Monday, January 7, 2019

Review: Brendan Byers vs. Caleb "Scrappy" McNair (Muscleboy Wrestling)

Full disclosure: This video was provided to me by Muscleboy Wrestling.

Scrappy: What's up, big guy? Ready to get your ass whupped? Or you could just get on your knees and worship this muscle. It'd be a lot easier for you.

2019 is off to a great start for me, at least in terms of wrestling videos. Wrestler4Hire and Thunders Arena produced winners last year that I only watched this year. And Muscleboy Wrestling released their eleventh catalogue in December. It's a star-studded collection, but one of the biggest surprises was a certain match bringing together two studs from different sides of the gay wrestling video world. Brendan Byers vs. Scrappy McNair immediately interested me, so I had to watch it first, ahead of all the other hot videos.

It's a surprising and satisfying matchup
when these two get together.

Brendan Byers has made a triumphant return as a mature heel, first at Wrestlingmale then BGEast and now, Muscleboy Wrestling. The tall hunk confidently struts in wearing black leather gear. I love the look and I love the attitude. The veteran wrestler looks at Scrappy like a lion looks at a gazelle and you can feel the tension.

I was surprised to see Thunders Arena and Wrestler4Hire superstar Caleb "Scrappy" McNair join the roster. They dropped the Caleb name on the website, but it's on the video title card, so I'm using it. In shiny red trunks, Scrappy looks amazing, his body popping against the harsh black background. He's got his arrogant persona going strong, in love with himself and knowing everyone else is, too.

Scrappy is always perfect.

The leather stud learns this boy has power, too.

That's one way to keep a feisty muscleman down.

As soon as Brendan enters, things are interesting. Scrappy monologues about his greatness, but he's disconcerted by Byers' silent stalker routine. The heel is very predatory throughout the match and the tone is set here, in the first few minutes. The young hunk suspects he's in trouble, but he can't quite accept that the heel is any threat to his compact muscle.

It's the most sexually-charged Scrappy match I think I've seen as Byers can't suppress his attraction. The young bodybuilder is stunning. He knows it. we know it. The heel knows it. Byers takes immediate control, overpowering and overwhelming the muscle boy with strength and some nasty heel tactics. It feels very much like an ownership play.

Uh, hi, Scrappy. Looking good.

The muscle boy shows the heel what he can do.

Scrappy might not be psychic,
but I think he can see his future.

As this brutal domination goes on, you figure it'll be a one-sided squash, but it actually goes over 30 minutes as Scrappy finds his skills and power. Yay! He doesn't go down quietly, making this a match. It's a good decision, as is Byers decision to strip the sexy muscle stud down to his jock. The bare-assed young stud keeps fighting, showing off his amazing butt.

Action-wise, things are intense in this one. Both guys are determined to dominate and they're skilled and experienced enough to do it. Holds are crisp and hard. When they're in control, they're powerful and focused. When they're suffering, they're vocal and expressive. Bodies get sweaty. Scrappy gets even more pumped and ripped as things progress. His thick curly hair gets pulled. It's all terrific.

Byers bounces the boy on his knee.

Scrappy's not an unwilling player in this sexy battle.

Wow, someone is auditioning to be Bane!

In the end, this was a great match. These two stars came together and delivered a terrific match between contrasting studs and styles. Scrappy cements his status as as mega-star by conquering yet another wrestling federation. Brendan's evolution into a nasty heel is complete, having conquered yet another one of my "Favorite Wrestler" Cavey Award winners.

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  1. Wow! Terrific writeup and choice of screen shots. As usual. And I love this pairing. But you already know how much I like to see mature heels wrecking pretty muscle boys. ;-) And both satisfy that craving.

    1. Thanks! This would definitely satisfy that craving. And several others. :)


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  4. Scrappy is amazing! His grimaces, facial and mouth expressions, his grunts and double overs as well as stamina and wrestling ability are totally gunnin!

    1. Thanks for the comment! I totally agree with you. He’s an all-time great, in my opinion.