Friday, September 15, 2017

CLAW 2: Mateo vs. Xander

"It doesn't bug you?"

Xander doesn't answer me. Instead, the ripped muscleman spins and flexes his right bicep in the mirror on the far wall outside the wrestling ring where we're supposed to be training. Or more accurately, where I'm supposed to be training his untalented, but hot, ass. And the guy is super-hot and huge - 6'5"/260-lbs, tanned and sculpted, decked out in tight white trunks, along with white boots and pads.

Xander's a big guy.

I'm Mateo. We're both wrestlers for the Championship League of American Wrestling or CLAW, for short. I've been with the place for a few months, ever since I was recruited by Ben, the new owner who's trying to make the small indie fed a success by featuring hotter, younger talent. Instead of competing with the big guys, he's trying to be an unofficial training ground for them. Like a see the stars before they become stars thing.

Me, Mateo.

It's working. Guys like me want to come here now because Ben is amazing at promotion. Instead of trying to hold us back, Ben is trying to propel us forward. The more guys he launches, the more new guys will want to come here. It hasn't even been that long and he's already got one "graduate", Jeff, working in AWL and another guy, Steele, headed to ROW. Along with the WWL, those are the places we all want to end up in one day.

I've been wrestling since I was 16 and I'm 22 now. I know my shit, but I've never broken through, because I was too light. Now in CLAW, I'm getting a big push as a young Latino heartthrob. With my dark, smoldering looks and chiseled 5'10"/180-lbs body, it makes sense. I'm a face character, but with a serious temper that enables me to turn around my matches. Yeah, it's a little stereotypical. Ben was concerned about that, but it was my idea and it's worth it. I'm all over the blogs, finally being talked about as a real up-and-comer.

I feel like I owe Ben, so when he asked if I'd be open to working with Xander, I didn't want to say no. Well, I wanted to say no, but I couldn't. When someone does you right, you gotta do them right. The guy can't wrestle for shit and doesn't even care. Fuck, I'm still waiting for Xander to answer me. He breathes sharply and squeezes, demonstrating his maximum pump. The meathead just grunts as he strains to pop his powerful muscles.

I sigh, "I'm trying to talk to you, Xander. Can you stop flexing for five seconds?"

"Hold on, Mateo. Just a few more. Oh yeah, just look at that. Perfection."

Xander finally looks at me.

Xander finally turns towards me, but shifts into a lat spread, still ignoring me. Okay, be like that. I lift my boot, driving it into his sculpted 8-pack. The big man grunts and falls forward. I grab him by his over-gelled, spiky, jet black hair. Gross. I drag him into a front facelock then fall back, slamming the big man down, head first with a DDT. CRACK!

The muscleman goes limp. I roll him onto his back then force his arms to his side. I mount his waist, pinning his arms to his side with my legs. Maybe now I can get him to focus once I get the idiot awake again. I slap his face to wake him. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Xander snaps back to consciousness. He's pissed. Good.

"Do I have your attention now?"

Xander threatens, "I'm gonna -" THUD! I slam my fist into his pec. The muscular meathead grunts. I go to work on his tanned chest. THUD! THUD! THUD! I keep pounding until he's groaning under me, his defiance broken. I slap on an awesome pec claw that Ben taught me, digging my fingers in. He thrashes wildly under me. I really lean into it, increasing the pressure.

The big muscleman finally yells, "STOP! STOP!" I open my hands then sit back. When my ass sits on his trunks, I feel his dick through the two thin layers of spandex between us. I wiggle my ass and he moans. I admire the red fist marks on his smooth chest before I ask him again.

"So I asked you a question. Doesn't it bug you? Being in the fucking remedial class?"

Xander looks confused. So handsome, but so stupid. He asks, "What does that mean?"

I smirk, "Are you asking what remedial means?"

The meathead scowls as he looks up at me, "Watch your mouth, Mateo. I'm not a moron, man."

"Really? You can't grasp the simplest concepts of wrestling. You're a trainwreck in the ring, which is why you need one-on-one training from me. You basically suck. A smart guy doesn't suck then end up on his back, pinned like a little bitch. I'm just asking if you have any pride. Anything inside you that might make you wanna not suck. Because if you don't, I can go home."

Xander says, "Watch your fucking mouth. I didn't ask for you to train me."

"No, you didn't. Ben did and he's the boss. It's also why you're a moron. You don't even get that you suck or why you suck."


"Well, you're fucking lazy, for one thing."

Xander growls then throws me off him. He springs to his feet then flexes his biceps in the air. He asks, "Lazy? You think a lazy guy can get this body? I spend -"

I rise, holding out my hand to stop his rant about how much time he spends at the gym and eating right. We all do that. I mean, how the fuck does he think I got my body? I tell him, "We're talking about being in this ring. Do you want to not suck or am I wasting my time? Is your body all you care about? We could be working on moves, but all you've done is flex."

"Yeah, so?" Xander strikes a most muscular pose then continues, "This ain't the 90's or whatever. Everyone's in on knowing shit is fake. Nobody cares if a fucking armbar is on right. It's all about how you look, man. Anyway, who're you to be training me? Everyone knows you can't sell for shit."

I tense up. "I've been doing this six years. You've been at it for six minutes. So don't talk about me like you know anything. I'm the hottest guy in this place."

Xander snorts, "You were, but all the heels wanna work with Ryker now. He's like you, but he'll put another guy over. Even I know you gotta go along to get along. Fuck I let that scrawny wimp Kwame beat me. I don't care as long as I look good doing it. And I do."

"I sell shit that's worth selling."

"Yeah, Mr. Hot Guy?”

“Yeah. And it's Mr. Mateo to you. I'm your fucking teacher.”

Xander laughs, “Whatever. So, it doesn't bug YOU?"

I respond to Xander reversing my question back on me, "Doesn't what bug me?"

"You know. Since you can't sell, Ben's making Ryker the new hot babyface in CLAW. It'd sure as fuck bug me if I was you. Working for six years and losing out like that. All your big talk and you're getting replaced."

I lash out at the meathead, but he sees it coming. Xander blocks my strike by grabbing my wrist then pulls me towards him. I slam into his granite body hard. BAM! OOF! The muscleman throws me to the mat then stands over me. Fuck this. I whip my leg, tripping him to the mat then dive on top of him. I lock on a headlock. I crank hard, punishing his empty head.

"First lesson. Basic headlock. You gotta make it real." I crank hard, listening for his moans of pain. As I work it, I tell Xander, "Ryker's nothing but a white bread version of me. And everybody knows white bread's no fucking good for you. He's a charity case around here, nothing more."

The muscleman forces me off him then rolls to the ropes. He gets to his knees and shakes out his head. As I calmly rise, Xander stares me down, looking angry. I pace and wait as he gets to his feet. He just nods his head. This training session is getting real. We both know where it's headed, proven by the fact that we're both tenting our tiny trunks.

Xander warns, "I'm gonna teach you to fucking sell pain, Mr. Hot Guy. The hard way. Get that sweet ass of yours ready, little man."

I grab my bulge and shake it, "Bring it on, dumbass. It's not my ass that needs to be ready."

Wrestle Time

We move in for a lock up. Xander's powerful, but he's slow and awkward. As he uses his strength to push me backwards, I simply turn. The ripped muscleman's momentum carries him into the corner, front first. CLANG! I charge in behind him, splashing across his broad back. SPLAT! The big man lets out a grunt as I bounce off.

When Xander spins to face me, I'm already in the air with a standing dropkick. My boots smash into his chiseled pecs hard. THUD! The meathead slams backwards into the turnbuckles. CLANG! As I rise, I realize too late that he's bouncing out of the corner right at me. The clumsy moron crashes into me, sending us both toppling down to the mat. WHACK! PLOP!

We scramble up. Xander kicks out, getting a lucky shot to my abs. THUD! OOF! I fall forward as he brings his forearm around, clipping me across the side of my head. CRACK! I spin around, stunned by the impact. I feel his arms wrap around my waist then pull me backwards into a reverse bearhug. OOF! The muscular meathead squeezes hard.

Xander laughs, “Look at that, Mr. Hot Guy, you can sell after all. I'm believing you're in pain.”

I growl, but then he shakes me back and forth in the bearhug and I let out another cry of pain. Fuck, he's strong. I grip his forearms and plant my feet. I push off, trying to topple us backwards, but Xander holds his ground, lifting me into the air and keeping me suspended. I gasp as breathing suddenly becomes more difficult. The asshole has luckily found the exact right spot, collapsing my sides.

Xander has to lower me. I fight through the pain, throwing my myself forward and twisting to the right. This time, I catch him by surprise. The muscleman flips over, losing his grip around my waist then landing on his back. WHAM! I stumble to my left, rising and stretching out. Fuck, he might be an idiot with no skill, but if he catches me, he can do some damage. I need to be more careful. I cannot lose a fuck stakes match to this guy. If I do, he'll tell everyone and I'll never live it down.

By the time I'm ready to go again, Xander is up to his feet. He has an arrogant smirk as we move in. We lock up in a collar-and-elbow. This time, I drop to one knee fast and twist. The muscleman falls forward over my shoulders, allowing me to easily flip him onto his back. I grab his hair and pull him to a seated position then lock on a chinlock.

Xander growls and struggles as I squeeze his head. He stupidly tries to pry my arms off. I wear him down with the classic hold until he finally realizes a better counter. The muscleman throws his body to the left forcing us to turn. The chinlock turns into a side headlock until he drives his elbow up into my abs. THUD! OOF! I lose the hold and we both rise again.

“Not as easy as you thought, is it Mr. Hot Guy?”

“Yeah, I really underestimated the power of your clumsiness and dumb luck.”

Xander just laughs. I guess you can't insult a guy’s skills when he doesn't give a shit about being any good. We move in again, but as soon as Xander takes a step, he sprints at me. I brace, but I can't block his mass. Wasn't expecting this. We collide hard, with me taking the brunt of it. I fly back three feet as his granite-like body knocks me onto my ass. PLOP! As he flies forward, his knee slams into my face, knocking me backwards. The back of my head slams into the mat and I'm seeing stars.

I writhe on the mat as Xander rights himself. The big man has big boots, which suddenly are driving down into my abs. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I flop under the force of the boots, which are tearing into my washboard stomach. The muscle holds, but I'm feeling every shot. I desperately roll away, sailing under the bottom rope. I fall to the floor, getting onto my hands and knees as I shake out my head. FUCK!

I force myself to get up. When I do, I look in the ring. No Xander. Suddenly, I get clubbed from behind by a double axehandle that sends me flying forward. I stumble all the way to the ringpost. CLANG! I hold on, steadying myself, but the muscular meathead suddenly has my hair. Before I can react, he pulls me backwards then slams my head on the ring apron. CRACK!

I drop to my knees, gripping the ring apron. I feel him grab the back of my trunks and my hair then lift me up. My trunks wedge up high between my ass cheeks as he forces me back into the ring. I struggle to rise, but I must be moving really slowly, because I suddenly feel his boot driving down on my back. THUD! SPLAT! I lie spreadeagle and face down as he holds me with one boot.

“Oh man, you should see my pump, Mr. Hot Guy. If I knew I'd look this good, I'd have beat on your ass before every show. Fuck, I'm amazing.”

Son of a bitch is flexing over me? I feel his boot rise then slam down onto my back repeatedly. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I bounce with every stomp before he kicks me onto my back. Xander towers over me, “I figured you'd wanna see this.” The ripped muscleman puts his boot on my pecs then leans forward. I feel all his weight bear down on my chest.

Xander flexes his bicep in front of my face, “Nice, right?” He kisses it then strikes a most muscular pose as he keeps me pinned with his boot. I get a burst of energy, throwing him off me then rolling away to one knee. When the meathead lumbers towards me, I meet him with a big shoulder block. THUD! OOF!

The big muscleman falls over my shoulder, but not really. I feel him grab me around the waist. I'm too slow to react as he rises, easily powering me up into an upside down reverse bearhug. I hang in his arms, helpless as he bounces me up and down. My arms flail, useless as I feel like I might hurl my pre-workout shake.

I get paraded around the ring, my midsection once again being crushed. I fight just to hold on and not submit. Fortunately, Xander tosses me down to mat. WHAM! The impact hurts, but it's better than where I was. The big muscleman grabs me by the hair then whips me into the corner. CLANG! I sag on the top rope, trying to recover as he poses in front me, showing off his ripped physique.

“You like what you see, Mr. Hot Guy? Yeah, of course you do.”

Xander stomps towards me. I lash out with a boot to his abs. THUD! He actually ignores it, his granite 6-pack withstanding the blow. The ripped muscleman grabs me by the hair as he presses his body on top of mine. I'm crushed between the turnbuckles and his big body. The chiseled meathead forces my face into his chest then pulls my head back roughly.

We stare at each other. Xander pumps his hips, dry humping my stomach. He forces my face forward again, telling me to lick his chest. Yeah, right. I keep my tongue in my mouth. Instead, I whip my arms around his waist for a bearhug. I squeeze hard and try to lift him, but he grabs the rope for leverage and I can't budge him.. He laughs then slaps me across the face. SMACK!

Xander says, “Little assholes like you can win a fake fight, Mr. Hot Guy, but here? Muscle beats bullshit every time.”

The big muscleman throws his right forearm across the side of my head. CRACK! My head bounces and I might actually black out, because I blink and his hands are suddenly around my throat. With a big grunt, Xander lifts me up into a suspended choke hold. I hang there, struggling for breath. I'd be done, except I manage to get my feet on the middle ropes, easing some of the pressure.

The muscular meathead laughs, “C’mon, just give.”

I growl as I push off the ropes. We fly backwards. Xander can't keep his grip and I fall to the mat. I cough for air. He's in on me fast with big boots. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! He calls me a fake tough guy, telling me I'm no better than the slobs who pay to worship him. I'm flattened onto my back, my pecs and abs red from the rough boot abuse. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

Xander stops stomping me. He drops down and mounts me in a schoolboy pin. He slides up, making sure his package is at my chin. The chiseled muscleman strikes a double bicep pose then brings his hand down to his trunks. He works his cock back-and-forth. It's hard in his white trunks. I don't bother to fight back, using the time to recover. Luckily, he can't count to three, so he's not treating this like a pin.

The dominant muscleman pulls down the front of his trunks then wedges them under his balls. He taps my face with his rock hard cock. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! I just take the humiliation, trying to be smart. Xander presses his head against my lips. He orders me to kiss it. I just stare up at him, knowing that if I open my mouth to respond, he'll try to shove it in.

Xander goes back to tapping, “See, Mr. Hot Guy, you're a pony boy. See, one of my regulars explained it to me. He said most of my guys are puppies. They just wanna please a master. You? You're like he was. You wanna be broken. You talk tough and play rough, but you're really just looking for someone to break you in. Well, congrats. You found him.”

I keep my mouth tight as I respond, “Fuck, you're a complete idiot.”

“Yeah?” Xander tucks his steel rod back into his trunks then reaches back to grab my cock in my trunks. It's hard. He asks, “Why you liking this so much, Mr. Hot Guy?”

I casually answer, “It's a hot scene. I never said you weren't hot. I said you were a lazy wrestler.”

“Uh huh. A lazy wrestler who's kicking your ass.”

“I haven't submitted, have I?”

Xander sneers, “I can change that real fast.”

The big muscleman grabs my head and rolls us to the side. He pulls my head between his legs, but it takes him too long to get into position. I pull free and scramble to my feet as he rises. As Xander gets up, I wait until he looks away. I charge in, spearing him with my shoulder. THUD! We fly backwards into the ropes then bounce off, clumsily falling in the middle of the ring.

We grapple on the mats. Xander keeps trying to pin me, but I'm squirmy and know a lot of counters. We're sweating like crazy as he plays offense and I'm stuck on defense. It's working, though. I hear him breathing harder and harder. Our sweat helps me slip free of his poorly crafted attempts at pinning me. He doesn't know any real holds, meaning I just have to keep moving.

After a few minutes of intense mat work, Xander swears then rolls away. He kneels on the mat, looking pissed and frustrated. I kneel across from him with a grin, “Tell me again how Muscle beats skill? What happened, Pony Whisperer?”

Xander just nods as he rises, looking at me with hard eyes. I rise to face him. He charges in hard. I see it coming, but it's one thing to anticipate it and quite another to be able to do anything about it. He runs into me like a Mack Truck. WHAM! The force of the shoulder block sends me flying back into the corner. CLANG! I sag against the turnbuckles.

The muscular meathead charges in to splash me, but I've recovered thanks to the lengthy schoolboy. As soon as he leaves his feet, I drop and roll under him. There's nothing he can do as he lands hard on the padded turnbuckle. THUD! OOF! I smoothly spring to my feet just as he bounces off. Xander holds his stomach, leaving him wide open for me to leap onto his back.

I lock on a sleeper. Xander lets out a gurgle as he stumbles and staggers around the ring with me hanging from his back. I squeeze tightly and it only takes seconds before he drops to one knee. Now that I have the height advantage, I lean forward, increasing the force. The big muscleman's arms flail around, getting obviously weaker and weaker.

I pump the sleeper and the arms fall to the side. Xander collapses to the side, sitting on his ass. I'm the only thing holding him up. When I let go, he finishes toppling down onto his right side. I lift his left arm then let it drop. PLOP! I do it again. PLOP! And just to make sure, I do it for a third time. PLOP! Done. Idiot.

Back to Training

I slap Xander awake. SMACK! His eyes snap open. The muscleman tries to rise, but my shin is pressing down on his chest, keeping him down. I flex over him with a smirk. The groggy hunk growls then throws me off him. He awkwardly gets to his feet then stumbles around. I rise slowly, waiting for him to get his bearings.

Xander shakes out his head then looks confused. He looks at his feet. His bare feet. I lean back in the far corner, my hips forward, showing off my big package. I'm just smirking as he looks at me with anger.

“Where the fuck are my boots?”

“Wrestlers wear boots. You're not a wrestler, yet. You want them back? You have to earn them.” I push out of the corner and saunter to the left. “Now, you going to listen to me?”

“Yeah. I'm going to listen to you. Listen to you scream!”

The muscular meathead charges at me. I meet the charge and this time, I manage to shift in time. I grab his wrist then turn and flip him over with an arm drag takedown. WHAM! Xander rises fast, holding his back. He comes at me again, so I drop him with another arm drag takedown. WHAM! The big muscleman is slower to rise and this time, he stays back.

I tell him, “I've seen what you can do and it wasn't much. Now, you want to train or you want me to knock you out again?”

Xander nods, “Okay, okay. We can train.”

The muscleman extends a hand to shake. I accept. Of course he uses the grip to pull me towards him. He might've been going for a bearhug, but we'll never know, because I start lifting my knee up as soon as our hands touch. The muscular moron ends up driving my knee into his own bulge. SQUISH! AHHH! He bends forward, mouth hanging open in shock.

I grab him by the hair, “Here's a lesson for you. Don't try to outsmart anyone.”

I drag him to the corner then slam his face onto the top turnbuckle. CRACK! I do it three more times. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! When I let go, the big muscleman is wobbly. He staggers backwards, looking dazed. I hop onto the middle turnbuckle then leap off, slamming my shoulder into him hard. CRASH! I roll to my feet as he tries to rise.

As Xander gets to one knee, I kick him in the back, sending him sprawling out on his stomach. WHACK! SPLAT! I grab him by his hair then force him onto his knees. I move in front and lock on a kiss of death sleeper. The muscle stud struggles, but it's too late. I work it right and he's out in seconds, just as unconscious as last time.

I drop him to the mat, shaking my head. He's going to be stubborn.

Let’s Try This Again

I grab some water then pour a little on his face to wake him up. He rises to a seated position then shakes out his head. FUCK! Xander spins and rises, but he does it too fast. The big muscleman falls back against the ropes, woozy and confused. He stands up, finally coming to for real. When he does, he looks down at his crotch. His bare crotch. FUCK!

“Gimme my trunks back!”

“No. You can earn them back.”

“I'm not wrestling naked. It's not fair. And I could, you know, hurt something I don't wanna hurt.” Xander strikes a double bicep pose, “I make a shitload more money off this -“ he kisses his bicep then drops one arm to shake his junk at me, “- and this than I do fucking wrestling.”

I shrug, “Okay, bye.”

Xander doesn't want to wrestle
naked, but it's not his choice.

Xander hesitates, surprised I'm calling his bluff. He says, “Ben told you to train me.”

“Yep, he sure did.”

The big muscleman's eyes narrow and he marches up to me. We bump bodies as the naked muscle stud towers over me. My boots make us a little closer in height, but I'm still staring at his chin. Xander growls, “You're a cocky fucker, Mr. Hot Guy. Fuck you.”

I smirk as he turns to leave the ring. I relax, waiting for him to come to his senses. Before I can respond, Xander surprises me with a donkey kick to my abs. THUD! OOF! I fall forward as he spins then clubs me on the back. I drop to my knees as he grabs my hair. Xander shoves my head between his rock hard legs in a standing head scissors. I groan as he squeezes hard.

Xander flexes his legs and I feel the pressure rise. Fuck! The big muscleman has me locked up tight. I moan as he crushes my head. The ripped stud has me seeing stars. I feel weak, barely able to get one leg up. I plant my right foot as I grip his knees. I swing my hand up to grab his cock, but it gets swatted away.

“No, no, no. Keep your hands off my junk. No fucking escape, Mr. Hot Guy. Now it's your turn to go out.”

I whimper as I realize he might be right. It's hard to focus. Hard to think. It's now or never. I fire my fists into sides of his knees. WHACK! WHACK! I feel him wobble, using the distraction to push up. I cry out as I strain to flip him over my back. With only one leg, I can't manage it, but I do get him off-balance. He stumbles and I manage to slip my head free.

Xander pounds the mat as I shake out the cobwebs. I force myself to rise, but the big muscleman is gone. Suddenly from behind, I get kicked hard between the shoulders blades. WHACK! SPLAT! I fly forward, my head smacking into the bottom turnbuckle. My body goes limp as I struggle to keep conscious. I feel his hands slide into the waistband of my trunks.

My trunks are peeled off my ass. I moan for him to stop, but Xander just spanks my bare ass. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I cry out then flop onto my back. The front of my trunks hangs low, digging in at the base of my cock. The muscle stud is feeling cocky. He grabs my wrist then forces me to my feet. I lash out with a weak fist that just bounces off his eight-pack abs. THUD!

Xander spins me around then locks on a full nelson. I feel his cock press against my back as my shoulders are collapsed. I grunt in pain. Fuck, he's a beast. I flex to break out, but I'm not sure he even notices. Suddenly, he starts shaking me. I whimper in pain, unable to keep it in. I fly back and forth, whipped around. I cry out then he stops. My moans slow down until I feel my ass cheeks split by his cock head. It presses against my hole.

I beg, “Don't! Don't!”

Xander laughs, “Say it, Mr. Hot Guy! Say you fucking give!”

“I give, I give!”

Xander throws me down to the mat. He grabs my trunks then finishes pulling them off me. I writhe on the mat. He straddles my waist, towering over me, spinning my trunks on his finger. “I guess you're right about how you sell shit worth selling. You sold that real nice.”

The big muscleman strikes a double bicep pose. I just look up, recovering from the brutal full nelson. Xander steps forward, his feet up by my head. I stare up at his taint then he pulls my trunks on, tucking his junk inside. I growl then he drops his ass down, doing a series of squats over my face. On the sixth one, he falls back, planting his ass on my pecs.

Xander taps my head, “Looks like I'm in charge now, Mr. Hot Guy.”

I remind him, “Big deal. One fall. I put you out - ARGH!”

The big muscleman whips his hand back, grabbing my cock and balls in his oversized paw. He squeezes his claw on my junk and I cry out. He crushes my manhood, forcing me to beg him to stop. Xander laughs then lets go. He smirks, “That's another one for me.”

Time to Get Serious

Xander rolls to the side, finally getting off me. I breathe in deeply, pissed at myself for losing to this big ape. Especially losing my trunks. I mean, what the fuck, Mateo? Get it together. The muscle beast reaches out and palms my head like a basketball. He rises, forcing me up with him. When we're standing, he slaps me across the face. SMACK! It stings.

The now-cocky muscleman taunts me, “Where's the big talk now, Mr. Hot Guy? Maybe Ben should've asked Ryker to train me.”

I angrily pull away, shaking free of his grip. Xander doesn't like that. He lashes out with a clothesline. I see it coming and tanks to his height, I easily duck the clumsy swing. I stop short as he flies by me. I leap and grab his head from behind, dragging him down with a bulldog. CRACK! WHAM! I push his limp carcass onto his back then climb to my feet.

I stomp his chiseled physique, “Bet you're wishing you'd have taken my boots instead of my trunks. Right, big man?”

Xander grunts, waking up. I leap in the air, coming down with a big leg drop across his head. WHACK! I roll around then grab his ears. I lift his head then slam it back down onto the ring. CRACK! Now the muscleman is real dazed. I casually spin around then lock on a figure-four head scissors. Xander suddenly wakes up, flailing his arms, but it's too late. I tighten my legs and he's done.

I release him then check his arm. Nothing. I smirk then go for my trunks. I strip him again then slide back into my gear. As I look over his naked carcass, I think about what to do. The muscleman has fight in him and the power to make this difficult, even if he lacks skill and brains. I can't just keep knocking him out and waking him up. I need to break the fucker.

Breaking In Xander

Okay, no more mistakes.

I know can't really move him now that he's 260-lbs of dead weight. And if he wakes up when I'm in a awkward position, he could regain the advantage. Instead, I roll him onto his stomach. I spread his ass cheeks then spit on his hole. I wrap my finger in my trunks then force it inside him. I slide the spandex in and out, finger fucking him awake.

Xander moans as I work his hole then as he becomes more and more aware, he suddenly jolts up with a start. He rolls onto his side and my spandex-wrapped finger slides out. I waste no time. I roughly push him onto his stomach. He's too dazed to properly resist, making it easy as I mount him then lift the big muscleman up into a camel clutch. ARGH!

As my victim moans, I lean forward towards his ear, “Gonna keep fighting me?”

“Fuck! Let me go, asshole!”

I pull back hard, making it hurt. Xander cries out, moaning loudly as I torture his back. I add a fish hook and he actually screams. When I release it, the big muscleman doesn't give, but he swears at me and vows revenge in between pained grunts. I reach over his shoulders and grab his pecs before I shift to a sleeper, slowly working my hand from his pec around his throat.

“No! Cmon, man! Don't put me out again. Seriously!”

“You giving?”

Hesitation, but when I secure the sleeper, Xander submits to me. I release him then rise as he writhes between my boots. I grab his gelled hair and from behind, I force him up to his feet. I pull backwards on his hair as I turn and put my shoulders against his back. Before he even gets what I'm doing, I squat and lift the 260-lbs of chiseled muscle across my shoulders. ARGH!

I steady myself, struggling to control him, but I manage it. Of course Xander is screaming like a whiny bitch. My feet are spread and my knees are bent. I'm grunting, but he's screaming. After the camel, the muscle beast cant resist the pain of the rack. I just have to hold him. Hold him. Hold him. Just a little longer. The way he's crying it'll be any second now.

The big muscleman says the magic words, “I give, I give! Let me down!”

I drop him and he collapses into a heap. Xander reaches for his back, rubbing and massaging it. “Ah, you stupid fuck. You hurt my fucking back. How the fuck am I gonna - “ STOMP! That shuts him up. I step over his waist then reach down to grab his ankles. He questions what I'm doing, but doesn't fight me. A good sign that he's not fighting. A bad sign that he can't figure out something as simple as this.

I lock the muscular meathead’s ankles under my armpits then lean back. Xander cries out in pain, begging me to stop. I squat down lower, folding him more. He pounds the mat in frustration and cries out in pain. The third tough back attack in a few minutes is working really well. I love the sounds of his moans as they get higher-pitched, louder and faster.

Xander is whimpering now. He lacks the basic knowledge of how to counter, meaning I can lean back even farther and really apply the pressure. With no threat of a reversal, I'm gonna make this asshole feel it. The naked muscleman is alternating between cursing me out and pleading with me to ‘be cool’.

I laugh, “What do you mean? Trust me, I'm being really fucking cool right now.”

Xander finally remembers the magic words, “I submit, I submit. Lemme go, man!”

I drop his legs then turn around. As I reach down and grab his hair, I tell him, “That's right, I am the man. You fucking remember that.”

I lift his head then force him up to hands and knees by his hair. I drag him to the ropes, putting him over the middle rope. He just follows, really obedient. I like. I drape him so his head, shoulders and arms are outside the ring, the wrapped cable cutting across his pecs. I reach back and grab his butt cheek, lifting his bare ass up in the air.

I drop to one knee then spank his sculpted ass. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He squirms, but I warn him to ‘be a man and take his punishment’. Xander relaxes, not wanting me to shift to something more painful. I tan his ass good as revenge for his spanking of me. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! When I'm done, I move back to his head.

Xander tries to get off the rope, but I grab his hair again. I lift, forcing him to his feet, but with his upper body outside the ropes and his legs inside. As I pull back on his hair, the top rope cuts into his back and the middle rope cuts into his thighs. The big muscleman reaches for the hand holding his hair, but I release it and grab him inside the elbows. I pull back, sliding my hands down his forearms until I've got both wrists in a tight grip.

I pull back on his arms and the muscle beast moans. I put my right foot on his ass for leverage and the moans get louder. I pull back hard, arching his back as the ropes hold him in position. He's crying out, “AW, FUCK. OW. AH. AH.” I tell him to submit and he obeys quickly. “I SUBMIT! I SUBMIT!” I ease up, but I keep a tight grip.

Before I let go, I warn him, Here's another lesson. Grab the top ropes or you'll get thrown forward and fall to the floor.”

“Okay, okay!” I let go. Xander fumbles, but manages to latch on with his right hand and steady himself.

I tell him, “Good, boy. You can learn. You learned anything else?”

“My back. Can't take any more. I gotta stop.”

“Okay, you've learned that I can hurt you. That's good, but you haven't learned that I'm the boss. I order. You obey. I'll decide when we stop. Got it?”

“Look, man, I'm serious. I really can't - ARGH!”

I grab him under the chin from behind with both hands. I pull him back fast, arching his back over the top rope. I force him to stare at the ceiling as the middle rope holds his legs in place. I keep one hand on his chin then deliver a serious of forearm smashes to his chest. THUD! THUD! THUD! I let go and he flies forward. He barely manages to hold onto the top rope, but he does.

I praise him, “Nice. That could've been a nasty fall.” He just moans, so I grab him around the waist then pull him back into the ring. As he rises, I squeeze harder around his midsection. The muscle beast moans, feeling the force of my reverse bearhug. With all the back work I've done, Xander is already moaning. He grabs my forearms, but for support. I feel no counter force on them. Perfect.

I shake the big muscleman back and forth. He flops from side to side. It's tough to control his weight, but I don't have to do it for long. All the fight is gone from him. Within seconds he's submitting to a hold that would never have worked when we started. “I GIVE! I GIVE!” I toss him to the mat where he writhes, pleading for me to stop.

I kick him onto his back then plant my boot on his chest. I lean forward and hold my hand in front of his face. I count. “ONE!” I pause as we stare into each other's eyes. It'd be so easy for him to lift a shoulder. “TWO!” I wait for him to do something, but he just lies there, looking up at me with soft, meek eyes. I flick my ring finger, “THREE!”

Holding my three fingers in front of his face, I ask, "You gonna listen to me from now on?"


"Do exactly what I say without bullshit?"


"Good. Now, I suggest you start fingering that ass of yours, because I've got a big dick and I'm in no mood to hear more of your whining."

Xander's eyes go wide. As soon as I move off towards the ropes, he lifts his legs and gets to work. I smirk then hop out to grab lube and condoms. I didn't want to train this idiot, but now I'm glad I accepted Ben's request. Not only does it help me score points with the big boss, but now I've got my own big muscleman to break in. If it works out, I'm a hero. If it doesn't, at least I tried.

Fuck Ryker and anyone else who thinks they can knock me off. I'm gonna make sure everyone knows who the number one stud in this stable is.


I watch the naked muscleman writhe on the mat as he toys with his ass. As he tries to go deeper, he lets out a moan then grabs his back. Xander flops flat on the mat, spreadeagle. He says, "Oh fuck, man. I might not be able to lift tomorrow, man."

I move in and put my boot back on his chest, "You should be more worried about being able to walk tomorrow." I rub the throbbing rod in my trunks.

At a stacked 8", this is another area where I've got the big muscleman beat. Xander licks his lips and forgets all about his back. He reaches up and caresses the leather of my boot on his chest. He seductively says, "So what're you gonna do now? You gonna teach me a hard lesson, Mr. Hot Guy?"

I smirk. Nice to see the muscle stud has a submissive side. Not that I don't, but I prefer to be on top. Ben's about the only guy around here I'd willingly bottom for. He's the only one man enough. Fuck, I get harder thinking about a hot fuck session with Ben and that hot, tight body of his. One day. Hell, maybe I'll top him, instead. Oh fuck, I could shoot right now.

I focus back on my current victim, "You like what you see, big man?" Xander nods. I back off and spread my arms, "Show me."

Xander rolls up with a big smile. He comes in close, reaching for my pecs. The big muscleman knows how to appreciate a body. I know he rents himself out for worship sessions, so he gets it. He runs his big paws over my chest then up onto my shoulders. The big stud looks at me with lust and his cock is standing straight out. As he leans in to kiss my bicep, he softly moans his own name. I suddenly realize, he's imagining himself. I don't think so, dude.

I order, "Say my name as you worship me, boy." Xander nods and mutters Mateo. I shake my head, "Start over. I want to hear you tell me how hot I am. How my muscles are better than yours. How I beat you. The same shit your customers tell you."

Xander breathes in deep then slides his hands back to my chest. He says, "Oh Mr. Mateo. You're so hot. I can't believe I'm getting to touch your body. You're so strong, Mr. Mateo." I smile as he pulls the words from his own sessions. When he gets back to my bicep, he kisses it then says, "I can feel the strength in your arms. God, you're perfection. So much - b-better - than me."

At the little catch in his voice, I grab his head and pull it into my flexing bicep. He drops to a knee as I rub his face against my muscle. When I pull his head away, Xander can't look away from my arm. He moans, "Oh thank you, Mr. Mateo. Thank you for letting me taste your power." It's much more sincere as he gets back to work.

Xander kicks my abs while gripping my ass. He says, "You feel so good, Mr. Mateo. The body that defeated mine. The muscles that made me submit. You're so mighty." My legs get lovingly caressed then he kneels on his heels. The submissive muscle stud looks up at me, "May I remove your trunks, Mr. Mateo? May I gaze on your majestic cock?"

I laugh at how smoothly his clients' words flow from his mouth now. No hesitation, no sarcasm, just honest admiration. I reward him by allowing him to strip me, "Yes you may, boy. Now you'll really get to taste my power."

The big muscle beast reaches up and slowly works my trunks off. When he lowers the front, revealing my hard member, Xander lets out a gasp, "It's so beautiful, Mr. Mateo. Thank you for allowing me to look at it."

"You'll get to do a lot more than that."

Xander smiles, eagerly finishing the job of peeling my trunks down. I grab his overly gelled hair and shake his head until he lets his neck go limp. With complete control over the muscleman, I pull him towards my cock. He opens his mouth, but I slap him with my stacked 8”. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! This is all mental. Like a lot of gym rats, the big man is very trainable when given a goal. You just need to keep on them.

I grab my cock with my other hand then slap it on his bottom lip. He extends his tongue, giving me a nice big target. I lift my cock away resting the head on his cheek. He just waits patiently, which makes me smirk. I can just imagine all the guys he's done this to. It's all been training for this moment. Xander knows exactly how to treat a man, because he's been treated so well.

I finally let him suck on my cock. He has to open real wide to take it, but with me controlling his head, the big muscleman finally gets comfortable. I let go and put my hands on my hips, watching him work. Fuck, he's so hot. Xander bobs up and down, going as deep as he can. He gags a ton, but he goes right back to it.

Xander's not bad at this. Not great, either. You can tell he's always been a top. Guy knows what to do, but hasn't had enough practice to do it right. He's sloppy and my cock slides out as he struggles to manage it. It's cool. He's trying and that's the point. I'm rock hard more from his submission that his technique, but it's all the same. I feel my load building.

I pull away then order him onto his back. He lifts his legs and grabs tight behind his knees, presenting for me. I sheathe my cock then move in. I lube him up good, fingering his hole to open him up some more. He did a good job on himself, but with my dick, it's gonna hurt. Xander moans and closes his eyes as I place my head against his hole.

“Look at me, boy.”

Xander opens his eyes and stares at me, “Yes sir, Mr. Mateo.”

I slide in carefully. The muscleman gasps and his mouth opens wide. His face is etched in pain, so I tell him to relax and breathe. He obeys. So trainable. I get Xander focused on me as I force my way inside his virgin ass. I remind him that he's a lifter. He's used to pain. He gets off on it. The ripped hunk starts nodding and smiling at the power of my suggestion. He embraces the pain like he embraces his workouts.

Once I'm in deep, it's easy. I start pounding him, building up speed. Xander cries out my name, begging me to own him. He slips in a ‘daddy’ , which makes me go even harder on his ass. Fuck, this muscle boy is mine. All mine. I own him. Fuck, I crushed him and now I fucking own him. He's my boy. Mine. Mine! MINE!

I tense up and freeze inside him. My cock explodes into the latex pouch as I cry out in victory. Fuck! I start pumping again, breeding him as I shoot inside this chiseled muscleman. I drain every drop from my big rod, making him take every drop. I'm sweaty and breathing hard as I start to soften. I slide out and fall back onto my ass. I unsheathe my cock and catch my breath.

Xander just stays in position until I tell him to relax. I order him to grab his trunks then get onto his knees. I tell him to look at me and work his dick. He gladly obeys, quickly pounding out a big load onto his own trunks. He wipes up the excess with the spandex briefs. Yeah, a little reminder of who's the boss, meathead.

I get up and grab my stuff, telling Xander he's in charge of cleanup. He hangs his head, but does it. Naked, he mops the ring, wipes down the ropes and turnbuckles, acting as the world’s sexiest janitor. I stretch out while he works. When he's done, we head to the showers.

New Recruit

As we stand under the soothing spray, I tell him, "I'm not done with you, you know."

"What?" Xander looks confused.

I say, "You heard me. You're gonna start working on more than just your body. You're gonna learn how to fuckin' wrestle. I'm gonna turn you into something and you're gonna thank me. Just like you did tonight. I own that ass of yours, boy."

The big muscleman nods. He moves in then drops to a knee, my shower spraying down on him. Xander looks up, "I'm all yours, Mr. Mateo." He engulfs my cock again. I grab his thick black hair and look down at him. Yeah, big boy, suck me. Looks like I've got a protege. It never hurts to have allies in wrestling. Xander might not be a great wrestler now, but he's tough and hot. He could be a star one day. I'm gonna get Ben to re-cast him as my buddy. Link our stars.

I let him work me hard then I shoot down his throat. Xander swallows every drop, slurping up my seed like a good student. I pull him off and force him up by his hair. I lean in and kiss him hard, tasting my cum. When we break, I ask what he's going to tell Ben. He promises to try harder and give me all the credit. As long as we can have more private training.

I playfully tap his face and smile, "Good boy."

Yeah, he'll do just fine.

The End


  1. Ack! I loved it!

    I was excited about a Xander story after his brief introduction last time, and boy howdy, he did NOT disappoint! Like Julie Brown, I like 'em big and stupid, and the way you wrote Xander (and Xander through Mateo) really got to me. A hot powerful moron, my one weakness!

    I was honestly expecting this to be a one-sided squash of Mateo owning Xander, and was pleasantly surprised how it actually turned out. Good to see the big guy get some offense in--and sometimes it IS good to be lucky. But watching Mateo take back control was always fun. Putting him out so many times, I love it. And "seeing" as the training happens--for example, teaching Xander to hold onto the rope so he won't fall. So good.

    And the end! Mateo's going to "keep" Xander! Oh I'd LOVE to see more of those two, as a team.

    Oh, and "charity case"? Poor Ryker! Ha ha, I love how different the vibe is here than in the Cave. Instead of heroes and villains, just a lot of wrestlers with egos. At first glance it would seem like that would make things a little more light-hearted, but there's a lot of room for jealousy and in-fighting and back-stabbing. I love it.

    And the fighting continues sexy, as always. Always a fun read! Thank you, Alex!

    1. You are very welcome, Sean. I'm so glad it feels different than The Cave in a positive way.

      I love guys like Xander, too. It's a happy coincidence that I posted two Vinny Quick Hits right before this. Not exactly the same character, but they're variations on that theme, I think.

      And very happy that the POV is coming through after just two stories. This is a pro wrestling federation and school with a bunch of hot, testosterone-filled studs all trying to get ahead. You always hear about backstage politics, fights and shenanigans in pro wrestling, so it only made sense to me that it would be true at CLAW, too.

  2. Excellent! I'm usually a fan of the big muscle guy squashing the little guy but this is so well done that the reversal was very hot!

  3. "It doesn't bug you?"

    And with that simple line.... I was hooked. Maybe I'm easy prey, but I guess I'm not alone. This was hot. Lots of energy and chemistry. You can feel the egos exploding here in this story. Mateo doesn't want to lose to a loser, afraid for his reputation. Xander is one lucky man (according to Mateo who might not like to give him credit) . Definitely the smaller guy won here and it's interesting because skill won over size and power. But it's also interesting the whole Ryker mental angle that Xander threw in the middle of the match. Not so stupid I think. The guy got under Mateos skin.
    Having said that, it was so cool how when Cander was humping Mateo, he just went with it, taking as time for a break. It was not the only time in this story that you wrote the concept of "experience" in a demonstrable way. Kudos. I agree with Sean in that CLAW has a completely different vibe. And we have yet to see Ben in a more active role! He is a legend in the Cave blog as a whole. A major character. I love this series. It might not be superhero themed, but I love it. Having said that though we don't know their characters in the ring, and that's another element of growth in the series, because we've only seen the bts stuff, so hopefully we will see some of their in ring characters. But I love that it's a lot of bts and the drama that happens while still providing the wrestling and sex that we all love. Lol. I think this series is here to stay!!! Super vote of confidence! Hot hot hot. Triple hot.

    1. Thanks!

      CLAW will be behind the scenes for a while. I want to set up a strong roster as characters, so that will take some time. I hear you on Ben. I didn't want this to be a Ben series, but he is definitely omni-present. Eventually, you know he'll have to get hands on with these guys.

  4. Aw, I clearly have a thing for these dumb, massive wrestlers who love to submit in the end, whether they admit the truth or not. Xander is wonderful and so hot! I did enjoy how he put up a fight, but Mateo kept taking him down over and over until he realized who was in charge. If he can actually learn to wrestle from Mateo, he could be a real threat with his size.

    I 'm guessing Ryker won't be too happy if he finds out what Mateo has been saying about him. Future rivalry incoming?

    Also, I'm looking forward to seeing Ben show up. It's always fun when he reminds them who is in command. I wonder if he'll get romantically involved with one of his wrestlers or if he's taking a break from serious relationships after Dylan?

    I'm hoping Koke makes an appearance soon too. Yum!

    1. Thanks, Mike! I also love guys like Xander, so I'm glad to read that I hit a theme for other guys, too.

      Ben will be part of the series, but not in an overtly active role for some time. I really want to establish the wrestlers and don't want them to get overshadowed. Hopefully folks will like them enough to not be missing Ben wrestling too much.

      A rivalry between Mateo and Ryker? It certainly sounds that way, doesn't it? At least on Mateo's part. So much drama behind the scenes. Why can't people just get along?

      As for Koke, all I will say is that CLAW 3 appears 12/15.