Friday, September 22, 2017

Review: Austin Tyler vs. Zach Reno (Wrestler4Hire)

I'm back with more Austin Tyler, this time from Wrestler4Hire. I'm sure I would've watched Austin no matter what, but when I saw that he was wrestling Zach Reno, this became one of those immediate views.

It's Austin Tyler vs. Zach Reno

Austin Tyler is a sexy young stud. I just talked about him a few days ago, but it bears repeating. I love his body. It's just flawless in so many ways. He's wearing big blue trunks that aren't a flattering as the orange UCW gear, but I'll forgive him. He's still terrific.

Zach Reno is a good looking guy with three distinct looks that I've seen so far. Here, he's thin and fairly clean-cut, looking hot and mature. I prefer this look to his messy caveman look, but less than his in-between hairy-shaggy look. His tiny speedo looks great thanks to a design that includes a lime green panel on the pouch that accentuates his bulge.

Austin looks great from any angle.

I like how Austin has Zach's wrist, trapping his arms.

Two studs who're hot in different ways.

I don't see a ton of outdoor action, but it's fun. It adds a different look and feel to wrestling. Here, the narrative has Austin visiting Zach. There's no real storyline, but you don't need one. Zach is a hairy experienced pro and Austin is a smooth rising pro. Austin has the cockiness of youth, which is a nice contrast against Zach's more mature demeanor. The contrast is naturally there that gives a nice added layer of interest regardless of who is on top.

This is an outdoor mat match, so it's a lot of submission holds. Both guys get displayed and look great. Zach's lime green pouch is impossible not to look at in certain moves. Austin's beautiful body is perfect on top or bottom. Zach does use a couple of power moves, including a Pedigree and a kneebreaker (my name for it, anyway), but it's mostly two hot guys grappling on the mat.

Ah, poor Zach, but lucky us.

A great looking classic headlock.

Austin has his own version of the figure four.

This is back-and-forth with long stretches of control for both guys. There are multiple submissions, with each guy getting at least one. The ending is great with both guys getting a 'victory' moment and they're really hot. What's really great is how the studs relate to one another. There's an interesting dynamic between them that's mostly unexplored, but I felt a chemistry as they grappled.

Austin sounds great. He's always a sexy grunter, but he's also a bit of a talker here. Zach has jobbed enough to know how to suffer well, but he also gets pretty cocky. So you get to see a lot of personality here while the guys wrestle. The most interesting banter happens when Zach introduces an interesting multi-generational idea where he defeated Austin's dad. Unfortunately, Austin breaks one of the cardinal rules of improv and it goes nowhere. It's a fleeting moment, but an interesting notion.

Zach plants the young buck.

Is Zach about to tap?

Zach: "This is the move I beat your father with."

In the end, I enjoyed this quite a bit. Both guys are naturally entertaining, plus they display an excellent chemistry. They're good looking and their bodies are put on display. With the wrestling being back-and-forth, everyone should be happy and the ending features some terrific moments no matter who you want to win.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. I haven't seen this match yet so I can't give an opinion on it. I do want to say I agree with you about Zach's look. I really, really prefer the clean cut look on him. He looks so much hotter to me this way. Good job with the review, Alex!

    1. Thanks, Mike. I don't think the full caveman look suited Zach. That's for big monster types who can pull off barbarian. But there's nothing to worry about here.