Monday, September 4, 2017

Review: Ace Owens vs. Nick Justice (W4H)

As I've explained before, I feel like if there's one or two matches a month that I really like on Wrestler4Hire’s streaming service, I've made my money back. Thanks to this match, I've already won September. Ace Owens vs. Nick Justice is a really well-done wrestling match with just the right amount of story elements.

Ace vs. Nick (with Minion)

Ace Owens is a fairly popular underground wrestler, most famous for being a sweet guy who does nice things for adoring fans. He's cute, bordering on adorable with a solid and sexy body. Here, he looks great in a skimpy bathing suit. In this match, Ace brings a cocky, determined attitude to the ring, like a hero with an edge.

I was just remarking about how much hotter than usual I found Nick Justice in his match against Lane Hartley (review here). So what does he do? Gets a perm (or grows his hair out) and puts on a black body suit. Sigh. Based on the opening dialogue with Minion (see next paragraph), he was fat-shamed in his last match, so maybe that's the reason for covering up. Not sure, but I prefer my beefy wrestlers in trunks. Either go full supervillain or wear trunks, Nick.

And there's a bonus stud in this match … Minion. I feel like I missed something, because Nick talks about a past match, but it's not too hard to follow. The cute ginger is the twink henchman, functioning as slave, matchmaker and referee. He alternates between cowering and cocky, adding a fun, unobtrusive element to the video. Other than slow counting Ace’s pins, he doesn't impact the match, so that's good.

Sexy Ace looks great.

I don't get Nick's body suit.

Nick looks awfully happy to be on top of Ace.

I have to admit that I didn't jump on this one right away. It was already on page two when I got around to it. I found Ace’s match against KARN to be plodding and then there's Nick's bodysuit. Meh. Plus, I figured it might be a squash and it moved down my list.

Well, I was 100% wrong.

It's great. It's not a squash. It's very fast-moving and energetic. And I really liked everything about it. Ace is amazing, erasing any doubt I had about his charisma or ability. Nick is a guy I always seem to like. At times, he does hit a level of corniness with his over-the-top dialogue, but manages (barely) to stay on the right side of entertainment vs. distraction.

Things begin with Nick berating Minion about the last match, hoping he does a better job with setting this one up. Nick wants a wimp, not a hot young pro wrestler with muscles and moves. Enter Ace Owens. Either Minion is bad at his job or he likes messing with his master. Either way, Ace is everything Nick didn't want, but now has to deal with. For his part, Ace threatens the 'ref' to call it down the middle, somehow guessing that someone named Minion might side with his boss.

Ace is a GIF machine.

Nick is more JPG.

Ace isn't taking any crap.

The simplest description of the action for me is that Ace is GIFs and Nick is JPGs. The young stud is a fast-moving, high-impact ball of energy. When he's on top, he seldom slows down. Nick is more methodical. He wants to wear down the adorable jumping bean, using slower, mat-based attacks. Of course there are exceptions, but that's how I'd describe the most memorable parts.

Nick squeezes the pretty boy.

The faster, smaller guy's best weapon - the boot!

Nick gets one GIF - I can't resist a piledriver!

In the end, this is a good one. Everything is professionally done and the contrasting looks, attitudes and styles really work. There's a narrative to the wrestling that makes sense (in a pro wrestling context, of course). Ace won me over and I got over Nick covering his beef once things got going. And Minion added a fun element that would be interesting to see more of.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. You liked it! After suggesting it to you I was worried yiu might not like it after you said you thought Ace was boring. I havent seen his other matches so that could be true since I only seen this one but both men won me over watching this amazing match.

    1. I did like it. I've only seen the one other Ace Owens match, which was a superhero-villain squash against KARN. This changed my opinion. I'll be open to giving Ace another try.