Thursday, April 15, 2021

Review: Roger Atlas vs. Johnny Greco (MBW)

Full disclosure: This video was sent to me by Muscleboy Wrestling.

Two reviews in a row featuring a guy in USA flag gear. I used to assume that the red, white and blue meant jobber, but that might've been a BGEast thing with all-time greats like Wade Cutler and Braden Charron. Now, American gear doesn't really predict the outcome. Especially against a beautiful bearded muscleman in shiny pink! Woof. Roger Atlas vs. Johnny Greco features two hot hunks in gorgeous gear, but it's the action that ultimiately made this a winner for me.

I just freakin' love seeing Johnny on his knees.

As soon as I saw Roger Atlas on MBW's Twitter, I knew I had to see him in action. Dude is hot. He's got a solid pro wrestler's body and a sexy cocky punk attitude to match his tough guy good looks. Right from the start, Atlas shows off that he's comfortable in a ring. His flips and bouncing off the ropes show us that the rookie is not really a rookie, just a newbie at MBW.

Johnny Greco has been one of my favorites for a little while. He's absolutely adorable. The muscles and beard make him feel like a classic strongman, but his smooth body, fireplug stature, and sweet disposition make him an angel. He's done really well in both his previous matches but this is his best match, yet. I won't say hottest, because the other two were smokin', but this match really showcased his skills.

Sorry, dude, it ain't gonna be that easy.

Proof both guys do squats in one GIF.

Gee, Roger would make a sexy jobber, too.

Based on Atlas' persona and Greco's history, I thought this match would be a squash. It's not. It's back-and-forth right up until the end. Johnny really impressed me by hanging hold for hold with the obviously experienced rookie. The bearded fireplug is cockier and more talkative than I remember, but it's his grunts, gasps and moans that I love to hear most. Roger, meanwhile, starts out as a chatty dude full of bravado and confidence.

Johnny is a natural at selling.

And Roger's all-in on selling, too.

The boys trade control from start to finish.

Action-wise, the muscle hunks put on a good show. They exchange hard fists, boots, and elbows. About ten minutes in, they're trading shots to the jaw in a test of macho stamina. They bother suffer in extended, body-displaying submission holds, like full nelsons, a crab, bow and arrow, and crossface. And, they both execute stiff and stunning power moves, like slams, suplexes, and a piledriver.

Johnny's got to wear him down.

Suffering sex on a stick!

BOOM! The feisty fireplug executes
his biggest and best slam yet!

In the end, I really enjoyed this video. I loved seeing Johnny evolve into a more serious competitor. So far, he's been a jobber but now, I can see him winning. And Roger Atlas lived up to the hype. The dude is hot and talented. Can't wait to check out more from both of these muscle studs.

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  1. Roger Atlas is a really impressive performer. I love that he wrestles pro as suffering baby face Dusty Gold, but underground he gets to be a cocky heel. It's also nice to see Johnny Greco continuing to fight back. It'll be interesting to see how he develops

    1. I haven't checked Roger out anywhere else. Good to know where to look for his pro action. He sure seems to be all over the place right now.

      Johnny's great. I think he's progressing beautifully as a performer.

  2. Roger Atlas is at thunders as well.... reminds me of Gronk....

    1. Thanks. I can see that comparison to Gronk.

      He's at Weekend Wrestling. Mikey at Knockout Submission Wrestling just did a great review of his match there against Zach Reno.