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Mindsweeper Monday: TCCW 7

TCCW are wrestling stories from two different Yahoo! groups from the early 2000's. These entries were part of a much larger universe led by other writers. There are references to characters, events and matches that will not be posted here. Titles change hands, friendships and alliances form and dissolve, all without you ever seeing it. Imagine you are watching an Indy fed sporadically.

Note: You can find ALL (?) the stories by all authors in order in their original versions HERE - thanks for the link, Mangler!

Texas College Championship Wrestling 7

Elton (MW) versus Jordan (MW)

Elton started getting ready for his match. He stretched in the "warm-up" room. He was sitting on the mats provided in the corner and stretched his thick quads. The room was empty tonight. The promoters was trying using multiple rooms for the wrestlers prior and post matches to avoid some of the extracurricular activities that had been going on. The attack on Gerritt by Lucien was only the latest in a long list of unacceptable interaction. Only the showers and changing area were communal for tonight. Just being caught in the wrong room might mean immediate suspension. As well, the promoters had stepped up their own tours of the showers/lockers so as to dissuade any attacks.

For his part, Elton could not have cared less about which room he was in. He had challenged Jordan for tonight's card. He had mixed feelings about it. He wanted experience and Jordan had a half-decent record of two wins and two losses. But after Elton had made his challenge, he had heard Jordan had actually been squashed by a lightweight. Elton cursed when he heard that. He had hoped for a big challenge but he would have to make due.

On the other side of the hall, Jordan was relaxing, stretched out on the mats getting a massage from his two escorts. He had never heard of Elton. He just got the offer and agreed. How tough could someone named "Elton" be anyway? He had taken to calling him "Elton John". All he knew was Elton was about his size and had wrestled once. That gave Jordan a lot of confidence. Not that he needed any more confidence. Jordan knew that no matter how big or how strong, there was no substitute for experience. He planned on teaching Elton John a thing or two.

Back in the other room, Elton stretched his legs, back and arms for half an hour making sure he was loose. He and Patrick had been training hard. Normally guys took the day of the match off but Elton liked to work out hard everyday.

He stood and raised the straps on his shiny black singlet. The straps strained to go over his large pecs and thick shoulders. He liked the singlet because of the tight fit he found it comfortable. His girlfriend had told him that it was intimidating because the black torso made his chest, legs and shoulders look even bigger. Elton liked the idea of being intimidating. It made the match that much easier if the guy was scared to lock up with you.

The promoter signaled that the match before his was starting. Elton tightened the laces on his tall wrestling boots. They were black patent leather, shiny like his singlet. Elton moved out of the locker room and went to the waiting area. Each wrestler had to wait there in order to be ready in case the previous match ended fast. The wrestlers were separated beforehand to make sure they saved their fight for the ring.

From behind Elton, Patrick came darting out of his prep room and wished him good luck. Patrick had his match against Noel right after which worked out well. Patrick could watch Elton's match while he waited in the on-deck area. The guys heard the start of Elton's match announcement. Patrick wished Elton luck as he went through the curtain.

Jordan and Elton locked up in the traditional collar and elbow tie up. Both guys wanted to feel each other out. Both looked strong and pumped and neither had seen the other wrestle.

Patrick had told Elton that Jordan's abs were soft but from what Elton had seen, it looked like Jordan had done some work on them. Elton decided to concentrate on setting up his finisher. With that in mind, he maneuvered himself into position and locked on an arm bar on Jordan's right arm.

Jordan grunted in pain. He slapped his shoulder to keep the blood flowing. Jordan twisted his arm and ended up behind Elton with a hammerlock. Elton quickly slammed his elbow back into Jordan's head causing a break.

The guys circled again. For the next five minutes they traded holds, each countering whatever the other threw at them. They whipped each other into the ropes, Elton landing two clotheslines and Jordan landing a drop kick and a back body drop.

Elton finally assumed control. He had put together a strong combination - a punch to the abs (which were no longer soft), a standing clothesline followed by knees to Jordan's right shoulder and another arm bar. Jordan slapped the mat in irritation and pain. Elton placed his knee on Jordan's right lat to keep him flat on the mat as he cranked on the pressure.

Jordan squirmed until he was on his knees, decreasing Elton's leverage and the pain. Jordan turned and drove his left arm into Elton's abs. Elton didn't move. Jordan followed up with two forearms to the chest. He finally broke free of the hold. He got to his feet and ran back into the ropes. He came flying off for a cross body block.

Elton actually caught him - Jordan's 181 lbs not budging the black muscle man. Elton held up Jordan and bodyslammed him to the mat. Jordan slid away and turned onto his hands and knees facing Elton. Elton was proving to be tougher than Jordan had anticipated. But Jordan knew a lot of tricks and knew how to cheat to win.

Jordan charged at Elton for a clothesline but Elton countered and flipped Jordan over with a hip toss, slamming his back onto the mat. Jordan arched his back and slid under the bottom rope. His escorts raced over and rubbed his back and shoulders lovingly. Elton wanted to follow and continue the beating but he couldn't with the girls at Jordan's side.

Jordan let the escorts massage his back as the ref counted. The ref was at eight when Jordan slipped back into the ring. Jordan knelt meekly on the mat and put his hands up in surrender. He begged for mercy as Elton stepped closer, fists clenched.

Elton was emboldened by the blond sophmore's fear. He charged forward. Jordan looked behind Elton and pointed. The ref turned just as Elton got close and Jordan seized the opportunity. He lifted his arm between Elton's legs and slammed his arm into Elton's crotch!

Elton cried out and stumbled back in shock. Jordan was a strong guy and had really laid into it. The ref turned back but didn't know what had happened.

Jordan lifted his arm between Elton's legs and slammed his arm into Elton's crotch! Elton cried out and stumbled back in shock. Jordan began laying the boots to Elton who was sitting, paralyzed by pain, on the mat. Jordan stomped his fingers. Elton tried to roll away.

Jordan dropped behind the sitting Elton and wrapped his big arm around Elton's neck. He tightened and started choking Elton. The bigger wrestler tried to pry off Jordan's arm from his throat but the hand stomp had taken his strength. A one-handed Elton had no shot at freeing himself from the incredibly muscled Jordan.

The ref forced a break of the chokehold. Jordan grabbed Elton in a headlock. He turned Elton away from the ref and drove a thumb into Elton's throat. He did it three more times before the hold was broken.

Jordan was getting more and more confident. He had the big guy in complete control. The ref had shown no control and that only made Jordan bolder in his cheating.

Jordan stood up and flexed for the crowd. He flaunted his complete domination, yelling out to the crowd and ignoring Elton. Jordan returned to Elton and grabbed hold of his legs. It looked like he was going for his Boston Crab. If he was, this match might be over!

Jordan grabbed Elton's legs. Instead of turning him, Jordan lowered his grip up to Elton's thighs. Showing tremendous strength, he lifted Elton between the bottom and middle ropes.

Jordan said to the crowd, "Get the cameras ready! Here another move, done perfectly!"

Jordan leaned back, snapping Elton's throat across the middle rope. Jordan let go and Elton gasped again. He was practically unmoving on the mat. Jordan resumed his posing. He laughed at Elton as he crawled on the mat sputtering, trying to recover from minutes of cheating.

Jordan walked up and kicked him lightly, egging him to rise. Jordan was treating Elton like a jobber. Unfortunately for Elton, he was a jobber at the moment.

Jordan yawned loudly. He reached down and clutched Elton's throat. He lifted suddenly, choking and lifting Elton in one motion. Elton followed by instinct, fighting to remove Jordan's hands from his increasingly damaged throat. However, the constant choking had taken its toll. Elton lacked the strength or consciousness to fight back. He was merely following Jordan's lead as Jordan played with him like a cat playing with mouse.

The arrogant blond stud forced Elton to the corner. He reached behind the bigger muscle dude and grabbed his sash from his robe. He wrapped it around Elton's throat. He choked hard as the ref ordered him off. At five, Jordan stepped back. Elton started coughing and leaned forward.

Jordan seized the end of the sash which was still around his neck and used it to drag Elton around the ring. Elton has to crawl on his hands and knees as his neck was stretched by the blue velvet sash. Jordan dragged Elton around like a dog as the ref tried to get control.

Jordan said, "C'mon doggie, want to go for a walk? C'mon!" The crowd laughed. As much as they hated Jordan for his cheating, he was funny and he was good at humiliation. Jordan had never been this focused, this driven before in a match.

Jordan had never been this focused, this driven before in a match.

Jordan dragged Elton to his feet by the sash. He moved behind Elton and tightened the sash. Jordan cruelly leaned forward, dragging Elton off his feet as he was lifted by the noose around his neck. The ebon-skinned superstud was literally being hung by his blond opponent. Elton felt himself being choked out. The ref finally got more involved. He forced Jordan up and tore the sash from Elton's neck. Elton fell to the mat, practically out of it.

As the ref returned the sash to the corner, Jordan decided to stand on Elton's throat, continuing his neck assault. Elton wasn't conscious enough to stop Jordan from doing anything. He was completely at the blond bad boy's mercy. When the ref turned back, Jordan dismounted from Elton's neck.

Jordan moved astride Elton's head and swung his hips mocking his opponent in a move he learned from Val Venis. He rubbed his perfect chest and abs down to his skimpy blue trunks as he gyrated his hips, showing off the "star" and "PERFECT" on his butt. In a variation all his own, Jordan then dropped to his knees, spreading them wide, driving his entire weight onto Elton's exposed, damaged throat. Jordan bounced up and down a couple of times, making sure he was sitting his weight completely across Elton's throat!

Elton kicked and squirmed but Jordan just flexed his arms while he stayed seated, choking the fight out of Elton. Flashbulbs popped and the crowd was screaming. The loudness of the crowd made it impossible for Jordan to hear the ref. Or, at least that is how he acted, anyway. The ref finally ended up counting to five on his fingers and signaling Jordan to get off. Jordan, instead of stopping the choke, argued with the ref. The ref ordered him off while Jordan ordered the ref to count the pin.

Jordan said, "Ref, this is a perfect pin! Everything I do is perfect!" Jordan, frustrated that the ref was not counting slapped the mat five times. He spread his arms and screamed, "That's a five-count! What more do you want? Raise my hand ref! Raise it! I beat this loser!"

Meanwhile, this debate was what Jordan wanted. Elton continued to lose breath. The 181 pound guy sitting on his throat was literally choking him into unconsciousness.

The ref finally screamed, "Get off or I'm throwing you out!"

Jordan reluctantly slid forward, sliding off Elton slowly. While he let Elton breathe again he made sure to get off Elton in the most embarrassing fashion possible. He made sure to rub his star-covered crotch into Elton's face as he passed, furthering the humiliation. Much of the crowd could not help laughing with Jordan. Elton lay on the mat, coughing and breathing deep, trying to regain his strength. The ref asked if he was all right. Elton could not speak but he nodded yes.

Jordan's repeated throat work had taken its toll. The arrogant blond superstud paraded around the ring, pointing at Elton's prone body and laughing. He finally returned to Elton.

Jordan clutched Elton's ankles and lifted them into the air. The blond dominator lifted his foot and smashed it into Elton's abs. He repeated the move.

In the back, Patrick smiled. "Go ahead, you cheating bastard. Stomp his abs all day." Patrick was starting to think the worst was over. Elton would come back.

In the back, Patrick smiled. "Go ahead, you cheating bastard. Stomp his abs all day." Patrick was starting to think the worst was over. Elton would come back.

But Jordan knew Elton's abs were tough. He merely wanted to set up his next move. With deliberate cruelty, Jordan smashed his blue boot down for a third time - this time he missed Elton's abs and hit lower!

Elton's head and chest came up as he tried to curl up to protect himself. The ref warned Jordan but Jordan pled his innocence. Tears were welling up in Elton's eyes from the pain of this second crotch shot.

Jordan ended his torture by dropping down and head butting Elton's lower abs! Jordan stood up and again laughed at the helpless muscle dude he was now ruining.

Jordan placed his feet on either side on Elton's tight waist. As he straddled Elton's waist, he seized his singlet straps in one hand and pulled the black muscle guy up. Jordan slapped Elton's face hard. When Elton opened his tear stained eyes, all he saw was Jordan's perfectly defined bicep in his view. Jordan screamed, "Now that is a perfect muscle, punk. You just can't compete against perfection!"

Jordan dropped Elton back onto the mat. "It's done! It's done! Anyone want a piece of meat? I think it's rump roast!" Jordan cried out.Jordan then administered the greatest humiliation. He sat on Elton's face facing Elton's body. Jordan smashed his forearm into Elton's chest over and over. Elton's legs rose instinctively. Jordan reached out and grabbed Elton's legs right under the knee. He drew the muscle stud's legs back and rolled him back, cradling him in a perfect pin.

As the ref counted the pin, Jordan slapped Elton's ass in time. "One ... two ..." a third slap on his ass, but not on the mat. Elton had flailed his arms wildly and luckily grabbed the bottom rope!

Jordan was furious. He got up and grabbed Elton's wrists. He dragged the muscle stud to the middle of the ring. Jordan reached under Elton's legs and flipped him over.

Patrick winced. "The Boston Crab! His finisher! Damn!"

Jordan cried out, "This was easy! This guy's a punk!" He cranked back and put more pressure on Elton's back. The big middleweight was delirious with pain for a moment. He strained and moaned.

Jordan kept up the trashtalk. "Hey chump, you may as well give up if you want to walk again. This is the perfect Boston Crab! You were pathetic! Man, this is the easiest match I ever had! WOO!"

The pain drove Elton back into consciousness. The ref was yammering at him, asking if he wanted to submit. Elton said, "Hell no!" His voice was hoarse from all the throat work he had endured.

Elton grimaced but he was getting his focus. He had suffered in the Boston Crab for almost a minute. His back was getting weaker and weaker. Elton pushed down on the mat, straining to lift himself out of the hold. Unfortunately for him, Jordan was an expert at the hold. He had it locked in tight. His 181 lbs were focused on breaking the bigger man.

From under him, Jordan could feel Elton stop struggling in the hold.

Elton stopped struggling and summoned all his energy. Despite Jordan's expertise, he had not done the necessary prep work to lock on his submission. Jordan being Jordan, he had skipped the necessary preliminary steps and jumped to the end. Elton's arms, chest and back were practically 100%.

As Elton stopped struggling, the ref was kneeling beside Elton's face checking for a submission. Jordan saw Elton's lack of struggle as a near submission. He decided to use the moment for another cheap shot to end the match. He was frustrated that Elton had not submitted after almost 2 minutes in the Boston Crab.

Jordan slid his hand down and drove a fist into Elton's pouch. This was the fourth low blow of the match! Elton cried out but had regained his senses enough to take advantage of the opportunity.

Jordan had to loosen his grip on Elton's left leg in order to deliver the right fist. When Elton felt the pressure lessen, he instinctively drove his leg out hard and fast. Elton's shifting leg caused Jordan to stumble.

Jordan held onto the right leg but now all he had was a single leg crab. Jordan knew that was a weak hold so he dropped the left leg and let Elton writhe on the mat. Jordan walked over Elton. He was furious that Elton had not submitted.

Jordan bent down and picked Elton up by the singlet straps again. The fabric tore and Elton crashed back onto the mat. Jordan stomped Elton's now bare pecs, hoping to humiliate him further and then put him away.

Elton's pecs were bright red when Jordan stopped the stomps. Jordan stood over Elton again. He bent forward and chewed Elton out as a loser. Jordan was bent at the waist, his feet straddling Elton's waist, his face only a foot from Elton's.

Elton's eyes were open. He had regained his focus. He let a small smirk appear. Jordan froze for a minute as he saw the smirk. Without warning, Elton shot one of his huge mitts up and seized Jordan by the neck. He squeezed tight.

Jordan reached to his neck trying to pry the hand off. Finally, after 20 seconds, he managed to extricate himself from Elton's grip. Jordan stumbled back in shock. He was now positioned right over Elton's legs. Elton lifted his right leg and drew it back. 

Jordan was coughing and sputtering. He recovered quickly though and pointed at Elton. "Big mistaAAAAYYYYYY!" Jordan screamed and stumbled back, actually toppling through the ropes and falling to the floor outside the ring.

Elton had kicked his foot out right into Jordan's crotch. Jordan lay on the floor outside the ring, his hands clutching his aching pouch. His small blue tights provided no protection and the bright gold star had been the "perfect" target. With a sense of pride and justice, Elton had let loose and fought fire with fire. Or, more accurately, chokes and crotch work with a choke and crotch shot. Elton was back to his feet. He was still having trouble breathing and his groin ached but he was a man possessed now.

Elton had kicked his foot out right into Jordan's crotch. Jordan lay on the floor outside the ring, his hands clutching his aching star-covered pouch. His small blue tights provided no protection and Elton had let loose. Back in the ring, Elton was back to his feet. He was still having trouble breathing and his groin ached but he was a man possessed now.

Elton leapt out of the ring. He gave the escorts his look that Patrick called his stare of death. They backed off Jordan, not sure what the bigger wrestler might do after Jordan's cheating.

Elton walked up to Jordan. Jordan took his right hand off his trunks and thrust it out at Elton's crotch, trying for a fifth low blow. Elton saw the punch and grabbed Jordan's fist in his bigger hand. He shook his head and said, "no, no, no" in his raspy voice.

Elton had had enough. He threw Jordan's hand back and dove forward, throwing his weight behind his elbow aimed at Jordan's head. Elton toppled on top of Jordan and crushed the blond stud under his heavy frame.

A raging Elton straddled Jordan, hammering fists into his chest. Jordan writhed under Elton, aching as his chest was pummeled repeatedly.

Elton regained his composure. He reached down and dragged Jordan up by his hair. Elton grabbed one of his own dangling singlet straps and wrapped it around Jordan's neck! The crowd on that side of the ring cheered Elton on as Jordan struggled in the choke.

The ref was at nine as Elton slipped under the ropes to break the count. He slid back out and tightly gripped Jordan's hair and trunks. Elton fired him back into the ring. Jordan scrambled across the ring to recover.

Elton was relentless though. He charged Jordan and laid the boots to him, stomping indiscriminately at first. When Jordan was sprawled on the mat from the fury of Elton's feet, Elton started stomping Jordan's right shoulder. He laid ten boots in quick succession to Jordan.

Elton reached down and grabbed Jordan's right arm. He pulled hard, further damaging the shoulder. Elton picked Jordan up and locked on a hammerlock. He picked up Jordan and, with hammerlock still to place, bodyslammed him to the mat.

Elton was on fire. He again dragged the stunned Jordan up by his right arm. Elton again locked on a hammerlock and sent Jordan into the corner, shoulder first. Jordan collapsed to the mat clutching his injured joint.

Elton laid a few more boots to Jordan then reached down and slid his arms under Jordan's. In one swift moving and showing incredible strength, Elton lifted Jordan up into his full nelson finisher!

Elton slapped on the full nelson. Jordan struggled to escape but, like Patrick before him, he realized the futility of his actions. Jordan's right shoulder was in so much pain. When Elton shook the cocky blond back and forth, Jordan had to give up.

Elton dropped Jordan down and raised his arms in victory. Jordan's girls raced in to check on their stud.

Jordan's escorts were massaging the stud's shoulders and neck. The full nelson had proven effective again. 

As Elton was leaving the ring, he turned and waved to the ladies. Elton spread his arms. As his wide lats spread, he puffed out his chest and jerked his head back towards the curtain. Without any words, the escorts stood up and walked to Elton's waiting arms, leaving Jordan alone in pain in the ring.

Elton pulled up on the middle rope while standing on the bottom rope. The girls exited the ring. When they reached the back, Elton, with very little voice left, gruffed out, "By the way, this is my friend Patrick."

The escorts said, in unison, "Hi Patrick." One of them went over to a blushing Patrick and clenched his arm. Patrick continued to blush as he was called to the ring for his match.

Patrick was happy and full of adrenaline. He spoke quickly and excitedly. Patrick said, "Are you okay? That ref should be fired! What a travesty! Did Jordan even use one legal move?"

Elton's voice was returning and he said, "Slow down, bud. Save something for the ring. After I shower and rest, I'll be fine. Don't worry, buddy, I'll watch your back."

Patrick shook his head and said, "Don't you worry about me after what you just went through! You take that shower. You deserve it. Noel is an honest guy. I won't need backup."

Elton said, "I never walk out on a friend. I will be standing here and watching. I've got the ladies to keep me company."

With that Elton smiled. Patrick was so impressed by Elton's loyalty that he hugged the big guy. 

To break up the emotional moment, Patrick said, "Now I know you are a big admirer of Ali but you really have to rethink this "Rope-A-Dope strategy you're using." Elton burst out laughing, sore throat and all. Patrick's name was called and he raced to the ring, proud to call Elton friend.


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