Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Review: Mikey Hanlon vs. Max Anderson (Movimus)

So I had two requests from my March post where I invited guys to choose a few of my April reviews from the unwatched matches on my iPad. One request came via email for UCW's Aron vs Axel/Pvt Marino. That post is scheduled for 4/21. However, the first request was from MikeySB. He asked for a review of his namesake, Mikey Hanlon against Max Anderson from Movimus.

Now, I meant the World Series match, but the request was for coverage of all three. I'm all about fan service, so here we go - three days of Mikey vs. Max.

It's a Mikey vs. Max extravaganza

Let's start at the beginning. Max Anderson (27/5'11"/188-lbs) is a legend at Movimus (and NHB Battle, its predecessor). The gorgeous blond is a wrestling machine, racking up a lot of wins and a lot of sales. It's no wonder, with his Nordic good looks and lean, ripped physique. Thanks to his skill and looks, guys are always gunning for Max, including his opponent in this match.

Max looks great

Tight, taut and toned

However, I'd never bought a Max match before this one and he wasn't the reason why I bought this match. I bought it entirely for Mikey Hanlon (22/5'9"/175-lbs). I knew of Mikey from another site and I wanted to see him in action. This seemed like a good place to start and I was not disappointed.

Simply awesome

Mikey is pretty new to Movimus in this match, but he's got his swagger on. His brash confidence and cocky chatter are fun and engaging. Whether you want him to win, lose or don't care, he invites you in with his banter, bringing you closer to the experience. In last Movimus videos I've watched, no words are exchanged. Mikey is an exception. He keeps talking, which seemingly forces Max to respond in kind and it creates a nice dynamic.

Look who's number 1

Yeah, that's how it's done

As usual, Movimus puts the guys in perfect gear for the setting. In this match, Hanlon is perfectly adorned in simple black briefs that pop against his white body. They show off his smooth skin and wonderfully sculpted muscles as he struggles against the Movimus veteran. Max looks great in pink briefs that also show off his body to perfection.

The action features a great combination of moves from both guys. It feels like they really know what they're doing. It's pretty fast moving as they test each other, almost knowing this would become a bigger series. I repeatedly marveled at their flexibility and resilience as the move around the mat, getting flipped, squeezed, folded and contorted.





The match manages to be intense and entertaining. The competitors are skilled and physically perfect. And it's fun and feisty. The guys are enjoying the action, but there's still a strong competitive tension between them.

This is my favorite match of the three, even though I will warn you that it is inconclusive, which is usually a pet peeve of mine. It's a two-fall, 24-minute match, which I think is right in perfect range for a wrestling video. It sets up the series, but I think it's probably the only one you need to get the point.

Tomorrow, I'll cover the re-match, but if you have any comments on these wrestlers, this video or anything else related to the topic at hand, the comment box is just waiting for you!



  1. Thanks, Alex! Great review. I will be rewatching it shortly. I agree about the inconclusive score. Why not wrestle one more fall? That is probably my biggest Movimus/NHB pet peeve. A number of great matches end at a draw. But both of these guys are talented wrestlers, show some personality, and yes, not hard on the eyes. I wish they were active on the roster still. I imagine they have just moved on in their lives, and Movimus would be happy to have them wrestle again. Here's to hoping they can come out of retirement for a match or two! Looking forward to the next reviews.

    1. Thanks! Glad you liked it.

      Mikey is still active elsewhere and I thought Movimus teased a Mikey/Damien Rush World Series match at one point. So there may be hope for more content.

  2. Yeah, I follow Mikey at the other site as well. But I prefer the real mat action of Movimus. I did really love both Mikey/Damien matches, especially in the first when Damien had Mikey in one of the most intense headscissors I've ever scene. I was actually a little worried for Mikey. I don't get the impression that Movimus sits on matches for too long, so I suspect a third match has yet to occur. Hoping that does still happen. I imagine a Max return to be very unlikely.

    Speaking of Damien Rush, a Damien vs Brock Hammer match would be amazing: two big muscled hairy guys engaging in real submission wrestling.

  3. Mikey and Brock Hammer wrestled as Dave and Jinn over at the other site. Actually numerous times. However their first match was, without a doubt, the hottest pure wrestling match I've EVER seen across ALL sites I follow.

    1. Thanks for the reco! Movimus' Mikey/Brock match is on my iPad, I just haven't watched it yet.