Sunday, September 24, 2017

Review: Cole Cassidy vs. Tarzan Tyler Reese (BGEast)

A recent comment got me thinking about this classic BGEast match again. I knew I wanted to post about Cole Cassidy vs. Tarzan Tyler Reese as soon as I read the comment, so here we are. I even VOD'ed it, because my copy is good enough for me, but not as good as I wanted for a post.

It's a classic featuring one of my favorite things
in the world - a sexy stud in a loincloth.

I love, love, love this match. It has everything you'd want in a Tarzan match, except for the jungle. Tarzan Tyler Reese acts like a jungle man, has beautiful long flowing hair and wears a skimpy loincloth. The tiny brown leather gear is probably too small, as it doesn't exactly stay in pace at the start, but it holds up throughout and any wardrobe malfunctions are addressed off-camera.

Cole Cassidy would be perfectly cast as an evil poacher or mining company executive looking to own both the ape man and the jungle. He just has that look and attitude. The guy is always a great heel and is probably underrated. I don't think I've ever been disappointed in one of his matches, plus he's even a leading contender to win match of the year at the Caveys this year. So yeah, he knows how to bring it.

Roar! Very ape man,

Love that jungle-built body.

Cole has the jungle man right where he wants him.

Can Cole really seize control of the jungle and its hero?

One of the best things about this is that Tarzan is bad ass. This is a guy who could own the jungle. He's fast, energetic, strong and a fighter. I'm not a fan of a weak, wimpy Tarzan, because that's not the character. And so seeing him hold his own against Cole is really perfect for me. Those looking for a squash of the jungle man should look elsewhere, because this is back-and-forth action.

Now that doesn't mean that Tarzan doesn't suffer. Of course he does. It doesn't mean that he isn't bent, stretched, smashed and thoroughly abused. He is. It just means that TTR is a man worthy of the name Tarzan and it makes his suffering mean more to me.

You're not getting the jungle without a fight, Cole!

Tarzan is quite bendy.

Grrr. Tarzan smash!

There's literally too much action for me to capture. I had to toss a ton of images to avoid giving the whole thing away. There are a lot of long-held, sexy holds. There's a lot of punishment. There's a ton of energy. Consider my post a teaser.

A good Tarzan is strong, but not invincible.

Cole looks as drained as I did at this moment.

The evil Cole sure lingers at that pouch ...

In the end, this was one of my favorites for a very long time after it came out. Jungle man fans should enjoy this. It's sexy and hard-hitting fantasy stuff that has stuck in my brain for a really long time.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. One of my favorite matches from BGEast featuring a great heel in Cole Cassidy and the incredibly sexy Tarzan Tyler Reese. For me, Tarzan is perfect from top to bottom with his long hair, splendid body and loincloth constantly letting us see his well sculpted ass. Not to mention, he stays in character the entire time. Tarzan grunts, growls and hisses at Cole through the match. Well, when he isn't moaning, groaning and screaming. ;)

    Tarzan puts up a good fight, but it's ultimately not enough to stop Cole. I actually like squashes most of the time, but the back and forth here makes it all the sweeter when a dirty trick by Cole leads to Tarzan getting destroyed. If this were a fair match, Tarzan might have won, but heels like Cole don't have to play fair. ;)

    The only negative thing for me is it makes me wish there was more of Tarzan filmed. The current selection just isn't enough for me. I'm still holding out hope, almost certainly in vain, that there are more Tarzan Tyler Reese matches that haven't been released by BGEast yet. Oh, well. I'll always have this gem! Plus, he did film some matches as TA as Bryce.

    Fantastic review, Alex! I definitely recommend this match, too!

    1. Thanks, Mike. You're right that it's too bad TTR didn't do more matches. I really do wish there had been at least one outside, especially one that moved to the dock/into the lake.

      I didn't know TTR was also at Thunders. I'll check it out.

    2. As Bryce, he's a lot more muscular and cut his hair short. Still good looking though. I think TA and BGEast are the only places he wrestled on the underground scene, but I would love to be wrong. Or for him to make a reappearance one day.