Monday, September 18, 2017

Review: #551 Austin Tyler vs. Erik the Viking (UCW)

It's been a little bit since I reviewed a UCW video. It's been even longer since I bought one. I'd say we went in different directions, based on Joe at Ringside's reviews. He talked about 'no homo' and gay creeper stuff that my regular readers know isn't something I like. There was also a 'death match' in June. Uh, no thanks.

So that's how nine months can go by as I just got out of the habit of regularly checking UCW out. I finally remembered they exist when I wanted to look at something different. I decided to see what was up and chose Austin vs. Erik.

How did it go?

Can Austin bend the Viking to his will?

I really like Austin Tyler. I've only watched him a couple of times at UCW and Wrestler4Hire, but enjoyed him so far. He's young and skilled, but I'd be lying if I said his main appeal for me isn't his body. It's really quite flawless, beautifully sculpted and smooth. I don't have a great handle on his personality, as he mostly grunts when wrestling, but it's fine so far.

Opposite him is a new guy for me, but not for UCW. It turns out Erik the Viking was around during the early 300's and now has returned. IN this match, there's nothing "Viking" about him, but maybe there was before. Either way, it's not really important. Erik has a good body and attitude, which is about all you need at UCW, right?

Even Erik finds Austin's sculpted body, big bulge
 and smooth, flawless skin irresistible.

Austin tests his older opponent.

Austin's roots are as strong as his muscles.

Things start out pretty simply. This is UCW, so there's no pretext needed, really. Erik admires Austin's body, particularly his awesome legs then it's time to wrestle. The action is the kind of intense, non-stop, back-and-forth that earned UCW Cavey Awards in 2015 and 2016. It's fun, but not a joke. It's sexy, but not erotic. And it's rough, but not over-the-top.

Austin knows what he's doing.

Erik wants scissors to take that hair.
I'd be down for that.

Creative and sexy as Austin shows off his butt.

Both guys bend and twist their opponent. When he's suffering, Austin has a primal, guttural way of grunting that is very caveboy-like. I like it. Erik continues to enjoy Austin, grabbing that orange-wrapped bulge, even toying with it playfully at one point. Things build to a fast and furious finish. Do yourself a favor and don't look at the timer after about the 20 minute mark to avoid spoiling yourself about the final move. Just go along for the ride as there are a lot of reversals right up until the end.

Erik: "Settle down. It's gonna happen.
Just let it happen."

Can Austin end Erik's comeback?

This time, the sleeper will fin - NO!

In the end, I enjoyed my return to UCW. Austin is a guy I really like. He's primal, with a great body and an attitude that really works in the frenetic UCW environment. Erik is a good opponent for him - older, experienced and differently muscled, but able to hold his own. I'm still unclear what's 'viking' about him, but I was able to get over it once the action got going.

What are other bloggers saying?

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. Austin reminds me of a young Aryx Quinn with longer hair. You definitely need to see his UCW match versus Max Ryder!

    1. I'll check it out! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Also check out the Chase vs Max Ryder in posing bikinis match! If it seems I had a hand in its concept... you'd be right :)