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Mindsweeper Monday: TCCW 8

TCCW are wrestling stories from two different Yahoo! groups from the early 2000's. These entries were part of a much larger universe led by other writers. There are references to characters, events and matches that will not be posted here. Titles change hands, friendships and alliances form and dissolve, all without you ever seeing it. Imagine you are watching an Indy fed sporadically.

Note: You can find ALL (?) the stories by all authors in order in their original versions HERE - thanks for the link, Mangler!

Texas College Championship Wrestling 8

Patrick (MW) versus Noel (MW)


Applause were polite at first for Patrick from a few regulars who had been impressed by his ability in his loss to the larger Elton. Patrick had dominated for a large part of that match but just couldn't put the big guy away. They looked forward to seeing him against someone closer to his size tonight.

As Patrick emerged from the curtain, the applause grew. Patrick had his singlet straps down, showing off a hard chest and chiseled abs. He was a sweet looking blond with blue eyes and an innocent looking face. While the crowd appreciated his hard body and farm boy looks, the TCCW had tons of pretty boys. What made the crowd jump was how you used it.

Patrick ran forward down the aisle and burst into the ring with a flourish. He slid under the ropes and bounced to his feet. He raised his hands and the crowd really got into it. They appreciated his enthusiasm and rewarded him with thunderous applause. He looked freshfaced and eager - just what the crowd wanted after seeing Elton's subtly and Jordan's arrogance. Patrick was a kid they could love; he was the boy next door.


Applause were more forthcoming for Noel. The crowd knew him and liked him. He also had a great attitude. Noel jogged down the aisle. He had not seen Patrick's entrance but he had heard it and was impressed the rookie could fire up the crowd.

Noel leapt onto the apron with one jump. He grabbed the top rope and hopped over it into the ring.

Noel bounced up and down, loosening up. He wore pink and black knee-length tights with black wrestling boots that went halfway up his calf. His brown hair was short and spiky but Noel was not a prettyboy. He looked at Patrick, smiled and nodded. Patrick nodded back as the butterflies welled up in his stomach.

Patrick concentrated on Noel. He had not been able to learn anything about Noel's weak points. Although Noel did not have a lot of definition on his thick build, Patrick was impressed by the young man. He looked like a football player or a powerlifter. He looked strong like a bull. Patrick realized that compared to the bodybuilders in the TCCW, it might be easy to underestimate Noel. But Patrick thought about Noel's 3 and O record and he knew Noel was a truly skilled pro wrestler.

The ref brought the wrestlers together and gave the rules. Noel offered his hand before Patrick could offer his. They shook and made a clean break. The bell rang and the mach was on.

The two wrestlers moved together. Patrick went for a collar-and-elbow tie-up only to be met with Noel's right foot in the abs. Patrick stumbled back. His solid abs had deflected the blow but he was surprised how fast Noel could move.

Patrick backed into the corner, looking more winded than he was. He was just being cautious, but Noel misread the look. Noel raced into the corner after him. Patrick saw him coming and raised his foot, planting it right into Noel's solid chest. Now it was Noel's turn to stagger back. Patrick ran out of the corner to clothesline Noel. Patrick ran into him and put the powerlifter down.

Patrick measured Noel up and went for an elbow drop. As he started to fall, Noel rolled to the side. Patrick's elbow connected only with the hard mat.

Noel leapt to his feet and so did Patrick. Patrick rubbed his elbow as they circled. Patrick charged at Noel and the wrestlers locked up. Patrick was pushed into the ropes. Noel repositioned them and flung Patrick across the ring. As Patrick bounced off the ropes, he saw Noel coming at him.

After Noel threw Patrick, he charged in behind him, timing his move perfectly. Too quickly for Patrick to respond, Noel lowered his shoulder and sent Patrick onto the mat with a shoulder block. Noel reached down, grabbing Patrick's wrist. He pulled him up and threw him into the ropes again. Patrick came off and was flattened by another shoulder block.

Patrick rolled away into the corner to regroup. He stood slowly. He saw only concentration in Noel's eyes. Patrick eased out of the corner and went for another lock up.

Noel went for another ab kick but Patrick was ready. He caught Noel's foot and spun the bigger wrestler around. Patrick moved behind him and locked his arms around Noel. Quickly he lifted Noel's 172 pounds into the air and dropped him hard onto his knee in an Atomic Drop!

Noel felt the jarring up his spine and fell forward into the ropes. Patrick followed up by locking his arms around Noel's waist again. This time, Patrick lifted Noel up and he threw Noel back, driving Noel's shoulders into the mat with a back-to-belly suplex. Patrick had to start working Noel's shoulders and arms in order to get the submission.

Noel lay on the mat dazed as Patrick moved in and dropped a knee onto his left shoulder. Noel shot up in pain and felt his arms being bent straight out behind him. Patrick held Noel seated on the mat, his arms bent straight behind him. Noel had no leverage to power out of the hold. His face showed the strain. As the ref asked if he submitted, Noel turned and twisted, loosening Patrick's grip. He broke the hold and scrambled away.

Noel stood in the corner and rolled his shoulders. It was becoming obvious where Patrick was focusing. Noel had been expecting back work based on Noel's powerslam finisher. This shoulder work worried him. "What is Patrick's plan?" he wondered.

Before he could think any further, Patrick was charging forward.

Noel stood in the corner and rolled his shoulders. It was becoming obvious where Patrick was focusing. Noel had been expecting back work based on Noel's powerslam finisher. This shoulder work worried him. "What is Patrick's plan?" he wondered.

Before he could think any further, Patrick was charging forward. When Patrick got close, Noel lowered his shoulder. Patrick fell for the move and ducked down to block a shoulder tackle. Noel stood up and smashed a forearm onto Patrick's back. Patrick staggered as Noel grabbed his neck and turned him, slamming him into the corner.

Noel wasted no time. He delivered mighty chops against Patrick's round pecs. Patrick grunted as the powerful teen punished his chest. Patrick's tight hard pecs resisted at first, but the red welts showed that the chops were working.

Noel reached for Patrick's wrist and went to whip him across the ring. Patrick held on tight, blocking the move. Noel drove his knee into Patrick's gut winding him. He tried the whip again and this time, Patrick went across the ring and slammed hard into the opposite turnbuckle.Patrick hit so hard he bounced back out of the corner towards the middle of the ring. Noel leveled him with a huge clothesline sending Patrick hard onto the mat. Noel locked his hand in Patrick's blond hair, bringing him to his feet.Noel reached down and placed one hand on Patrick's inner thigh and the other on his collarbone. In an awesome display of power, he pressed Patrick's 160 pounds over his head, extending his arms all the way.

The crowd whistled and cheered the move. Patrick knew what was coming, but at 7 feet in the air, he had no move before the inevitable came. Noel lowered his left arm and slammed Patrick down to the mat. Patrick arched up, his back on fire.

Noel delivered three hard stomps to his back before bringing Patrick to his feet again. Patrick fought to ignore the pain. When Noel tried to level him with another clothesline, Patrick managed a hip toss. Patrick held on and locked on an armbar. He wrenched Noel's brawny arm upward while twisting. Noel got to his feet. Patrick cranked the arm bar, forcing Noel to bend at the waist in pain.

Patrick knew he had to work the arm but also thought he had to slow the power moves of Noel. Noel was even stronger than he had thought!

Patrick held on and locked on an armbar. He wrenched Noel's beefy arm upward while twisting. Noel got to his feet. He was bent at the waist, trying to relieve some pressure as Patrick cranked the arm bar beside him. Patrick knew he had to work the am but also had to slow the power moves of Noel. Noel was even stronger than he had thought!

Patrick lifted his foot into Noel's gut. He delivered four hard boots to Noel's midsection before releasing the arm bar. Patrick walked back then charged from behind Noel, who was still bent at the waist. He grabbed Noel's head and bulldogged him down to the mat.

Patrick leapt to the top rope and set up a big splash. Patrick leapt off, but Noel was not that dazed. He simply rolled out of the way, leaving Patrick to meet the mat the hard way. Patrick curled up clenching his midsection.

Noel took advantage of his injured gut. Noel stomped on Patrick's back then reached down to lift the young man. With one hand under his shoulder and one between his legs, Noel again showed off his powerlifting skills. He hoisted the 160 lbs Patrick into the air chest high.Noel held him for only a second then dropped Patrick down, hard and fast. Noel extended his knee and slammed Patrick down onto it in a gut buster. Showing even greater strength, Noel picked Patrick up again and delivered another gutbuster.

Patrick convulsed on Noel's knee. Noel moved his hands and pushed Patrick off his knee onto the mat. Patrick was momentarily dazed and his abs ached.

Noel stood up over Patrick and tapped his elbow. He measured the move and dropped, driving his elbow into Patrick's chest.

Noel dragged Patrick up and lifted him for a suplex. The powerlifter held Patrick aloft for 20 seconds. He finally walked a few feet and dropped Patrick hard over the top rope. The rope drove right into Patrick's gut. He hung on the rope for a few seconds before rolling off in pain.

Noel seized Patrick's wrists and pulled him to the middle of the ring. Noel leapt into the air and dropped a leg across Patrick's gut. Noel leapt up again and delivered another leg drop, this time across Patrick's chest.

Noel raced across the ring. He ran into the ropes, then ran across the ring, hopping over Patrick's prone, unmoving body. On the second pass, Noel stopped and leapt, landing a huge splash on top of Patrick! Noel went for the pin but didn't hook the leg.

At two, Patrick kicked out. Noel slammed the mat. He had thought he had him. He jumped up onto the ropes. While on the top, he extended his arms and the crowd fired up. Noel wobbled a bit then he leapt into the air!

Noel jumped up onto the ropes. He slowly climbed up the ropes and perched on top. He steadied himself then stood tall. While on the top, he extended his arms and the crowd fired up. The brawny powerlifter wobbled a bit then leapt into the air!

Noel's trip up the ropes was too long though! Patrick opened his eyes in time and rolled to safety! Now it was Noel's turn to writhe on the mat.

Patrick stood up, struggling because of the pain in his gut. He immediately started stomping Noel's abs and chest. After a minute, Patrick grabbed Noel's arm. He laid it flat on the mat and proceeded to deliver a series of knee drops into the large muscle. Noel squirmed beside Patrick but could not pry his arm free.

Patrick hopped to his feet and dropped a forearm into Noel's chest. He then moved over Noel and dropped a knee to his forehead. This had Noel seeing stars! Patrick repeated his arm torture on the left arm, delivering knee after knee until Noel recovered enough to squirm free.

Patrick reached down and forced Noel's arms over his head on the mat. He sat on the mat and planted his feet on Noel's shoulders. Patrick then pulled with all his might, as if trying to rip Noel's mighty arms from his body!

Noel cried out but did not even think of submitting. The ref counted, as his shoulders were down. Showing his ring savvy, Noel was aware enough to roll his right shoulder up. The count was broken at one.

Noel kept rolling and Patrick got wedged on his side. He lost his footing on Noels left shoulder and was forced to break the hold. Patrick hopped to his feet. He saw Noel on his hands and knees. Patrick went after him.

Noel though always knows where his opponent is in the ring. As Patrick approached, Noel tackled him with tremendous power and skill. Patrick was winded and ashamed that he fell for this move. He had used it on Elton and seen it done many times. He slapped the mat as Noel got off him.

The two young middleweights were both back on their feet. They faced each other with increased respect. Both had had control and both had fought back. They circled each other like gladiators.

Patrick decided to be the aggressor. He moved in closer. His right hand slid down his red singletted torso as if rubbing his taut abs. He got closer then shocked Noel by launching his right out fast connecting his forearm with Noel's chin. Noel staggered back and smiled at Patrick.

Noel nodded his head as he was impressed with Patrick's move. He approached Patrick carefully. Patrick lifted his hands for a collar and elbow tie up.

The guys locked up and Noel powered Patrick back. But Patrick had practiced this with Elton. While being forced back, he slipped his arm over top of Noel's head. With speed and skill, Patrick turned Noel around, grabbed a handful of his pink and black tights. Patrick moved back and delivered a DDT.

Noel lay momentarily dazed on the mat, writhing on his front, face planted on the mat. Patrick leapt onto the stunned Noel's back and seized his wrists. Noel, dazed from the DDT, was unsure what is happening. Patrick sat on Noel's upper legs and cinched in a double hammerlock.

He wrenched Noel's arms up his back. He slid his knees further up locking them at Noel's elbows. Patrick pushed up and kept pushing. Noel felt helpless under Patrick's powerful grip. He twisted, turned and kicked but he could not move the wrestler from on top of him.

Noel gritted his teeth. This was the toughest hammerlock he had ever felt. Patrick had leverage and Noel felt like his shoulders were being torn apart. He was desperate to break free but couldn't. He felt the pain racing through his damaged shoulders and arms. Despite his own strength, Noel finally admitted the truth.

"I GIVE, I GIVE!" The ref signaled for the bell. Patrick rolled off Noel and jumped up and down in the ring.

Patrick stretched his red singlet straps off his shoulders. He lowered his singlet low on his waist to survey the damage from the match. He massaged his sore chest and abused stomach. He looked up surprised as flashbulbs went off. He smiled for the cameras and fans. His torso ached from Noel's power moves but he found himself generally okay. Patrick continued bouncing in the ring and massaging his front.

The truth of his victory hit him as the ref lifted his arm. Patrick's appeal to the fans was that he wore his excitement on his face. His energy, his leaps in the air and the pumping of his fist kept them excited for the few minutes until Patrick turned around.

Patrick turned and saw a shocked and dejected Noel kneeling in the center of ring, head bowed in disappointment. Patrick felt badly about his exuberance. He got himself under control and walked over to Noel. He extended his hand and shook Noel's hand. Noel stood and the guys hugged. They congratulated each other on a hard fought match.

Noel said, "I was looking for your powerslam - I prepared a great counter for it. Now that I know you have that hammerlock move, next time won't be so easy."

Patrick pointed his hands inward at his red and bruised torso. He laughed and said, "You call this easy? You really worked me over. I'm sorry for jumping around like an idiot just now. I didn't mean any disrespect to you. I chose to challenge you because I admire you, Noel."

Noel nodded and said, "You've got nothing to apologize for. Look, I remember my first win a few matches ago. I was on cloud nine, too. Now, you've given me my first loss to remember. I'm glad it was to someone that I can respect. Why don't you stay in the ring a bit longer while I head back. Enjoy the moment, Patrick, your first win only comes once."

Patrick respectfully waited until Noel had gone through the curtain then raced down the aisle to see Elton. He was excited for both of them. Patrick could not wait to challenge the bodybuilding muscle guy Timon. He knew Elton had issued his next official challenge and wanted to do the same. But, he also knew that Elton was waiting for him so decided to talk to the promoter tomorrow about it.


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