Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Review: Justin Powers vs. Luke Maxwell (Muscleboy Wrestling)

I'm back already with more Justin Powers from Muscleboy Wrestling. I've watched all four matches so far and they're all very entertaining. I chose this one to review second for no particular reason, other than it's somewhat unique among the four.

Justin faces his toughest challenge
so far against Luke Maxwell.

Justin Powers is back and he's amazing. I find him so hot, but same as last time, it's as much who he is as what he looks like. I swear that he's a dream opponent. He's the guy every fan should want to wrestle, have sex with then grab a beer. Neither heel nor face, he's like a force of nature on the mats, just pure sexual energy and passion for wrestling.

I also like Luke Maxwell. He's big and strong, able to compete with Justin, which makes things even hotter. The guy is fairly serious about the action, but he's all-in for everything and I love that attitude. Whether he's playing with himself, a whimpering victim or a dominant top, Luke was compelling to me.

Pleasure and pain ... Justin is proving himself to
be a master of wrestling as foreplay.

Luke checks out Justin and why not? Go for it, Luke!

Sexy and strong in his little fundoshi.

It all starts out with Luke getting ready by playing with himself as he waits in the ring room. Of course Justin loves that. Talk turns to gear then stakes where the winner gets the loser's trunks. A great setup, one I myself have written about (and done).

This is the most competitive of the four Justin matches I've seen. It's the only one where Justin's loss of control is due to his opponent's strength and ability. In the other three, Justin seems to let his opponent have a turn on top, whereas Luke takes it and knows what to do with it. Justin legitimately submits, losing his trunks early, as you can tell from the images. Luke loses his then the final 10 minutes are white fundoshi (Justin) vs. black mesh jock (Luke).

While these two are pretty evenly matched, the winner wins clearly and definitively. I like how it all works out. Stamina wins the day as the loser struggles to keep up, tiring out and becoming a ragdoll for the winner. It's like the loser is a wham-bam guy, while the winner can go all-night. Makes sense to me.

Luke's camel is good ...

... but Justin's is better.

A slam? A piledriver? Either way it's the kind
of move that wins you a pair of new trunks!

Action-wise, you're looking at some extended periods of dominance for both guys, multiple submissions and a lot of erotic wrestling. There's about two minutes of setup, 26 minutes of wrestling then the video ends with the loser spending seven minutes playing with himself as he thinks about his defeat and loss of his prized trunks.

One of the things that really makes this work is that both guys are great both ways. They're strong enough and skilled enough to dominate well. They suffer convincingly and sexily.

Justin sure does like Luke's trunks.

Luke does us all a favor and
shows off a helpless Justin.

Shiny Justin is one of the sexiest sweat-ers.

In the end, this fun and flirty video is another winner for me. It's two great guys in a sexy stakes battle (trunks being the stakes, not sex). I can't believe Justin is a rookie. He's so compelling as an erotic wrestler with superstar presence and personality. I also liked Luke. His dominance of Justin is great and by the end, he is a selling machine. Great stuff.

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  1. Thanks Alex for the nice review! These two REALLY were into each other and they were LEGIT fighting for those trunks. Much more to come (including ring matches) for both these hot muscle boys. catalog 4 coming SOON! ;)

    1. Thanks for the inside scoop. The sexual tension felt real, so glad it was!

    2. What happened to the muscleboyswrestling Instagram account??