Friday, September 1, 2017

The Cave Undercard 18: Ace vs. Moneymaker

"Ryan, are you serious with this match?"

My best friend and business partner looks at me with his usual amused and patronizing look whenever I question his business decisions. He simply responds, "Yes."

Ryan and I are seated at my kitchen island discussing The Cave. It's our gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company. We co-own it, but Ryan definitely has more experience on the business side. However, I have more experience on the talent side. After all, I am The Bat, the biggest and best-selling star. So I feel like he should listen to me on this.

My boyfriend Jae looks over from my sofa, curious about what I'm talking about. He's also a popular wrestler, both as the hero SuperStar and the villain DarkStar. I turn, "Get this, Jae. Ryan is pairing Ace against Moneymaker."

Jae gives a wicked smile, "Good call, Ryan."

I frown, "Don't be that way, Jae." My current boyfriend smirks then goes back to his iPad. He wrestled Ace in his DarkStar debut, but that's not the reason for his snark. Ace's real name is Micah. He's a sweet 19-year old stud. I had a casual thing with him for a few months, which I only ended when Jae and I got serious. It's not a secret that Micah is ready to jump back into my bed as soon as the opportunity arises, so Jae is not a fan.

I turn back to Ryan. "Micah can't handle a muscle monster like Moneymaker. He's a total novice and a complete jobber. He just got crushed by Jae, for god’s sake."

Jae objects, "Hey! What does that mean?"

I realize the implication, "No offense, babe.” Jae doesn't look happy, but I'll make it up to him later. Right now, I have to save a sweet kid’s life. “Ryan, you know Micah's never even won a fall, never mind a match. I don't think he's even come close to winning a fall. It's going to be a five-minute squash. And that's if Moneymaker flexes for four minutes, which I'm sure he will. Plus he'll have Valet at his side.”

Moneymaker is one of our most devious villain wrestlers. He's a 6'2"/220-lbs bodybuilder with muscles made of granite. While Ace has never won a match, Moneymaker has years of tag team experience (as Day of Night and Day), an interfering assistant, and has only lost one match so far and that was to me, which happens to pretty much everyone. While I'm amazingly talented, Micah is not.

I'm worried the young stud will get hurt, which he doesn't deserve. Moneymaker uses a ton of power moves, dirty tactics, and he goes all out. Against a guy like Micah, it could be a massacre. They're just not a good fit. Ryan disagrees, telling me that he just had a workout with Micah and he's confident this can work. We argue, neither of us giving in.

I try another approach, “It won't be a good video. It's going to be boring and fans will be mad at us for even putting it out there. They'll buy it for the talent and then feel ripped off. You know that's one of the things that sets us apart. We don't put out crap and pretend it's good."

Ryan replies, “It'll be great and fans will love it.” I'm not convinced, so my best friend and business partner offers, “If you're right and we can't release it, I'll pick up the whole cost out of my own pocket.”

Jae comes over and hugs me from behind, "Trust Ryan. You know he'd never endanger a guy. And he has high standards, just like you." He kisses my neck then goes to the fridge to grab a bottle of water. I relent, but I'm still nervous about this.


I'm tucked in the shadows in the arena as Ryan and Jae signal the back that their cameras are ready. Jae wants to learn to shoot matches, so our usual second camera operator, Ryan's obnoxious and annoying friend Pete, is wrangling the wrestlers backstage. It all leaves me with nothing to do but wait to ring the bell and see what will happen.

Ace comes in first, bounding to the ring with the energy of his namesake. Yes, I named him after Batman's faithful dog, but playfully, not as an insult. Of course I've never told him that, but he just reminds me of a puppy and he was always following me around. It just all fit. Like I said, he's a nice guy, but naive, innocent and … not exactly quick of mind.

The teen stud is hot, though. At 6'1"/200-lbs, he's strong with a great body. He's smooth, tanned and flawless. The young beefcake is muscular, but not overly ripped. Just super-cute, especially in his sexy gear. And it is very sexy gear. Today, Ace has a new look that I haven't seen before.

The young hero has small black trunks, eye mask and spandex collar, all with a red up arrow design for a stylized 'A'. He's added a black cloak and shiny black pro boots. Hot, but darker and more intense than usual. It does more closely align with my Bat gear, but I'm not sure if that's the point. It's stunning, no matter what the reason.

Ace's new look.

I smile as I watch the smooth muscle stud warmup. I offered to be at ringside, but Ace said that he didn't want me to help him. He was sweet about it, but I'm concerned, both that he's mad at me and that he's alone against Moneymaker. I have my gear beside me, just in case, but I don't want to make things worse between us. Maybe he's finally realizing that I'm in a committed long-term relationship, not a fling. I do care about him and I'd like us to be friends, but if he can't handle it, I get it. I'm sure losing me can't be easy.

Next up, the villain's henchman Valet comes through the curtain. He is a cute twink in gold to match his boss. Tight trunks, bow tie, domino mask, boots, and shirt cuffs on his wrists with dollar sign cufflinks. It's a sexy look for a young, tight-bodied little stud. It's not a surprise that he's developing his own following, with fans itching to see him wrestle.

Valet, Moneymaker's henchman.
Valet opens the curtain and out steps Moneymaker. He pauses until the curtain is closed behind him. The muscle hunk looks amazing, big and muscular. He's thick and ripped, standing 6’2” and weighing in at 220-lbs of rock solid muscle. His tanned muscles are gorgeous in his gold trunks, knee pads, boots and mask. Black dollar signs adorn the front of his trunks, mask and pads, completing the theme.

Moneymaker is here.

The assistant moves around his boss, adjusting the gear so it's just right. He loves his job, his trunks tenting as he runs his fingers inside waistband and leg openings of Moneymaker’s gold trunks. He smooths the fabric, running his hands over the mountainous ass and packed pouch. When he bows his head, the muscle heel poses for the camera against the black curtain.

It's an amazing transformation from six years ago when Moneymaker was Day, the twink novice working with hairy and hunky Night as a tag team. Day grew into the muscle beast you see now and the partnership ended badly. Really badly. The bodybuilder moved from tag to solo and Day to Moneymaker in dramatic fashion. I told you all about it, but check this out if you want to see how bad things got. Anyway, Day is a distant memory now, an identity that the villain acts like never happened.

The two villains march to the ring. Valet opens the ring ropes for his boss, allowing him easier access. Moneymaker sneers at Ace then dramatically scoffs at the young hero. He couldn't make his contempt any more obvious. My stomach knots up at the thought of what the big villain can do to an inexperienced jobber like Ace. Ryan assured me he'd be safe, but I'm having doubts. I reluctantly ring the bell to start the match.


Round One

Moneymaker looks at the eager hero, “Who'd you piss off to be put against me, Sparky? This is gonna be a fucking massacre.”

The hero puts his hands on his hips, puffs out his chest and defiantly replies, “My name is Ace, not Sparky. The Bat named me Ace, just like Night named you Day, back before you turned into old, fat and bitter villain.”

The villain’s jaw drops and his whole body tenses at the mention of his former mentor and identity. As the veins in his neck threaten to pop, Moneymaker charges at the young hero. I cover my face, barely able to watch as the bad boy bodybuilder closes in. The villain grabs Ace around the throat. The young hero is swallowed up and overpowered immediately.

Oh fuck. Ace is easily pushed back, falling down already. Wait. What? He's not falling. He's rolling. He's pulling the muscle heel down with him, using his momentum. Ace has his leg up between them. A kick and Moneymaker goes flying over, flipping overhead and landing on his ass. PLOP! The young hero somersaults back, his legs landing on the sitting villain's shoulders.

Ace closes his legs as he planks his body. He squeezes tightly, his ass flexing in his tight black trunks. Moneymaker moans as his head is crushed in the headscissors. The young hero pulls himself forward, which forces the bigger bodybuilder onto his back, his neck bent painfully as his head is locked in the powerful vice. The smaller stud grunts as he uses all his strength to keep the big man down.

Well, I'm stunned. Ace executed a plan, throwing Moneymaker off his game. He anticipated the response and actually knows a series of moves. It's like he's a new man. Could Ryan have been more right than me about this match? Suddenly, I'm more interested than nervous.

The scissors has Moneymaker whimpering, but he's a tough bastard. He finally manages to use his incredible power to roll them to the side, easing the pressure on his neck. Ace wisely releases the scissors. The two studs roll and rise, facing off. The villain rubs his neck as they circle, “Cute move, Sparky. You won't get lucky again.”

“I don't need luck, Day. And I don't need outside help to save my butt. Every. Single. Match.”

I barely hold back an “Ooooh” in the back of the arena. Damn, I've never heard Ace be so feisty. The gold-clad bodybuilder is furious, looking like he's about to explode. He extends his arm and puts his finger in the young hero’s face, warning him, “Watch it, you little - OOF!”

As Moneymaker fumes, he leaves his midsection wide open. Ace takes advantage, kicking him in the abs. THUD! The young hero grabs the wrist and locks on an armbar. He twists the thick arm, torturing the shoulder. Another successful mind game. You know you're in trouble if Ace is outsmarting you. The muscle heel is forced to bend forward to ease some of the pressure.

Ace twists the armbar then spins towards the villain. He drives his elbow into Moneymaker’s shoulder. POW! The big bodybuilder pulls his arm free as he curses and steps away. The young hero wastes no time. He dives down, clipping the heel's knee out. Moneymaker topples down onto his back then rolls onto his side as he grabs for his knee.

The young hero rises then unleashes his boots onto the muscleman's leg. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Moneymaker desperately rolls away, sliding under the ropes into the waiting arms of his assistant. Valet bravely puts himself between Ace and his boss, protecting him. In the ring, Ace flexes, “See, Day, I told you. I don't need luck and I don't need a twink to protect me!”

Moneymaker makes a move towards the ring, but Valet grabs him around the waist, begging him to wait. The villain pauses, realizing that he's probably being suckered in again. Ace smirks, “I get it now. Valet’s the brains of the operations and you're the brawn. The muscle. The henchman.”

“That's it. You're dead, Sparky!”

“Ace. Maybe he's the one I should be facing. Might be a bigger challenge.”

Moneymaker pushes his henchman aside and storms into the ring. Ace is waiting, driving his boot onto the muscle heel's broad back. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! However, the thick muscles take the abuse and the villain’s anger enables him to ignore the blows. The enraged bodybuilder rises then fires a huge fist into Ace’s smooth stomach. KAPOW! OOF!

Ace gets shoved into the corner then used as a heavy bag, his torso pummeled by big fists, backed up by 220-lbs of massive beef. POW! THUD! POW! I wince, hating to see the young muscle stud abused. He's sagging lower and lower, feeling the wrath of Moneymaker. It's smart to keep him off his game, but the cocky cutie clearly pushed a little too hard.

As the smooth young stud collapses onto his ass in the corner, Moneymaker unleashes boots onto his battered body. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Ace tries to roll away, but Valet is there. He grabs the hero’s arms, pulling them back over the bottom rope. The adorable muscle stud could easily break free, but that's easier said than done when you're being hammered by a 220-lbs raging muscle bull. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

Moneymaker pauses to flex, his arrogance back on display in full force. I contemplate changing into my Bat gear to even the odds, but I'm unsure. I decide to give Ace a little more time. The villain grabs the young hero’s boots then drags his unmoving carcass from the corner. The muscle heel drops the legs, leaving Ace spreadeagle and helpless.

The villain measures up the young stud then runs back into the ropes. He leaps up for a big splash, but Ace isn't there. The hero started rolling under the flying bodybuilder. Moneymaker gets his hands down, softening the impact, but he still hits hard on his front. WHAM! The muscle heel shakes it off, rising fast. Behind him, Ace is crouching.

Moneymaker spins only to get speared hard in the midsection. THUD! OOF! Ace slides back, pinning the bodybuilder’s right leg to the mat. He rolls it sideways, exposing the inside of the leg then quickly drives a series of knees into the soft inner thigh. THUD! ARGH! THUD! ARGH! THUD! ARGH! The mighty heel instinctively shifts his weight to close his legs, making it easy for Ace to force him onto his stomach.

The young hero grabs the ankle then lifts the left leg up. He rises, putting his boot in Moneymaker’s ass before twisting hard on an ankle lock. The villain pounds on the mat, moaning in pain as his knee is once again tortured. Ace’s boot sinks deep into the bulbous butt as he works the leg as hard as he can.

Moneymaker pushes up off the mat, throwing Ace off him. He slides on his gold ass to the ropes, using them to rise. The young hero is up, warily moving in. He darts in, tricking the villain into kicking his left leg up. Instead of hitting abs, the bad boy bodybuilder basically gives his leg to his opponent. Ace pulls on the leg, wrenching the knee and forcing the villain off the ropes. He smoothly spins and drops, throwing the 220-lbs muscleman over with a leg drag takedown. WHOA! WHAM!

Ace keeps hold of the leg, lifting it up then kicking the back of the thigh. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The young hero steps on the right ankle then twists the left leg with an ankle lock again. Moneymaker is writhing on the mat, alternating between grabbing his face and slapping the canvas. Shit, he's really suffering. Unfortunately, I'm not the only one who notices.

Valet is getting agitated outside the ring. I frown then make a choice. I tear off my shirt then grab my cowl out of my bag beside me. I pull it on then strip off my shoes and jeans to expose my black briefs underwear. I jump up and down, successfully attracting Valet’s attention. He sees me across the arena. I wag my left index finger at him as I run my right thumb across my throat. The henchman visibly gulps and freezes, not wanting any part of an angry me.

As we have our secret staredown, the action in the ring continues. Moneymaker manages to free his right leg then kick Ace off him. Valet sees his boss get free on his own then sticks his tongue out at me. I take one aggressive step out from behind the curtain and he jumps, scurrying to the furthest point on the other side of the ring. I smile and fold my arms across my chest. Valet nervously shifts as the wrestlers circle, ready to lock up again. I slide back into the shadows, but the little punk knows I'm here and ready.

The two studs move in for a lockup. Moneymaker easily overpowers Ace into the corner. The young hero kicks out, slamming his boot into the villain's knee again. The bad boy bodybuilder lets out a cry of pain, opening himself up for a reversal. Ace slams the bigger hunk into the corner then lift his leg for a big knee lift. THUD! OOF! He immediately lifts his elbow up under the mighty muscle hunk’s chin, stunning him. WHACK! Wow, nice combo.

Ace grabs Moneymaker’s leg and forces it over the middle rope. The muscle heel pushes him away. The young hero doesn't move in, instead kicking the middle rope. TWANG! The rope snaps the villain's thick leg and the vibrations shoot pain up his leg. With the big hunk distracted, Ace is able to kick out, slamming his boot into the inner thigh. THUD!

The young hero drops to one knee then grabs the villain's ankle of his trapped leg. He pulls up, twisting the knee. Moneymaker cries out and grips the top rope to fight the pain. He reaches for Ace’s hair, but the cute hero pup slides to the side, out of reach. In response, he lifts hard and fast, really damaging the ailing knee. ARGH!

Valet moves in cautiously. He looks in my direction then summons his courage. However, Ace is miraculously ahead of both of us. The young hero warns, “Stay back or I'll break it.” To prove his point, the adorable good guy slams his forearm into Moneymaker’s shin. WHACK! The big muscleman squeals in pain then holds his palms out, begging the hero not to do it.

The twink henchman steps away, frustrated but unwilling to risk it. The massive muscle heel is sweating and whimpering as his leg is torn apart in the cruel hold. I think Ace might have him. Fuck, this is awesome. The young hero must think so, too. He rises, bending the leg up even higher. ARGH! Unfortunately, it puts him within reach. Moneymaker summons his will then lunges his upper body forward, driving his forearms into the side of Ace’s head. CRACK!

Ace tumbles to the side, grabbing his head. He moans as he rolls away. Valet moves in and helps his boss extricate his leg from the rope. Moneymaker limps, trying to walk it off. The young hero rises to one knee, but he's still shaking out his head. C’mon, Ace. Get up. You're doing great. As if hearing my thoughts, the smooth stud gets to his feet to face the villain.

Opposite him, Moneymaker is ready. He dives out with a big clothesline that nearly takes the young hero's head off. Ace does a full flip, landing on his front. The muscle heel staggers around, his knee in serious pain. He knows, however, that he can't fool around. The former jobber is already rising to hands and knees. The bigger hunk dives out, splashing his 220-lbs of muscle on top of the unsuspecting Ace. SPLAT!

Moneymaker slides around to sit on Ace’s back. He quickly lifts the young hero into a camel clutch. The cruel muscle hunk pulls back hard, forcing Ace so far back that he's staring at the ceiling. The smooth smaller stud cries out as his back is tortured by 220-lbs of angry muscle. The villain lifts one hand then brings it down across the chest of the trapped hero. THUD! UNH! THUD! UNH! THUD! UNH!

Ace whimpers loudly, unable to break free or even protect his back. His cries are signaling just how much trouble he's in, which only encourages the brutal bodybuilder. Like a shark, Moneymaker smells blood, knowing that he's about to steal a fall. He switches to a sleeper-camel combo. He laughs, “Sleepy time, Sparky.”

“No! My name’s Ace!”

Moneymaker snarls, “A punk until the end.”

The muscle heel squeezes and Ace goes limp. The villain calls Valet into the ring as he eases up on the camel and sleeper. The twink henchman eagerly comes in to check on the helpless hero. He lifts the right arm. ONE! He does it again. TWO! Ace isn't moving. Valet does it a third time. Same result. THREE! I ring the bell, signaling the end of the fall.

Moneymaker releases the holds and rises. He grimaces and moves off with a limp. Valet helps his boss to the corner, leaving Ace lying unconscious in the middle of the ring.

Round Two


I ring the bell and the two studs circle. You'd never guess the result of the first round by looking at them. A revived Ace is full of energy and bounce while Moneymaker is moving slowly and looks sullen. They do a lap then lock up in a collar and elbow. The villain powers Ace into a standing side headlock, cranking on the classic hold.

Moneymaker flexes his huge arm, really working the crushing vice as he squeezes the adorable teen-pup’s head against his rock hard body. The muscle heel walks them around, dragging the helpless hero behind him. It's designed to keep Ace off-balance and it works. The young hero's forehead is red and he's moaning loudly. The villain stops then fires three hard fists into the smooth stud’s forehead. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Ace drops to a knee from the stunning blows.

As he kneels with his head still in the vice, Ace bends his arm, draws it back then drives his elbow into the back of Moneymaker’s knee. The big muscleman lets out a surprised grunt as his leg collapses. He loses the headlock and topples down, first slamming down on his aching knee then falling front first. WHACK! SPLAT!

Ace is up fast, grabbing the ankle as he shakes his head. He lifts Moneymaker’s leg. The big villain begs, “No, no, no!” The young hero ignores the pleas, driving the knee down into the mat. WHACK! The muscle heel flops around, holding his knee as he swears at his surprisingly tough opponent. The smaller stud keeps the pressure on with boots to the villain’s side. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! All Moneymaker can do is roll out to the waiting arms of Valet.

As the villains regroup, Ace paces quickly. I can tell he's wound up. He's also hard as a rock. His cock is tenting his trunks, stretching the spandex as they sag even lower in front. When Moneymaker tries walking off his leg, Ace holds up his hand. He counts, “ONE!” The heels ignore him. “TWO!” Valet finally reacts with a questioning look. “THREE!”


Valet says, “What're you doing? There's no fall here.”

“You're only allowed to be out so long. FIVE! A ten-count. I'm keeping you two honest. SIX!”

Moneymaker’s mouth drops, “No way! It doesn't -“


“- work that way here!”

“It's a wrestling rule. EIGHT! Of course it applies.”


Moneymaker jumps onto the apron and rolls in, desperately breaking the count just in time. I guess he didn't want to find out how Ryan, cameraman and judge, would rule on this. Too bad, I'm curious myself. Best would've been if the villain would've argued with him. Ryan is a nice massive muscleman with a serious temper. If questioned, I know that he would've destroyed Moneymaker and Valet and filmed the whole thing from a first person point-of-view.

Oh well, maybe some other time. Anyway, the villain tries to roll right back out, but Ace dives in and catches him by his gold boot. He struggles, but manages to hold the 220-lbs of cowardly, squirming muscle. The bodybuilder manages to grab the ring apron and hold on for dear life. As the hero yanks on his leg, the muscle heel cries out, his leg hyper-extending with every pull.

The two studs fight, with Moneymaker losing his grip on the ring apron. Valet grabs his boss’s wrists and braces his foot, pulling hard. Ace is actually pulled forward, so he turns and twists the leg sharply. The muscle heel cries out, his knee wrenched. He rips his arms free of his henchman and allows himself to be dragged to ease the pressure tearing at his leg.

Ace twists and steps into a single leg crab. Moneymaker plants his hands and pushes up while kicking his bum leg out. The combination sends the young hero off him. Valet encourages his boss to come to him, but then sees Ace is already spinning around. He warns Moneymaker, who spins onto his ass just in time to see a charging Ace moving in. The hero’s knee slams into the villain's face. CRACK! The bad boy bodybuilder collapses onto his back.

The young hero’s momentum carries him into the ropes. He hops onto the middle rope then launches back, flipping over and splashing down on the muscle heel's chest. SPLAT! OOF! Ace hooks a leg then rolls, pinning Moneymaker. He slaps the mat with his free hand. ONE! Pause. TWO! Pause. THR - NO! The villain kicks free, getting his shoulder up just in time.

Ace looks over at Ryan, but gets a thumbs down. The young hero moves in. When he bends forward to drag up the ailing villain, Moneymaker surprises him with a roll up into a small package. The smaller stud’s shoulders are down and the muscle heel grabs the back of his trunks for leverage, exposing the top of the Ace’s ass. It's usually a smaller man’s move and he probably hasn't done it since he was a twink tag wrestler, but I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

ONE! Pause. TWO! Ace kicks and rolls, reversing their positions in a shockingly beautiful counter. ONE! Pause. TWO! Moneymaker kicks out, breaking free and rolling away. Both men try to stand up, the villain moving a little slower due to his leg. When Ace moves in, he gets a stiff punch to the abs. THUD! OOF! The young hero is forced backwards, allowing the heel to rise fully.

They face off, both sweating, their muscles pumped. When they move in for a lockup, Moneymaker tries for a surprise forearm to the head. Ace ducks and the villain's momentum spins him around 180-degrees. The young hero moves in, grabbing the big bodybuilder, lifting him up then bringing him down with an atomic drop. CRACK!

Moneymaker flies forward into the corner, his ass sticking out as he moans from the pain. He holds his mountainous butt, trying to massage his tailbone. Behind him, Ace is measuring him up. When the smaller stud moves, Valet warns his boss. The villain kicks back with a donkey kick, but the charging Ace is able to leap before impact. He flies over the outstretched leg and splashes onto the heel’s broad back. SPLAT!

Ace bounces off then races back in. Valet warns him again, giving Moneymaker time to spin around. He meets the young hero’s face with his forearm. CRACK! The smaller stud is stunned, spinning around and staggering a couple of steps. He's barely able to keep standing as he wobbles, punch-drunk. The villain grabs him by the hair then pulls him backwards and down hard. Ace’s feet fly up as he plummets to the mat. WHAM!

Moneymaker drives his boot down onto the helpless hero. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! He grabs him by the hair again, forcing him to his feet. Ace pushes free, but the force spins him away. With his back to the muscle heel, Ace is wide open for abuse. The big bodybuilder grabs Ace around the waist then lifts, flipping him back onto his shoulders with a belly-to-back suplex. WHAM! The hero goes limp, his legs spread open and his arms out to the side.

The villain goes for a pin. ONE! Pause. TWO! A surprisingly resilient Ace manages to get a shoulder up, breaking the count. Moneymaker grabs the young hero up by the hair. As he rises, the muscle heel grunts as he adds pressure to his knee. The momentary hesitation allows the smaller stud to punch him in the abs then roll the big bodybuilder into a small package.

Ace counts, “ONE!” Outside the ring, Valet pulls himself onto the apron behind the tight pin. “TWO!” Valet moves between the bottom and middle rope. Moneymaker unleashes a loud battle cry and throws his body open. The pin is broken and the 200-lbs hero flies backwards from the force. Ace slams into an unprepared Valet. The lightweight henchman sails out of the ring, past the mats surrounding the squared circle, and plummeting to the unpadded floor below. CRASH!

In the ring, both men rise while Valet writhes on the concrete floor. Looks like he landed pretty hard. Huh, that's a shame. Ace and Moneymaker circle. They're sweaty and pumped, hits breathing hard, their gorgeous chests heaving and their pouches tenting. The young hero stops then strikes a double bicep pose. He kisses his peaking muscle then smirks at the villain.

Moneymaker smirks back, “You too stupid to remember the score, Sparky?”

“You too stupid to remember my name, Limpy McLimperson?”

The villain snarls, “You're not the first loser to go at my leg. It didn't work for - OOF!”

Ace surprises the big man with a standing dropkick to his meaty chest. THUD! WHAM! With one bad leg, Moneymaker can't hold his ground, tumbling backwards hard into the corner. CLANG! The young hero is up fast. He holds the top rope then balances on one leg as he unleashes stomps to the muscle heel’s beefy torso. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The bodybuilder sags, barely keeping his feet under him.

Ace grabs the top of the gold mask and drags the villain out of the corner. He locks on a front facelock then grabs the side of the gold trunks. The young hero lifts for a suplex, but the villain braces. With 220-lbs of muscle power on his side, Moneymaker is able to block the move. He counters with a gut punch, allowing him to push free. THUD! OOF! The villain stumbles all the way into the corner, resting with his ass on the middle turnbuckle.

The men circle. Ace tries a surprise charge, diving low for the muscle heel's gimpy leg. Moneymaker is ready. He turns his bad leg away and manages to catch Ace in a front facelock. With a freakishly quick shift and spin, the big bodybuilder executes a perfect swinging neckbreaker. WHAM! Ace lands on his side. He holds his neck as his feet feebly flop up and down. The villain sits on his amazing ass, pointing at his temple then flexing for the camera.

Moneymaker rolls around. He grabs a handful of hair then rubs Ace’s face on the sweat-soaked vinyl ring floor. The villain drags his prey up, only to get a stiff shot to his unflexed abs. THUD! OOF! Ace is able to pull free and do a backwards somersault into a crouch. The muscle heel shrugs off the ab punch, but sees his opponent in a striking position and he holds off.

As Ace rises, Moneymaker backs up, showing respect for the surprisingly tough young hero. The smaller stud notices the change, too. He adjusts his package to a more comfortable position, the battle clearly exciting him. The villain points, “Don't bother playing with that. You aren't gonna need it.” Ace just smiles as he grabs under his balls for one final adjustment.

The men circle again. They move in for a traditional collar-and-elbow. Even with only one leg, Moneymaker is able to force Ace backwards against the ropes. He releases then throws his big body at the young hero, driving his elbow across the smaller stud’s face. CRACK! The move stuns Ace, enabling Moneymaker to fire off a series off hard pec chops. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Red streaks line Ace’s smooth pecs as the hero clutches his chest.

Moneymaker pulls Ace from the ropes by his hair, leading him around the ring. They stop in the center and the villain spins, clubbing the young hero across the back. WHAM! The force drops Ace to his hands and knees. The muscle heel steps over his prey then slams his ass into Ace’s back. WHAM! The cute blond stud collapses from the power of 220-lbs of muscle crashing on top of him.

The villain moves back, grabs the ankles then lifts. He locks the feet over his forearms then squats. With two hard punches into Ace’s sides, the young hero instinctively draws his hands back to protect himself. Moneymaker grabs his wrists then stands up, lifting Ace into a hanging tear drop. Ace whimpers in the hold, which tears at his shoulders while punishing his back.

Moneymaker starts swinging Ace and the hero struggles not to submit. His head hangs down as he focuses on something other than the intense pain. I notice the muscle heel's leg buckling, the earlier punishment weakening it. Before the blond stud gives, the villain is forced to drop him. A pissed off Moneymaker drives his boot into Ace’s shoulder, his frustration mounting. STOMP!

The bodybuilder steps to the side. He examines Ace from head to toe as the young hero writhes at his feet. Moneymaker nods, deciding on a plan. When the cute blond stud starts to rise, he gets driven back down by a boot to his shoulder. STOMP! That starts a flurry of hard boots, all targeted at the young hero’s right shoulder. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

The muscle heel switches to a surfboard, forcing Ace’s arms up in the air as he plants one foot on the helpless hero’s back. Moneymaker is correcting his earlier mistake of not targeting a weak point. The tear drop might've worked if he'd done more back punishment. The villain has obviously decided on the right shoulder as his opportunity area.

Ace won't give to the surfboard, but Moneymaker isn't done. He releases the surfboard, but keeps a tight grip on the right wrist. The powerhouse bodybuilder drags the smaller stud up by his arm then pulls down on it hard, threatening to dislocate it. Ace drops to one knee with a cry of pain. Moneymaker forces him up then twists the arm, moving in behind with a hammerlock.

Moneymaker lifts the wrist high up Ace’s back. The young hero squirms and struggles, but he can't counter. He tries to kick back into the aching leg, but the villain has it back in his stance, safely out of range. The muscle heel suddenly and viciously throws Ace towards the corner, shoulder first. The cute stud can't protect himself as he connects hard. CLANG! ARGH!

Ace bounces out, right into Moneymaker’s waiting arms. The big bodybuilder scoops him up, spinning him upside down then bringing him down with a shoulder breaker onto his good leg. WHACK! The muscle heel drops the flailing hero down to the mat. The villain breathes in deeply, still feeling the effects of the match. After a moment, he grabs a handful of hair, forcing Ace up.

The young hero tries a gut punch, but Moneymaker sees it coming and flexes his 6-pack. THUD! The blow bounces off, leaving Ace shaking out his hand. The villain gets Ace up then trips him down onto his stomach. The muscle heel follows then locks on a crossface chicken wing, trapping the hero. Ace cries out in pain in the killer finishing hold.

Moneymaker squeezes, demanding the helpless hero submit. Ace tries to be brace, but the hold is too much. He's forced to tap, but the villain demands that he say it. The courageous stud fights, but he has to obey, “I give, I give, I give!”

The muscle heel releases the hold with a big smile. He grabs the moaning hero’s bulbous butt, “I'm gonna like this one.” Valet is in the ring. He helps his boss up then looks in my direction in the shadows. The twink henchman bravely shoots me the finger with his tongue out, knowing I'm not going to do anything. This time.


Moneymaker walks off the leg punishment as Ace moans on the mat. As the villain paces, he mutters, “You fucking Bat boys. Thinking you can take me. You did better than Bird Bitch, but I'm still the fucking man.” To prove it, the muscle hunk flexes then kisses his biceps. He squats down with a wince, showing his knee is still tender. The heel rises then waves over Valet.

Valet follows orders, squatting down beside the defeated young stud. He grabs a handful of the hero’s hair, pulling up Ace’s head and forcing him onto his knees. Moneymaker stands before the loser and flexes, “I’M THE FUCKING MAN! I’M THE FUCKING MONEYMAKER AROUND HERE!” Valet uses his grip to push Ace’s cute face into the muscle heel’s gold pouch. The henchman rubs the good guy’s face back and forth before pulling him off.

Moneymaker nods at the compliant hero, “At least you know your place now, Sparky.”

From his knees with the henchman controlling his head by his hair, the hero defiantly replies, “My name is still Ace. It's not that hard. It's just three letters, like say, hey, may, or DAY.”

The villain’s jaw drops and his whole body tenses again. I'm impressed as Ace sends a clear message that he'll be physically obedient, but that's it. Unfortunately, Moneymaker is less impressed. He kicks out, driving his boot into the kneeling prettyboy hero’s abs. THUD! OOF! Valet can't hold the young stud as he flies backwards.

Moneymaker marches over. He bends down, grabs Ace’s cheeks and squeezes, “Your fucking name is whatever I say it is, Sparky!”


The villain screams and roughly releases his grip. He stands up and gives the young hero a boot to the abs. STOMP! When Moneymaker stomps off, Valet moves in. He forces the obedient Ace back to his knees. The henchman bends the smooth muscle stud’s head back and points his finger in his face. Valet says something I can't hear.

Ace replies, “No, I don't think so. Look, if your boss can't get it up, maybe you should be fluffing him instead of me with your dirty talk.” The young hero leans to the side, ignoring the twink henchman’s grip on his hair. He asks Moneymaker, “Um, yeah. Hey, I'm kinda confused. Is one of you gonna fuck me or what? Like you won, so I'm all yours, but I don't have all … DAY.”

Valet snaps him back, “Maybe you're not worth fucking, boy.” The henchman puts Ace’s face into his gold pouch and rubs it, trying to humiliate the young hero. He puts his boot on the kneeling muscle stud’s package, establishing his dominance as he controls Ace.

When the twink dominator pulls Ace back and lifts his boot, the cute kneeling stud grabs his own cock in his trunks and runs his hand along the hardening shaft. The young hero says, “Thanks, that was fun. I'm really hard now.” He reaches up and grabs Valet’s shaft, “You, too. C’mon, since Moneymaker’s got E.D. and no blue pills, how about you fuck me, instead?”

Valet freaks out, pulling his cock free then slapping Ace. SMACK! He joins his boss and they rant about the kneeling hero. On his knees, the young hero just rolls his shoulders back and runs one his hand through his hair while working his own dick in his trunks. He looks smug, pleased with himself. I've never seen this side of Ace, but I like it. Whatever he's been up to has made him a better wrestler and a cocky loser.

The villains calm down. Moneymaker marches up. He orders Ace to strip down his gold trunks. The kneeling muscle stud lifts his hands, but can't hold back a “Finally!” The bodybuilder visibly tenses, but stays calm as his gold trunks are peeled off his amazing ass and lowered to the base of his cock. Ace stretches them way out in front to reveal the flaccid cock.

Ace makes a face and lets out a snarky, disappointed, “Oh.”

Valet instinctively tries to defend his boss, blurting out, “It gets bigger. A lot bigger.”

The young hero shrugs, “Uh huh. Sure it does.”

Moneymaker growls, “No more fucking talking.” He turns his head towards Valet, “From anyone.” The henchman bows his head then takes a step behind his boss, out of sight.

As Ace lowers the trunks to the knees, Moneymaker looks at the ceiling and his shoulders sag slightly. The muscle heel has a nice-sized cock, but the young hero is in his head. Losers are supposed to be submissive, but the cute stud is playing a different game. Technically, he's obeyed every instruction and hasn't done anything wrong, but he's messing with the heels.

The gold trunks are worked over the boots and off. Moneymaker grabs Ace’s head and forces him to suck his cock. The young hero sucks on the soft organ. Valet moves in behind his boss and reaches around to grab his massive pecs. The muscle heel raises his arms and flexes as the two younger studs work him. I see his cock growing in Ace’s mouth as he finally assumes control of the situation.

Valet kisses and caresses the peaking biceps. Ace grips the mountainous ass as he bobs up and down on the finally engorged cock. Moneymaker is actually pretty big. Not me big, but a good, above average length and girth. The villain lowers his arms then pushes Ace off. He palms the hero's face then roughly pushes him onto his back. He points at the black and red trunks then gives a hand wave, ordering them off. Ace carefully removes his own trunks, exposing his shaved crotch and scrumptious manhood.

The villain looks down at the naked muscle stud and pauses. Ace is fully hard, his cock running up to his navel as he waits. Moneymaker moves beside the loser then silently uses his boot to force Ace over onto his stomach. The young hero continues to be physically obedient, rolling over then rising to his feet when the muscle heel grabs his thick hair. The dominant hunk forces Ace to the corner, front first, having him rest his chest on the top turnbuckle and thrust his smooth, sexy ass out.

Moneymaker snaps his fingers and Valet fishes out a condom. The bodybuilder heel moves behind Ace, gripping his hips. The twink assistant kneels then fluffs his boss a little, making sure he's fully hard before sheathing the powerful muscleman's steel shaft. We're finally ready for the culmination of the action as the heel penetrates the young hero.

Ace moans loudly as the muscle hunk pounds his ass, quickly driving in the whole way. Moneymaker’s hips slam against the smooth bubble butt as he pumps faster and deeper. The villain grunts, working out his frustration with a hard fuck. The young hero grips the turnbuckle, fighting to stay steady as 220-lbs of muscle crashes into him with every powerful thrust.

Valet has stripped off his trunks. He climbs the ropes and sits on the top turnbuckle. Moneymaker slows down as his faithful servant positions himself then grabs Ace’s hair. He forces the young hero's mouth onto his hard cock. With the cute muscle stud impaled at both ends, the villain resumes the hard fuck.

Moneymaker smiles as he rides the helpless loser, savoring the spoils of victory. Valet enjoys his dick being sucked as he watches his master own another young hero. Now that the muscle heel’s in complete control, it doesn't take long for him to reach a fever pitch. He slides out and unsheathes his cock. The villain forces Ace off Valet then throws him into the middle of the ring.

The two villains stand on either side of Ace, pumping their cocks as they tower over him. They work themselves to climax, finishing simultaneously as they explode, shooting their cum all over the young hero's face and smooth chest. When they're done and drained, ropes of white seed line the tanned flesh.

Valet lowers himself then forces Ace to clean his cock head. While he's down there, the henchman lifts his head and polishes his boss’s softening cock. Moneymaker engages in a posedown over the two younger studs. He shows off his amazing muscles as they suckle on drained rods. The villain looks amazing, thick and ripped, his muscles popping beautifully.

Moneymaker finishes his routine then moves off. The henchman pulls his dick free, rises and gathers their trunks before sitting on the middle rope while pushing up on the top rope. Moneymaker slips through the opening and saunters to the back, semi-hard cock swinging as he basks in another victory. When they pass me, Valet looks into the shadows and sticks his tongue out at me. I make one aggressive step and he jumps, scurrying closer to his boss. I smirk and he slips behind the curtain, never looking in my direction again.

In the ring, Ace jerks himself for the other camera, erupting quickly as his coats his stomach with his own seed. Ryan calls cut and Ace lies there, gathering himself. My best friend and business partner makes his way over to me, “I saw what you did. The Bat helping from the shadows? Is this going to be a thing? I didn't film it, but we could now and cut it in.”

I shake my head, “No, I'm good. Just got carried away.”

“I thought you were going to come to the ring.”

“No, Micah was clear he didn't want my help. I think there's something going on. Maybe because I'm with Jae. Anyway, he was a little sketchy with me, so I didn't dare.”

Ryan just nods and we get to the business of wrapping things up.

In the Locker Room

"Congratulations, Micah. I'm impressed. You didn't win, but you put up a helluva fight. I've never seen you wrestle better. I was so worried that I didn't want Ryan to even give you this match, but you proved me wrong."

The blond teen muscleman asks, "You were worried about me, Cody?"


I shrug and nod, “Yeah, I was, but you can really take care of yourself.”

Micah smiles broadly, "That's awesome. Ryan said he saw you scare Valet off at one point. Is that true?” I'm surprised Ryan ratted me out, but I shouldn't be. He's trying to help. I just nod, sheepishly, afraid Micah will be pissed. Instead, he smiles, “Oh, no sad face, Cody. I'm not mad at you for helping me. I really appreciate that you care enough to do it. You're still so good to me.”

“You're a good man, Micah. No matter what, I hope you know that we're always friends.”

The cute young stud hesitates then a strange look flashes across his face. He turns to his locker. As I casually admire his luscious ass (nice, but not as nice as Jae's of course), he comments, “Of course, Javi's gonna be pissed that I lost after all that training, but he'll like how I made Moneymaker freak out."

I raise an eyebrow, "Javier helped train you for this?"

Micah turns, his doe-eyed innocent look has returned. He looks amazed, "Yeah, he did! Wow. Man, you're always so smart, Cody. It's not fair that you're so gorgeous and a genius. So, how'd you guess? Just from the moves?"

"No, you just said - never mind." I smile to myself, "Well, well, well. That old dog."

I'm surprised and pleased. Javier wrestled as Night for us for six years. He recently lost to Moneymaker aka Day, his former tag partner in a "loser leaves The Cave" match. Needless to say, he was bitter. I've tried to talk him into returning under a new identity, but he's being stubborn. Maybe he's finally ready to stop pouting and come back.

I ask Micah, "So does this mean he's finally ready to stop pouting and come back?"

The young blond hunk shrugs, "I don't know about that. You know, with him starting his own wrestling video company, I doubt he's got the time. He's trying to get a lot of matches filmed and edited for when he's ready to launch. If that ever happens."

My eyes go wide, "He's starting his own company?"

Micah looks more stunned than usual then he scrunches up his face. Fuck, he's adorable when he tries to think. He finally says, "Oh crap. I wasn't supposed to say anything, but I don't ever wanna lie to you, Cody. You know how much I care about our friendship. And you proved again what a good friend you are today."

"I appreciate that. I care about our friendship, too. So what's going on?"

"See, Javi and me are kinda, you know? But it's not serious or official or anything. You know, he's always got a few guys going. No big deal, I'm not looking for anything big and he's fun. Not as fun as you, of course. Or as big.” He giggles. “I mean, it's cool, but, well, I mean, I could end it tomorrow and there'd be no hard feelings.” Micah pauses, “So how're things with Jae?"

I sigh, "They're great." Poor Micah. I try to get us back on the topic I want to talk about, "Micah, tell me about Javier's wrestling company."

"Oh. Right. It's totally different than The Cave. No heroes or villains. No masks. Nothing like that. He wants to stage old school pro action with some behind the scenes drama. He's asked a lot of the guys. It sounds fun. He says it'll be like a super-sexy wrestling soap opera. Is it okay that I might wrestle for him, too?"

I say 'yes' with a smile, but I'm really thinking about what this means. I want to say 'no', but I can't figure out how. It's not like we were the first wrestling video company, so I can't act like no one else should do it. And we hire guys who work elsewhere. Micah's no genius, but even he can sense my conflict. He double checks and I tell him to go for it if he wants to. I just ask him not to use Ace as his name.

"Oh, I would never do that. Trust me, it won't affect you and me at all. That's why when he asked me for money, because he can't find anyone who can get his website going, I said 'no'. I figured wrestling might be okay, but I knew that would be too much. I'm always on your side, Cody. You know that, right?"

I smile and nod, "I'm glad to hear that, Micah. I want you to be happy and do what's right for you. I have to admit, Javi has improved your wrestling." I nod, finally coming around, “Micah, if you want to wrestle for anyone, including Javi, you should do it. I really mean it.”

Micah moves in and gives me a big hug, "See, that's why you're such a great guy.” The young stud’s voice changes to a more serious tone as he says, “You're like the only guy I've ever met who's never asked for anything from me. Not money. Not gifts. Not access. Nothing. I appreciate that you like me for me, Cody. Like a lot. That’s why I'll be your faithful Ace, Batman.” He whispers playfully, “Woof."

My eyes go wide and I bite my bottom lip as I realize he does understand where I got the name. I'm so glad we're not facing each other. I hug him harder and mutter something about him being a great guy, happy that he's taking all this in stride.

When we break the hug, the teen hunk switches back to his fun-loving tone, "I gotta say that guys seem excited to try something different. And the money is pretty good. He's paying more than you guys. Not that I care about the money. You know I'm not into that kind of stuff." Spoken like a true Beverly Hills trust fund kid who has never had to work or worry about money.

We switch to small talk before Micah hits the shower. Alone, I have an epiphany. Micah might actually be smart. Does he just play dumb and get away with it? Yes. Wow. He has us all fooled. Like everyone. I think about all the 'dumb' things he's said over the past year and start to see hidden agendas all over the place. He gets away with so much. But I get it. He's rich and hot. I'm sure it started as a defense mechanism. At least I do believe that he's on my side and I still like him. I decide that his secret is safe with me. I'll tell Ryan and Jae that he let this slip accidentally. They'll believe it.

Okay, so the kid wanted me to know about Javier's deal enough to reveal himself to me. So now I know. I know his angle, his strategy and that he's having trouble with his website and cash flow. He obviously doesn't have a Ryan on his team. Micah shared a ton in just a few sentences, but what's my next move?

Fuck Javier, for starters. Outbidding us for our own guys. Most of our guys need money, that's why they do this. Paying more will give his new deal a leg up, especially given that he knows our talent and exactly what we pay them since he worked for us for 6 years. The wrestlers have limited time, so I can see some of them having to choose between the two sites. At least we've built great relationships and a strong business model. Thank god we've been so generous with bonuses recently. I don't want to turn this into a war, but if that's where it goes, I have to believe that we're in good shape.

I immediately head out to find Ryan. Like I said, it's not like we invented this wrestling video thing. I'm sure established producers like BIGBeast didn't like us when we started out and don't like us now that we're the hot thing in the blogosphere. We're the only ones who've made superhero wrestling really work. But this still bugs me. Javier is sneaking around and using insider knowledge to get over on us. The fact that he kept it a secret means he thinks he's doing something wrong. And I agree.

As I think about guys who couldn't show up for a recent taping, I wonder if that was Javier. Or the ones who wrestled Javier and one of his boy toys "just for fun". Was that true? Fuck, don't get paranoid, Cody. Things are going great. We can handle this.

Yeah, okay. I don't care if it makes me a hypocrite. I'm not happy about this. Not one bit.

The End


  1. Wow! Great action, and Ace/Micah just got a whole lot more interesting!

    Have you had a chance to read my fan fiction yet? A major part of the story hinges on Rival Pro Wrestling still being a secret to Cody and Ryan, and now that the "cat's out of the bag", it might not be as relevant.

    1. Sorry to drop in but Do you have your own blog? I would love to read any stories you write as well! Again sorry to but in haha.

    2. Thanks for the comment.

      I started the story, but haven't finished it. You did an amazing job. And don't worry about the story timing. As fan fiction, it can fit in anywhere.

    3. Gosh no! It was my first attempt at writing a story, and it literally took every moment of my free time for several months. Even when I wasn't working on it, I was still thinking about it, which made it very difficult to sleep or concentrate on anything else during that time. It was quite honestly one of the hardest things I've ever done, and I don't know how you storytellers and bloggers do it! I wanted to create a story as a gift to Alex, though, since he's done so much for all of us. Two of his characters really inspired me, and whether or not he wants to share the story with everyone else is his choice.

    4. P.S. My last comment was a reply to Axel about whether I have a blog.

    5. For anyone wondering, it is 147 pages with a ton of images. that's why it's taking me a moment. I want to enjoy my gift and properly respect the dedication and work that went into it.

      I appreciate it very much.

    6. 147 pages. Holy Batman! That's some serious writing power! Wow!

    7. Woah 147 pages Thats insane! Congrats Anon for just having the talent to do that much. I dont even know if i would even be able to do a quarter of that much in a story haha.

  2. "I get it. I'm sure losing me can't be easy."
    LOL, that Cody...

    I loved Ace after his first match, and Cody's description of him, "a nice guy, but naive, innocent and … not exactly quick of mind," just pushes the right buttons. Cute blond muscle puppy--my one weakness! But then the revelation that he's not as dumb as people think...! In fact, Ace might have WANTED to convey that to Cody--or maybe it just slipped.

    Although I love jobber squashes, I was STILL rooting for Ace. But I wasn't disappointed, because Ace TOTALLY won mentally. Still in MM's head, even in "submission"--funniest stakes scene ever (except for that time Xaq was secretly under the ring during Jae and Cody, but that might not really count as "stakes").

    Cody! Javi! You can talk about this, work together! Just stay calm, talk about this, work together! Sigh, they're totally not gonna talk about this, work together. Stupid egos.

    Moneymaker mentioned the Bat Family and Bird Boy. So of COURSE my mind immediately went to a Bird Boy-Ace tag team. Knowing how "stupid" Ace is, Xaq would want to lead the team (and no doubt be obnoxious about it), whereas after seeing Ace hold his own against Moneyma--no, DAY, I don't think he'd have any REAL trouble with Xaq.

    1. Thanks. Cody is a wonderful narrator. Maybe Ace found MM's one weakness. LOL.

      For Micah, it wasn't about slipping as much as Cody figuring out that he is smarter than everyone thinks is a risk he was willing to take to warn Cody once he realized what a good friend Cody still is.

      Interesting team-up idea.

    2. Aw, Micah risking revealing his hidden smarts to help Cody is! I'm glad I'm not your only reader falling in love with that boy. :)

    3. Apparently you're not. The model is great, so I'm glad guys like the character.

  3. OH! And Javier (through Ace)--two of my favorite Cave characters--said "a super-sexy wrestling soap opera"! I'm so honored. :)

    1. You know it's my favorite phrase ever. Javi is even stealing that!

  4. What an Intresting Chapter! I love Ace's new look and how Cody was so worried about him at first thinking he was a helpless pup. Codys personality throughout this whole thing was too funny its perfect how you write him.

    Ace may have lost the match but he proved himself and maybe made a bigger impression on the match then MoneyMaker did. It made me question whether MM was actually a threat in Cave. Even at the end he couldnt truly dominate Micah and Valet seemed yo be more dominant than him at times. But then again that is the Dynamic between the two with Valet doing the dirty work for MM. Looks like il have to reread MM's matches and make a decision. Though maybe this will make MM come back stronger and more of a heel next time. That I would love to see, also for Valet and MM to finally have a Tag match together. Im really intrested to see if Valet can do something or if he would be a coward in the ring as he is out of it.

    Besides wanting to see Ace in a Tag match with someone(Cody,Jae or Xaq) im really intrested to see where he goes. He made a big impression this time after I felt nothing in his debut. Im curious is the Soap Opera action is coming and hes bringing it or if he really just let it 'Slip'. Im curious to see if his Relation with Javier is more than what he let on and if so I wonder what the dynamic between Micah and Ramsey is?

    All in all I loved this match! Cody was Cody, Ace made a great reappearence and MM was still hot even though he wasnt to dominant in this one. Looks like the Pup got way into his head haha!

    Thanks Alex!

    1. Oh forgot to add your photoshop Pictures are Top Notch this time Alex! They look amazing!

    2. Thanks. Glad you like the images.

      I believe that Moneymaker is a threat, but he's arrogant and was definitely sheltered in tag action. I think it makes him susceptible to upsets, especially against a known jobber like Ace.

      I don't believe Micah let anything slip, but was it to cause drama? I think at this point it might've been to support a friend and Guy he has a crush on.

    3. Woops I completly misread that situation haha. But ahh that means Micah is such a good guy and hes still waiting for cody who may never come. Thats hurts haha. Either way he quickly shot up to being one of my favorites with just this match. Im excited to see him in more matches I love his cocky mouthy persona that never submits. It makes me wonder what the dynamic between him and Xaq in the match would be. Xaq likes to think hes in control while Ace seems like someone who wont submit so easily even when beaten. Im sure that conversation would be a gold mine haha.

    4. Oh, I think it's on the writer not the reader to make things clear. It's natural in my stories to see characters as having ulterior motives and here, causing drama is the result, regardless of the intent. LOL. I'd say that I intended for everything Micah said to Cody to be true. While Javi is asking Micah for cash, Cody is still trying to protect him. That builds some genuine loyalty in the moment. And potentially false hope, but that's another day's problem. ;)

  5. In with Sean Pford here. That line...I'm sure losing me....had me laughing. Cody is full of himself lol. What a great character though. He keeps it real though .

    Loved MM suffering . That was hot. You can picture that caramel muscular leg at the hands of the smaller man getting tortured. I think that between the mental mind game and the actual physical game, Day...ahmmm I mean MM had to feel owned.
    The comment that Cody makes of a match between Ryan and MM...hmmmm talk about an interesting idea that had me all tingly lol . The consequences could be be extremely hot. In regards to Ace. The pup sure had everyone fooled . His game is good. I wonder what his future entails as he grows older and more entrenched in the business. Talk about a character that has growth potential.

    1. Thanks. Moneymaker definitely underestimated Ace and is probably a little shocked, even after the match.

      Micah is a slow burn character, as we discussed in the Havoc comment area. His debut wasn't his story, it was Jae's. This one gave us a little more. But I think there are more places to go with him. He has a lot of dimensions to him.

  6. Incredibly hilarious! Moneymaker might have the won the match, but I feel like his reputation will definitely suffer a little when they release that match.

    Ace/Micah just shot up in my list of favorite characters of yours. It was sweet of him to help out Cody even if it meant having to reveal he's not nearly as dumb as everyone thinks.

    Now that it's been brought up by someone else, I kinda wish we could see a three on three match with Cody, Micah and Xaq on one side. Or maybe a two on two with Xaq and Micah. Either way it would be fun.

    1. Thanks, Mike. I agree with you on Moneymaker. Ace really threw him off his game and other guys are bound to notice.

      The desire for some Bat-family action is duly noted. :)

    2. Other guys are bound to notice!! Ahmm is it me....or was that short sentence just meant to turn us even more on. So maybe Javi will get his payback after all. Something tells me MM better improve soon. The Cave has a lot of talent and he has yet to face some real tough guys, besides the Bat of course