reviews. Often, other bloggers beat me to the punch. I used to just not post about the matches at all. I figured, "old news". However, lately I wondered if maybe it's more like, "you can never have enough of a good thing".

So you know what I think and you know what other guys think. What do YOU think? I love me some comments!

From a blog perspective, should I post on matches covered elsewhere or am I too late? And what do you think about me highlighting other bloggers' posts on the same topic? Is it useful and interesting or not worth my time?



  1. So, I really liked this match. Van Skyler blew me away. Personally, I'm not as big a fan of Biff as many seem to be, BUT he is sexy nonetheless and has a beautiful was also nice to see him in that particular gear...very titillating! That being said I'm much more excited about Van's 2016 prospects than I am Biff's. I would love to see Van matched up against Guido, Austin Cooper, Kid Karisma, Chet (oh I would love that!), and Viggo (who didn't get any love in the BGeast nominations even though he has a phenomenal body, phenomenal abs, and had a good debut match), among others.

    Now to your other questions: I think you should definitely continue to post reviews of matches even if they have been covered elsewhere and even if they are old matches. I also think it is a good idea to highlight other bloggers' posts as's all a good idea.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it.

      I totally agree with you on Van. He's definitely on my list to watch for 2016. Any of those matchups you list would be great for the guy and a must-rent from BGE.

      I think Viggo might have been too late for the body awards. It's tough to compete against guys like Kid Karisma, Z-Man, etc. after only one December match. Maybe rookie of the year, but the others seem to go to guys who've built up a big following. Hopefully Viggo taped a few matches that'll be release in 2016.

  2. This is the only Biff match I have not seen, because I do not like the outdoor setting; which is a shame, because it seems like Van is one to keep an eye out for. Especially since you mention sleepers, which are my favorite!
    Anyways, I enjoy when more than one blogger reviews a match. It usually makes for contrasting viewpoints, and I personally enjoy that. So, even if a match has been released a while back, and you have the review in the queue, I say post it!

    1. Cool, I'll just do what I do and not worry that I'm slow to watch a lot of this stuff.

      Too bad about the outdoor setting for you, but we've all got our things, right? I definitely plan to check out more of Van, but haven't done it yet.

  3. Same here. I actually like to read different reviews about a match. The more, the better, specially if it involves spending money, lol.

    And I love Biff´s body, but I still think Van is sexier. The two together? WOOF!

    1. Thanks for the comment! In terms of who's sexier between Biff and Van, I'll have to do more research to decide! ;)

    2. I def def def agree Luis. Biff is the one you marry...Van is the one you spend steamy nights with.

    3. I'd settle for that arrangement any day! LOL.

  4. Alex R:

    Nice GIFS. The one were Van is pounding on Biffs chest is awesome.
    If other people review its fine. How many movie reviewers are out there not to mention critics. It's like in the thousands. You guys are three or four. All of you have a different perspective and style .
    Always fun to read your work.

    1. Thanks! Glad you like the GIFs. That's true about the movie reviewers.