Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Quick Hits: Vinny x 2 Mats (Thunders Arena)

I've liked Vinny for a long time. Barring one language issue early in his career, I really do enjoy him. I will freely admit that my attraction has always been primarily physical. I love his body. I love his look. I can enjoy his blue collar muscleman vibe, even as I occasionally cringe at his banter.

If you've been following Vinny lately, you might have noticed a change in his look. I certainly have. For me, he looks better than ever. Vinny has gone full-on rugged muscle Daddy. Beard. Body hair. And a leaner look. It's just fan-fucking-tastic.

Holy fuck. Better than ever.

Yeah, kiss that muscle. You deserve it.

Today and tomorrow, I'm going to quickly cover four of Vinny's most recent matches. First up are two mat matches in the Thunders garage then tomorrow are two ring matches.

Vinny vs. Blayne

This was the first time I really noticed Vinny's "new" look. He looks amazing in tight squarecuts with gloves and a black vest. Opposite him is Blayne, also dressed up in bad boy gear - a gray singlet, leather jacket. I don't think I'm spoiling anything by saying this is a squash. Blayne goes down hard.

The gear tells a story. Blayne gets exposed as a fraud, a phony tough guy playing dress up. The smaller stud gets stripped of the pretense, both literally and figuratively, left unconscious in tiny floral posers.

Blayne gets a great view, looking up at Daddy Vinny.

Damn, Vinny. Own that boy!

The real heel locks on a tight (albeit blurry) sleeper.

Blayne is exposed as a
prettyboy jobber once again.

Vinny vs. Duke

This one is the same uber-hot Vinny, but a very different match. I pulled images of Vinny in trouble to show his body off, but this is a back-and-forth match with a definitive winner in the end. Vinny shows his power a lot, but I think Duke might actually be in control a little more. The muscle daddy shows his ability to sell, like when Duke reduces Vinny to his knees with a ball grab. Duke is strong, so he lifts him on his shoulders and shows a lot of power. I bought this for Vinny and I was happy. If you like Duke, you might like it even more than me.

I will also caution you that a lot of this video is blurry. Not blurry like the Blayne/Scrappy match, but a more consistent out of focus look. It made me question if I needed to get my eyes checked. I see now that Thunders does say that their auto-focus quit on the camera, so it's not me. Phew.

More ripped than I've seen him in a while.

New Daddy Vinny looks great facing a challenge.

Daddy gets dominated?

Not a spoiler. There's six more
minutes of action after this.

In the end, new Daddy Vinny makes both these videos work great for me. I just love his look. Beautiful. Blayne sells the squash like a champ, as he always does. And Duke brings power to their party to make it a real muscleman showdown.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. I have only seen the Vinny/Duke match so this short comment is about that. Personally I wish Vinny had been more aggressive and dominant in much more of the match given Duke has (in my opinion) a body and face that are just begging for it. That said, there were some great moments and I loved the end.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I can see what you're saying. I think they were trying to make Duke seem like a threat at Thunders, so Duke had more time on top. You're right that this version of Vinny squashing a guy like Duke would've been really cool. Of the four Big Daddy Vinny matches, that's one thing he hasn't done. Maybe they can look into him dominating a Steel, Finn or whoever else is around.

  2. Hello!
    Does Anyone know Duke’s real name ?? Where can I watch this match?

    1. Hi. I don't know his real name, but you can find this match at Thunders Arena. Links are in the post.

    2. Duke aka Ryan Sparks, Jimmy Bona, Hudson Fisher