Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Quick Hits: Justin Powers x 2 (Muscleboy Wrestling)

So I just learned that Justin Powers is also a porn actor. It's not a secret, but I didn't know. Muscleboy Wrestling copied his porn identity when they re-tweeted my tweet about my review. I kind of wondered who Aston Springs was, but I didn't look until recently. He's on Men.com, but I let my subscription expire since I was only returned there for the superhero videos last summer.

Anyway, why is this relevant? Well, first it helps explain why he's so comfortable on the mats. Remember I said I couldn't believe he was a rookie, because he was too good. Now I get it. He's an experienced performer. It also helps me understand why his videos are getting heavier on porn and in his latest, lighter on wrestling.

And so, I feel like I need to review these, since I've talked Justin up so much. They suggest a trajectory that is moving in the porn direction, especially against Sean Duran. Justin's matches are more expensive than most ($30), so it seems like something you should know before you buy.

Justin Powers vs. Ethan Slade

Justin Powers vs. Sean Duran

Justin Powers vs. Ethan Slade

Back in catalogue three, Justin got his hands on a sculpted little guy named Ethan Slade. Ethan looks great in tiny gold trunks and gold shoes. If you like young, lean and ripped, he could literally be perfect for you. He's the kind of jobber that's just ripe for a dominant stud like Justin to (literally) sink his teeth into.

The video opens with Ethan stretching, showing off what he's got. Two minutes in, the guys lock up for 19-minutes of wrestling, followed by 17 minutes of sex play. Justin uses a lot of his repertoire to dominate and arouse the young stud, savoring every minute of body contact. While Justin controls the wrestling, he does allow Ethan to control him for a couple of minutes, enjoying being on the receiving end of some punches and a choke.

At 19-minutes, it's an appropriate amount of time wrestling. You can follow into the sex part or stop and be satisfied. I would've preferred a clearer wrestling ending, but it makes sense that things just happen when you see how into each other these two are. After they shift gears, Ethan worships his master so well that Justin lets him get on top for the final money shot, teasing the jobber, "Looks like you're gonna be the one dominating me, huh?"

Some of my readers have said this is a favorite of theirs and I can see why guys love it. It's not one of my JP faves, but I did enjoy it. It's like a sexy initiation that lets Justin be Justin.

Ethan is gorgeous in gold.

Helpless against Justin's power.

Ripped and ready to receive abuse.

Boom goes the dynamite.

Justin loves owning Ethan.

Justin Powers vs. Sean Duran

In catalogue four, Justin is up against tattooed muscleman Sean Duran. Sean is a solid, powerful roughneck type. I get that tattoos are no longer rebellious, but with tattoos on his face and hands, these aren't your frat boy version. Still, I like his body and vibe. Turns out that he's also a porn guy and this one quickly ends up with the loser getting fucked after just 10 minutes of wrestling.

My problem with this video is that Sean is such a great opponent. It feels like a waste of a rough, tough muscleman to barely use him. I wanted more, because 10 minutes of wrestling isn't nearly enough, especially only 4 minutes of Sean dominating Justin. He shows some nice skills and Justin submitting so fast and only once was a surprise that left me ... unfulfilled.

And so this is my least favorite Justin match so far. I figure that if you want to see Justin fucked, you can see a lot more for a lot less elsewhere. I would argue that what MBW is uniquely offering is Justin wrestling, but you don't get much here for $30. Hopefully this is a one-time thing, because I really like Justin and would like to see him get back to his early erotic formula.

Justin tries out his pleasure-pain combo.

Sean lets Justin check out the merchandise.

Justin tries to break down all that muscle.

Apparently Big Sean has had enough.
I wish I could say the same.

Yeah, Sean is Justin's strongest opponent yet.
So much untapped potential.

In the end, I got enough from the Ethan one to be happy with my buy, but I do feel like the Sean Duran one was a missed opportunity. Especially as the first time Justin is really facing someone who can and does dominate him completely. He's been so cocky and so in control that "The Justin Powers" going down should've been a bigger deal, I think.

Oddly enough, I'd probably watch Sean again more readily than Ethan. The big guy teased enough that I'd be intrigued to see him against a few other guys. However, I'd need to see him wrestling more and I don't even need a sex round finish.

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  1. Nice Review! Ethan Vs Justin is one of my favorite matches from MBW. They worked so well that i would love to see Ethan in more jobbing roles against other men and Justin dominating other men. But i wouldnt mind seeing them swap too. Like Ethan vs Armando i enjoyed and i was hoping to enjoy Justin vs Sean but like you i was left unfulfilled. Im not sure if it was because Sean doesnt have much wrestling experience or what but he didnt really seem to do much during the match to sell the match as a dominant wrestler. Though this match was a one and done for me so i could be forgetting some things. I hope Justin ends up in another match were he jobs and I would like to see more of Sean too. His body is great but if he cant wrestle maybe rely on someone else to control the match and have him job until he gets comfy or experienced to either go toe to toe or be a heel.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I thought Sean did a good job during his limited time in control. For example, a body slam isn't easy. However, the wrestling part was short, so it's tough to judge him completely.