Monday, April 19, 2021

Mindsweeper Monday: Cruel Jungle

Chapter 1 - Our Hero

Deep in the jungle, the animals were anxious as the most powerful beast in the jungle passed by. Birds scattered from the perches. Antelope scurried for cover. The lions suspended their hunt and looked up into the trees, but before they could even raise their heads, whatever had caused the disturbance was gone.

Despite their anxiety, the animals had nothing to fear, for it was no beast, but instead it was only Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, who raced by at an impossible pace. Tarzan made his way to the western plains. Five days ago, the safari drums had told him of some poachers devastating the land. The local Commissioner was investigating, but needed Tarzan's help. Tarzan had his tribal allies warn his friend to wait for him to arrive - but their had been no response confirming that he would in fact wait. It normally took Tarzan two weeks to cross the jungle, but fear for his friend drove him to move like a man possessed.

Tarzan practically flew through the jungle, his mighty arms clutching the vines as he swung from tree to tree. Tarzan was not being careful - he would let go of one vine before grabbing another, flying free through the air. One false move and Tarzan would be seriously injured, but his experience gave him total confidence in his abilities. When he reached grassy areas, his massive legs would move like the wind, carrying him across the expanse of the African jungle. When he reached water, he dove forward without missing a beat. His smooth body cut through the water and his arms and legs worked to power him through the water like the fastest Olympic swimmer.

Tarzan was white with rich tanned skin, earned from a lifetime in the outdoors. He was tall and big - 6'2" and 220 lbs. He had bulked up in the past few years, but his virtually hairless body maintained its swimmer's shape. His shoulders, back and chest were extremely broad compared to the rest of him. He had a narrow waist and looked to have no body fat at all. His body was a perfect, efficient machine, ready for anything. Tarzan could wrestle with the strongest creatures in the jungle. He was capable of quick bursts of tremendous power, but could also run through the jungle for a whole day without tiring.

Tarzan's face was handsome - classic in shape with a square jaw and prominent cheekbones. His eyes held a passion unlike anyone else in the world. He had short, dirty blond hair and stubble for a beard. His hair was messy - it stuck up from his head in a spiky fashion, which only increased when he ran his hands through it, as he often did. He had to both cut his hair and shave with a knife, which explained the messy look, but Tarzan cared not about appearances. Whenever he encountered white people from the outside, they marveled at him, treating him like a man-god, but he did not know what was good-looking or ugly - Tarzan just was what he was.

Tarzan had encouraged Korak to cut his hair, but Korak thought that his long dread-locked mane made him look more powerful, like a lion. Tarzan thought about Korak, so similar to Tarzan at that age. He smiled, hoping Korak was all right. Even though he was old enough to take care of himself, Tarzan hated the thought of leaving Korak alone - Tarzan knew how hard it was on a young man with no one to guide him.

Tarzan wore only a small loincloth that rode high at the back, was thin over the hips and sagged very low at the front from the weight of his substantial package. The trail of hair of hair from his navel and the top of his pubic hair were clearly visible whenever he moved, which was all the time. All Tarzan's cloths were cut from beasts that had attacked him. Tarzan was defender of the jungle, but was no vegan pacifist. When attacked, he struck back with deadly precision and ferocity.

He carried two weapons - a knife and a bow. The knife hung on his right hip and the bow and small, flat quiver of arrows were slung over his right shoulder. The flat quiver was strem\amlined so it would not interfere with his swimming. The bow and quiver strap cut tightly across his chest and emphasized the power contained in his rock hard pecs.

Tarzan moved towards the Commissioner's home. His massive chest was heaving rapidly. The incredible pace had taken its toll on him. Even Tarzan could not move so far across the continent in five days and be unaffected.

When he was still miles away, he heard shots ring out! Tarzan easily pinpointed their location - they were near the river close by. He changed directions and swung to the ground. He ran through the dense jungle, his body cutting through the jungle like a machete.

Within 30 seconds Tarzan reached the jungle river, his body glistening with perspiration. In one swift move, he leapt onto the tallest tree nearby and scoured the banks for clues. With horror, he saw the Commissioner's canoe overturned on a nearby bank. The river was raging along, making it impossible for anyone to cross … what had happened? Tarzan moved to the canoe. He was standing in a tree above the canoe when he saw a glint on the other side of the river. More shots rang out.

It was then that Tarzan saw the Commissioner lying on his back in the mud a few hundred feet up … the Commissioner had been hit by this last volley. Tarzan dropped beside his friend, "Commissioner Barnes, lie still, old friend." Tarzan looked at the wounds. He knew they were fatal.

With his last ounce of strength, Barnes spoke to his friend, "Tarzan … be careful … it's … Banton boys … Coy … up river … others attacked … Coy's handcuffed … take key … please … get reward for my family … please stop …" Before Commissioner Barnes could finish, he died in Tarzan's arms.

A shot rang by Tarzan's head. Tarzan ducked into the reeds and quickly removed his bow, cocked an arrow and looked across the rapids. He saw one of Coy Banton's brothers searching for Barnes. Tarzan let an arrow fly, hitting the brother in the chest. The three other brothers heard the scream and ducked for cover.

Tarzan left and moved to Coy's position. He draped the handcuff key across his neck as he moved in the trees again. He saw Banton sitting calmly on the shore waiting for his brothers to come for him. Tarzan dropped behind him and held his knife to Coy's throat.

"Do not move. Do not speak. Now, follow my orders. Stand slowly and move away from the shore." Coy followed orders. He had been caught and jailed previously by Tarzan and knew not to mess with the jungle man.

When they were deep within the trees, Tarzan turned Coy and faced the murdering thug. Coy smirked confidently at Tarzan. "Hey, Ape Man. I'm glad to see ya again. I'm glad ya have the key to my cuffs. Could ya loosen 'em for me?"

"Quiet, murderer. Barnes was my friend. He was taking you to the authorities. I won't let him die for nothing."

"Listen Monkey Man, ya better get lost. My brothers'll be here any minute."

"I do not think so. They cannot cross the river for a couple of miles. We will have a large head start."

"No we won't 'cause I ain't movin'."

"Then you die here and I will pick your brothers off one by one as they reach your corpse." Tarzan raised his knife to slit Banton's throat.

Banton knew he was serious. "Okay, okay! Lead the way, Ape Man."

Chapter 2 - The Villain

Tarzan and his prisoner walked briskly through the jungle. Tarzan covered their tracks, but unfortunately the brothers would quickly figure out where they were going. Kairobi City was the closest place with authorities and the only place to pick up the reward. Tarzan didn’t care about money, but Barnes deserved the money and Tarzan would see that it made it to his family.

Coy Banton sauntered along. His clothing was soaked through from the river and sweat and he began to stumble. Banton was the most wanted man in the jungle. He was amoral and would do anything for a buck. Banton had been captured several times, but always managed to escape. He was the very definition of masculinity. He was incredibly rugged, with tanned, weathered skin and a killer smile. He looked like the Marlboro Man and could charm a snake. Physically, he was a tall man, the same height as Tarzan, but thinner. At 185 lbs, Banton was naturally muscular – but his muscles came from hard work, not fancy gyms. Tarzan knew from personal experience that Banton was extremely strong and very dangerous.

Banton plotted his next move carefully. He was not as powerful as Tarzan, but he knew he was smarter and he also knew that he knew more dirty tricks than the Ape Man. Banton just had to wait until his brothers had closed the gap, then figure out a way to get loose.

"Tarzan, wait. I can’t go on." Banton said in his deep gravelly voice. He sat down. "It’s too hilly and I can’t use my arms in these cuffs. Plus, I’m dying of the heat - god it's hot. Ya don't feel it cause ya ain't wearing nothing. Gimme a second."

Tarzan snarled. He reached out and grabbed a hold of Banton’s shirt. Tarzan ripped the shirt off with one quick motion, revealing Banton’s hairy chest and furry abs. The thick coat of fur was practically glued to his chest. Tarzan spoke, his own deep voice betraying the contempt he felt, "Is that cooler?"

Banton didn’t respond, so Tarzan grabbed his pants and tore them off, leaving the man in only his boots, soaking wet white briefs and handcuffs. Banton looked down at his exposed body – his huge manhood outlined in the soaked, almost see-through briefs. His face went red with anger. "Whad’ya do that for?"

Tarzan grabbed his captive under the arm and dragged him forward. "You said you were hot. Keep up or die by my knife."

Banton cursed and picked up his pace. He was cooler, but would never forgive the Ape Man for this. He looked back for his clothes, but they were gone. Reading his face, Tarzan said, "I hid them. Your brothers will not find them."

Under his breath Coy cursed. At least he had thought that his brothers might see the clothes to know they were on the right path! Damn!

Tarzan walked his prisoner into the night. Three hours after dusk, Tarzan stopped. "We make camp here," he said.

Banton collapsed on the spot. Tarzan smiled. He needed his prisoner to be exhausted in order to get any sleep himself. Tarzan took out his knife and gave the handcuff key to Banton. "Undo them and then move your arms around that tree."

Banton followed orders again. When he was secured, Tarzan took off his bow and quiver, lay down, thrust his knife into the ground beside him and fell asleep.

Five hours later, Tarzan woke the next morning at dawn. He had had a fitful night, every sound stirring him as his jungle senses kept him alert for danger. Banton was still imprisoned around the tree, asleep and helpless. Tarzan walked to the river. He took several drinks and then stripped off his loincloth. His flaccid but still long and thick cock and large balls hung low. Tarzan fondled them a bit, enjoying being released from his animal cloth prison. His loincloth was efficient, but Tarzan much preferred being nude, the way he stayed at home.

Tarzan dove into the river. He swam underwater for over two minutes, letting the crisp, jungle river invigorate him. He had spent each of the last six days swinging, running and swimming for 18 hours a day. He had not had more than five hours sleep on any night for those days and if last night was any indication, he would not rest peacefully until Banton was in custody. His task now was trying to control the devious Banton, who was much more rested. They were still two days from Kairobi. Tarzan rose to the surface. He moved to the shore and grabbed an arrow.

Tarzan dove back into the water and when he came up, he had three large fish – breakfast. Tarzan started a fire and was careful to keep the smoke to a minimum. The smell of fish woke Banton up. Tarzan was still nude, but Banton didn’t comment, other than a raised eyebrow at the impressive size of his captor. He and Banton repeated the cuffing-uncuffing exercise. Banton moved in front of the fire and breathed deep. He was starving, but more importantly, this was his chance …

Tarzan fed his prisoner one fish first. When Tarzan took his own fish off and started to cut them, Banton slipped some leaves onto the fire. The wet leaves started smoking immediately. The smoke was high in the air before the King of the Jungle saw what Banton had done. Tarzan leapt up and smothered the flames, but it was too late.

Tarzan seethed and came within moments of killing Banton, but held back. He needed the reward for Barnes family and even he could not carry a corpse for two days. Tarzan threw his loincloth back on, covered the fire and signs of their camp. He dragged Banton up and their journey continued.

Banton smiled. He had slept more than Tarzan, was working less hard than Tarzan and now, he had eaten and Tarzan had not. He could tell Tarzan was tiring and he was definitely getting careless – Tarzan would normally never have turned his back on his captive. Banton knew it was only a matter of time.

Chapter 3 - Quicksand!

At the beginning of the third and final day of their trek, Tarzan and Banton were marching up a hill. At the top, Tarzan let Banton rest. He scoured the jungle below, then saw it. A glint of light from binoculars. The Banton brothers were close … too close.

Behind Tarzan's back, Banton positioned his handcuffs into the sun and signaled his brothers. Tarzan was definitely getting too careless. Again that night, Tarzan had slept only a few hours. Banton had been able to leave a trail the previous day, Tarzan being too distracted. This was how the brothers were making up time. Tarzan cursed at how close his brothers were, surprised at their tracking skill. He reluctantly decided that they would take a shortcut that would get them to Kairobi by noon.

He had wanted to stay near the paths because it was the safest way, but now danger could not be avoided. They would go through the swamps. In addition to passing crocodiles and dodging quicksand, they would need to tread through chest-high, thick, muddy water. But he doubted the Bantons would know the way to follow. Tarzan would gain half a day on them. Coy would be safely in custody before they were half way there.

When they veered off the path, Banton was confused. At first, he thought Tarzan had gotten lost, but then, as they approached the first mud pit, he realized where they were.

He and Tarzan sank into the mud and began the slow walk. Banton and Tarzan were both exhausted quickly. For two hours, they marched - across ground and through mud pools. When they emerged on the edge of the swamps, Tarzan allowed them to rest. Both men collapsed onto their backs in the morning sun.

The thick mud dried on their muscular frames, making it difficult for either man to move. Tarzan broke out of his mud cast and swept the dried mud away. He stood over Banton, sweeping off the dirt casing from his body, wiping him clean. His hands rubbed and caressed Banton. His mighty jungle-hardened hands pushed and prodded Coy’s pecs. When he touched Banton’s nipples, Coy shivered involuntarily. A man in the jungle doesn’t have many options, especially when his only companions were his brothers. It had been too long since Coy had had anyone to touch him.

Tarzan continued sweeping away the remains of the mud bath, moving down to Banton’s abs. The action fluffed up Banton’s thick fur, sending more pleasurable sensations through his captive. Tarzan skipped Banton’s crotch, instead working on his legs. His hands kneaded Banton’s powerful thighs and calves, cleaning off all remains of the mud bath, except for his briefs. Tarzan finally worked on cleaning the mud from Coy’s briefs, causing Banton to grow hard. Tarzan looked into Banton’s eyes in shock. Banton was ashamed, but the response was natural and unavoidable.

Tarzan could not believe what he was feeling – Banton felt huge under his briefs. Without thinking any more about it, Tarzan turned away to grab his quiver. It was caked in mud – useless. When he turned back, Banton was gone. Tarzan quickly looked for him and followed. Within moments, Tarzan caught his captive. Tarzan dove onto Banton’s back and the two men rolled forward through a mud puddle. "GET OFF ME!" Banton yelled.

Tarzan fought hard to control Banton, but both men’s muscular bodies were now soaked with wet mud. The two men slipped and struggled. The days of fatigue and the mud were great equalizing factors – they negated Tarzan’s strength advantage. With one last thrust, Coy threw himself on top of the mighty Ape Man.

SLAP! Coy struck a powerful double-fisted punch across Tarzan’s face, temporarily stunning him. In Tarzan’s moment of weakness, Coy stood and fled. Tarzan managed to grab his ankle, only to receive a booted foot to the face. OOF! Tarzan fought to stand up – he was dazed and had lost focus. This time, instead of running, Banton leapt onto Tarzan’s wide back and started choking him. ARGH!

Tarzan struggled, his chiseled body arched back to compensate for Coy’s devastating choke hold. Tarzan’s arms strained under the pressure as his face went red from lack of oxygen. Tarzan staggered on his mighty legs, taking three steps forward. In an instant, the two men sank chest deep into the ground! Quicksand! Banton released his hold and struggled for safety, but it was too late. He could not reach the edge of the pool. Tarzan cleared the fog out of his head and saw his enemy struggling. "Stop struggling … it only makes it worse!"

Tarzan reached up and managed to grab hold of a vine. His mighty arms throbbed and pumped to unbelievable size. They stretched to the maximum to stop his descent into the pool. Coy continued to sink, flailing helplessly. Banton was almost fully submerged, when his head was pulled out of the pool again.

Tarzan had used his incredible legs to grab hold of Banton in a scissor hold. The two men hovered in the pond, with only Tarzan’s muscular arms saving them from certain death.

Banton had recovered his wits. He recognized the predicament. Tarzan would not hold him forever. He would let go and rescue himself. Banton had to act quickly, before Tarzan realized that he could not save both of them.

Chapter 4 - Beaten by Banton

Banton hung helplessly chest deep in the quicksand. Only Tarzan’s powerful thigh muscles under his arms and around his chest kept him from a certain death.

Banton knew Tarzan would not hold him forever. He lifted his bounds hands and moved his arms up towards Tarzan’s chest. As Tarzan struggled to free the men from the mire, Banton’s muscles sought to free himself from the handcuffs. Banton’s arms worked their way along Tarzan’s abs and up to the deep valley between his powerful pecs. Banton’s large hands prodded, searching for the prize. Finally, he found what he needed. He seized the key to his cuffs and yanked it free. Tarzan felt Banton’s hands inching up his torso and saw him take the key, but he could do nothing. If he let go of the vine, with even one hand, both men would fall. But if Banton removed the cuffs, he would have the advantage! Tarzan did the only thing he could – he spread his legs, letting Banton sink to his death.

Banton sank for a moment before he could free his hands, but he quickly undid the left cuff. YES! Banton raised his left arm and grabbed hold of Tarzan around his tree-trunk sized thigh and hauled himself up. He swung his right arm, with the handcuff and key still dangling, around the Jungle Lord’s waist, keeping himself afloat. He then lifted his left arm around Tarzan’s waist on the other side. Banton slowly climbed up the Ape Man like he was a rope. Their bodies rubbed together intimately as Banton inched up further and further.

Tarzan started to pull on the vines with all his power. At this rate, Banton would be on top of him any moment and Tarzan knew that Coy would not hesitate to send Tarzan into the pool. The two men started to rise out of the quicksand under Tarzan’s power. Tarzan pulled and pulled. He shook his body, hoping to throw Banton off, but it was no use. UNGH! UNGH! Tarzan cried out, feeling his arms being pulled from their sockets and his muscles pulling away from the bone. He had never struggled this hard in his life! Banton had stopped climbing up Tarzan, letting the Ape Man use up his energy.

Impossibly, Tarzan was able to free both men from the quicksand. They dangled for a moment over it, then Coy managed to start them swinging. Within moments, Banton let go and fell to safe ground. Tarzan followed him on the next swing, landing on his feet, then collapsing, exhausted, to his knees.

Banton saw his worst enemy’s body sagging, his muscles clearly failing and smiled. Now free of his handcuffs, he was more physically fit and he took full advantage. Banton charged Tarzan, placing his thick forearm across the Ape Man’s throat, clotheslining him down. Tarzan fell back, landing fully on his back with Coy’s 185 lbs right on top of him, driving all the air out of his body. Tarzan’s head smashed into the ground, knocking him senseless. Banton slowly moved off Tarzan, reached down and grabbed a handful of Tarzan’s hair. He forced the Ape Man back to his feet.

Banton let go and Tarzan wobbled, barely able to stand up. Banton tugged on Tarzan’s hair again and pulled him over to a tree. He had complete control of the King of the Jungle – Tarzan followed where he was led, like a small dog in the clutches of a wolf. Banton propped Tarzan’s back against the tree. Tarzan tried to stop Coy, but he was unable to resist Banton’s steel grip on his bangs. Tarzan collapsed back, but the tree held him up. Coy smiled at the sight of the most powerful man in the jungle helpless. Tarzan was leaning against the tree his eyes open but not seeing. His arms hung like dishrags and his chest heaved, struggling to fill his powerful lungs.

Banton absent-mindedly rubbed his chest, fluffing his chest hair as he pondered his next move. The evil man lived for power and now he had all he needed with Tarzan. Banton danced around Tarzan like a champion boxer, his muscular pecs bouncing in time and his rock-hard cock threatening to break through his white cotton briefs. He threw out his fists, narrowly missing Tarzan’s head, which swayed from side to side on his spaghetti neck. Banton continued to play and shadowbox with his enemy. He spoke to the Lord of the Jungle, "c’mon Tarzan, where’s your fight … I wanna fight a man … ain’t you a man?"

Tarzan heard the words and tried to throw himself at Banton, but he couldn’t find the energy. Coy’s taunts and arrogance were ringing in his ears as Banton stopped playing with Tarzan. CRACK! Coy landed his first blow against the powerless jungle man. It was a light blow, just a warning shot, but Tarzan’s head snapped back as the upper cut landed squarely across his jaw. Banton knew he had the Ape Man right where he wanted him and he was going to enjoy this. He could have ended it at any moment.

Banton spun Tarzan around and slammed him face first into the tree. As Tarzan’s body convulsed, Coy looked at Tarzan’s impossibly muscular back. POW! BAM! WHAM! POW! A series of punches began to soften the tissue, but Banton’s hands began to ache before he could fully crush Tarzan’s muscles.

As Tarzan lay on the tree, face against the rough bark, Banton moved around the tree, in front of Tarzan. With the tree between them, Banton reached forward and seized Tarzan’s wrists on either side of the huge tree trunk. Banton started hammering away against Tarzan’s arms – driving them mercilessly into the unforgiving wood. Banton then started systematically punching the each arm individually, as shots rang out against the biceps and triceps until they were mush. Tarzan’s arms had not nearly recovered from the struggle out of the quicksand, so they were easy-pickings for the sadistic hunter. Tarzan fought his urge to cry out … he would not give Banton the satisfaction! Banton repeated his abuse until he was sure Tarzan would be powerless to use those arms against him again.

As a last move before moving on, Banton threw Tarzan back, then pulled him forward with all his strength back into the tree! The tree shook from the force and Tarzan’s face, pecs and abs were sliced by the sharp bark. Banton let go of Tarzan’s wrists and watched the arms fall loose and Tarzan collapse to the ground.

Banton placed his hands under Tarzan’s armpits and lifted him up for more torture. He positioned the Ape Man over a nearby rock, placing the Ape Man’s back squarely over the rock. The position was terribly painful, like a backbreaker over the rounded stone that jutted four feet out of the ground. Banton stood over Tarzan, placing the jungle stud’s face in his crotch. He wanted Tarzan to smell him – Banton had not been allowed to wash for three days. Now Tarzan would suffer for it. His odor was rank and musky in Tarzan’s nostrils, but worked like smelling slats, causing the once-mighty Lord of the Jungle to cough and convulse. Banton opened his fist and slapped at Tarzan’s chest again and again, leaving large red welts on the proud steel pecs. Banton threw two fists down onto Tarzan’s iron gut, only to feel shockwaves of pain through his arms. "Shit!" Banton screamed. Tarzan was out of it, but years of physical training didn’t fall that easily – his abs were even harder than his back.

Banton shook out his arms and formed a plan. He needed to destroy Tarzan slowly – save his ultimate revenge until his brothers arrived. "Think ya’re smart, do ya? Well ya’ll pay for hurting my hand just then, Ape Man, ya’ll pay!"

Banton moved off the Ape Man and stood beside the rock. He clutched Tarzan’s pecs like they were cantaloupes and pulled him up and off the rock. Tarzan unconsciously followed, his body reacting to the force of the iron grip. Banton then reached around Tarzan and locked on a devastating bearhug! ARGH! Tarzan screamed, forced awake by the pain … his back ached as Banton squeezed the life out of him.

"Yeah, how’s that feel, Ape Man? Ya ever been crushed before? I’m like a python and I’m gonna crush ya to death!" Tarzan could not respond, but he lifted his hands and pushed back on Banton’s chest, trying to extricate himself from this agonizing hold. Tarzan had been placed in bearhugs before, by stronger men, and always gotten out of them. But he had never been this weak – this powerless – and he feared he could not free himself from this one.

Banton asked Tarzan, "Ya like this? How about this?" Tarzan still could not respond as Banton shook him hard from side to side. Tarzan’s arms, which had been pushing on Banton’s chest flung to the side. They flopped like fish on the end of a line. Banton laughed again and again as he felt the life draining from Tarzan.

When all resistance left the King of the Jungle, Banton let go, dropping the mighty hero to the jungle ground. Banton circled Tarzan’s prone body, trying to decide how to kill time until his brothers arrived.

Chapter 5 - The True King?

Tarzan, the most powerful man in the jungle, lay helpless on his back before Coy Banton, the most wanted criminal in the jungle. Tarzan lay there wearing his famous loincoth and belt that held his knife in place. Tarzan’s massive chest muscles heaved up and down with each breath, but the King of the Jungle had no idea what was going on around him. His muscular physique had been ravaged by a week of hard travel and little sleep, the Herculean effort to save himself from the quicksand and by Coy Banton’s cruel abuse.

Coy Banton stretched his own muscular body up to the sky, reveling in the sight. Long had he dreamed of Tarzan’s demise, but he had never thought it would be this satisfying. Banton had thought his only chance would have been a quick gun shot, but now, he could take his time. Banton lowered himself to his knees and positioned himself across Tarzan’s mighty torso. Coy raised Tarzan’s useless, but still large, arms over his head, pinning his hands. Banton screamed again for his brothers, hoping the sound of his voice would be carried across the jungle.

Coy released Tarzan’s arms, sat back and surveyed Tarzan’s body. The Jungle Lord’s arms were ruined, there was no doubt about that. Coy believed Tarzan’s back was severely damaged after the bearhug. But as he bounced himself up and down on Tarzan’s body, he still felt the rock-hard torso muscles on which he had hurt his hands previously. Tarzan’s pecs stood high and proud, 2 inches from his chest and his lats fanned out like wings of muscle. They looked massive, with every muscle defined like an anatomy chart. Coy decided that Tarzan could still take a lot more punishment before he died.

WHAM! Coy brought his knees up fast and hard into Tarzan’s lats. Tarzan’s body jerked involuntarily and he let out soft moans of pain. As his legs collapsed the Ape Man’s sides, he laughed out loud and repeated this until he felt no resistance any more. The quick succession of knee shots left huge bruises on the Ape Man and his lungs fighting to keep breath.

Banton lowered his hairy body on top of Tarzan’s. He stretched out, regrasping Tarzan’s wrists and touching his powerful body to Tarzan’s – pecs to pecs, abs to abs, groin to groin. He put his face right in Tarzan’s and spoke.

"Tarzan … ya’re mine, now … my bitch … and I’m gonna handle ya like a bitch from now on." Tarzan did not stir at all.

Disappointed, Coy released Tarzan’s wrists and moved his hands to his enemy’s throat. He began choking the Ape Man mercilessly. "D’ya here me, bitch? Yer gonna die ya stupid savage! Nobody messes with the Bantons!"

MMFFF! Tarzan’s body bucked and writhed under Coy’s powerful grip. SLAM! Banton used his leverage to lift the Ape Man’s torso up, only to slam it back to the ground. SLAM! Tarzan woke up, his instincts spurring some action, but as he crashed down again, he felt the lights go out for a moment as the back of his head was smashed again and again against the hard ground. Banton continued to scream in rage, "Oh yeah, Tarzan, ya’re gonna pay for everythin’! Your gonna beg before ya die! Wake up and take it, bitch!"

Tarzan coughed in Banton’s iron grip. He couldn’t lift his destroyed arms to save himself and couldn’t fight the pain in his sides and back to throw off his oppressor. He started to feel that it was only a matter of time. Banton saw that Tarzan was awake and had given up the struggle. Banton released his choke and dismounted the Ape Man, who flopped back and forth on the ground, filling his lungs again.

Coy walked to the nearby swamp, got some water and threw it on the fallen jungle stud to wake him fully. Tarzan sputtered and shook out the cobwebs. Banton reached down and seized his customary hold on Tarzan's bangs. He pulled Tarzan to his feet and slapped him lightly to knock him back to his senses.

Tarzan stood on his still powerful legs and looked at the arrogant hunter mocking him. Banton was actually forcing him to rise and fight back. Tarzan looked at Banton - his enemy’s body was pulsing with power – Coy’s arms may have been as big as his own, and Coy’s solid, dark chest had never looked so strong. Banton flexed his biceps and pecs to intimidate the beaten muscle man before him.

Tarzan could only guess at what he now looked like - bruised and battered, muscles broken. He knew that he still had little chance – his arms would not work and he could not think clearly. He had one chance. Tarzan backed away from his destroyer and filled his lungs. Banton saw his enemy’s desperation and knew what he was doing. Banton smiled, knowing that he had won – but more importantly that Tarzan was awake and aware that he was the better man. Tarzan would finally have to admit defeat and he would make the most of it. The two men circled each other.

Tarzan took his one last chance – he started to let out his famous call, hoping some of his jungle allies might hear and save him. Just as Tarzan began his famous yell, FWOOSH! Banton kicked up dirt into Tarzan’s face. As the Ape Man covered his eyes, Banton launched a devastating kick into his crotch. ARGH! Tarzan bellowed and collapsed to the ground, helpless. His incredible body quaked and quivered as he held himself up on his elbows and knees, with his head buried in his chest.

Banton spread his arms, fanning out his own big lats. "How’s that feel, eh, jungle man? Don’t bet ya’ll be calling your animals now! Time for ya to learn how men fight – bet ya never kicked anyone in the balls before! Don’t worry, I still ain’t gonna kill ya just yet. I got a plan for ya."

Banton continued yelling for his brothers as he kicked Tarzan in his bruised side. Tarzan fell over onto his back. His hands remained over his devastated crotch as protection. The evil Banton grabbed his ankles. He lifted Tarzan’s legs and spread them.

Banton lingered, savoring the moment. Tarzan had no idea was was coming - jungle people did not fight this way. Banton spit down, hitting Tarzan in the face and then he dropped - driving his knee between the Lord of the Jungle's thighs, driving Tarzan’s hands into his own package with incredible force. NOOO!

Tarzan lay writhing on the ground – this was the worst pain he had ever felt. Banton reached down and ripped the loincloth from Tarzan’s brutalized crotch. Freed from their case, Tarzan’s balls immediately swelled to twice their normal size. Coy smirked and undid the belt holding Tarzan’s knife. He circled the naked fallen jungle stud waiting for his next move.

Seven days of hard travel had taken its toll, but Banton had taken advantage at the right time and the victory was his. Tarzan had gotten involved in his business one too many times and now had paid the price for his intereference. Banton laughed out loud. He flipped the devastated Jungle Lord onto his stomach and used the handcuffs to bind Tarzan’s hands behind him. Tarzan was now naked, destroyed, handcuffed and completely at Coy’s mercy. Banton laid on top of his fallen foe’s back, his mouth breathing hotly into his ear.

"How’s that feel, eh? KING OF THE JUNGLE, MY ASS! Guess we both know who the real KING is NOW."

Chapter 6 - Fear!

UNF! UGH! HFF! The mighty Lord of the Jungle struggled against his bonds, but even at his strongest, it was unlikely that he could have hoped to break free from the metal shackles around his throbbing wrists. As it was, with his arms expertly devastated by his nemesis, the Ape Man's fight was the ultimate definition of futility.

Tarzan was naked, having been stripped of both his loincloth and knife. He lay on his side, handcuffed and completely at Coy Banton's mercy. Unfortunately for Tarzan, Coy Banton had no mercy. He was the most ruthless man in the jungle. His reputation put fear in the hearts of every man who heard his name - every man that is except Tarzan. But Banton was going to change that - Tarzan would learn to fear Banton and show him the respect he deserved. When the once-proud King of the Jungle acknowledged his fear, he would die by Coy's hand.

Banton laid his powerful body on top of his fallen foe, slowly moving up and down, letting Tarzan feel his muscles - the muscles that had destroyed him. Coy let the hairless Ape Man experience everything that made Coy the envy of men everywhere.

Coy was a real man, a man's man - Tarzan could feel Coy's hard chest and stomach rubbing against his skin - the coarse fur wearing away at his smooth skin. He could smell Coy's manly musk - the scent was so overpowering that he could actually taste Coy in his mouth. Tarzan could hear Coy's deep, arrogant voice laughing at him, calling him names, reveling in his total defeat. Tarzan closed his eyes and tried to form a plan, but there was none. He could not escape and he could not hope to reason with a man like Coy Banton.

Coy continued to lie on top of his victim. He loved playing mind games with the 'invincible' jungle stud. He remembered how everyone told him to stay away from Tarzan - how no one was a match for the King of the Jungle. Coy was thinking of this when he placed his mouth right next to Tarzan's ear, breathing hotly into it, and he said in his rich baritone, "how does that feel, eh? King of the Jungle, my ass. Guess I'm the King now."

Banton laughed malevolently and stood up. He lifted Tarzan to his knees by his hair, spreading Tarzan's legs. With his boot, he fondled Tarzan's swollen balls causing the Ape Man to cry out in pain. Banton let go of Tarzan's hair - only to watch the Ape Man fall forward. Banton lifted Tarzan back up, positioning Tarzan on his knees again. Tarzan hung limply, legs spread, arms behind his back - only Banton's hold on his locks prevented him from collapsing completely.

Tarzan regained enough control to stay kneeling. He looked up at Coy. Banton looked down into the Ape Man's eyes, which again burned with hate.

Coy said, "glad to see you haven't given up totally, Jungle Man. I want to hear you beg before you die."

Banton clutched Tarzan's hair again and used his leverage to bring Tarzan's face down hard into his rising knee. KAPOW! Tarzan's head snapped back, nose bleeding, but miraculously not broken. Banton sent the Ape Man sprawling onto his back. ARGGGH! The tremendous pressure on Tarzan's shoulders caused him to cry out again, as his ruined and bound arms were trapped under him.

Banton raised his hands and brought his fingers over the Ape Man's chiseled abs. He dug his fingers in deep and squeezed with all his might. Tarzan yelled in pain, crying out. NOO! UNGH! Never in his life had Tarzan given his opponents the satisfaction of hearing his pain, but against Banton he had no choice - Banton was relentless and much more sadistic than the only two jungle tribes who had captured Tarzan previously.

Banton squeezed harder and harder, until his own hands gave up. Tarzan was in so much pain he didn't even notice the villain had stopped his torture. Banton looked at Tarzan's once-impressive abs. They now hung limp and loose, the muscles were no longer able to hold themselves together. Thinking about how he had hurt his hand on those same abs, minutes ago, Banton loved that all the resistance was gone.

Banton spoke again into Tarzan's ear, "beg me, Ape Man. Beg me to spare your miserable life. A hunter has two choices - he can kill his prey, or he can tame it. Do ya wanna be killed or tamed?"

The naked and helpless King of the Jungle did not respond. Banton straddled the Ape Man, placing all his weight on the broken abs. Tarzan's shoulder's almost snapped out of their sockets, as his arms had to support both his own weight and Banton's.

Banton bitchslapped Tarzan repeatedly. "Still no answer, Tarzan? We'll see about that!" Banton lifted his hands again. They had regained their strength and this time, Banton clutched each of Tarzan's massive pecs. Banton squeezed them, breaking down the marble orbs of power. Tarzan tried desperately to flex them, but he could not. He felt them breaking down, just as his abs had done.

Tarzan managed not to cry out this time, but he knew that if Banton could break his pecs and abs, it would not be long before his spirit fell too. Banton wanted to hear Tarzan cry out, so he altered his tactics. Banton continued to work his claws, but he periodically let go and played with the Ape Man's nipples. Tarzan's mind was reeling at the combination of pain and pleasure he felt as Coy fondled his nipples - one of the most erogenous areas on Tarzan's body! OH! OH! He cried, unable to stop himself!

"Ya like that, do ya? See, Ape Man, if ya give in t'me, it won't all be pain … just give in. I know your jungle code means your word is your bond. I'll free ya if ya promise to be my slave - I always need a good hunter."

Banton was bending forward and licking the Ape Man's nipples as he said this. Tarzan was in the throes of ecstasy and Banton's masculine voice was commanding and hypnotic. Part of Banton's success was his uncanny ability to charm everyone he met - his cruelty made him sexy in a bad boy way.

Tarzan came very close to saying yes, to giving in to Banton's charms and seduction … the words almost slipped out, but at the last minute he regained control. "NEVER!"

"That's too bad. 'Cause that means this is what ya have to look forward to, Ape Man." Banton stood up and moved back to Tarzan's crotch. He lifted his hands so Tarzan could see what was coming. "Beg me to stop and pledge your life t'me and this can all stop!"

No man had ever manhandled Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, in his adult life - he had never felt this kind of pain, nor had he ever been so thoroughly decimated. But for one moment, all the pain and suffering was forgotten - the nobility, strength and courage that were Tarzan returned. With complete rationality and clarity, Tarzan looked at Banton and said, "I would rather die!"

"Then that's what'll happen!" Banton lowered his hands and seized the Ape Man's swollen balls in his hands. He mercilessly squeezed, pulled and twisted Tarzan's manhood. Tarzan had never experienced such pain before. His body humped and thrashed violently looking for relief, but none came. Tarzan screamed again and again, almost wishing for death. But the mighty Ape Man did not give in - he would never give in!

Banton couldn't believe that Tarzan could resist. He was impressed and disgusted at the same time. He had destroyed every part of the mighty Jungle Lord except his legs and yet still he was resisting. Coy was about to move to Tarzan's legs, to crush them, but then heard his brothers calling his name. Banton smiled. He had been killing time until they arrived. Now, with his brothers' help, he would take his final revenge before killing the Ape Man. The success of the nipple work made Banton realize that he had been attacking the wrong end of Tarzan. Banton let go and propped Tarzan back up on his knees.

"You know Tarzan, I always wondered about you and Boy … living together like you do. Then, when ya stripped me to my gitch, I thought, yep, this guy's a fag. Since then, ya've skinny-dipped and paraded in front of me hopin' for me to notice. 'Course that wasn't enough … ya had to rub my body all over, getting' that mud off. I know ya want me, don't ya? Did ya like what ya felt - was that your first time feelin' a real man?"

Tarzan looked confused for a moment. Banton loved the look, he wished he had a camera. "HA, HA, HA! Don't ya get it Jungle Man? I'm gonna show ya what I learned in that jail ya sent me to! Get ready to beg for your life, 'cause ain't no one ever walked away after takin' my jackhammer!"

Banton stripped off his underwear, revealing his massively thick and long organ. It was even bigger than Tarzan's! Tarzan had felt it flaccid through the white fabric of his underwear, but had not thought much about its size. Tarzan had never seen so large a monster on a white man before! A couple of men in the tribes were this big, but only a couple in all of Africa! This was like a small tree branch. Tarzan dared not think of what was to come - deep in his stomach he felt the rumblings of something he had not felt since he was a boy - fear!

Chapter 7 - The Banton Boys Together Again!

Tarzan the Ape Man felt it deep in the pit of his stomach as he knelt before Coy Banton. He did not fully realize what it was, since he had not had this feeling since he was a young boy, alone in the dark jungle. It was fear … fear of the man who towered over him … fear of what was about to happen to him.

As the now-naked Banton circled, rubbing his furry, power-packed torso, his engorged member throbbed and pulsed in anticipation. Coy longed to finally destroy Tarzan completely – he had done it physically, but now would do it mentally. The mental destruction of Tarzan could only be done one way – by dominating him in the most important and humiliating way. Banton would take away the last vestige of Tarzan’s superiority and when the Ape Man was crying and begging at his feet, he would kill him.

Just then, out of the jungle, came his brothers – Link, Jerry and Nick. Link was the oldest Banton, and nicknamed Link because he resembled the missing link. He had a low sloping forehead, dull eyes and his entire body was covered in hair. He was short – 5’5", but weighed over 250 lbs. He was not fat but stocky – solid muscle from head to toe. He was the strongest of the Banton boys, but also the dumbest. In a different family, Link would have been lovable, but as a Banton, he was sadistic and without remorse. Link did everything Coy told him no matter how evil.

Jerry and Nick were much younger than their brothers. Coy’s criminal life had been well-established when they came to live him after their father’s death. Like Link, they loved and admired their older brother Coy and tried as hard as possible to be just like him. The two were twins, 6’0" and 170 lbs. They looked like young Coys, although with dirty blond hair. Their toned physiques were covered in a dusting of light blond fur. In conventional terms, they were better looking than Coy, but they lacked Coy’s sex appeal. They were too young to have the weathered appearance that changed Coy from merely handsome to a rugged stud.

The four brothers hugged and laughed and Coy caught them up on what had happened to him. They all started to circle the handcuffed Ape Man, admiring their brother’s handiwork.

"You really done it this time, Coy," Link laughed and licked his lips. "What’re we gonna do with him?"

"You’ll like it, don’t worry. Get undressed and let’s get to this – I’ve been waiting forever to finish this off right!" Coy’s brothers started stripping. "Hey, where’s Billy?" Coy asked, realizing that his fourth brother was missing.

"He dead," Link answered matter-of-factly. "He got killed by one of his arrows."

SMACK! Coy was enraged. He swung out his hand suddenly, catching Tarzan off guard. The bound, naked jungle man flew back, stunned. His mouth was bleeding profusely. He tried to right himself, but couldn’t. The four bears stood around him, completely naked – Coy was bright red.

"Ya savage bastard – ya’re so dead! Ya killed a Banton … just for that … when we get done with ya … I’m gonna hunt down your Boy and give him somma this!" Coy grabbed his cock and balls in his hand and shook them at Tarzan.

Tarzan tried to cry out – since Tarzan was just a teenager himself, he had taken care of the 2-year old orphan he named Boy, but who had recently adopted the name Korak. He had raised Korak like a son, giving him the comfort and safety that had been denied him. Korak was just becoming a man – he had just turned 18. The thought of Banton harming him drove Tarzan into complete despair.

Banton calmed himself. One thing about being an amoral thug, you didn’t dwell on things like family and death. "Now Ape Man, time to pay the piper – ya’ll killed my brother … I can’t wait to kill ya!" Banton positioned Tarzan over a large fallen tree. The tree was torturous on the jungle man’s ruined abs. Banton leaned forward, over his back, driving his battered stomach deeper onto the tree.

Banton was positioned at Tarzan’s ass. "I don’t think I’m gonna call ya Ape Man anymore. Ya’re an Ape Woman – my Ape Woman."

Coy propped himself up, placing his hands in the center of Tarzan’s muscular back. He braced himself behind the jungle stud and started swaying his hips. He let his rock-hard jackhammer rub across Tarzan’s ass, as a tease for what was to come.

Tarzan gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. This couldn’t happen – not to him! No man had violated Tarzan before – no man had ever had the opportunity before! He shook his head and his whole body shivered in abject fear.

Tarzan opened his eyes when he felt two huge hands grab his head at the sides. He looked up to see Link holding him steady. Link anxiously waited his turn and ran his 5-inch stump across Tarzan’s face, coating it with his pre-cum. Link laughed as Tarzan sputtered in disgust.

Coy Banton laughed. He reached forward, smearing the pre-cum all over Tarzan’s face. He used the residue on his hand to lube himself up. With one mighty thrust, Coy Banton became the first man to have his way with Tarzan – he plunged forward, penetrating deep with one mighty thrust! ARGH! Tarzan screamed! NOO! PLEASE STOP! ARGH! His entire body gyrated and bucked, desperate to relieve the torturous pain that was tearing him in two! UUHHH! UHHH! NOOO! Tarzan actually passed out from the pain.

SLAP! SLAP! Nick slapped Tarzan. SPLASH! Jerry threw a canteen full of water in his face. Tarzan slowly and reluctantly opened his eyes – the terrible pain in his ass was as bad as ever. He could not regain his senses. "You ain’t sleepin’ through this, boy," Nick said to Tarzan, smiling. "You gotta stay awake until we’re all done with you. Got it?"

Tarzan struggled to speak but couldn’t. He opened his mouth but nothing came out. Unfortunately, something went in – Link’s short, thick cock. The 5-inch piece of meat entered Tarzan’s mouth and wedged in all the way until his pubic hair was tickling Tarzan’s face. Tarzan was breathing hard and as his nose filled with the smell of Link’s sweaty, unwashed crotch, Tarzan started choking. Tarzan got a hold of himself and accepted the cock without any further difficulty. Involuntarily, his tongue began pulsing up and down in his mouth, servicing the cock as Link began pumping slowly in and out.

Tarzan’s mind was reeling. He felt Coy’s large hands on his back and Coy’s inhuman cock deep in his ass, tearing him apart with each thrust and rupturing his insides. Now, the big Banton boy, Link, was filling his mouth with his hot throbbing man-meat – Tarzan’s taste buds erupting at the smell and taste of his salty pre-cum.

Coy thrust in and out faster and faster. As he picked up speed, so did his brother. To add to the torment, Jerry and Nick knelt on either side of Tarzan, each whispering messages into his ear – "ooh, that’s so good, ain’t it, boy", "tell us how much you love it", "how’s it feel to have a man in you, bitch", "you finally got what you always wanted", "you submissive slut, cry out for daddy".

Tarzan tried not to listen, but it was so confusing and he had so little resistance left. When Jerry reached around the log and began working Tarzan’s cock, Tarzan began to shoot immediately! Tarzan’s body began bucking again as his swollen balls painfully pushed out his man-juice all over the tree and Jerry’s hand! "We got a gusher!" Jerry shouted laughing.

"Wow, you just couldn’t wait could you?" Nick whispered. "You can’t deny it now … it was always your dream to have the Banton boys do this. Admit it … admit it to me … admit it to Coy and admit it to yourself. C’mon …"

Tarzan couldn’t speak – his mouth was still full of Link’s cock – but he did respond. With no control left, Tarzan began crying. "Oh my God! Coy … he’s bawling like a little girl! He’s actually crying!" Nick laughed so hard he fell down.

Link also started laughing – the sight of Tarzan’s tears flowing down through his pubes was enough to push him over the edge! Link began firing his cum down Tarzan’s throat. Tarzan instinctively swallowed, his stomach filling with Link’s cum.

Coy moved his hands to Tarzan’s hips and accelerated. He had done it – he had broken Tarzan. His work was done! Coy Banton, 185 lbs of solid man, had done the impossible – the most powerful man in the jungle was crying under his mighty cock. Waves over pleasure worked over his body – every muscled pumped with blood, growing to their largest size and every dark hair on his torso stood on end. YES! Coy Banton began shooting his greatest load ever! Coy’s hot white cum filled Tarzan’s ass. Tarzan felt the hot juice inside him – he felt his body swelling up as Coy emptied years of frustration into him.

Tears continued to gush down Tarzan’s face as the complete realization of his defeat and humiliation sank in – he had failed his friend, Commissioner Barnes, he had failed himself, he had failed the jungle and worst of all, he had failed Korak. Tarzan continued sobbing as Coy Banton finally finished his huge load and withdrew from his ass.

Chapter 8 - Banton the Magnificent

Tarzan’s muscular frame lay over the fallen tree. The mighty Ape Man was completely limp – his muscles, once the envy of all, seemed to have shrunk under the weight of the abuse. All his energy, power and confidence had been stripped from him by the evil Banton boys. At least his tears had stopped as he had managed to control his emotions again.

The humiliation of Tarzan had involved all the Bantons – they had simultaneously overloaded all five of his senses. Nick Banton’s sultry voice rang in his ears – the words of taunting and torment were forever ingrained in his psyche. Jerry Banton, Nick’s twin, had forcibly milked Tarzan’s own 12-inch member. Tarzan had not even put up a fight against Jerry. He gave up his own man-juice within moments under Jerry’s expert touch. Link had emptied himself into Tarzan’s mouth, filling his stomach. Tarzan could not taste or smell anything but Link’s manhood. All he could feel was the throbbing pain from his round firm ass, which was up in the air, dripping semen and blood from Coy Banton’s conquest of him. When Tarzan looked out, he could see the four bears standing mocking him.

Coy stepped forward, his body seemed to have doubled in size … his pulsating, sweat-covered muscles glistened in the sun. Coy knelt on one knee to look Tarzan in the eye. Coy’s manly musk filled his nose, replacing Link’s smell with an even more pungent, but erotic smell. Coy’s smell now caused an instinctive reaction in Tarzan – his member grew hard again and he felt a yearning for Coy unlike anything he had ever experienced before. Tarzan knew he was losing himself to this man … he had heard Banton could sway anyone, but he had always been immune to Banton’s charms.

Banton looked him in the eyes, penetrating deep into his soul. He opened his lips slowly and licked them. Tarzan’s body bucked forward, trying to reach those rough lips. Banton laughed with a deep throaty chuckle, "oh Tarzan … it’s too late for that. Are ya ready for another round?"

" … yes …" Tarzan meekly replied, completely lost in his conqueror’s power.

Each of the brothers had their way with the jungle stud – hooting and hollering like cowboys at a rodeo. In a way that’s what they were – rugged men using their smarts to ride and dominate a stronger animal. Tarzan was their bull, but they lasted a lot longer than 8 seconds. Tarzan’s mouth and ass were full for the next hour as each brother emptied himself to the point of exhaustion.

When they were done, Tarzan’s back was worn raw from the hairy chests that had laid and moved over him. The Banton’s fur was like a Brillo pad after living in the jungle for years. Tarzan had lost consciousness a couple of times, but had been roused to know what further humiliation he had endured. Only when they finished was he allowed to pass out, which he did immediately.

The Banton boys laid on the ground in front of the unconscious Tarzan relishing the moment. "Enough’s enough. Time ta move on, boys. Get dressed," Coy said. While his brothers pulled on their jungle clothes, Coy Banton stood up and walked over to the quicksand that had been the beginning of the end for the Ape Man.

Coy Banton smiled broadly. He was so lucky they had fallen in. Banton grabbed his briefs as they were his only clothes. He looked at them and tossed them down in disgust. Then he got an idea. He had beaten Tarzan completely. He truly was Lord of the Jungle – but no one would know unless he had a trophy. Banton picked up Tarzan’s loincloth and slipped it on. He secured it and picked up Tarzan’s knife. Banton filled the cloth out amazingly well. He walked back to his brothers, who had finished dressing.

"Undo the cuffs and lift him up," Coy ordered. They did so, propping the Ape Man on his knees in front of their brother and leader. They released Tarzan, letting him kneel on his own power. Coy slapped Tarzan again and again. He threw water into his bloodied face. AHH! Tarzan awoke, his entire body still screaming in agony. The relief of the handcuffs being removed was small comfort as the rest of his body raged and convulsed. He reluctantly opened his eyes and stared up at his defiler, his subjugator – his Master.

Tarzan saw Banton standing before him, huge hands on his trim hips, wearing his loincloth and knife. Banton looked like a true Jungle Man. Tarzan felt tremendous shame. Coy Banton, the most ruthless, evil man in the jungle was laughing at him. The villain was walking around in his animal-skin loincloth, a symbol of his power and of his conquest, and using his knife, the last item he had from his lost parents. Meanwhile, he, Tarzan, so-called King of the Jungle, was here, free of all restraints, but still kneeling before his archenemy, naked and helpless. Some King. Tarzan knew his Master was right – Coy Banton was the rightful King of the Jungle and Tarzan was merely a pretender.

Tarzan’s head sunk forward in humiliation, and he did the only thing he could – he began muttering for mercy. One part caught Banton's attention, "... please ... please ... if you must have my life I cannot stop you ... but please spare Korak's ...".

Banton laughed and grabbed Tarzan’s short hair, forcing his head back and looking him in the eye. "I'll take good care of your Boy. I removed the cuffs ‘cause I want ya to be free and looking at me when you die. I want ya to know that your jungle is in good hands – my hands. We both know that I’m the King of the Jungle, now." Coy pulled out Tarzan’s knife and swung it around. "Pretty fitting that you die by your own knife, eh Jungle Man?"

As Coy reached across Tarzan to slit his throat, the knife was knocked from his hand! A monkey in trees had thrown a rock at Banton. Projectiles came flying out of the trees, sending the thugs for cover.

Unknown to the men below, Tarzan’s friends, the monkeys, had watched silently, waiting for their time to help, but they were too small and cowardly for direct contact. Several of them had gone in search of elephants and jungle cats, but they had not arrived yet.

Tarzan, hearing the urgent calls of his friends, unconsciously stumbled into the trees, collapsing behind cover only feet from the Bantons. Some the monkeys dove down, dropping leaves and branches onto his battered body, covering him completely.

The monkeys stopped when the Bantons reached their guns and shot into the trees randomly. The hunters regrouped and searched for Tarzan. They could not find him. In a rage, Coy yelled at his brothers, "he has to be here … search harder!"

Link was about to step on Tarzan when they heard an elephant’s cry and a lion’s roar.

Nick said, "We can’t find him, Coy. The cavalry’s comin’. Let’s get outta here. He’s as good as dead anyway."

Coy cursed, but knew his brother was right. Coy Banton quickly led his brothers back into the trees and away from the humiliated and destroyed Tarzan, plotting how best to use his newfound position as the NEW KING OF THE JUNGLE!



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  2. Espectacular, please the netx part

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