Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Review: Nick Flex vs. Luke Maxwell (Muscleboy Wrestling)

Muscleboy Wrestling has launched its fourth catalogue since debuting in April. I decided on four matches to start, all of which featured some of my favorite wrestlers from the early catalogues. I've watched them all, but decided to review Nick Flex vs. Luke Maxwell first.

Things start out friendly as
Nick Flex takes on Luke Maxwell.

I liked Luke Maxwell in his match against Justin Powers. I think he's even better here. He looks perfect as a young pro jobber, wearing colorful pro trunks. His body looks ripped and strong under the bright lights.

Muscular Nick Flex is perfect for the ring. Compact, powerful and handsome, he looks amazing in white pro trunks. Nick has a great attitude, starting out casually, but increasingly getting more and more dominant and it suits him.

MBW has obviously done some name adjusting. Jake Zane is now officially Jesse Zane. Nick calls himself Logan Flex here and against Chris Cannon. I had to double check that He's still officially Nick and he is. That works for me. I think he's more of a Nick than a Logan.

Luke is perfectly cast as a young rookie wrestler.

The jobber boy has great instincts.

Nick was born to dominate young meat.

Surprisingly, this match is my favorite of the four I bought. It probably had my lowest expectations, but overdelivered thanks to the wrestlers. Nick and Luke simply look great opposite each other. There are a ton of contrasts here, in look, skill, experience and attitude. It's not a 100% squash, but Luke's moments on top are brief and not nearly as memorable as his time being crushed by the superior man.

Luke feels the power of big Nick.


Sorry, but I feel no sympathy for Luke, being
trapped between those granite thighs.

There are enough hot holds and moves to make it work, but I don't want to mislead you. The studs and scenario are the drivers of my enjoyment of this video. The action is often sloppy, punches and boots miss by a mile and there are awkward, slow and confusing movements. It takes place in the BGEast ring, but don't expect BGEast wrestling.

I'm guessing here, but I'd say that Nick has some training, based on the moves he uses. They're not perfect, but some are fairly advanced and require your opponent to do some work. Nick manages to convincingly devastate big Luke. On the other side, I doubt Luke has spent much time in the ring before. At least that's my impression, based on little things like how he slows down approaching the ropes and corner.

Nick loves to use his boots to break down Luke.

Luke gets bent.

Nick delights fans everywhere with one
of the hottest moves in pro wrestling.

In the end, seeing Nick dominate Luke makes this a winner. The contrast and character dynamics are spot on. Both guys look great, act great and I was more than able to get past the foibles in wrestling. It's your call if you can do the same. I'm still a fan of Nick. He's really great. And I'd love to see Luke keep working on getting comfortable in the ring, because he sure looks perfect in one.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. This was Luke's very first time EVER in a ring and since then he has become much more comfortable...and yeah you are right he does look GREAT in those pro yellow trunks ;)

    1. Great, I'm glad to read that Luke is getting more experience. Look forward to seeing him back in ring action!