Thursday, January 24, 2019

Review: Calvin Haynes vs. Blake Starr (Wrestler4Hire)

Full disclosure: This video was provided to me by W4H MAX.

Note: This review was written prior to W4H MAX shutting down and the videos being moved to Wrestler4Hire. I didn't feel like re-writing or delaying the post. Apparently Cameron came to the same conclusion as me.

Wrestler4Hire's other spinoff, W4H MAX, describes itself as "the dark, dirty, twisted twin of Wrestler4Hire". I guess MAX is in the eye of the beholder, because I could see thing going a lot farther, but they sent me a coupon for two videos, so I figured I'd check it out. From what I've seen, the big difference is that the guys wear thongs and/or wrestle in oil, both of which don't seem like a giant leap from the regular Wrestler4Hire website.

Anyway, I picked two completely different videos to see what was up. One is a simple, story-free mat match featuring Calvin Haynes facing Blake Starr. The other, which I haven't watched yet, is a domination squash featuring 6'3"/225-lbs Joey Nux getting crushed by 3'9"/90-lbs Ricky Vegas. I think I'll need to be in the right mood for that second one.

It's hairy lean vs. hairy beefy in this
surprisingly competitive mat match.

I love the contrast of looks between Calvin and Blake. Hitting the mats in thongs (that's what makes it MAX!), we have two hot hairy hunks with a history of jobbing. Blake Starr looks great and he keeps getting better. With his lean, ripped physique and boyish good looks, it's easy to see why he'd be a fan favorite, especially when he's usually eager to try to wrestle.

Meanwhile, no matter what name he's using, Calvin Haynes is a gorgeous slab of beef. So sexy. Some places, he's jobber, but lately he's been more competitive, using his strength and power to dominate. The hunky stud comes in pretty confident, adopting a cocky persona without a hint of surrender in him.

Blake tries to be MAX.

Beefy in black.

Blake's bare butt makes it MAX.

This video is transformational in my opinion of Blake. He's hot and likable, but he's never really done it for me as a wrestler. Despite his best attempts (and I really do think he tries, which is what makes him likable), I've found him to be awkward and lacking in basic skills. I did like seeing Elite Eliot put him through some basic training, but that wasn't really a wrestling video as much as it was a domination video. This video is the first time where I've thought he wrestled well and sold pain convincingly. Maybe he's learning?

The wrestling starts immediately with a lock up. The bigger and more experienced Calvin does dominate early, but this is a back-and-forth mat match. The two studs struggle and roll around for 20 minutes. It's a multiple fall match with both guys winning one fall (by my count) then in a very Thunders' ending, the ultimate winner is simply the man left standing.

I love bearhugs from actual bears.

Blake gets Calvin thrashing with a perfect armbar.

Speed only gets you so far, Blake.

Luckily the lightweight is flexible.

Action-wise, the guys use a lot of body-bending submission holds. Calvin uses his power advantage, lifting and flipping Blake around. The lightweight looks as great upside-down and he does right-side up. Or sideways. Scissors and armbars stand out, but mainly this is about sexy bodies rolling around and muscle struggling against muscle.

Blake sells the heck out of that scissors.

Yes! Show off that big body.

MAX x 2!

In the end, I thought both guys did a great job and I enjoyed watching this one. It's fun to see lean vs. beef on the mats and they're both sexy as fuck. Blake wrestles better than any other video I've seen with him, which makes me happy. I'd love to love him. I don't really know what makes it MAX, but maybe bare behinds are more provocative than I think.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. Weird--you picked the same two matches I did! :)

  2. I could die a happy happy man if I had the chance to wrestle Calvin. I've had a man crush on him forever. And I love the more aggressive side of him! Any match where he's wrestling more competitively is a good match.

    1. I'm right with you on that! He's a mega-stud that I've been so into since he debuted. Good luck!