Friday, January 18, 2019

Review: Derek Bolt vs. Blake Hunter (Muscleboy Wrestling)

Full disclosure: This match was provided to me by Muscleboy Wrestling.

My appreciation of Derek Bolt only grows with every tweet he posts and MBW video I see. On Twitter, he comes across as a smart, driven and down-to-earth guy who works hard, plays hard and enjoys life. On the mats, he's been a ton of fun and he plays with porn star jobbers, using his muscles to dominate then fuck his more than willing victims.

Derek Bolt vs. Blake Hunter looks like more of the same, except they're in a ring. So, am I still into Derek? You bet.

Derek enters the ring, bringing
hot hunk Blake with him.

Blake Hunter is the most muscly muscleboy Derek's faced yet. He's thick and beefy, looking like a total powerhouse. In all white gear, his role is somewhat telegraphed, but there have been heels in white, too, right? We don't get to know much about the young muscleman, but he comes across as one of those eager, excited and resilient young bulls that made pro wrestling so hot back in the day.

Derek, meanwhile, is completely confident in his third outing. The hairy bodybuilder has had his way with his opponents so far and doesn't seem concerned that Blake will be any more of a challenge than Quin or Jeremy. He's right, of course. The porn-hunk-turned-wrestler is spectacular in shiny blue trunks, a beautiful vision of muscle power.

Woof. What a man.

Blake's loving Bolt's power.

Big boy with big moves.

If you're the type who likes to see dominant musclemen get the tables turned (and many of you are, based on the views for my last two Beau stories), that's apparently coming, but this isn't that match. On this very blog (comments section here), the MBW CEO stated that "Derek will be getting beaten up AND plowed sometime in 2019 on MBW". I don't know who'll get the pleasure, but Quin Quire winning a rematch would be very cool.

In this match, Blake is super-jobbery from the start. Derek takes control with a kiss then uses the rookie's confusion and excitement to crush him. The hairy bodybuilder overpowers and controls Blake every step of the way. It's like he knows that a big stud like Blake can take a lot of punishment so that's what he's going to dish out.

A handshake? Dude.

Derek breaks out the submission holds.

Moving into a ring gives the newbies
new angles to check out.

Action-wise, things are simple. Neither of these guys are pro wrestlers, so the ring really only comes into play for a long and beautiful tree of woe. Derek punches, stomps and fondles the helpless hunk's smooth body as he hangs upside down in the corner. Other than that, you see a lot of body work and submission holds. Derek does a good job dishing out and Blake's a natural at receiving. The beefy jobber is more flexible than I expected, proving to be surprisingly bendy in a rack, crab and camel.

The match part runs about 20 minutes, which is followed by a lengthy sex section that both men enjoy. The romantic in me really enjoys the final moment where Blake is left with Derek's discarded trunks. The rookie's look just says it all.

Maybe if more gyms used musclemen as barbells,
more guys would do squats.

Blake's wrecked and ready for the stakes.

The rookie gets a souvenir.

In the end, I enjoyed this match. It's the squashiest one yet for Derek, but he's such a sexy muscle beast that I don't mind.  It makes sense as he seduces then pummels the young bull. One glance from the bodybuilder could distract any man so he can take control with his pain and pleasure tactics. Not a classic like Scrappy vs. Brendan, but a great new chapter in Derek's wrestling adventure.

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