Thursday, April 1, 2021

The Cave Undercard 33: Silver Herald vs. Toyboy

The Cave Arena. Hallway.

“Xaq! There you are. Everything okay?”

“Yeah, it’s great, Cody. Why?”

“Well, Roberto and Antonio left fifteen minutes ago but you’re just coming out of their locker room now. The paperwork isn’t that complex.”

My shirtless sidekick bounces his pecs, “I just had to wash up after dealing with those snarky bitches.” He rolls his shoulders back and puffs up his thick, sculpted chest. “You won’t hear them calling my butt jiggly again. Unless they want another ass kicking.” The 20-year old muscle freak flexes his biceps then dramatically kisses the right one. SMOOCH!

I just nod, knowing that he probably got dominated. Roberto and Antonio were acting as henchmen in our last match of the day. They did insult Xaq but however offended he was, I’m pretty sure he was thoroughly owned by the talented twink tag team. I let it go because I know he’s a free spirit who loved every minute of whatever happened.

My boyfriend Jae appears beside me after helping to clean up the ring area. He asks, “Paul hasn’t left, has he? I want to say ‘bye’ before he goes. We won’t see him again before he leaves town.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure he wouldn’t leave without seeing you.” I point at the other locker room door, “He’s still with Pete. Speaking of which, I need you to find out what happened after I left.” Jae raises his eyebrows. I clarify, “Not what they did. I can guess that. Just what they talked about. They were going to have a serious talk about the future. I’m hoping -”

Suddenly, the main metal door creaks open. We all look. With no more matches for the day, I’m surprised anyone is here. Oh. It’s a cute muscle stud. 5’8”/190-lbs. Solid. Hot. I don’t know him but I wouldn’t mind getting to know him. Xaq quickly marches over and intercepts him halfway. New guy opens his arms for a hug but Xaq blocks it, giving him a fist bump instead.

I hear Xaq whisper, “Hey, thought you were going to wait in the car.”

“Sorry, man, but I have to take a piss. I texted you.” The hunk looks past Xaq at us then quickly back, “Sorry, didn’t know it’d be a problem. Damn, is that your boss?” Xaq whispers something I can’t hear. New stud replies, “I’ll go back out and find a bush. Sorry, man.”

Xaq points, “It’s fine. Just go in there.” He sends his friend into the closer locker room where Pete and Paul are doing whatever they’re doing.

Jae asks me, “That guy looks familiar. Is he on the roster?”

I shake my head, “No, but he should be.”

“Too bad your boy obviously doesn’t want us to meet this guy.”

I smirk, “Yeah, too bad.” I call out, “Xaq! Who’s your friend?”

“Just a guy.”

I playfully ask, “What kind of guy, buddy?”

Xaq breathes in deeply, obviously not wanting to explain. Finally, he gives in. “He’s a theater student at school. I used him as a model for my designs at the last show. He was impressed by my perfection. You know, talent, brains, and body. So, you know, of course, he wanted to hang out with me. No big deal.”

My boyfriend comments, “Kind of muscly for a model.”

“I only design for muscular guys, Jae.” Xaq reaches out and fluffs under my boyfriend’s spectacular award-winning pecs, “You know, I’ve got a vest that could make these things pop. If you want, I can give it to Cody for you.”

“Thanks, Xaq. That’s really nice of you.”

The muscle freak grabs Jae’s upper arms and squeezes. He makes a frowning face, “Hm, maybe I should add sleeves.”

My boyfriend shakes his head. His arms are terrific, by the way. Xaq just likes to act like no one else is in shape. Actually, I’ve seen some of Xaq’s design work. He’s good. Got a definite point-of-view about how to highlight the male body. I’ve asked him to consider designing some outfits for The Cave. As a gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company, we always need costumes and the sexier and more innovative the better.

Just then, Pete and Paul emerge, fresh and clean. Paul has a post-shower sex pump. Pete stomps over to us, “Cody! Are you kidding me? You got Justin Cos for The Cave?”


Paul laughs, “That’s what I just asked.”

Pete lets out an exasperated sigh, “You two are so out of the loop. Justin Cos. He just walked by us in the locker room.” I shrug. Pete explains, “Oh man, he’s a huge cosplayer on the con circuit. How do you not know him? He’s so hot that they pay him to show up at all the big comic cons. People line up for a long time just to pose with him.”

Jae snaps his finger, “Oh yeah, that’s why he looks familiar. I’ve seen his pics online.”

The bearded behemoth nods, “They’re everywhere. You should see the costumes he wears at the private parties. He loves flaunting his body. So, he’s not here for The Cave?”

I shrug, “No, he’s a friend of Xaq’s.”

“While he’s here, you need to sign him up. He’d be a bestseller for sure.” Pete sneers, “You know what, I better get Ryan. You’ll probably blow the recruit.”

Xaq interrupts, “Don’t bother, Pete. Justin doesn’t wrestle.”

“He can learn, Xaq.”

“The Cave is too porny for him.”

Pete laughs, “For him? The whore of the con scene? The guy goes all out on his fan site. And he literally rents himself out. My friend Tony hired him for some one-on-one ‘cosplay’. He has a Galactus costume so he got Justin silver briefs, sneakers and surfboard. I had to stay out of the room for two hours. Trust me, he’d be fine with everything.”

Jae interjects, “I saw pics of him in that Silver Surfer outfit.”

“Yeah, Tony gave it to him ‘as a bonus’. Justin wore it around the convention center the next day. Do you know how much it costs to get a custom-made silver surfboard? A ton. But Tony said it was worth it. Wants to play with him again this summer.”

I smirk, “Xaq, why have you been hiding this guy? He sounds perfect for us.”

My trainee growls, “I told you, Cody. He doesn’t wrestle.”

I smile back, “Like Pete said, he can learn.”

Just then, Justin comes out quietly. He turns towards the front door to escape but we’re all watching. He stops, realizing from the silence that we were talking about him. I wave and call him over. He mouths ‘sorry’ to a pouting Xaq. We introduce ourselves. The hunk seems nice, just confused. I reassure him that he’s done nothing wrong and Xaq’s not in any trouble.

Justin suddenly points at Pete and smiles, “Hey, I know you.”

Xaq’s eyebrows go up, “Him?”

“Yeah. From the San Diego, Long Beach and Pasadena. You rock the cool Barbarian outfit.” Pete blushes. “And you’re a friend of Galactus. Oh man, I’m looking forward to see what he’s got planned for us this year. Any clue?”

Pete shakes his head, “Not yet, but knowing Tony, it’ll be amazing.”

A more relaxed Justin turns to Xaq, “So, what is this place? You a pro wrestler or something?”

I smile, “Xaq, you haven’t told your friend about your wrestling career?” My trainee snarls. I grab the hot new guy around the shoulder, “Welcome to The Cave, Justin. We’re a wrestling group with a superhero twist. Let me show you around.”

As I lead him towards the ring area, he seems intrigued. I casually say, “So, I hear you like to dress up as superheroes for money.”

One Week Later.

The Silver Herald is ready, looking amazing in his silver spandex tights over a silver thong, small eye mask and silver sneakers. We normally like guys in pro boots in the ring but Justin was more comfortable in shoes. Anything that helps first-timers works for me. And slipping tights over sneakers is definitely easier than boots if you’ve never done it, so there’s that, too.

I spent time training him this week. The guy is definitely a powerhouse. Strong and solid. While he’s built his body, Justin is not particularly athletic or coordinated. We worked the ring and I taught him a few holds but mostly I think Silver Herald will be a bash and smash type until we can work together more. Unfortunately, Xaq gave him some tips, too. The blind leading the blind.

I suggested that he face a lightweight in his debut match, but before I could share my options, Xaq put the villain Toyboy in front of him. Yes, he’s a lightweight, but he’s pretty advanced in the ring. Justin fell in love with the lean heel’s theatrical performance and use of sex toys. It appealed to his ‘cosplay’ side and reminded him of his private action with paying fans.

While I understand the appeal, I did try to change his mind. However, seeing Jae’s match vs. Toyboy convinced him - it was Toyboy or no one. If Pete is right, he’ll be worth making concessions to get his followers to discover The Cave. Of course, Winston (Toyboy) was all-in, especially after checking out Justin’s pics online.

I send Toyboy to the ring first. The lean lightweight wears low-slung beige tights and a blue and red V-neck sweater vest over his lean ripped torso. He strips both to wrestle in skimpy blue trunks with a red belt, a blue face mask and black patent leather boots. In his corner is his trusty bag of toys that always some into play if he gets the upper hand.

It’s time for Silver Herald. I confirm that he’s ready. The muscular rookie nods and rolls his shoulders. He tightens his grip on his silver surfboard (I do like guys who bring their own props). “Kiss for good luck?” Xaq looks at me before leaning in to give his buddy a solid kiss of the cheek. My sidekick slaps Silver Herald on the ass and I open the curtain. Show time.

I can’t help but say, “You don’t need to be shy with the PDA’s, Xaq. You’re a handsome couple. And he’s a nice guy. I can see why you like him.”

Xaq acts cool, “Yeah, he’s a nice guy. We’re just buddies, you know.”

I smirk, “First boyfriends are scary.”

“He’s not my boyfriend. And if he was, what makes you think he’d be my first?”

“Isn’t he? Definitely the closest thing to one in the time that I’ve known you.”

Xaq frowns, “He’s not. But I don’t even like him like that. So I’d appreciate it if you stopped encouraging him.” I shrug in a way that says I don’t believe him. He snarls, “We better get in there.”

Round One.


The guys circle the ring, bouncing and eying each other down. Silver Herald has an eager smile on his face. Toyboy has a knowing smirk. They lock up in a collar-and-elbow. The villain tries some leverage moves but he can’t budge the shorter powerhouse. The ripped rookie pushes the heel back, sending him flying back into the corner. CLANG!

The hero flexes as he says, “I hope you brought some good stuff in that bag. I love using toys when I fuck guys.”

“Ever had toys used on you?”

Silver Herald laughs, “C’mon, man, what do you think? I’m a fucking cosmic hero. I’ve been around the universe and done all kinds of shit.”

“Good to know, boy.”

“Don’t start with that “boy” shit. You haven’t earned that.”

Toyboy moves in closer, casually swaying his hips, “But you’re saying I could earn it?”

Before the hunky hero can reply, the villain lifts his boot into the rookie’s ripped abs. STOMP! Silver Herald grunts but doesn’t move. He slaps his abs and tightens up, “Try harder, dude. I wasn’t even ready and I still didn’t feel it.” Toyboy accepts the challenge. He drives his boot into the flexed abs. THUD! Toyboy stumbles backwards, while the hero stays in place.

The rock-hard hunk nods, “Who’s the real boy, boy? Because this body? All man.”

Toyboy suddenly kicks out, striking the muscleman’s inner left knee. WHACK! The move surprises the rookie. The joint buckles and he stumbles to stay on his feet. The sneaky heel follows up with a spinning kick that connects with the side of Silver Herald’s head. CRACK! That drops the rookie down onto his back. The villain dives on top for a quick pin.



The hero bucks up and throws Toyboy off with authority. Silver Herald rolls over onto his good knee. He shakes out his head. The lightweight is up, too. They face off again. The rookie wrestler recklessly charges. Despite the stupidity of the move, it actually works, catching Toyboy off guard. The muscle hunk lifts his opponent up over his left shoulder.

Toyboy hangs over the shoulder as the rookie flexes his right bicep. He circles the ring, feeling pretty proud of himself. The twinky heel reaches of the back waistband of the silver tights. He pushes them down, revealing one spectacular cheek. “Oh, you’ve got a matching thong underneath. Nice ass. Daddy like.” The villain slaps the exposed left butt cheek. SMACK!

“Hey!” Silver Herald throws Toyboy off his shoulder. “What do you think you’re doing?”

As the hero reaches back to pull up the back of his tights, the lightweight heel hurls himself forward with a flying cross body. WHAM! It sends the muscle stud back a few steps and Toyboy down to the canvas. The smaller stud lands like a cat. He immediately spins, whipping his feet into the side of the hero’s legs. The impact manages to topple the muscleman down onto his beautiful butt. PLOP!

The villain dives in, managing to lock on a side headlock. He says, “You can’t blame me for checking out the goods. You should know that just fireman carrying a guy on your shoulder isn’t a move. I could’ve hung there all day.”

The rookie wrestler pushes Toyboy off him, using his amazing power advantage. He climbs up to his feet, looking annoyed. The villain shifts in anticipation. Silver Herald charges forward. This time, the lightweight is ready. He dodges and grabs the muscleman’s wrist. A twist locks on an armbar. The hunky hero grunts before he forces his arm back around and pulls free.

Silver Herald charges forward with a clothesline. Toyboy ducks. The villain kicks the hero in the butt. BOP! The muscleman stumbles to the corner. The villain charges in behind him. He leaps on Silver Herald’s back, slapping on a sleeper hold. The hero staggers out of the corner then immediately bends forward, flipping the heel over onto the mat. SPLAT!

The hero rises. He looks down, pausing for a few seconds as he tries to figure out what to do. Finally, he drives his boot down but he’s way too slow. The boot misses as Toyboy rolls out of the way. STOMP! ARGH! Silver Herald hops on one leg, trying to work out his jammed leg. The villain grabs it at the ankle and lifts, toppling the muscleman onto his ass. PLOP!

Toyboy manages to flip Silver Herald over into a single leg crab. The rookie wrestler grunts as he’s locked in the hold. As the villain steps back to up the pressure, Silver Herald pushes up and easily kicks himself free. The guy is a powerhouse, that’s for sure. Both studs rise quickly. They circle the ring, looking for an opening. Both are more cautious.

I’m getting nervous with how this is going. Silver Herald can power out of anything Toyboy tries. However, the hero lacks the ability to know what to do with his opponent when he has an opening. This could be a very long match. Hopefully one of them figures something out.

The lightweight heel moves in closer. Silver Herald lifts his fists, preparing for whatever’s coming. Toyboy suddenly drops low. He twists and dives in, swinging his hand out. His long fingers clip the hero’s silver spandex bulge. WHAP! The muscleman bends forward and instinctively reaches for his package. Toyboy rises with an elbow under his chin. WHACK!

Silver Herald staggers, stunned by the shot. Toyboy reaches out and grabs hold of the hero’s manhood. He stands up as he fondles the pouch. The rookie moans as he’s molested. He bites his bottom lip. The sneaky twink locks his free hand onto his opponent’s left nipple. As he works, he backs the helpless hero into the corner. Silver Herald moans loudly.

The muscle hunk gasps then his expression changes. He calmly looks Toyboy in the eye, “Not bad. But I’ve had better.”

The muscular rookie swats both Toyboy’s hands away then whips his arms around the lean waist. Silver Herald lifts and locks on a bearhug. ARGH! The lightweight heel moans in pain as his trim midsection is crushed by the powerhouse. The hunk’s muscles tense and pump, the veins in his arms pop. Toyboy leans back, letting out a huge groan.

Silver Herald squeezes harder. Toyboy writhes in the powerful hold, feeling genuine pain. He tries tp push free. Not a chance. He clubs the hero across the head. WHACK! It stuns the handsome hero but only for a moment. He keeps the bearhug going. When Toyboy tries again, Silver Herald has the awareness to shake him hard to stop the counter.

Beside me, Xaq moans a little, enjoying what he’s seeing. I glance down and see him already tenting in his thin athletic shorts. Yeah, just friends. Sure. I look back to the ring. Toyboy is weakening in the bearhug. Silver Herald has it too low but his strength makes up for his improper technique. It’s obviously devastating. The hero throws the villain down. SPLAT!

Silver Herald is clearly feeling pretty confident now. Toyboy slithers back towards the corner. The hero flexes his biceps and tightens his torso, “Come on, boy! Get the fuck up and let me finish you off! You’re no match for real power.”

Toyboy looks up with a smirk, “Fun thing about wrestling in rings. They can level the playing field real fast.”

The kneeling villain dives forward. He grabs the front of his silver tights then throws himself backwards. The spandex stretches out then pulls Silver Herald forward by his hips. He stumbles and topples forward. The flexing muscleboy can’t brace, so he slams face-first into the top turnbuckle. BOOF! The padding softens the impact but it still stuns the ripped rookie.

The lightweight heel slides out between the hero’s legs and rises behind him. Silver Herald drops to his knees, shaking out his head. Toyboy grabs a handful of hero hair and pulls him back into a kneeling dragon sleeper. The handsome muscle hunk stretches back, his pecs rising high as his head is locked under the villain’s armpit.

Silver Herald’s arms flail as the twink heel caresses his thick chest. The powerhouse hero tries to pull on the thin arm. Unfortunately, that’s never going to work as a counter. The muscle hunk could grab the side ropes but he lacks the experience and ring awareness to try. Instead, his torso remains stretched, his head trapped and the forearm pressing under his neck continues to weaken him.

Toyboy tweaks the perky right nipple, getting the trapped stud to twitch and moan. The mighty muscular arms are swinging more slowly as Silver Herald is drained of his strength. He’s gasping desperately. Outside the ring, Ryan is in the corner, panning his camera up and down the hero’s ridiculously chiseled physique, exploring every deep cut on muscle.

The villain releases the hold, letting Silver Herald collapse backwards. The powerless powerhouse’s legs are bent under him, his butt resting on his heels. He rolls onto his side to relieve the discomfort from the position. Toyboy grabs the muscle hunk’s wrists and drags him from the corner. He lies the still-dazed hero on his back in the middle of the ring.

Toyboy sits above Silver Herald’s handsome head. He lifts the hero’s head up then wraps his long lean legs around in a figure-four choke. As soon as he squeezes, the rookie wrestler stirs and begins to fight, but it’s too late. The legs are wrapped and the right boot is locked behind the left knee. Even the muscle hunk’s mighty arms can’t pry them apart.

The playful heel enjoys the domination. Silver Herald is too inexperienced to try to roll over. He keeps trying to power out. His silver sneakers stomp the canvas in frustration. Toyboy tightens up and the helpless hero goes limp. The villain eases up and slaps his prey across the cheek. SMACK! That wakes Silver Herald up but only to give the heel another chance to choke him.

It’s a game of cat-and-mouse as the muscle hunk is edged towards unconsciousness. Toyboy keeps him dazed but refuses to knock him all the way out, enjoying the sight of the incredible muscular physique that is all his right now. Silver Herald thrashes then collapses over and over. His energy finally drains completely, his limbs going limp and his moans going quiet.

Toyboy opens his legs and slithers on top of the sleeping beauty. He sits proudly on his conquest, flexing his lean but well-defined arms. He caresses the perfect pecs and runs the back of his fingers along the sleeping stud’s cheek. The dominant twink slides up into a schoolboy pin. He raises his right arm and counts.

ONE! One finger goes up as he pauses for a long time.

TWO! A second finger goes up. He waits, but the hero doesn’t wake up.


The villain leans forward and slides off, rubbing his bulge all over the handsome hunk’s face. He slithers all the way to his corner where he grabs a few toys from his bag. Toyboy returns and peels down the silver tights. They slip down the thick thighs, over the crafted calves and past the silver sneakers. The heel tosses them aside then picks up his toys of choice.

As he prepares, Toyboy can’t help but pause to admire the muscleman sleeping in his silver thong, mask and shoes. Gorgeous. He kneels down and rolls the 190-lbs muscle stud onto his stomach. The villain pulls the thong strap out from the deep crack between the mountainous ass cheeks. He lubes a butt plug then slides it inside the helpless hero, leaving a strap dangling out. The muscular butt cheeks close up around it, securing the plug in place.

Toyboy rolls the moaning Silver Herald over. The sleeping stud’s pouch has grown, stretching the silver thong out, pulling it from his pelvis. The villain slides the spandex off, exposing his opponent. He grabs the end of the butt plug strap, sliding the loop over the growing cock and hefty balls. It take a minute but he secures it around the base of Silver Herald’s manhood.

The villain drizzles more lube over the heroes’ manhood. Silver Herald stirs, half-awake but still unaware. Toyboy slowly plays with the cock and balls, coating them with the tingly lube, getting the shaft hard. The hero moans and writhes. As soon as he wakes up fully and looks down at what’s happening, the diabolical twink tightens the loop then adds a small lock under the base.

Silver Herald’s eyes go wide, “What the fuck?”

The villain casually puts the thong back in place. SNAP! He lightly slaps the silver spandex wrapped rod, “Just prepping you for round two. Boy.”

In Between Rounds.

The five-minute break starts. I ask Xaq if he’s going to check on his buddy but when I look over, I see that his cock is just as hard as Silver Herald’s. I smirk and pat him on the shoulder, letting him know that I’l handle it. I reach the corner where the handsome hero is sitting on his bare ass. His knees are up and he’s looking down at his tenting thong with a confused look.

I pat his shoulder, “Hey there. You okay? Getting knocked out can be rough.”

“Yeah, I’m fine, Cody. But what am I supposed to do with a plug in my ass and this ring keeping me hard? How am I gonna wrestle now?”

“Yeah, that’s gonna be tricky. Just do your best and have fun.”

“That’s your advice?”

“Well, yeah? Unless … do you want me to get him to take it off you?”

The young hero hesitates then shakes his head, “Uh, no? I mean, he did win the first round. Can’t believe he knocked me out. Is that bad?”

“Do you have a headache?”


I smirk, “Then it’s not bad at all. It’s actually pretty awesome.”

The rookie laughs and nods, “Got it. Whatever makes the fans happy, right?”

Round Two.


The wrestlers come out of their corner. The twink heel is cocky as fuck. He’s got full swagger on, ready to end this any time. Silver Herald is wisely cautious, knowing just how vulnerable he is now. Toyboy smirks, “Don’t worry, boy, I won’t hurt you. Much.” The rookie gulps but doesn’t reply. His pecs bounce involuntarily but the lightweight heel notices, “Is that a challenge?”

“I’m not just gonna lie down for you.”

Toyboy smiles from ear-to-ear, “I sure as hell hope not. C’mon, boy, show me what you got.”

Silver Herald raises his arms to shoulder height in front on him. Toyboy matches the move. They dive in for a collar-and-elbow lockup. The hero easily powers the villain into a standing side headlock. He cranks on it. The smaller stud moans. As the muscleman leans back to apply more pressure, his massive protruding pouch thrusts forward.

Toyboy reaches up between the hero’s legs. He pats the bound balls and Silver Herald lets out a small cry. The distraction enables the villain to slip free. The lightweight grabs the muscleman around the waist from behind. He squats then lifts, impressively throwing the 190-lbs of sculpted beef over onto his shoulders with a belly-to-back suplex. BOOM!

The impact stuns the hunky hero. Toyboy rolls over and grabs one leg. He lifts the left leg up then flips Silver Herald over into a single leg crab. Uh oh. This is the wrong hold for the hero. With one leg trapped, the devious heel has one hand free and that trapped cock and balls hanging right there. The muscleman could power out but I don’t think he’ll get the chance.

Sure enough, Toyboy’s hand reaches for the balls. He grabs them in his big hand and massages. Nothing nasty, but it’s more than enough to keep Silver Herald under control. The hero moans loudly, the pleasure so great that it’s overwhelming the pain in his back from the crab. This is how the twink can get you. He distracts you while wearing you down.

Silver Herald isn’t even fighting as his junk is fondled. I can see from his face that he’s just lost in the moment. When Toyboy leans back, increasing the pressure in the crab, the hero lets out a shocked groan. That’s right, sport, your back has been bent like this for too long while you’ve only been thinking about your manhood getting massaged. Poor rookie.

The helpers hero finally fights to escape. He pushes up and powers out. Unfortunately, when he tries to rise, he’s slow. His back is cramping up. Toyboy is back onto him immediately. He comes in from behind, reaches between the legs and rolls the muscleman back into a spladle. The helpless hunk moans as his legs are opened and his shoulders are pinned.

Toyboy goes after the stretched out much again. He fondles it rougher this time. Silver Herald grunts and writhes, cursing as he’s held in place, his junk an easy target. He starts to beg, “Stop! Fuck! Don’t!” The villain only laughs and goes harder. The muscleman fights and his strength overpowers the twink, allowing him to escape but all he can do is roll onto his side.

Silver Herald moans, “Quit messing with my meat and wrestle me, you little punk.”

“Okay, if you insist.”

The villain unleashes his boots onto the raised shoulder. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The shots get the hero crying out and trying to roll away. Toyboy grabs him by the arm and pulls hard, hyperextending the stomped shoulder. He twists the arm then comes down with a leg drop onto the joint, focusing his attack. WHAM! Silver Herald flops on the canvas, holding his arm.

The cocky heel rises, immediately coming in with more boots to the same arm. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Silver Herald’s thick cannonball shoulders are durable but the attack is focused and relentless. Toyboy reaches down and grabs the wrist. He forces Silver Herald to his feet with an armbar. The twink kicks his boot into the armpit. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP!

Silver Herald tries to pull his arm free but Toyboy’s big hands arm strong and clamped on. He lifts his boot into the armpit again. This time, he holds it there then falls back, pulling the hero with him. When he lands, he extends his leg, straining the shoulder. The muscleman falls onto his back, flopping around. He whimpers while the villain moves to the hero’s corner.

Toyboy reaches out for the silver surfboard. He slips it between the top and middle turnbuckle. The heel adjusts it then slaps it, making sure it’s wedged in tightly. The villain heads back to the suffering stud. Silver Herald is on one knee, shaking out his arm. His head is bowed and he’s breathing hard. The rookie wrestler doesn’t even realize where the tricky twink is.

The lightweight heel comes in fast, launching into a dropkick to the aching shoulder. THUD! The muscleman topples onto his side. He struggles to roll over and rise. The villain moves in from the side and grabs the dangling arm. He forces Silver Herald up onto his feet then locks on a hammerlock. He wrenches it high and walks the moaning hero around the ring.

Ordinarily, this would be no problem for the muscleman but Toyboy has done enough to keep control. He shows off the helpless hero, that bound bulge sticking out, emphasizing the humiliation. The twink turns Silver Herald then runs him into the surfboard, shoulder-first. CRACK! The handsome stud cries out then stumbles back, holding his shoulder.

Toyboy grabs the arm agains then whips Silver Herald into the surfboard again, this time back-first. SMACK! Again, the muscleman stumbles out, looking like he just wants to collapse. The lightweight heel must agree because he circles in behind and locks on a rear naked choke. The muscleman reaches up to the arm strangling him, gripping it tightly.

The villain tightens the hold. In seconds, Silver Herald’s eyes are rolling back in his head. His arms drop and his thick legs wobble. The villain guides him down to the canvas. The helpless hero has just enough energy to go down gently and slowly. He lies on his side with the twink sapping every last ounce of strength. Seconds later, the rookie is knocked out cold.

Toyboy releases the sleeper. He rolls the unconscious hero onto his back. The villain spends some time lying beside him, checking out his handsome masked face. The twink terror slides up onto his knees. He rubs the thick carcass down, admiring his prize. The dominant heel lifts Silver Herald’s right arm high into the air. When he lets go, it falls to the canvas.

PLOP! ONE! The arm goes up again.

PLOP! TWO! And up it goes for what I expect will be the last time.


The lightweight heel wins, capturing the match in two falls. He slithers over to his corner, grabbing something. Toyboy returns. He unlocks the cock ring, freeing the hero’s junk. Next, he rolls Silver Herald over onto his stomach and removes the butt plug. He tosses it back across the ring.

The sleeping stud’s ass isn’t empty for long, though. Toyboy brings out a bigger butt plug and one that I happen to know is a remote-controlled vibrator. He lubes it and it slides right in, stretching the hero’s hole. With the villain’s oversized cock, I think that the muscleman will end up appreciating this foreplay.

Toyboy flexes over the loser and beside me, Xaq lets out a soft moan. I guess he’s really enjoying seeing his buddy humiliated.


Toyboy mockingly flexes over the unconscious muscleboy. He steps on the loser’s back and shoulders, posing in a surfer’s stance. The victorious villain activates the butt plug, causing the sleeping beauty to convulse. Silver Herald’s hips involuntarily bounce and his bare ass tenses and relaxes. The helpless muscle hunk moans softly as he’s ridden and teased.

“Looks like I’m the real surfer in this ring, boy.”

The heel moves his arms like he’s riding the gyrating Silver Herald along a wave. He finally hops off then kicks the muscle boy onto his back. The silver thong is stretched by his hard cock. Toyboy pushes on the loser’s pec with his boot, calling on him to wake up. The sleeping muscle stud stirs, reaching for his head. He shields his eyes from the overhead lights.

“Oh, fuck. I got knocked out again? That means I lost?”

“Oh, yeah, you lost, boy. Beautifully.” Toyboy squats down and rubs the thick pec, “You know what that means, right?”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Good then get up. Kick off the shoes. Strip off the thong. Leave the plug in.”

As the loser struggles to rise, Toyboy grabs his toy bag. He returns to find his latest plaything standing at attention, naked except for the mask. The heel circles for an inspection. He runs his long fingers over the pumped muscles. Silver Herald closes his eyes and moans as his cock bounces in anticipation. Looks like the rookie is eager to get started, too.

Toyboy reaches into his bag. He pulls out a ball gag. The victorious villain carefully inserts it into the accepting mouth. He fastens it around Silver Herald’s head, buckling it in back. Next, he pulls out some rope. The lightweight dom expertly ties the muscleboy’s hands behind him. He wraps the rope around the chiseled forearms, working it from arm to arm, elbow to wrist then in between the fingers. It’s an intricate webbing, impossible to escape.

Silver Herald’s cock remains at full staff. Suddenly, Toyboy grabs his hair and roughly pulls his head back. AGH! The ball gag muffles the cry but the muscle boy groans. AHHH! The smaller stud forces him to stumble backwards towards the ropes. The heel forces the top rope down then maneuvers Silver Herald’s bound arms over the top rope, outside of the ring.

The bondage bad boy kicks the inner calves, forcing the muscle toy to spread his legs. The winner grabs more rope. Starting at the ankle, he works his way up the left leg, binding the loser to the bottom rope. He keeps going up to the knee, attaching it to the middle rope. When he finishes the other leg, Silver Herald is going nowhere.

Toyboy pauses to molest Silver Herald. With his complete control established, he enjoys exploring every chiseled muscle, every inch of the smooth flawless flesh, and the throbbing manhood. Pre-cum leaks from the head. Toyboy takes a drop on his finger then runs it over the helpless hero’s lips. He adds a shiny cum gloss mustache over the gagged mouth.

Silver Herald moans as his nose fills with the scent. Toyboy rubs the broad shoulders, “You are a strong boy, aren’t you? Not Bird Boy strong, but then again, who is?” Beside me, Xaq lets out a soft moan of approval. The villain punches the cannonball hard shoulders. THUD! THUD! “Durable, too. I bet these muscles can take a lot of stress, can’t they?”

The helpless hero grunts, “MMM HMPH!”

“Let’s have some fun, boy.”

Toyboy grabs a vibrating wand and starts it up. WHIRR! He runs it over the loser’s magnificent muscles. He pauses on the nipples, teasing them. MMM! The wand gets lower and lower until it’s right above the throbbing, leaking cock. A moment to tease the helpless hero then gentle contact to the cock head. Silver Herald’s eyes roll back in his head. UHN! UHN!

Beside me, Xaq lets out a soft moan. His shorts are straining to hold his own cock. I lean over, “Go ahead. Whip it out and play along.” My sidekick looks at me for a moment then decides I’m right. He slides his shorts down to his ankles, revealing that he’s going commando. His cock points up as he watches his friend get tortured. His hand grips his dick and he pumps.

I grab his forearm, “Slow down. Enjoy it.”

Xaq nods obediently, “Yes, Sir.”

I smirk, letting that go. He’s really lost in the action if he’s calling me ‘Sir’. My protege is loving seeing his friend get used and abused. And in the ring, Silver Herald is loving it, too. When the wand hits his balls, he lets out a loud warning groan. Toyboy pulls back, preventing release. The muscleboy sags back against the ropes. Toyboy stops the wand and moves to the bag.

“Let’s take this up a notch, boy.”

The victorious villain grabs a leather collar padded with faux fur. He places it around Silver Herald’s neck with a d-ring in back. A leash is attached and it hangs down outside the ring behind the hero. The winner grabs thin soft rope then expertly binds up the helpless muscle hunk’s cock and balls. The purple manhood gets perfectly trussed up. “MMPH!

Toyboy uses two leather belts to strap the vibrating wand above the base of Silver Herald’s cock, positioning so it presses onto the bound shaft. OHHH! The villain reaches between the helpless hunk’s legs and grab the end of the leash under the bottom rope. He pulls up and the strap forces the muscle boy to lean back, his head falling back and his pecs pointing up.

Next, the winner works the nipples. He starts out softly, licking and sucking them. Silver Herald moans, enjoying the attention. His cock is leaking with pre-cum slowly dripping down to the canvas. Toyboy goes hard, pinching them then back to soft. He has the loser gasping through his gag. When the spectacular nubs are firm and raised, the villain attaches nipple clamps.


The villain uses his fingers to caress, fondle and tease the straining muscles. With the vibrator on auto-pilot, Toyboy is free to explore. He tugs on the nipples then adds some pec punches, knowing the thick slabs of beef can take it. THUD! THUD! THUD! The talented twink terrorizes his prey by removing the clamps then planting his mouth over the raised right nipple.


As the helpless hero is molested, he thrashes against his bonds. Nothing comes loose. He’s nothing but a plaything. Toyboy ruthlessly attacks the nipple, getting the reaction he wants. The leash pulls tighter, forcing the muscle boy to arch his back. He leans back onto the top rope to try to escape the unrelenting heel, raising his body higher. It only makes it easier to torture him.

Silver Herald is on his toes. His purple manhood bobs and bounces as he struggles. Toyboy finally stops and lets go of the leash. The helpless hero sags forward, exhausted. The villain grabs more rope. He bends the helpless hero forward, sliding his arms along the top rope until it’s under his wrists. Toyboy binds the wrists to the top rope so he can’t fall forward.

Bent 90-degrees at the waist with his arms bound behind him, the helpless hero moans. His upper body pulls against the top rope and the strain is evident on his shoulders. Toyboy slips out of the ring holding a flogger. He whips the smooth bubble butt. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The pale flesh turns red as it’s tanned. UHN! UHN! UHN! The villain drops the flogger down.

Toyboy spanks the muscular ass with his hand. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He grabs the leash and pulls back, forcing Silver Herald’s head up. We can see his face as he’s humiliated. It’s a combination of pain and pleasure. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The victorious villain pauses to finally pull out the butt plug. I think the loser looks disappointed.

“Time to fill this hole with something better, boy.”


With the hole lubed and his big cock sheathed, the lightweight pulls hard on the leash as he forces his way in. The twink’s oversized rod plows in deep. Once again, Silver Herald’s eyes roll back in his head. “UHN! MMM MMPH!” Beside me, Xaq lets out his own moan, unable to stifle the sound as he watches his friend penetrated by the twink’s mighty dick.

Toyboy fucks the loser through the ropes, Silver Herald’s ass thrust backwards over the middle rope. He rolls his shoulders as much as he can to handle the stress of the position but mostly, he’s focused on the massive shaft filling his hole. When the victorious villain starts thrusting, the arena fills with muffled moans of pleasure from the helpless muscle hunk.

The talented twink takes his time. He teases and taunts the loser, reinforcing what we all now know - Silver Herald is his bitch and loving every minute of it. The fuck is rhythmic at first then gets harder. The pumping speeds up and Toyboy is soon all the way inside, taking his well-earned prize. “UHN! UHN! UCK EE!” The muscle stud is begging through his gag for more.

The fuck continues. Toyboy finally pulls out. He reaches under Silver Herald and casually pulls on the rope binding his junk. It opens up, freeing the helpless hero’s purple manhood. The winner runs his index finger down the cock to the tip and back up to the base. That’s all it takes to get Silver Herald to erupt. He explodes all over the ring, spraying rope after rope of his seed onto the canvas below.

The empty and exhausted hero sags but the ropes keep him up, preventing him from easing the pain of the position. Toyboy ties off the leash then slips back inside the ring. He unsheathes his cock and idly works himself hard again. The villain unbuckles his victim’s ball gag and pulls it free. The twink heel stands in front of Silver Herald, his cock just inches from his lips.

The muscle boy licks his lips as he stares at the cock before him. Beside me, Xaq is panting and gasping. I hand him a towel from the stack beside me and he wraps his cock in it. Seconds later, he’s emptying his balls into the terrycloth wrapper, soaking it with his seed. I hand him another one to clean up, whispering, “Damn, you’re really into him, aren’t you?”

Back in the ring, Toyboy has slapped the muscle boy’s face with his massive rod. He finally says, “Beg for it, boy.”

“Please, Master. May I please have your cum? Please.”

Toyboy slides his cock inside Silver Herald’s waiting mouth. The helpless hero fights through the pain as he worships the massive rod. The winner holds the loser’s head as he face fucks him. Suddenly, the lightweight freezes. His body tenses and it’s obvious that he’s about to erupt. He warns the sucking Silver Herald before firing down his throat.

Silver Herald does his best to swallow it all. When he’s done, Toyboy slides out. He commands, “Tongue out.” The helpless hero obeys and the last few shots coat his extended tongue. The rookie holds position until he’s ordered, “Swallow, boy.” Silver Herald obeys again, proving to be a good sport and willing submissive for the much smaller dom.

The victorious villain grabs the silver surfboard. He positions it so it’s stretching out in front of Silver Herald. He unties his victim. Toyboy's rope work is still wrapped around him but he’s free from the ring ropes. Silver Herald flips forward, collapsing face-first onto the surfboard. SPLAT! Toyboy poses over him one last time by standing on his back, surfing on the loser on his board.

After the Match.

As Toyboy saunters to the back, he smirks at Xaq and me. He runs a finger over my bulge as he slinks past to my sidekick. The lightweight heel slides the back of his hand up the muscle boy’s bare torso from chiseled eight-pack to sculpted pecs. He caresses the powerful chest. The whole time, Xaq does nothing, letting his fantastic physique be worshipped and molested.

“How’s my favorite muscle freak doing?” The villain flicks Xaq’s nipple. FLICK! The muscle stud flinches but doesn’t defend himself.

Xaq tightens up and confidently says, “I’m perfect. And you know it.”

“I do know it. So, sexy, did you enjoy that?” Before Xaq can answer, Toyboy sniffs the air getting a whiff of fresh cum in the air, “Oh, yeah, you did. Look forward to our next training session.” He playfully smacks the now tenting front of Xaq’s shorts. WHACK! The twink winks at me then heads to the lockers, shoulders back, chest raised and head held high.

In the ring, Ry finishes filming Silver Herald. When the naked loser heads to the back, he looks at us for approval. I clap and tell him he did great. Xaq mutters something positive but Jae walks over with paperwork for the rookie to sign. As they head to locker room to deal with that, I toss the towels in the hamper then fetch the mop and bucket from the storage closet.

When I return a couple of minutes later, I’m surprised to find Xaq still hanging out here in the ring area. I ask, “Not heading to the back, Xaq?”

“No, why would I?”

I slowly reply, “Because your friend just finished his debut match.” I wait. When no response comes, I bluntly ask, “What is going on with you?”

“I don’t get what you’re asking.”

“There’s something going on with you. From the minute Justin walked into this place to take a leak, you’ve been weirdly cold to him in front of us. It’s like you’re either embarrassed by us, him or maybe you’re intentionally sabotaging your friendship with this guy.”

“I just don’t want to give him the wrong idea.”

“What’s the wrong idea? Because the only message I’m seeing is that you are a selfish jerk. I don’t care if he’s your boyfriend, friend or whatever. You brought him here and you should be telling him how great he did.”

I expect Xaq to argue but he silently shrugs.

I throw up my hands, “Does he talk with his mouth full of food? Wear white after Labor Day? Smoke? I mean, what’s so wrong with him?”

“Nothing. Nothing is wrong with him, Cody. I’m just not into him, except as a friend.”

“Okay, but you’re not even being a friend. And you must be into him a little. You were hard the whole match! You shot right there. The guy obviously turns you on.” No response. I struggle to process what he’s really saying. Looking at him and thinking about what happened post-match, I realize my mistake. “Oh fuck. I’m wrong, aren’t I?”

“Probably.” Xaq pauses then asks, “Wrong about what?”

“You’re not into Justin.”

An exasperated sigh, “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!”

“And I get it now. Doesn’t excuse you being rude to him, but I get it. Sorry if I’ve pushed it. I also understand now why you pushed for Winston as Justin’s opponent.”

Xaq looks surprised then flustered, “What? What does that mean? You said you wanted a twink opponent.”

“Yeah, but not Winston. You pushed that.” No response. “You weren’t hard all match for muscleboy Justin. You like Winston.” Xaq opens his mouth but I interrupt, “Don’t deny it.”

Xaq makes an exaggerated disgusted face, “Why would I be into that tricky twink? I’m into muscle.” I give him a knowing smirk. “Stop it, Cody. Besides, we’re both alphas. We don’t even fit together. I don’t think he’s worth the effort to break.” I’m still smirking. “What? It’s true. And it can’t go the other way, if that’s what you’re thinking, because I’m a total boss.”

“Uh huh.”

“Okay, I admit I’ve had a good time the few times we’ve played, but -”

“Few times? You’ve played again since I set up your first time?”

“Well, he had some more stuff he wanted to show me.”

“Uh huh.”

“I was interested. Call it professional curiosity. You know, real dom-to-dom, top-to-top type stuff. You wouldn’t understand. I use my muscles to dominate. He uses his toys. I was just curious to see a different approach. He never really dominates me. I just play along. You know, to see how a scrawny little guy does things.”

“Uh huh.”

“Stop smirking, Cody.”

“I’m not saying anything. I’m letting it go. If it helps, he’s a great guy.”

“I don’t care.” Xaq idly adjusts his bulge, which has not calmed down. If anything, our conversation has made it grow. “Winston is just a tool for me to use. Like all guys. As long as he can teach me something, I’ll give him the privilege of my presence. Like I do with you.”

I raise one eyebrow, stating firmly, “Don’t do that.”

Xaq hangs his head and replies sheepishly, “I’m sorry. You’re right. I shouldn’t have said that.” He breathes in deeply, “Look, Cody, I don’t want to talk about this. I don’t need Ryan and Jae knowing my business.”

“Okay. But anything you say is between us. You can trust me, Xaq. You know that, too.”

“Yeah, I know. I do trust you. A lot.” A big sigh, “Okay, I do kind of like Winston. As a colleague. He respects me. You heard him. He knows I’m the hottest muscle stud and says so every time we play. He never lies about me being fat or insults me by calling me names. He’s fun and talented but we’re equals.” A pause then a declaration, “Now, I’m really done with this.”

I reach out and grab his shoulder. I squeeze it encouragingly. “I respect you, too. Any time you want to talk about anything, I am always here for you, ready to listen. No judgment.”

The muscle freak suddenly lunges forward. He hugs me tightly. I reciprocate, hugging him back. Xaq buries his face against my shoulder and neck. We hold the hug for a long time, his powerful arms coming close to crushing me. I wait for him to break it. He finally does, telling me, “I don’t care what everyone else says, Cody. You’re not a complete asshole.”

I laugh, “Gee, thanks.”

Xaq nods then heads to the back to do whatever he plans to do.

A few seconds later, Jae comes up to me, “That looked weird.”

“Just friends chatting. I was dishing out a little subtle relationship advice.”

“You? Oh boy.”

I stick out my tongue at my boyfriend then grab him around the waist. I pull him in close and our bodies press together. “It might’ve taken a few tries for me to get it right -”

“How exactly are you defining ‘a few’?”

“- but I like to think that I’m pretty good at this relationship stuff.”

Jae smiles, “Well, I can’t argue with that. You’re doing great.” Our foreheads touch. My boyfriend adds, “Thanks to me.”

I laugh, “And I can’t argue with that.”

We kiss deeply before heading back to the ring to help Ryan with the cleanup.

The End.


  1. HOT DAMN!! Buttons pushed, and a few other things. I LOVED this match-- had Almost all my kinks. As you know I love a twink taking it to a muscle stud. Definetly worth waiting for.

    1. Thanks! Glad it worked out. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I struggled with the match part. Glad it still worked out.

  2. The wrestling turned out great! I like how game Silver Herald is for all of Toyboy's antics and of course I love a good knockout. The cock bondage was also a sexy highlight

    1. Yeah, I just had to knock Justin out. More than once. He's too hot for just a pin or submission.

  3. Okay, I really loved the wrestling and Justin but I have to focus on something else for this review.

    Since Winston made his very first appearance, I had been hoping and hoping and hoping that he and Xaq would have a match and hit it off. That they would be a couple and Winston would dominate Xaq. We aren’t there yet, but we are so close to a relationship! Winston’s dominance with Xaq’s submissiveness, the size difference that now seems to turn both of them on, everything Winston can show him. 

    I loved everything! I mean, I, like Cody, thought Justin was Xaq’s crush so I was a little sad about that but it didn’t last long.

    With the reveal, Xaq’s reactions to the match and Winston take on a new light. He wasn’t focusing on Justin/Silver Herald, it was Toyboy. Or I should say, it seems like Xaq was imagining himself in Silver Herald’s place getting dominated. 

    Also, if Xaq is calling Cody “sir” when he’s that horny, I’d be surprised if he hasn’t done it for Winston already. 

    The fact that Winston brazenly walks up to Xaq, starts feeling him up and Xaq doesn’t even do his “threatening” pec bounce. Instead, he’s just standing there, kind of straightens up, letting himself be examined for his dominant man.  

    That the two of them have had more sessions, which I can only imagine.

    Much as I love his comedy, that we get an actual serious moment from him with Cody. He apologizes, shows some insecurity for the times he’s insulted about his body, admits he likes Winston, they hug!

    That Xaq responds best to praise, not mean comments, which is part of why he likes Winston since his praise is genuine and respectful. 

    I know it’ll be more stories before we see more development on this relationship but I am so looking forward to it. You’ve still got it, Alex, and keep getting better!

    1. Thanks! I appreciate that. You picked up on the fact that this is actually a stealth Xaq story. That’s one reason why the action took a moment to solve. I admit that I led the reader to think like Cody that it was Xaq and Justin but really from the start, Xaq was keeping his distance. They just didn’t seem like an interesting couple. I mean, I suppose I could’ve solved that, but the tricky twink and the muscle freak seem much more dynamic to me.

  4. YES!!! I fucking love Toyboy every time he makes an appearance. I'm a huge fan of this budding relationship between Xaq and Winston too. And look at both Cody and Xaq having a nice tender human moment. Brilliant writing as always.

    1. Appreciate it. I love Winston, too. He’s a challenge for me to write but he’s worth the effort.

      By now, Xaq and Cody have been training together since The Cave 15. Even in Cave time, that’s a while. I do like how their relationship has evolved.

  5. Love the Xaq/Cody relationship! (Most feds would've split them up by now, to the fans' dismay.) I hope Xaq not being into Justin won't keep Justin out of things too much, 'cause he's kind of like a friendly version of Xaq--and him getting sleepered out could never get old.

    1. Yes, the expectation would be for Xaq to betray Cody at some point but I don't see that happening any time soon.

      Xaq's feelings won't impact Justin at all. I wrote this story because Alex R sent me the model and I love love loved him. So I expect he can continue to wrestle, probably more than if he was dating Xaq.

  6. (Okay, secret confession I feel guilty about: At first I thought Xaq trying to keep Justin out of things was Xaq being protective and I thought it was sweet, so when it turned out Xaq was actually into Winston I was disappointed. But you always keep things interesting, and I despise entitled fandoms that try to dictate to creators, so don't worry about me causing any problems!)

    ...Plus I think I'm up to like 900 favorites now, and I'm sure any of them getting sleepered would do it for me too...Oh, but there don't HAVE to be sleepers! I didn't mean to try to dictate to a creator! (Oh what have I become...)

    1. Xaq being protective should have been your first clue that there was a swerve coming. That is not in his nature.

    2. So obvious in hindsight...! :)

      And like Mike in the comments above, I like Winston's attitude towards Xaq, complimenting him instead of insulting him. There definitely is something interesting there...

  7. Re:Xaq/Justin: Friendship is sweet, too. :)

    (Okay, now I'm done for realz.)

    1. LastthingIpromise: Just yesterday I heard a song for the first time (no, I mean a specific song, I've heard SONGS before), "Fuck Friend" by Alana Davis, with the line, "Good lovers are everywhere, but a good friend is hard to find." And I loved that line. So yeah, friendships in the Cave are important too. :)

      And Justin, so beautiful. Justin Cos, "Just Cos," the cos-player...I'm so close to thinking of something clever to say about his name, but I'm just not quite there...

    2. Friendship is good. I've got a lot of friendships going on and they're always a good thing.

      I definitely named him with phrases like "just because" and "just in case" in mind.

  8. Very, very skilled writing here. As always, I find Xaq to be an incredibly interesting character. Getting a body of the gods and an ego the size of olympus to hid the fact that he is a Super Masochist.

    1. Thanks! Xaq is definitely one of my favorites to write, so I'm always happy to hear that others like him, find him interesting.

  9. Great story. The way you craft a match is excellent. The additional fun parts were very erotic. I hope you write more stuff about Silver Herald.

    1. Thanks! He's on the list but not sure what I can promise. I'm not writing nearly as much as I used to.