Thursday, September 28, 2017

Review: Justin Powers vs. JJ Allen (Muscleboy Wrestling)

The completist in me felt compelled to cover the fifth of five Justin Powers matches I have. It would've been okay to do one or three, but four of five just gnawed at me. So here we are. Looking at Justin Powers vs. JJ Allen from Muscleboy Wrestling.

Can JJ really resist Justin's charms?

I've covered Justin Powers multiple times in a short period of time. This is a great showing for him. He looks great. He sounds great. And he really makes the most of every opportunity to savor his opponent. In a case of truth in advertising, he wears red-white-and-blue trunks with STUD written on the front. Yeah, there's no denying that!

JJ Allen is smooth, white and fresh-faced. He reminds me of a classic soft-bellied jobber, except he has a little more attitude. JJ is in the same denim pattern trunks that Sean Duran wore during his match with Justin. They look great on him and very appropriate, like a farm boy.

Skin like buttah.

It's a mutual admiration society.

Justin makes the most of this camel.

This video begins with JJ stretching then Justin making his usual dramatic entrance. Justin is into JJ right away, although the reverse might not be true. Justin is the cocky dominator while JJ is 100% whimpering wuss. He moans and cries, offering no real resistance to the STUD.

Justin has his way with JJ, forcing multiple submissions, waiting for the jobber in jean trunks to finally just give in for good. I was surprised how passive JJ is here, but then again, I can see how a guy might be all "Own me STUD!" in Justin's presence. And Justin is just the type to take full advantage of that, which he does here. For example, I love the exploration in the camel and there's a hot rack with ball grab.

Justin dominates most of the match,
getting multiple submissions out of JJ.

JJ worships the superior wrestler.
Or maybe not ...

Uh oh, JP, looks like JJ's just not that into you.

I do like how JJ keeps coming back for more, even after saying he can't handle any more. The guy is a total tease, playing hard-to-get, while acting easy. After submitting for the umpteenth time, he initiates a sexy worship session, paying homage to the man who just manhandled him so easily. JJ's hands slide over Justin's thighs in the schoolboy pin and we all know it's over.

Or is it? Just as you think this soft-bellied jobber is just a doughy plaything, JJ surprises everyone with a surprise attack that flips the script, bringing down the stud. It took 17 minutes into this 32 minute video, but JJ has rope-a-doped his way into the dominant position. The whimpering wuss turns the tables and makes this a competitive battle.

Uh, where did this JJ come from?

Can JJ end this with those silky thighs?

Or will Justin come back to own JJ once and for all?

In the end, I really liked this one. It's sexy and smart as the guys play their roles beautifully. JJ provides the right combination of fight and submission, cocky and meek to make this really engaging. While he occasionally fights the hot hunk's advances, he also proves he's into Justin, but just not willing to look 'easy'. I get that. Of course, Justin knows exactly what to do with the smooth and soft stud at all times, even as he gets a taste of his own medicine.

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