Sunday, April 25, 2021

Review: Caffrey vs. Simpson (Thunders Arena)

Simpson: "I'm not just a prettyboy."
Caffrey (confused): "Who said you were a prettyboy?"


Although, I get where Caffrey is coming from. Simpson would not my definition of a prettyboy, either. Muscleman? Yes. Stocky stud? Sure. Hairy hunk? Definitely. But a prettyboy? Nah, that's more Caffrey's turf, dude. Still, the exchange quickly sets up the dynamics of this Thunders Arena match. Caffrey vs. Simpson is a respect-free battle between two very different wrestlers.


The wrestlers definitely contrast. Despite wearing coordinating blue gear, they don't get along from the start. While Cason kept things light against Caffrey, Simpson sets the nasty tone early. He has nothing but insults for the taller, younger rookie. In fact, the stockier, thicker stud is completely dismissive of his opponent, due to his youth and lean body. And what a body. Caffrey is ripped, good looking and he knows it. "Fucking aesthetics over everything" is one of his quotes that sums up his attitude. Simpson, meanwhile, is a hot hard body who doesn't say, but likely thinks, "fucking muscle over everything".

Caffrey loves using the full nelson.
Looking great, guys.

Opened up wide and flexed on.

That's a lot of beef to handle.

I bought this way back in February (?). Time is moving fast. I liked Caffrey's match against Cason then bought this. It was a good followup - more intense, less playful. It's back-and-forth with Simpson dominating more and refusing to give the youngster any credit. The hairy hunk gets so cocky that he arrogantly offers to wrestle on his knees with one arm behind his back. Hmph, the nerve. It is a suggestion that Caffrey does not appreciate. It seems to pump the leaner hunk up. He even overpowers the stocky stud in a test of strength. Good for him.

Nice classic control move.

Caffrey deserves your respect, big boy.

Simpson: "I'll wrestle you on my knees with
one arm behind my back, if you want me to."

Action-wise, this is pretty non-stop for Thunders. There's some nice grappling and quite a few long-held holds here. And there's a mid-match knockout (piledriver-ish move) and the match ends with a knockout (a DDT). Caffrey loves putting Simpson in full nelsons (he does it three times), but also applies a nice camel clutch. Simpson keeps Caffrey up in a bearhug for almost a minute. He controls the rookie on the mats and shows some sweet skills. It's good Thunders action where both guys seem to care about winning.

Love taking a guy down like this.

The struggle is real.

Caffrey: "Fucking aesthetics over everything!"

In the end, I liked these two as opposites. Their disdain for one another adds some intensity to the video. Simpson is a fireplug, a pint-sized powerhouse who earns his arrogance with some powerful holds and dominance. Caffrey keeps fighting, proving that he's a competitor who won't lie down for anyone. And the younger stud's reversals are sweeter because of Simpson's attitude. I prefer Cason's playful approach but this makes a nice companion to that match as the guys take this one much more seriously.

So, that's my take. What's yours?



  1. Simpson won me over really quick. He's sexy and playful, takes a good beating and I love when he sports a bit of chest hair. He really knows how to show off his assets too, which is always appreciated

    1. This is my first time watching him. Appreciate the POV on him. I’ll ha e to check him out some more.

  2. Caffrey is tanned and pretty..... Simpson probly wants to boink him as much as pin him!

    1. Well, I don't know about that, but if he did, I sure wouldn't judge him. Caffrey is so very pretty.