Tuesday, January 15, 2019

BIGBeast: The New Guy 7

"Aw, I thought you were staying, Steve?"

Steve looks out from his rental car, "I am. Until tomorrow then I'm going to check out Boston. I just needed to grab something.”

Steve's not leaving is he?

“Okay, cool. I was worried for a second.”

The hot Canadian hunk steps out of the car and we walk back into the house. “I'm just getting ahead on packing. Although I didn't actually wear anything I brought, so at least there's no laundry to do. Jimmy said he'd be back in an hour with a new list of chores for me.” I snort, but he says, “It's not like that. I finished his original list, so I offered to take on some more work.”


“Yes, I offered to help the little tyrant. I feel like I owe him. He probably should've sent me packing on day one, but he took a big chance on me. Now that we're past the hazing phase, I think he's pretty cool. He said they're going to call me Jack Truman. Not bad, right?"

"Not bad at all. Suits you. It has a real good guy feel to it."

Steve says, "Thanks. I'm really looking forward to dinner with you and Jimmy tonight."

"Me too. It'll be my last chill moment for the next week. I've so much to do with the videos. Editing takes a ton of time, especially for the matches I didn’t actually shoot. I'm actually not sure how I'm gonna get it all done in time. At least Jimmy will be here. He said we can train during down times."

"Training? Camera-boy still wants to be Wrestler-boy?"

I laugh, "That probably is what Jimmy will call me. There'll definitely be the word ‘boy’ in my name somewhere. But hell yeah I wanna wrestle! More than ever. I might be starting as a film student in the fall, but I grew up on a farm. I'm not afraid of pain and hard work. It's fun to watch, but way better to do."

Steve smiles. He casually says, "Hm, everyone is gone, eh? What're you up to now?"

"Nothing. I'm loading footage, so the computer is tied up. I figured I'd just surf on my phone -" The look on Steve's face stops me. I ask, "You asking me to wrestle?"

The handsome hunk holds up his hands, "Unless you're not interested. I am more than twice your age, so I get it. Or maybe I'm too much of a jobber for the mighty Wrestler-boy. You won't hurt my feelings if you say that you need to hang close to the computers."

Yeah, I'm 18, while Steve is 40, but the blond Canadian muscleman is actually ridiculously hot. Like a model. Handsome face. Hard-bodied. Gorgeous ass. Stacked pouch. I've filmed six of his matches this weekend. Yeah, he got squashed and humiliated in every one, but all of them turned me on. I'm definitely down with wrestling him.

"Are you kidding? I'd love to wrestle you. You’re like my dream opponent, actually. I'm more surprised that a stud like you wants to wrestle a regular guy like me."

Steve tilts his head, "Really? You somehow don't know that you're a hot young stud?” I blush and look away. He shakes his head, “Wow. Gorgeous and genuinely modest? Look, everyone was curious about you all weekend, eh? A lot of guys asked me what your deal is. They heard about our connection and wanted the inside scoop.”

I'm floored, “Seriously? Me?”

“Completely serious. The guys all wanted to get you in the ring. It'd be an honor to be your first. Opponent, that is." He winks. I blush and look away again. Steve pulls me into a bearhug. It feels good. "Don't be shy. Just a couple of buds rolling around, having fun."

I can only nod and say, "Okay."

I realize that my 'bud' is really strong as he playfully squeezes me. He's 6'1"/200-lbs and ripped. I'm a lean 6'4"/200-lbs, so he's got me in the muscle department. Watching him lose over and over, I didn't realize how powerful he could be. If he knew how to use his strength, the whole BIGBeast roster would be in serious trouble.

Steve lets me go. We head to the showers then agree to meet upstairs in the ring room.

In the Ring.

I'm ready to go.

It doesn't take long for us to get ready. Steve is only wearing stuffed pink rubber briefs and white knee pads. Wow, he’s so fucking beautiful. I'm decked out in black squarecuts, pads and boots. I offer to remove my boots, but he's okay. He prefers barefoot, but says he likes me in all-black. He says I look like a badass punk and sexy as fuck. I can’t help but blush as I promise to try not to step on his feet. We warmup a little, checking each other out.

Oh wow.

Steve looks at me, "We should probably talk. It was easy for me to keep things calm when the camera was on me, my opponents were professionals and I was just trying to remember everything I need to do. It won't be so easy now. I just want to make sure we're both comfortable. Now's the time to set any limits, eh?"

I get where he's going. "I'm open to whatever."

"Sorry, but what does that mean?"

I get shy, "Sorry, it's just a little weird, talking about this. Planning it out. You're my first, so I’m not sure what to say. First opponent, I mean. I've, like, you know. You know? Since I was 15.”

The hot stud jokes, “I've heard you farmboys start young. Nothing else to do.”

I laugh, “I guess that's true. That’s kind of how it started. Just buddies hanging out and fucking around in the barn. So, I've been with guys, but I've never kind of talked about it like this? You know, like it's a big plan. We always just got drunk and did what feels good. Can we just see where it goes?"

"Okay. We'll just see where it goes. But stop me if anything doesn't feel good, okay? And I'll do the same with you."

I nod. I see where Steve is coming from. He's a grown man. He's trying to be responsible and respectful. But it's weird, because even though he says I'm a young hot stud, I'm really just a regular guy. The Canadian hunk is seriously the hottest guy I've ever wrestled. Or done anything with. Anywhere else, he'd be out of my league. So, if anyone’s gonna lose control, it'll be me.

We circle the ring, checking each other out. I've seen Steve wrestle six matches. He’s eager but doesn’t know much wrestling. Not that I’m much better. I’m no expert, but I’ve at least wrestled with my friends my whole life. And he’s got no idea about me. I wonder what he’s thinking. He is a total jobber. I wonder if he’s just going to let me win? I hope not. I’d love to beat him fair and square.

We move in for a basic collar-and-elbow. We press and shift. It feels good. He's so solid. Suddenly, the hot Canadian hunk puts some muscle into it, driving me backwards into the corner. CLANG! Steve presses against me. Feels good. I guess he’s not going to just lie down for me. Good. I’ve never beaten a 40-year old muscleman before.

The mature muscleman smirks, “Now that I have you, whatever should I do with you?”

I smirk back, “You got me?”

Suddenly, I grip his strong shoulder and bicep then use them whip Steve around, slamming him into the corner. CLANG! With our positions reversed, I lift my knee into his abs. THUD! OOF! When he bends forward, I reach under his arm then hip toss him out. WHAM! I move forward, but he skids across the ring on his pink rubber butt then spins to a crouch to face me.

Steve looks surprised, so I shrug, “I told you Jimmy taught me a few things.”

The hot Canadian hunk claps as he stands up, “Well done. The little tyrant would be proud.”

We lock up again. Again, Steve powers me backwards into the corner. CLANG! He’s so strong. This time, he wastes no time. The blond muscleman lifts his knee into my abs. THUD! OOF! So strong. I cough and bend forward as he grabs my wrist then whips me across the ring. I slam into the opposite corner. CLANG! When I bounce out, I run right into a clothesline. WHACK! SPLAT! I go down hard at Steve’s bare feet.

I look up to see the hot hunk flexing over me in his shiny pink jobber trunks. He looks amazing, but I’m feeling something. Steve is taking this match lightly. Too lightly. My competitive juices are starting to flow. Maybe it’s the black gear. Maybe it’s the sweat. Or maybe I’m just an 18-year old punk who doesn’t like to get shown up, even by a sexy nice guy. Suddenly, I want to win this.

Steve looks down at me with a playful look. He extends a hand, “Is lying down and admiring muscle one of the moves that Jimmy taught you?”

I ignore his hand. I casually roll towards him then get onto my knees in front of him. “You don’t want me to use the moves Jimmy taught me.” I grip his rock-hard quad for support as I plant my left boot to rise.

“Sure I do. Let’s make this a real match. Show me something.”

I settle back on my heel, asking, “You sure, Mr. Truman?”

“Ha. Cute. Yeah, I’m sure. Bring it on, eh?”


I grip his thigh as I swing my other arm up between his legs. SQUISH! I don’t go too hard, but enough that Steve feels it. He bends forward, so I spin on my knee, putting my back to him. I grab his head and pull it onto my shoulder. I spring up then run two steps and drop. I land on my back, slamming his face onto my arm as we hit the canvas. SMACK! He rolls sideways onto his back, writhing and dazed.

As I drop on top of him for the pin, I explain, “Tried to warn you. That’s a low blow followed by an inverted neckbreaker. It’s pretty cool, right?”



Steve surprises me by kicking out. With authority. He throws me off then sits up, testing his jaw. I move in behind him and apply a rear chinlock. I push him forward, bending his body down so I have more leverage. I squeeze hard, wearing him down some more. He growls just before he whips his arms over his shoulders. He catches my head then uses his amazing strength to pull me forward and over his shoulder. WHAM!

The hot Canadian hunk rolls away onto his knees. He shakes out his head as he tests his jaw. He says, “I guess I asked for that.” He waits as though were pausing. I’m not. I charge in at him. Steve surprises me with a big body tackle. WHOMP! He drags me between his legs into a side body scissors. As he crushes me, he says, “You’re not the only one who’s been learning.”

I moan in the crushing vice of his hard as steel legs. I push on them, but I’ll never move them. They close tighter and tighter around me and every striation and vein are visible on his sculpted limbs. I pound on the legs, but Steve might not even feel the shots. I try to twist, but he’s locked me in place. When I reach out for his body, he’s ready to defend any punches, eye rakes or cheap shots. He has been learning.

Steve says, “Want to give? We can move onto the. Next one.”

I grunt an unconvincing, “Never!”

“Tough and cute? Wrestler-boy is going to be a big hit.”

I must be somewhat convincing, because Steve opens his legs. I roll out onto my hands and knees and regain my breath. He’s still not taking me seriously. Well, I think he’s taking me seriously, but I think he’s still in flirty fun match mode, even after my cheap shot. He grabs me by my thick mop of hair and pulls me up to my feet.

Steve moves in for a bearhug, but I club him before he can lock it on. WHOMP! He tries again, but I club him again and back up to escape. WHOMP! After that scissors, there’s no way I can let him bearhug me. The blond muscle stud charges at me with a clothesline, but I bridge back before he connects. WHOOSH! His arm sails over me and he spins out of control as he flies into the ropes.

I flip over, but instead of rising, I sweep my long leg out. My boot slams into his ankle as I trip him down onto his bubble butt. PLOP! I dive in and slam my forearm onto the back of his head. THWAK! He flies forward, his head falling between his knees before he ricochets back into another shot. WHACK! I spin around and put my legs up and my butt behind his.

As a rookie, Steve doesn't react fast enough to what I’m doing. He just sits there, enabling me to pull his arms back and lift my legs into the air. I lock my boots behind his head for Jimmy’s signature leg nelson. I lift the muscleman’s arms up. His shoulders are so thick, but my legs are long and flexible. My boots push his chin down into his chest.

Steve struggles in the painful hold. He fights to break free, but he can’t. I hear his cries get higher-pitched and I know he’s hurting. After seeing him submit so many times, I can tell he’s close. I squeeze tighter, really making the mature muscleman suffer. He whimpers and my cock swells in my black trunks. I can’t wait to take his ass!


I open my legs and release him. I slither over to put one shin on his chest as I flex over him. I ask, “Recognize that one?”

“Oh yeah, another Jimmy special. You did it perfectly, too.”

Steve caresses my leg as it presses down on his sculpted pecs. I smile, but have to ask, “You’re pretty tough. I’ve seen you take worse. You sure you really gave and didn’t just hand me a win?”

The hot hunk laughs, “I wish.”

I nod, “I guess after taking so much abuse this weekend, maybe you’re sore?”

“Maybe I am. This is match seven in three days and I am 40. But no excuses. I think you’re just that good, my handsome young friend.”

I shrug and smirk, “Maybe I am.”

Round Two.

We grab some water then get ready for another round. I feel good about getting a fall and I believe Steve when he says he didn’t just give a cheap win. I really got a submission. Over a gorgeous older muscle stud who’s twice my age. One of my biggest unrealized fantasies and exactly the type of guy I want to dominate as an official BIGBeast wrestler. Maybe Steve can come back and I can beat him for the cameras.

Steve smirks, “You’re feeling cocky. I can tell by your face. And your trunks.” I look down and realize I’m tenting big time. I adjust myself, but it doesn’t help. “You think I mind, big boy? Keep it up. Maybe I’ll make you shoot in your trunks like you did while you filmed me.”

I frown, “That never happened and you know it. That was just Jimmy teasing me.”

The hot Canadian hunk just shrugs, “If you say so.”

I move in and Steve braces for a lock up. I dive under his arms to grab his leg, but I’m too tall for this move. He has plenty of time to jump out of the way, spinning behind me. Leave that on to the little guys like Jimmy. I’m about to turn back, but the mature muscleman is there. He grabs me around the waist and pulls me up into a reverse bearhug. I immediately cry out.

Fuck! The jobber is strong!

Steve crushes me in his arms and I realize how strong he is. I’ve never been bearhugged harder and my buddy Josiah was a defensive lineman on the football team. Even he didn’t squeeze me like this. I gasp for breath as my lean torso collapses against his powerful arms. I struggle and squirm, but he’s too much for me. I try to throw my elbows back, but I can’t connect.

I moan as he throws me from side to side. I grip his wrists as my legs, shoulders and head are thrown back and forth. I almost throw up, he’s so strong. His chiseled body presses into my back and I try to think of a way to escape. Steve pauses then asks if I give or if I want another ride. I refuse to give, so he shakes me even harder. When he stops, I’m limp and gasping.

The mature muscleman suddenly lets go, but before I can react, he lifts his arms and powers me into a full nelson. Damn, I wasn’t ready for that. I fight to power out, but his fingers are locked behind my head and he’s way too strong for that. I try driving him backwards into the corner, but he braces hard and I can’t budge him.

Steve throws me to the left. He holds me there and I feel my right abs stretching. He whips me over to the right and I feel it up my left side. Using his surprising power, I get thrown back and forth. I start to get dizzy as I’m thrown around. I still won’t give, but that’s more because I’m struggling to think. The mature muscleman throws me down to the canvas. SPLAT!

I get dragged up by my hair then pulled back into a dragon sleeper. Steve caresses my chest, telling me how much he loves this hold, especially on sexy young guys with big bulges like me. He asks if I think it’s a sexy hold, but I can’t answer him. I just reach up to grab some part of him. He swats my arms to the side then smashes my chest. THUD! My whole body shakes and I struggle to keep my feet under me.

Steve lets go and drop down onto my back. PLOP! Steve plants his bare foot on my bulge and rubs it softly. I moan and squirm as he toys with my meat. I push his foot away and roll onto my stomach. I have to keep my ass up as my hard-on is painful under me. I reach under to adjust myself, but Steve grabs me by the hair. That doesn’t help my situation as I think hair pulling is fucking hot.

I get dragged up and immediately pulled into a bearhug. Our torsos collide and he squeezes my body against his. His muscles are so hard that I feel like I’m pressed against a tree. His arms take my breath and no matter how much I squirm and push on him, I can’t resist. Every time I move, his arms just tighten up more and more. I reach for his head, but he’s not that much of a rookie. He just shakes me to stop my counter.

The hot muscle hunk has me and he knows it. He suddenly shakes me up and down. The change in pressure catches me off guard and pain shoots up my spine. I cry out and fall back, my head and arms limp as I lean back. I’m so far back that I’m actually staring at myself in the famous BIGBeast mirror. I’m upside down and drenched in sweat. I have no choice.

I weakly grunt out, “I submit. Submit.”

Steve drops me onto my back. PLOP! He flexes over me and this time, I don’t mind. He earned it. Fuck, he’s strong and maybe I’m not as ready as I think I am. Still, I only made one strategic error and I couldn’t recover. I can still own his old man ass, right? This time, when Steve offers me his hand, I accept, letting him help me to my feet. We do a little hug then break

We’re tied, so there’s definitely more to come.

Round Three.

“Okay, so you’re not giving me the match.”

Steve shakes his head, “Never was. Never will. You want a win, you need to earn it.” He puts on a fake old man voice, “You kids today want everything handed to you, fast and easy. With your bippy boppy machines and your one-minute food and your one-second fixes. No respect for hard work. You youngsters today want to start out at the top.”

I frown, “Now you’re making fun of me. I wasn’t complaining.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot that kids today can’t laugh at themselves, either. You’re all made of glass.”

I point at him, “Now, you’re asking for a fight.”

Steve spreads his arms out wide, “Let’s go. I’m not getting any younger, eh?”

I fluff under my balls, “No, you’re definitely not.”

“Now, you’re the one asking for a fight.”

We smile and circle the ring. I like Steve. He’s chill and funny and just a nice guy. Shame I have to humiliate him by making him lose to an 18-year old. Now, I’m getting hard again. He’s pumped and his tanned skin is shining under the bright lights. He looks amazing, but I really need to focus. I just can’t get distrac -

Steve throws his barefoot up into my abs. THUD! OOF! I bend forward and he slams his forearm across my back. WHACK! SPLAT! I fall to hands and knees at his feet. Ouch. Before I can do anything, the mature muscleman grabs me around the waist. He lifts and flips me over into an upside down bearhug. FUCK! I hang there, my stomach collapsing again.

My stretched out 200-lbs doesn’t seem to faze him as he holds me up. My legs stretch up and back over his shoulders as I use my long arms to brace myself on the mat. I really don't need to be dropped on my head. I moan as I blood rushes to my head and my body I crushed by his powerful arms. I barely recovered from the last round and now, I’m wracked with pain again.

Steve bounces me up and down and I cry out. I feel like I might break in two if he squeezes any harder. My mind is racing as I try to outlast his strength. I don’t know any counters and he’s got me so good. It’s all I can do to try to survive. I get bounced again and I can’t take it anymore.


My back and front hurt.

The mature muscleman lowers me forward and I lie in front of him. Fuck. I check my back then my stomach as I recover. Steve asks if I’m okay. I tell him I’m fine, just need a break and I can keep going. He kicks me over onto my back. PLOP! The handsome hunk pushes my hands to the side. He sits his amazing ass on my face as he faces down my body.

I feel his strong hands grip my chest then he starts massaging me. Oh, that’s nice. He rubs me down from pecs to the top of my squarecuts. The hot Canadian hunk pushes my trunks to the base of my swollen cock then keeps working my body. With his perfect bubble butt in my face, I could stay here all day. I’m kind of sad when he slides off me until he rolls me over.

Steve mounts my body and works on my shoulders. Oh, that’s nice. I moan approvingly as he massages down my back. He aligns my spine and relaxes my aching muscles. I enjoy being pampered, even though he’s found and exploited my weak point twice. When he reaches the waistband of my trunks, he stops, asking if I want to keep going.

I ask, “Massage or wrestling? Or do you mean something else?”

“Cute. I mean wrestling. Something else only happens when one of us is done.”

“Mmm, that sounds cool, but hell yeah I wanna keep wrestling. Especially now. I feel great.”

The blond stud grabs my right butt cheek and squeezes, “Then this can wait a little bit longer.” He leans down and kisses me down my spine. I groan, almost changing my mind. No, we’re going to keep going. I’m not ending up as the loser. Not to BIGBeast’s newest and sexiest jobber. What would that make me? I’ll just tire him out, win the next two falls then we can do more. A lot more. All I need to do is avoid his bearhug and I’ll be fine.

Round Four.

“Thanks for the massage. It was nice. I feel kind of bad that you helped me and now I’m going to beat you because of it.” Steve just laughs. I smirk, “It was very polite, though. Must be a Canadian thing. Eh?”

The mature muscleman shrugs, “Yeah, must be. Please don’t beat on me too badly, stud.”

I hear the mocking tone and just nod. The jobber in shiny pink briefs is feeling really cocky now. I really need to turn this around. I run through my strategy as we circle the ring. Jimmy taught me how to handle stronger opponents. Mainly because I’m stronger than him and he kicks my ass during practice, but now I can use that. Yes, I’m admitting that Steve is stronger. It’s no big deal. I just have to remember that I’m like a foot taller than Jimmy so I can’t use all his techniques.

We move in to lock up. Steve ducks and slips behind me. I feel his arms sweeping around my waist. Uh oh. I stick my arms in front and block him from closing up. I drop to my butt and swing my boots up as I roll back between his legs. The rookie jobber is frozen, which lets me kick up. WHOMP! I hit his body and send him flying backwards while I roll to the left onto a crouch.

Steve bounces off the ropes right into a spear. THUD! I tackle him down hard, going for a front facelock. The hot Canadian hunk throws me off him and rolls away. I dive for him to keep the pressure up, but he manages to square up. We start grappling and he overpowers me down. I squirm under him, but I can’t do anything more than defense. Damn. I quickly get schoolboy pinned down with my wrists over my head and Steve sitting on my stomach.

I say, “Nice moves.”


I plant my boots and use all my strength to bridge up. I manage to throw Steve off me and roll to safety. We rise fast and lock up again. We jockey for control. I try to twist the powerful muscleman into a side headlock, but he actually counters. Huh, he is learning. I feel him pushing my torso down just before he forces my head between his thighs.

Steve locks on the standing head scissors and squeezes. ARGH! Even his legs are amazingly strong. I grip his thick quads as he crushes my head. Okay, not the start I wanted. I try to pull my head back, but I can’t. Not without losing my ears, which I’d rather not do. I’m kind of attached to them. HA! At least I can still make jokes as I’m being knocked out.

I feel him bend forward and grab the back of my trunks. He pulls up and my hips raise as my trunks ride up and expose my ass. Uh oh. No matter what he’s planning - bearhug, piledriver, power bomb - it won’t be good for me. I pull my hips down, stretching my trunks and forcing him to bend forward a little more. It opens his legs a little. I can’t pull free, but I can slide down. My head drops to between his knees and I’m able to slip free.

I try to scramble away, but Steve keeps hold of my waistband. I plant a boot and go with his pulling. I throw my entire body up and into him. WHAM! I manage to surprise him and we topple backwards with me on top. I lift my butt and slam it back down onto his abs. THUD! Mistake! Mistake! I feel pain shoot up my spine and I hear nothing from him. Note to self, his stomach is a lot harder than my ass.

Steve tries to grab me around the waist, but I move off before he can. We both rise to our feet fast. He’s smiling. I’m trying to be focused, but he’s so handsome. And pumped. And sweaty. Fuck. I raise my arms for another lock up. He accepts. We struggle again. I try to move him, but I’m still figuring out where and how. The hot muscleman just shifts, using half-power.

I decide on a plan then force the issue. I push against him as hard as I can. Of course, he matches me. The ripped powerhouse pushes even harder, driving me back towards the ropes. I suddenly stop pushing and drop down, pulling him with me. His momentum throws him forward over me and onto the middle rope, which cuts into his pecs.

Steve holds the rope as I turn and leap to my feet. I jump on his shoulders, pressing him down onto the ropes. I hold the top one while I wrap my legs around his head. The hot Canadian hunk’s hands flail as I tighten my legs, squeezing on the choke hold. I keep myself steady and bounce us, distracting him as I apply the pressure. His back is bent as his hips drop behind me.

I release the hold, feeling like I’ve gotten all I can from it. I spin and drop into the ring. Steve coughs on the ropes as he lifts his amazing ass and draws his knees in. I run backwards into the opposite ropes and bounce off. I come in fast, jumping onto his back with my butt. WHOMP! The force of my landing sends him down again and he’s pulled off the middle rope, falling onto the bottom rope. He moans and reaches for his back.

I grab Steve’s ankles and pull him backwards into the ring. I drive my boots down onto his back. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! He flops and cries out at my feet. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I grab his ankles and lift while facing his head. I step forward between his legs, straddling his waist while I secure his ankle under my armpits. I bend his back as I lean forward.

Steve groans as I punish his back. His arms instinctively reach back as he swats at my boots. I don’t feel the weak attempts, but they’re exactly what I want. I grab his wrists and then stand up. The ripped hunk lets out a shocked, “NO!” as I rise up, pulling his 200-lbs of muscle off the canvas and up into a tear drop. I hear his sexy high-pitched cry as I hold him suspended in the air.

I don’t know how long I can hold him, but I’m used to hauling really heavy stuff. And the good thing about being 6’4’ here is that he’s completely hanging in the hold. I start to swing him back and forth like Jimmy showed me and Steve’s crying out in desperate pain. I can hear it in his voice. This is just like how he sounded before all his other submissions this weekend.


I drop Steve back to the ring and he collapses in a sweaty heap. Now, it’s my turn to flex and show off a little. I pose over him, enjoying my moment of domination. When Jimmy asked me if I’d rather be the jobber than the crusher, I told him it’d depend on the opponent. And it does. Steve definitely falls into the crushing category. I’m 18 and he’s 40. He’s a muscleman. Totally strong. Totally gorgeous. And he’s suffering at my feet. Yeah, that has me hard.

Fuck. Let’s end this so I can fuck his jobber ass.

Round Five.

Steve stretches out. He looks at the clock, “We’re tied up, but not sure we have time for another round and the winner enjoying his victory, eh? What do you think? Want to wrestle or relax?”

“We can’t end on a tie. And we kind of have all night to enjoy a victory. I wouldn’t mind that.”

The hot Canadian hunk reaches into his tight pink trunks and adjusts himself, “I like the way you think. Okay, let’s do another round and we can finish the post-match fun later if we have to.”

We cautiously move in for a lockup. I lift my arms up for a test of strength. He shrugs and accepts, lifting his arms. Perfect. I surprise him with a boot to his perfect abs. THUD! OOF! As he bends forward, I grab his hair and force him up. I move in with a knee lift to his gut. THUD! OOF! Steve groans. I move around him and lock on a standing ab stretch.

I bend Steve sideways and pull back, really stretching him out. With my height and flexibility, Jimmy said this is a perfect hold for me. The tanned muscleman tries to power out, but I counter that. I lift my right arm then slam it down into his stretched-out abs. THUD! THUD! THUD! the hot Canadian hunk grunts. I switch to punches to his side. POW! POW! POW! His knees buckle a little so I can tell he’s feeling it.

I lean back again, enjoying his pained moans. I can’t help but caress his smooth sculpted torso. Damn, he’s smoking hot. Perfection. And he’s all mine. I own this old jobber. Fuck, I just want to finish him off so I can take that ass. I look at the clock. If I submit him now, I’ll have time to fuck him. Nice.

While I’m thinking about my next move, Steve is executing his. He suddenly powers out, throwing himself forward and flipping me over his hip. I roll with the move, spinning as I land. The mature muscleman isn’t ready for that. I dive forward, driving my shoulder into his abs and tackling him down. WHOMP! WHAM! Steve writhes under me as I rise up beside him. I allow myself a little bicep flex as I savor dominating him.

I grab Steve by the hair and pull him up with me. I pull him forward, bending him over in front of me. I’m able to grab him between his legs and over his shoulder. I lift then drop him onto my outstretched leg for a big gutbuster. WHOMP! OOF! I hold Steve on my leg. I peel his pink rubber trunks up off his left butt cheek. I spank it playfully. SMACK! He lets out a grunt.

I push Steve off my leg onto his back. I rise up then plant my right boot on his abs. I press my 200-lbs down then walk over him. He lets out a long moan and curls up. I do it again, loving the feeling of power. Fuck, this is the life. I grab Steve’s blond hair and force him to his feet. I pull him into a front facelock. I use the pink rubber trunks to help me lift him up for a suplex.

Steve goes up, but I fall forward instead of back, dropping him on the top rope. The steel cable cuts into those perfect but tortured abs. He hangs up there for a few seconds before bouncing backwards. The mature muscleman drops to the floor, stumbles backwards then collapses onto the famous BIGBeast ring room sofa. He lies there with his arms and legs spread out wide.

The hot Canadian hunk holds his red stomach as he breathes deeply and tries to recover. Can’t have that. I admire his suffering sexiness for a second before climbing out to join him. Steve tries to kick me away, but he’s too slow and I’m too good. I grab his foot before it connects then throw it down. His bare foot slams down hard and jams his leg. WHAM!

I spin around and jump on top of him, slamming my butt onto his aching abs. PLOP! OOF! This time, it works out better for me as he gasps for breath. I bounce up and down, toying with him. Such a jobber. I could really get used to this. Steve throws his arms around me. What? He pulls me back against him and squeezes me in a crushing bearhug.

My body goes weak as I gasp for air. I fall back on top of him, squirming to try to break free. If he wasn’t crushing the life out of me, this would be hot. But he is and suddenly, my domination feels like it was hours ago. I fight to pull free. I can’t. I bounce up and down, but I do more damage to the sofa springs than I do to the blond powerhouse. FUCK!

Steve turns, whipping me back-and-forth like I was some little lightweight. I grasp his forearms tightly as I fight to figure a way out. Fortunately, the hot Canadian hunk lets me go by throwing me to the side. I roll off him to the floor, landing on my hands and knees. His bare foot slams into my side, sending me flying into the ring. WHACK. I bounce off and moan as I try to regroup.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Steve is off the couch. He stretches out then moves in behind me. I throw my boot up and back. The blond muscleman sees it coming and backs away just in time. He comes back at me, bringing his foot down onto my back. STOMP! SPLAT! I fall flat on the floor. Steve grabs my thick mop of hair then my trunks.

I’m dragged to standing then I feel Steve’s powerful hands grip my inner thigh and my collarbone. What? No way! He squats then actually gorilla presses me up. His arms wobble as he straightens them up. I hang for a second then get flipped over the top rope, back into the ring. I plummet six feet down, landing on my back. SPLAT! Apparently, I’m not a cat as hit hard.

I roll to the middle. I stop when I’m face down and fight to rise. Oh, fuck that hurt. Steve is back in the ring. I try to dive at him for a tackle, but he easily jumps out of the way. He steps over my back and reaches under my shoulders. I get pulled up to my feet and locked in a full nelson. Oh fuck, not again. Yes again. Steve shakes me and I go weak in his arms.

The mature muscleman suddenly starts spinning. I’m dragged around and my feet leave the mat. My whole body hangs from my shoulders I’m crying out in pain as I get dizzy. I lose count of how many times we circle, but when we finally stop. I’m wobbly and whimpering. Steve lets go and I collapse at his feet. I’m barely able to think and I definitely can’t move.

I just know he’s flexing over me. Even though he’s the hottest man I’ve ever seen, I can’t bear to look up. I need to focus on reversing this. I can’t lose to a total jobber! I want my BIGBeast career to be about dominating mature muscle like Steve! Come on, I can turn this around!

Steve grabs hold of my hair. As we drags me up, I try a Jimmy Wildfire low blow, but the hot Canadian hunk anticipates my desperate move. He lets out a disapproving, “Not this time.” I get pulled up then with a simple spin, I’m up across his shoulders before I even know what’s happening. Steve racks my 200-lbs up and holds me tight.

I moan loudly as my back is stretched out. My legs and arms hang limply as he bends me over his broad shoulders. Fuck, this hurts so much.

Steve teases me, “I figured you were tired of giving to bearhugs, so I figured I’d try this. I don’t know if I have it quite right. How’s it feel?”

I can’t believe he’s mocking me, but I guess I deserve it after trying to go low. I try to figure out how to counter, but he suddenly squats down. Uh oh. He shoots up and my whole body is wracked with pain. He shakes me up and down a little and I’m blinded with pain. When he squats down and jumps up again, I can’t take any more.


Steve drops me to the mat. I roll and land on my front. SPLAT! Yep, definitely not a cat. I writhe on the mat, but then just stop moving. I’ve lost, so no point in worrying about stretching out. Steve kicks me over onto my back. He plants his bare foot on me and I curl up in pain. My adrenaline must be gone, because it feels like it weighs a ton.

Steve really worked me over.

I lie back down and watch him flex over me. He’s earned it. Damn, I guess I might not be the hot new heel at BIGBeast. I might be the young cocky jobber. Fuck. Still, losing to Steve isn’t all bad. He’s going to fuck me with that awesome power tool that’s tenting his pink rubber trunks. Yum. Steve stops posing and drops down. He lies on top of me so we’re nose-to-nose.

“I guess I won.”

“Yeah, you did.”

Just then, the door flings open. We turn and see our boss in black squarecuts with one eyebrow raised. Uh oh.

Jimmy's back early?

The Big Finish.

Jimmy checks out the scene. Let’s see. We’re sweaty. Pumped. In gear. Steve lying on top of me, pinning me down. It doesn’t take a genius to put the clues together. We just stare back at him. The boss doesn’t say a word. He smirks, nods his head then exits, closing the door behind him.

I say, “Uh oh. The boss is back. We better go.”

Steve asks, “Do you want to go?”

“No, of course not, but Jimmy ...”

“Well, if that wasn’t Jimmy’s way of giving his permission to keep going, I don’t know what is.” I think about it and realize he’s right. I relax under him. The handsome hunk asks, “So, where were we?”

“You just won.”

“Oh, right. I just won.”

Steve lowers his face down onto mine. We kiss. I open my mouth wide and move my head, but he stops me. The mature muscleman grabs my head then whispers, “Relax.” He pins my arms above my head with one hand while holding my chin with the other. I obey, letting him control me. I want to get to the good stuff, but he’s so hot and I don’t want to disappoint him.

When I’m relaxed, the hot Canadian hunk smiles. “Try kissing like this.” He gently kisses my lips. Oh. Steve slowly brushes our mouths together before pressing down lightly. Oh. This is different. Slow. Soft. Oh. His lips don’t open wide to engulf my mouth. He’s not getting sloppy like me and my friends do. It’s so controlled. And he’s not moving on. Oh.

As Steve shows me what to do, I know I’ve never been kissed like this before. I match him. Soft. Slow. Mouth opening and closing. His tongue enters my mouth. He controls me, keeping it slow and gentle. It’s nice. Wow. I flick my tongue against his. We just lie there, taking our time and getting more and hot. Oh god. When he moves his mouth away, I miss it. But only for a second because he kisses my neck. I let out a long ecstatic moan. He softly laughs as he keeps going.

The hot hunk slides off me. He lies beside me with his leg draped on me. His touch is gentle as he runs it through my hair. I gulp. Steve smiles. I reach behind his head and pull his mouth back to mine. I want more of that. I’ve never kissed a guy for more than a few seconds before. I’ve never wanted to. This must be how guys are supposed to kiss. My buddies and I have been doing it all wrong. Kissing is amazing.

This time, I try to copy his style. Trying to learn. Trying to experience. I lose myself under his lips. Oh god. I start to writhe and speed up, but he retakes control still. He puts his mouth at my ear, whispering in a soft sexy voice, “Shhhhh, it’s not a race. You’re doing great.” I moan as he goes back to kissing my neck. I whimper, still wanting to speed things up. This is torture. Erotic torture. He’s driving me crazy.

And I love it.

Steve caresses my body. I rub his arm. So sculpted and strong. Oh fuck. I’m dying here. On the farm with my buddies, I’d seriously be done by now. Maybe twice. I want to jump to the fuck, but I want this to go on forever, too. Oh fuck. My mind is racing. I can’t form a real thought. The blond Canadian stud is fucking relentless as he explores my body. I’ve never done this before. It’s like romantic or something. It’s - OH! - he cups my balls. Squeezes them. I arch my back and let out a long groan. He kisses my stomach. I shake.

I lie back down and look down at him. We lock eyes. He’s smirking. Oh shit. Steve knows exactly what he’s doing to me. When he opens his mouth, he doesn’t speak. Instead, he extends his tongue. I shake my head but he runs it along my rock-hard shaft. I beg him to pull down my trunks, but he just smiles. The mature muscleman starts sucking my head through the black trunks. No, it’s too much. Just fuck me already! Oh god!

Steve uses his hand and mouth to work my cock inside my trunks. I moan loudly. I writhe uncontrollably. Then I feel it. My load is coming. I look down at him casually toying with me. I beg him to stop, telling him I’m about to cum. He laughs, “Isn’t that the point?” I can’t respond. All I can do is gasp. Two seconds later, I erupt inside my black trunks.

My whole body shakes as I fire off load after load. My hot white cum leaks through the spandex. Steve just keeps playing with me. Ruthlessly draining me. I keep bucking and writhing, my seed filling my trunks. It hurts, but in a good way. The hot hunk pumps me until I can’t shoot any more. Oh fuck. I collapse as he finally stops. I feel the warm sticky mess surround my cock. I lie there in a pool of my own sweat, struggling for breath.

Steve is back up to my face. He kisses my neck again and my whole body convulses. He rubs my chest and I whimper. I’m so sensitive. What’s he doing? Once I cum, isn’t that it? Like, I’m done. Time to shower. But that not his plan. He’s still playing with my body and it’s driving me nuts. Oh fuck, I’m hard again already. I squirm, but he holds me down, calming me again.

I try to just lie back, letting him run the show. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but it’s also the most amazing. Yeah, the hot hunk won control, but I’m also really into this. He’s really showing me something. Steve slides down then peels off my sticky black trunks. He slides between my legs, lifting my right leg up. He starts fingering my hole and I cry out in anticipation, “Oh yeah, please fuck me!”

Steve laughs, “Everything is still about immediate gratification with you, eh?”

I look up at him as he casually toys with my hole. My mouth drops open when he runs his other hand’s fingertips along my rock-hard shaft. He smirks, “With your height and hands, I figured you’d be big, but this is really impressive. You’re quite the man, Wrestler-boy.” I just nod. If he wants me to say anything, I can’t. I can only grunt as he fingers fucks me and teases my cock.

The hot Canadian stud has me writhing on the mat. Oh fuck, this is too much! I throw my head back and buck my hips, trying to get myself off if he won’t do it. Steve smacks my throbbing meat. WHACK! “Stop that. We’ll get there. I promise.” I look up at him and he’s smirking at my impatience. I bite my bottom lip to keep from begging. “Just enjoy the ride, my young friend.”

Steve pulls his fingers out of me and crawls on top of me. He kisses me in that way he does and I melt again. I grab his head and hold him in place to taste his lips longer. He lets me. When we finally break, he says, “You’re an amazing kisser.” I blush, knowing I’m just doing what he’s teaching. I feel so ready to shoot and my whole body tingles, but I’m all in for his lesson.

The smooth muscleman leans down, pressing his chest over my face. I kiss his sculpted pecs while I caress his back. I twist to suck on his nipple and he moans approvingly. I kiss his chest like he kissed my mouth. Slow and soft. I flick his nipple with my tongue and he groans. The hot hunk slides forward and I kiss his ripped abs. I run my tongue over his smooth washboard.

Steve slides forward some more and his pink rubber bulge hangs over my face. I grab his ass cheeks and pull his junk to my face. I fight the urge to rush things. I suck on the outline of his cock and his wrapped balls. I use my lips and tongue to pleasure him. His moans encourage me to keep going. I work him hard as I fondle his bubble butt.

I summon my courage and peel down his trunks. I start at the back, exposing his ass. He lets me so I slide my hands under him and peel the pink rubber briefs off in front. His cock and balls flop out and hang down over my face. Wow. I lift my head and take his head in my mouth. He groans, “Yes. Oh, yes.” I grab his bare ass and pull him down until I’m deep throating his meat.

Steve lets me control his hips, lifting him up then guiding him down as I suck on his hot Canadian cock. I push up and he rises so only his head is in my mouth. I twist my head and use my tongue. He moans encouragement when I do something right, helping me learn as I work. I finally push him off and over. He rolls onto his back and I follow so I can keep going.

I use my hands and mouth to work his junk and he keeps seductively teaching me. Fuck, the guys back home are going to be amazed at what I can do. I pull off his cock and he smiles down at me. Steve lifts his chin and I slowly crawl up his body, exploring it like he does. My own cock is hard as hell, but I ignore it. After filming and studying this body all weekend, it feels great to be able to be hands on. Beautiful.

Steve waits patiently as I make my way to him. When I get there, he pulls me in for a kiss. We make out. He whispers that he’s going to fuck me and I gasp before pleading for him to do it. The hot Canadian hunk pushes me onto my back. He slides down between my legs. I look down to see that he brought protection as he preps himself.

The blond stud lifts my left leg and slides in. I feel his head at my hole. I beg him to fuck me again, trying to speed things up while knowing he’s going to slow me down. I want him inside - oh! Steve presses inside me and I moan loudly. Oh fuck. His big cock fills me up and it feels so good. He starts riding me, slowly. I softly grunt, telling him what a man he is and begging him to pound my hole. He just laughs.

When I reach for my throbbing cock, Steve smacks my hand away. A few moments later, I try again. I need to jerk myself. He smacks my hand again. I explain that my cock hurts and I need to shoot. The muscle hunk commands, “Hands behind your head. Lock your fingers.” I reluctantly follow orders, both loving and hating a more dominant Steve.

I get fucked for I don’t know how long. Steve keeps going faster and harder, really pounding me, before slowing down. My cock is leaking, begging me to shoot. Oh fuck. I’ve never been fucked this long. It feels great, but also like torture. Finally, the muscleman pulls out. He uncovers his amazing cock then shoots ropes of cum up my body and all over my junk.

Steve drains himself dry before falling back. He smiles at me as he brings his barefoot to my cock. He runs his big toe up my long rod and I convulse. The hot Canadian hunk just rests his foot there as he rubs my leg from the top of my black boot to my hip. I feel my load building. He smiles then shocks me by tossing a condom to me.

The blond muscleman gives me a sexy wink, “Your turn, big boy. Let’s see what this bad boy can do.”

I roll up and struggle on what to do. I mean, I know what to do, but I’m wondering how best to do it. My mind reels. Steve lubes up his own hole then rolls over onto hands and knees, telling me to relax and do what comes naturally. He thrusts his ass back at me. I nod, getting ready and moving in. I grab his hips then slowly slide inside him. He moans as he takes my big cock, but he encourages me, too.

I’d love to say I went slow and made it last like he did, but once inside him, I plowed his ass hard. My cock couldn’t wait any longer. I hammered his ass, my pelvis slamming into his smooth white ass cheeks. The gorgeous muscleman just took it, telling me I’m a stud and hot and shit. It really makes me feel like a man, but it also gets me so hot I’m ready fast. I pull out, uncover then explode up his back. It’s a huge second load that I feel throughout my whole body.

When I think I’m drained, I collapse onto my back. My cock still twitches. Steve spins around and lies on his stomach beside me. He tells me I’m incredible as he drives me insane with gentle caressing. My cock powers up and he laughs, “Again? Fuck, you are young.” He grabs it and jerks me, adding in nipple sucking. I stare at this incredibly sexy man who’s so into me (ME!) and it doesn’t take long before he somehow milks a third load out all over my stomach.

We lie there for a while, just relaxing. There’s work to be done. Jimmy is somewhere waiting and probably wondering what the fuck we’re doing for so long. Actually, he probably knows what we’re doing up here for so long, which is why he’s left us alone. Neither of us care.

Fuck, I’m going to miss Steve. I'll always remember him, though.

The End


  1. Steve Cave Steve Cave Steve Cave

    1. I feel like you’re trying to tell me something, but I’m not sure what. ;)

      Kidding. Thanks! I’ll keep Steve in mind for future appearances. Guys do like to appear in a lot of different places, so maybe a trip to sunny California during the long Canadian winter will be in order.

  2. Steve for the win! Steve for the win!! Not a dominating squash, but for him a win's a win. Steve is like a Timex: he takes his licks but keeps on ticking. And he's so chill and good natured about it all, like Cameraboy says. Gosh darn it Steve is such a likable character. And to see him with a bit of dominant attitude, albeit in a nice Canadian way, is perfect. And Cameraboy with his 18 year old pride, wanting to dominate and beat the "old jobber" while also all shy and "who me?" is perfect. Very believable. Like CB, I'm gonna miss Steve. I hope this isn't the last we see of either.

    1. Thanks, Tom. Perfect and believable are definitely huge compliments. We’ll see where their stories go, but both could return very easily.

  3. Steve just rocketed to my Top 5 Favorites! To be honest, Steve wasn't really doing anything for me prior to this story because he seemed like a one-dimensional character, but it was so great finally getting to see him use all that muscle of his, and the fact that the bearhug seems to be one of his favorite moves is a definite plus! What's really awesome, though, is that he's such a genuinely GOOD guy. He showed up as a fan at BIGBeast, let them put him through the wringer without complaint, volunteered to take on extra work, and then took the time to impart his knowledge and experience on Cameraboy and teach him what "romance" actually is.

    Great looks, strength, ethics, and compassion -- Steve is probably your most complete character to date. I'm really looking forward to reading more about him and seeing him get to use that power of his again -- perhaps against Xaq in a "Cave Unleashed" or "Encounters" setting since their moves, strength, and physiques are similar but their ages and attitudes are polar opposites!

    PHENOMENAL job, Alex!

    - JS

    1. Thanks! Wow. I can see how he could come across as pretty one-dimensional for most of this, because he had no power or control. He was merely responding to the situations that got thrown at him by Jimmy and the voice was Camera-boy’s. Hopefully this final story gives more perspective on the earlier ones.

      That’s a great observation on Steve vs. Xaq. They could be flipsides of the same muscular coin.

  4. I echo Anonymous #1's sentiment on Steve's character. I loved him from before, but you have painted such a wonderful character here, so much so that it informs the earlier story, retroactively made the previous matches better in my opinion.

    Please send him over to the Cave. I love his personality and frankly love the way he suffers. While he's still got a way to go before he can hang with the big boys, I would love to see him in other adventures.

    1. Wow, it certainly seems like Steve needs to take a little trip to the west coast. I’m glad you liked the story.

  5. Great thoughts on Steve. I think he'll need to get a little more serious and less playful for the Cave, but I love the Xaq/Steve paradigm. A matchup between those two is intriguing. I'm honestly not sure how that would play out and how I'd want it to play out. Another beatdown for Xaq, this time by a muscular rookie jobber? Seems a perfect opportunity for yet another humbling of the loudmouth. Another beatdown for Steve, this time by the perennial loudmouth jobber? Somehow I see the post match winning Xaq as a little too heartachingly douchy for poor Steve. Hmm.. Whatever. I'm sure Alex would make it a roller coaster of a ride.

  6. i switch up so much but I think steve is my new favorite character :D I hope we eventually see him again in a story

    1. A lot of folks felt that way after this story where we got more into Steve as a character. I want to bring him back, just need to think about how. I don't want to just repeat what I wrote but I think he's got the potential to be more.