Thursday, January 31, 2019

Story Preview: February 2019 (Warning: Spoilers)

February has two new stories. Here's what's coming up ...

It's February and relationships are front and center in the month of Valentine's Day. Two simple stories that could lead to big changes for two different couples.

2/1: The Cave Unleashed 9: Miguel vs. Pete

Miguel, Val, Pete

I almost titled this as "How I Met My Moneymaker". It's Valet's story as we jump through time to see how he met Miguel and why he's such a loyal henchman. And now, today, he's trying to get Miguel back on track as a Cave wrestler, using Cody's advice. However, running into big monster Pete might not be the best way to get your mojo back.

Two Years Ago. 24/7 Fitness. Los Angeles CA.

“You need the rack, kid?”

I hesitate then say, “Yeah, yeah. The rack. Uh, thanks.”

“Okay, you can work in.”

The handsome hunk moves away and I stare at the large metal rack. Okay, I can do this. I have to do this. I must want to work in. Otherwise, why was I staring at him? I mean, I know why I was staring at him. Because he’s the most amazing man I’ve ever seen in my life. I didn’t think he’d see me. Damn mirrors all over this place. Okay, I need a barbell. Can I use his? Uh no. Not without taking a few hundred pounds off. Can I do that? Or do I get my own? Oh fuck.

An older hairy muscleman with a shaved head and beard storms up and says to the bodybuilder, “What the fuck, Miguel? How long is this fucking break? I don't wanna be here all night.” I immediately don’t like him. He’s mean.

Miguel says, “I’ve got time. This kid just needs to work in, Javi.”

Javi turns to me. He says nothing, but I immediately back up. I stammer, “Sorry. I can wait. I’ll come back later.”

I turn and move away fast, but I still hear Miguel whisper, “Nice going. Scare the kid off. You can be a real jerk sometimes.” Two seconds later, I hear jogging footsteps behind me and then feel a hand on my shoulder, “Don’t let Javi get to you. What’s your name?”

“Uh, Val. Valerio.”

“Okay, Val Valerio.” I open my mouth to tell him it’s just Valerio, Val for short, but I can’t speak. He smirks, “I’m just teasing, Val. I’m Miguel.” He sticks out his hand and I shake it. He’s so strong. “How old are you?”

“Uh, 17.” I add quickly, “Almost 18, actually.”

“Cool. Good time to start working with weights and squats are great. Too many guys ignore their legs.” He leads me back, “Be honest. You’ve never used the squat rack before, have you?”

I admit, “No. It’s actually my first time with any free weights. I’ve only used machines. I didn’t really want to work in. I was just watching you. I mean, watching you work. Hoping to figure out what to do by watching you. Work.”

“Relax. It’s all cool. That’s definitely one way to learn, but a better way is to try it. Come on. I’ll show you.”

2/15: Rival Pro Wrestling 4: Kerry O'Shea vs. Rico Bandana

Kerry O'Shea, Kevin O'Shea,
Rico Bandana, 'Dangerous' Daryl Rose

In the middle of February, we head across Los Angeles and back 37 years to another classic Rival Pro Wrestling taping. Rival's newest hot young rookie debuts in a battle against high-flying hunk Rico Bandana. Both men are accompanied by their closest allies, but I'm sure neither one of them would ever interfere while the ref's back is turned, right?

Rival Pro Wrestling Arena. 1982.

Narrator: Slim Jim

“Once again, El Presidente has interfered in a match. I’m sorry, fans. It was a real barn burner, too. I ask you, Jimmy ‘The Genius’ He-man, when will these cheap tactics end? Don’t fans deserve to see a fair fight and a clean victory?”

My announcing partner sneers at me, “Stick to calling the matches, toothpick. That’s your job. Commentary is why I’m here. And there was nothing wrong with that match or the outcome. You whiners just can’t accept seeing your prettyboys exposed for the frauds they are.”

“I might be play-by-play, but I’m allowed to give my opinion. Just listen to those boos.”

The arena is filled with the sound of loud booing. He-man waves it off, “More whiners. Look, El Presidente is the boss. He wants this place to succeed, which is why losers like Flyboy Fiero need to get their wings clipped.”

“Fans love Flyboy Fiero and he was about to win that match before ‘the boss’ interfered.”

“You're wrong, as usual. Big Bully Reed had him right where he wanted him. And let me tell you something. You keep running your mouth about the boss and there’ll be a new guy sitting here next week.”

I frown. He’s probably right, but what’s going on here isn’t right. I decide to move on. We have more matches to cover today. In fact, I’m due to conduct an interview with a hot new hunk right now. I head to the curtain as rookie Kerry O’Shea comes out from the back with his cousin Kevin. Kerry is a 19-year old rookie from the preeminent family in pro wrestling.

The O’Sheas flex for the cameras as the crowd noise is a mixture of cheers, boos and wolf whistles for the handsome pair. I welcome them then ask Kerry the question on everyone’s mind. “Kerry, your cousin recently turned his back on your family legacy to join the dark side, aligning himself with El Presidente. Does his presence here mean you’ve done the same?”

Kerry smirks, “The O’Sheas stick together through thick and thin. Always have, always will. My cousin supports me.” He pauses for effect then says, “And I support my cousin.” Boos ring out. “SHUT UP! You in-bred crackerheads. You wouldn't know talent if it smacked you upside your ugly mugs.” He looks at the camera, “We’re legends for a reason. Because we win.”

Enjoy the stories, guys!



  1. I can't wait to read how Miguel and Valet met. The preview sounded so sweet and cute. I don't really like them too much, but I feel this is about to change, lol.

    1. The story isn’t necessarily designed to change your opinion, but it might give a new perspective. So far we’ve only had Cody and Ryan’s POV on these guys, but everyone is the hero of their own story.

  2. That's true. Which reminds me that I'm now all #teamtoby instead of #teambeau. His POV was so great and, althought mean and a little disturbed, he was more likeable than his younger brother.

    1. That's funny. The characters are owned by the readers, so if you think Toby is more likable than Beau, I'm not going to try to change your mind.

  3. MM, Valet and Corey in one month? Oh yeah I'll definitely be enjoying these matches!

  4. Ugh! What a collection. It’s great to see Rival coming back! Kevin OShea is awsm. And is that Corey? MM vs Pete? Holy Canoly Batman. Your stories will 🔥🔥🔥🔥 everyone up! No matter how cold it gets!

  5. Really looking forward to the Valet and Miguel story. Good thing we don't have to wait long for it.

    1. Yikes. I get nervous when things are too anticipated. Hope you enjoy it!

  6. Why note STEFAN GATT

    1. Because you didn’t tell me about him! Just kidding. I googled him and he looks perfect for The Cave. Thanks for the suggestion.

    2. Thank you for your answer ! and for your interest for Stefan Gatt. I know his photos since long time. This hunk is indeed very handsome. Excuse me for my language but i am french !

      I will be very happy when you will write stories with him.

      Perhaps also one another story with SEAN alias Michael Dean Johnson in a hot trio with two hunks/friends !!

      If you want, i can suggest you another guys ?
      Examples: Nick Milone, Jed Hill, Darrell Thomas etc...

      Thank you for all !

    3. Merci beaucoup pour les noms de beaux hommes. J'adore les suggestions!