Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The Cave Unleashed 8: Beau vs. Keith

This is a sequel to The Cave Unleashed 7: Beau vs. Toby

Keith’s Cabin, El Paso TX.

“So, the boy’s finally wantin’ to prove he’s a man.”

Beau growls, “I’m always a man. Always was. Always will be. I just wanna kick your lying, cheating ass.”

Keith laughs, “I was just askin’ Toby what was takin’ you so long to challenge me, boy. But I figured maybe you just liked bein’ owned. I never met a man who can put up with the humiliation I’ve been dishin’ out for more than a day and not like it.”

My 6’1”/230-lbs brother points at him, “Fuck you. I was just living up to the deal. Like a man does. Even though you and my snake of a brother cheated, I’ve played along for two weeks. That’s long enough. So, you accepting the challenge or not?”

The 40-year old ranch boss smirks, “You’re only challengin’ me ‘cause I asked Toby why you weren’t challengin’ me. If I hadn’t wanted a re-match, you’d still be on your knees, boy. You know it. I know it.But don't worry, you'll be back kneelin' in no time.”

The musclemen just stare at each other. Fuck, you can feel the intensity. Age-wise, Keith is 19 years older than my younger brother, but physically, he’s an inch taller and only ten pounds lighter. They’re a hot rivalry. And I’m the reason why they’re so tense. I’m so proud of myself.

Keith is saying, “C’mon, admit it, boy. You like bein’ my bitch. It’s okay, lots of guys do. You like wearin’ my collar around your junk. You like strippin’ on command. Kneelin’ down. Suckin’ the cock of a real man. Givin’ me your ass. Cleanin’ my place buck naked. Never been cleaner. I like how you get real low to scrub my floors. Stickin’ that big bare ass up at me.”

Beau ignores the mocking, focused on getting a rematch, “You’re stalling.”

“Naw, I’m acceptin’. You sure are quick with the ‘yes sir’ stuff out on the ranch now. Guys even noticed what a good boy you are now. Wonderin’ how I whipped you into shape when no one else ever could. If they only knew, right?”

Beau tenses at the idea of everyone knowing about his humiliation. “Is that a threat?”

Keith laughs again, “You still don’t get it. I don’t need to threaten you, boy. I’m not afraid of you. Never was. I’m just explainin’. I didn’t respect you as a man, but I gotta respect you as a boy. You’ve been real good. Best I ever seen. You deserve a treat. That’s why I’m acceptin’. Lettin’ you get beat down again is my way of showin’ my respect for you.”

Beau fights not to snap. He asks, “When?”

“How ‘bout now?”

Beau smiles broadly, “I was hoping you’d say that.”

Keith looks at me, “Toby, you can leave.”

“No. I want Tobe to stay. I want my big brother to see this. Because after I deal with you, I’m gonna deal with him.”

I swallow hard but say nothing. Last night, when I told Beau that Keith was surprised he hadn’t challenged him yet, I wanted Beau to win back his freedom. I’m over slave Beau and I want Keith all to myself. Turns out, I like the guy. He’s a good man. But now? Sounds like I need to switch to #TeamKeith and cheer for my guy, even if it means sharing him.

So, I’m Toby. Beau is my younger (not little) brother. Keith is our boss. We work on a ranch outside El Paso Texas. It’s not just a ranch. It’s a research center into alternative fuels and shit. We’re part of the team that runs the ranch and we double as security. Simple, right?

Two weeks ago, my brother wrestled Keith. He lost. Bad. My doing. See, I’d been egging them on, making them hate each other. They’re both big bulls and I thought it’d be fun to see them go at it in a real grudge match. Seeds were planted. Imaginary conflict turned real. It was easy, because I live with Beau and fuck around with Keith. I figured that Keith just might be the guy to finally take down my perfect brother and give him a taste of his own medicine.

Hey, don’t judge me. He deserves it. Even though Beau’s my younger brother, he’s way bigger than me. Has been since he was a kid. He treats me like I’m nothing. Like I’m the kid brother. No respect. And so, even though I love him, I’ve been testing him. Setting up fights for him without his knowing. And he won them all. Until Keith. I finally found the man for the job.

To be fair, I stacked the deck by wrestling Beau and attacking his side and ribs. I bruised them up real good right before the big fight with Keith. It was easy for the boss to exploit that little gift. Beau lost big time. I was happy. Keith was happy. Beau was collared and forced to be Keith’s bitch. It’s been a great month. Unfortunately, Beau figured out what I did and he’s still mad at me. I’ve told him he’s a hypocrite, but he can’t see it. I mean, he’s beaten and collared lots of guys, but now that it’s happened to him, he’s being a big baby about it.

And so, here we are. Round two. They head to the second bedroom that’s set up as a permanent mat room. I watch from the doorway as they strip down and stretch. Beau goes all the way down to a pair of his white briefs. He loves to show off that body. I’m surprised he’s not going nude. Keith strips to his ripped skin-tight stretch jeans. Fuck, he’s such a man.

This time, both guys are in great shape. To make amends, I offered to try to hurt Keith, take out a knee or shoulder, but Beau told me to fuck off. Such a baby. So, it’s happening. And it’s happening without me being involved at all. I’m going to miss this whole deal. Keith likes to humiliate Beau in front of me, which is fun. And Beau’s definitely been easier to live with, since Keith made it clear I’m under his protection. Who knows what I’ll be in for if Beau wins?

Yeah, I’m excited to see these two go at it, but also nervous. Oh well, nothing I can do now. No one to manipulate. Nothing to rig. Just honest man-on-man action. They’re circling. I guess it’s time to wrestle.

Beau vs. Keith. The Rematch.

The two bulls start out with chest bumps. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! Keith is smirking, but Beau is deadly serious. On the fourth bump, Beau throws himself into it, sending Keith flying back into the wall. WHOMP! CRASH! My younger brother charges in, splashing his 230-lbs of muscle on top of our boss, crushing him. SPLAT! He bounces off as Keith bends forward, coughing.

Beau grabs the dark-haired hunk by the throat then forces him up. He fires off big body shots to Keith’s hard abs. THUD! THUD! THUD! Of course, the boss isn’t going to just stand there and take it. He pushes the blond bodybuilder off. Keith takes one step forward, but the 230-lbs muscleman dives back in. Whoa. He drives the older stud into the wall, splashing him hard. SPLAT! OOF! Keith’s face shows the pain of the big move.

My brother steps back then slams his huge muscles onto Keith repeatedly. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! When he steps back, Keith just hangs on the wall, trying to get his breath back. Beau’s not stopping, though. He only stepped back to get a running start. SPLAT! Once again, Keith is crushed between the adobe brick wall and my brother’s brick wall body.

I’m shocked by the early advantage, wondering if Keith underestimated a full-strength Beau. Thanks to his relentless body-crushing move, Beau has control. He brings his knee up into the boss’s abs. When the older stud bends forward, my bro grabs his head in a front facelock and the side of his jeans. He snap suplexes Keith over onto the mats. BOOM!

Keith rolls onto his side, cursing. Beau’s not letting up. He rolls over and pushes the boss’s shoulders down then mounts them. With his ass on Keith’s face, my brother starts with fists to that rock-hard stomach. THUD! THUD! THUD! The dark-haired hunk tightens up, but those are some hard fucking shots. THUD! THUD! THUD! I hear my guy grunting as my bro unloads.

Beau doesn’t notice (or maybe doesn’t care) Keith grabbing his ankles. The boss bucks up and throws my 230-lbs bodybuilder brother off him. He rolls to the wall, getting to one knee. He’s smiling as Beau paces across the room, his muscles pumped and ready to go. I know the young buck wants back at it, but he’s not going to be stupid about it.

When he realizes that Beau’s not going to make a reckless charge in, Keith rises. Suddenly, Beau does charge, diving in with a shoulder block to the abs. He catches the older stud by surprise, spearing him into the wall. WHAP! SLAM! OOF! Keith collapses over Beau’s shoulder. My bodybuilder brother stands up, lifting Keith with him like he weighed nothing.

Beau bounces Keith on his shoulder, punishing those tight abs again. He spins then flips the boss forward, slamming him onto his back. BOOM! The blond bodybuilder drives his foot into the abs. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Clearly, he’s got a plan and it’s working. I figured Beau would win, but I never expected a squash like this. My brother is sending a message. Uh oh.

Keith tries to roll away, but Beau grabs him by his thick black hair. He forces Keith up to his feet. When Beau bends forward to scoop the boss up, the dark-haired hunk hammers him across the back with a big forearm. WHACK! It bounces off but distracts Beau enough that Keith can do it again while also lifting his knee into Beau’s chest. WHACK! THUD! That gets a grunt, but Beau runs Keith backwards into the wall. BAM! OOF!

My younger brother lifts Keith up off the mat into a crushing bearhug. He has attacked that rock-solid core, so of course the dark-haired muscleman is moaning right away. Beau’s muscles look huge as he crushes the boss in his arms. Keith hangs over the blond bodybuilder’s left shoulder with his shins braced on his quads as he fights not to give already.

Beau bounces the older muscleman while tightening his powerful vice. I’ve felt that power and even as hard as Keith is, it’s got to be killing him. Suddenly, the boss flings his left elbow back into the back of Beau’s head. CRACK! That shocks the younger beast, forcing him to lower Keith down. CRACK! Another shot breaks the hold altogether, allowing Keith to push off. He stumbles back to the wall.

The blond bodybuilder charges in, but Keith is ready. He spins and lifts his elbow. Beau runs right into it with his face. SMACK! He spins away, bending forward and holding his nose. Keith grabs him around the waist from behind, lifting him up and over with a belly-to-back suplex. BOOM! Beau lands hard on his shoulders and head, writhing as he grabs his nose again.

The two musclebound behemoths lie there on the mat, unmoving. Beau checks that his nose isn’t broken. His muscles are pumped, his body sweaty and his white briefs are already soaked. Meanwhile, Keith lies beside him, trying to recover from the assault. He was savvy to survive, but he’s got to match Beau’s intensity or he’ll be the one wearing the collar. Only good sign is that I can see the outline of a hard-on in his ripped jeans, so he can’t be in too much pain.

Both men roll apart then to their knees. As Beau plants one foot on the mat, he dives at the boss, tackling him down. Still so relentless. Keith braces and they go down hard. The two muscle beasts grapple on the mat. Their huge bodies thrash and flop around as they fight for control. Neither guy can keep top position for long, but they can’t break without exposing themselves to an attack so they have to keep fighting.

I’d say that Beau is clearly stronger, but Keith is maybe better on the mats. He counters like crazy, keeping one step ahead of the bigger young buck. Armbars, leglocks, headlocks and scissors are traded, countered and reversed. None of it amounts to much except making them both sweaty and pumped as fuck. They’re grunting and struggling with no rest spots.

They roll into the walls, crossing the slick mat as they slide in the pool of sweat. I stay in the doorway, safe as they slam their sides, arms and feet. Beau’s a power pro wrestling guy, but he’s showing some skills now. Suddenly, my younger brother fires off a body punch. THUD! It doesn’t do much except open the door for Keith to match him. THUD! POW! THUD!

Damn, still no one on top for long. THUD! POW! THUD! Red welts start to mark their torsos. Suddenly, Beau tries to push off, but his foot slips. From his back, Keith manages to grab Beau’s wrist and pull his arm forward. The blond bodybuilder falls forward, his face smacking Keith’s abs. SMACK! The boss wraps his legs around his head and arm for a triangle choke.

Beau fights to escape, but his feet slip out from under him as he does. My younger brother actually whimpers as Keith tightens up. The blond bodybuilder throws his body to the left, crashing onto his side. BOOM! Keith holds on tight. The boss leans back and pulls hard. I see him squeezing with all he’s got. Beau is slowly writhing on the mat, his power fading.

Keith warns, “Tap or go out, boy.”

My brother struggles, but the boss is right. Beau’s big muscles are useless as he squirms and twists. His free hand pushes against Keith’s body, accomplishing nothing. He tries punches, but they bounce off. The blond bodybuilder flails around, but I can tell Keith is just toying with him. He could finish the muscle boy any time. And any time is now. The choke tightens. Beau cries out and taps furiously, submitting to the better man.


Oh my god. My bodybuilder brother just submitted. Keith did it. Again. Beau loses. Again. And there’s no question about fairness this time.

What Now?

Both guys lie on the mat, exhausted. Keith rolls onto his back, dragging Beau over with him. The loser lies there with his face resting on Keith’s bulge. Yeah, he better get used to it. The boss reaches down and runs his hand through Beau’s sweaty blond hair. It looks sweet and loving, if you don’t know the context. It’s a sign of ownership.

Sure enough, Keith uses the hair to lift Beau’s head up. The boss reaches his other hand down and unfastens the front of his jeans. He lowers the loser’s face then taps it. The blond bodybuilder stirs and pulls back. The winner simply says, “Get to work.” My younger brother groans, but he reaches up and carefully unzips the front fly, exposing the massive hard-on.

Beau works the jeans off. He looks crushed as he robotically services his master. I smirk as I think, “Too bad, bro. I thought you had this. You dominated early. You held your own on the grappling. You slipped on sweat. Maybe that can be the excuse you tell yourself, but I think I just picked even better than I thought. Keith’s got your number. You’re his bitch.”

Naked Keith looks over to me with a nod as Beau sucks his cock. I smile back at him. He never takes his eyes off me as he gets sucked. It doesn’t take long before he grabs Beau’s head and holds it on his cock. Keith explodes up into the crushed muscleman’s mouth. The blond bodybuilder can’t handle it, choking and coughing as cum runs out and down Keith’s big rod.

The boss keeps firing until he’s soft and drained. He lets Beau off then tells him to clean up the mats, wash his jeans and make him a snack. My younger brother nods. Keith snaps his fingers, remembering the collar. He forces Beau to stand while he reaches inside the sweaty white briefs. The dark-haired hunk reattaches the leather strap around his boy’s huge manhood.

Keith comes over to me, “I want a real man’s ass. While your bitch brother cleans up, join me in the shower, Tobe.”

I smirk, “Yes, sir.”

Two Weeks Later.

“Okay, tell me.”

I look up from the television with a smirk. I beat Keith in a match this week. Yes, I actually beat the unbeatable muscleman. I’ve been searching for his weakness. I finally found it. I offered the info to Beau as a peace offering. He told me to fuck off. Now, he’s asking for my secret. I love it. We both know he’s going to challenge Keith today. That reality makes him a lot friendlier.

“You’re speaking to me? Nice. How’s life?”

Beau rolls his eyes, “Never mind.”

As he walks away, I call out, “Stop being a baby. It’s been a month of the silent treatment. Come back and sit down.” My younger brother hesitates, but he actually obeys. Hm, maybe he is changing. When he plops down on the sofa, I ask, “So, what are you up to when you’re not Keith’s boy?”

“None of your business. Are you going to tell me or not?”

I sigh, “Of course. You’re my brother, Beau. I really do want you to win this time.”

“Prove it.”

“Look, I’m risking my whole relationship with Keith for you. Doesn't that get me some forgiveness?”

“No, because it’s not real.”


“Tobe, you’re nuts and your relationship with Keith is built on lies designed to destroy me.”

I frown, “I get that you’re nervous and I’m an easy scapegoat, but let’s not get into the blame game. You did some things. I did one thing. I forgive you. Are you ever going to forgive me?”

Beau stares at me, “Not while I’m some asshole’s collared boy because of you.”

“Fine, I’ll help you fix that. Even though it’ll cost me the man I ... like.” Beau just waits. I tell him, “Let me just say there’s a reason why he wrestles you in those tight leg-bracing jeans.” Beau thinks, so I add, “Once I got him out of them, things really twisted my way.”


“Left knee.” Beau nods and walks off without another word. I go back to watching television, shouting out, “You’re welcome!”

Beau vs. Keith. Round Three.

The two muscle beasts circle the room as I watch from the doorway. I'm in white shorts, while both of them are going commando in tight blue jeans. Beau was going to demand Keith strip, but I told him that it would seem suspicious. He realized I’m right. Still never thanked me, but after he wins, maybe he will. After all, none of this matters if he doesn’t win.

Beau initiates the lock up. He moves in, arms raised. Keith moves in to meet him. At the last second, my younger brother drops down and grabs the left leg. For a 230-lbs bodybuilder, he’s quick. Somehow, though, Keith is ready. He throws his left knee up, right into Beau’s chin. CRACK! It connects perfectly. My brother flies backwards, collapsing onto his back, looking completely out of it.

Keith runs and leaps up, coming down with a huge elbow drop to Beau’s massive chest. WHOMP! He spins around then pulls my brother up by his hair. He slams his forearm up under the blond bodybuilder’s chin, delivering a huge upper cut. CRACK! The younger muscleman’s eyes roll back in his head and he collapses back onto the mat, stunned. It’s not like my bro has a glass jaw or anything, because that knee and forearm would knock out any man.

The boss reaches down and with a flip of his fingers, he smoothly unfastens Beau’s jeans. He drives his elbow back into the side of Beau’s head. CRACK! I’m surprised he doesn’t go for a pin, but he looks like a man with plan. That’s bad news for Beau. Keith rolls around. He pulls apart the button fly then moves down to grab the nearly unconscious hunk’s left ankle.

“Toby, I do believe that you told him my secret.”

Uh oh. I realize I’ve been duped. Fuck, fuck, fuck. How could I be so stupid? Never trust anyone. Keith lifts Beau’s left leg as he rises. He steps on the right ankle as he twists the left leg hard. The blond bodybuilder cries out as his knee is viciously wrenched. As the boss tortures Beau’s leg, my younger brother regains consciousness as pain shoots through his entire body.

Oh shit, what did I do?

The dark-haired hunk flips Beau onto his stomach then drives the knee into the mat. WHACK! My musclebound brother flops around in pain. He tries to grab for his left knee, but Keith grabs his ankle. He pulls the left leg out hard, hyperextending the knee. Keith slams the knee down again. WHACK! Beau yells and reaches for his leg, but the boss casually holds on.

The dominant stud laughs, “I bet you had a lot of left knee attacks planned, boy. Me too.”

Keith maneuvers back into a single leg crab. He punches the side of Beau’s knee. POW! POW! POW! My bodybuilder brother whimpers as he’s manhandled. He tries to power out, but the relentless abuse has him dazed and unable to focus. POW! POW! POW! Keith stands up then drives the knee down again. WHACK! He steps on the back of the knee and walks over it, pressing his 220-lbs onto the injured knee.

Oh my god, I thought I was helping, but all I’ve done is lure Beau into a brutal squash. And cost myself Keith in the process. After he crushes Beau, I’m probably next. Why do I even try to be a good guy when it only backfires on me? Never again. From now on, I’m going to be a lot more selfish. It’ll be all about Toby. Should I try to help Beau now? Hm. Not while he’s stunned and lame. Maybe if he launches a comeback.

I’m surprised that the 40-year old muscleman is letting the younger stud get up to his feet. Surprised until I see him dive in and clip Beau’s knee out. WHACK! My bodybuilder brother crashes to the mat. SPLAT! Keith reaches down. He grabs a handful of blond hair and forces him up. Beau hobbles, making it easy for the boss to drop to one knee and drive his elbow into the injured knee. SMACK! Again, the young stud crashes down. SPLAT!

Keith pulls Beau’s left leg up and drapes it over his shoulders. He squats up, lifting my bodybuilder brother up with him. The blond muscleman hangs by his left leg, his entire 230-lbs of muscle suspended by his brutalized knee. Beau whimpers in pain as he tries to brace himself on the mat to relieve the pressure.

The boss starts spinning, pulling Beau’s hands off the mat and amping up the pressure. My younger brother moans as he’s whipped around by his knee. The jeans slip on his smooth skin, exposing his ass and manhood. Keith lets go and the blond bodybuilder flies into the wall, collapsing in a heap. SLAM! PLOP! The boss winks at me and flexes. I just nod. Fuck.

Keith grabs Beau’s jeans by the waistband and pulls them down to his ankles. They gather, binding his legs at the feet. The boss drives his foot down onto my younger brother’s left knee. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Beau struggles to crawl away, but he can only use his arms. The dark-haired hunk lets him, hovering as he stalks his prey.

My brother slides along the mat. Keith casually uses his foot to sweep Beau’s arm out. SPLAT! The blond bodybuilder pushes up again. The boss uses his foot to drive the young muscleman’s head into the wall. WHACK! Beau collapses again. Keith grabs the jeans and pulls them all the way off. He tosses them aside and just smirks at the naked hunk.

Keith grabs Beau’s left ankle and pulls him to the middle of the room. He turns and comes down with his body on the inside of the damaged left leg. WHAM! the blond bodybuilder sits up and cries out. The dark-haired hunk twists on the aching leg, tearing up the joint. Beau thrashes on the mat behind him, fighting not to submit to the brutal hold.

Beau crunches up, hammering Keith’s broad back, but the boss doesn’t even feel it. WHOMP! He only wrenches harder on the leg. The boss rolls forward, away from Beau, but only so he can rise up with one leg under his control. With a quick step and spin, he’s moving into position for, yep, a figure-four. The dark-haired hunk falls back and locks it in.

Immediately, my bodybuilder brother is going insane with pain on the mat as his knee is tortured. With all the work Keith’s put into breaking it down, I can’t believe Beau won’t give. He holds on, but there’s nothing he can do. The 230-lbs bodybuilder tries to roll over to reverse the hold, but Keith’s way too strong for that, especially at this point

Beau’s just got no choice. “I give! I GIVE! I GIIIVVVEEE!!!”

Keith unwraps their legs, leaving Beau writhing on the mats. The boss rises up and flexes over my defeated brother. Three times in a row. Unbelievable. The victorious muscle beast strips off his jeans then forces Beau onto his back. The older hunk drops down, mounting Beau with his ass on the blond bodybuilder’s handsome face while looking down his body.

“Start licking my hole, boy. I wanna talk to your brother.”

Damn. I Might Be in Trouble.

I shake my head, “I can’t believe that you set me up.”

“That’s because you’re a good man, Toby. You try to see the good in people. Even bad guys.” What did he just say? Keith smugly sits on Beau, burying my brother’s face deep between his ass cheeks, “Don’t be mad, Toby. It was a test.”

“And I failed.”

“No, you passed.”

I stare back in silence, unsure what to say. I can only ask, “What?”

Keith laughs and explains, “Your younger brother has said some real nasty stuff about you when we’ve been alone. I’ve heard his side. And I’ve heard yours. The fact that you would try to help him, in spite of everything, proves to me that your side is the truth.”

Under the boss, Beau stirs and says something, but it’s muffled by the thick ass smothering his face. Obviously, he doesn’t like this development and wants to argue Keith’s (hilarious) conclusion. Not only did Beau lose again, but his campaign to sabotage my relationship with Keith has failed miserably. I think that I’m in an even better position than ever. Holy fuck.

Keith punches down into Beau’s abs. THUD! “I’ve heard enough outta you. You just keep eatin’ me out, boy. Get my hole good and wet.”

I try to understand, “So, by betraying your weakness to Beau, you know that I’m the good brother? And you’re okay with me choosing him over you?”

“Toby, I wouldn’t want it any other way. He’s your brother. You and me? We’re gettin’ close, but he’s your blood. You’ve known him his entire life. I like you more because you chose him over me. I trust you more. Shows what kind of brother you are. And what kind he is. Just like you’ve said.”


Holy shit. I realize that I’m fucking brilliant. It’s like I can’t lose. I successfully rig the game against Beau and it works out for me. I unsuccessfully try to rig the game against Keith and it still works out for me. I’m like the king of the mind games, even when I don’t know I’m playing.

Keith asks, “Now I have a question. Do you forgive me?”

I move over and straddle Beau’s waist. We kiss as we sit on my naked bodybuilder brother. It’s a long hot make out session. When we break, Keith asks me for Beau’s collar. I roll off to get it. He binds my brother’s manhood again. I shake my head at how unlucky Beau is against Keith, who's both lucky and good. About time.

The boss and me rise together. He pushes me against the wall. BAM! I gasp as he leans down and attacks my nipple. Keith rubs my body as he almost worships me. I don’t understand, but I like it. I mean, he is a versatile alpha male, so we do this all the time, but he just beat Beau. Why is he focusing on servicing me? Oh, who cares? I rub his head, gripping his hair to control his head. He lets me as he drops to one knee to kiss my abs while fondling my pecs.

I look over and see Beau propped up on his elbows, confused. I just shrug and smirk as the champ worships me. You’d think I won. Well, I did. Again. But unofficially. Keith pulls down my shorts and goes to work on my cock. I gasp as he sucks me while playing with my balls. After two months of us fucking, the amazing muscleman knows exactly what to do.

Keith pulls off. He rises and peels off his jeans. I just lean my naked body against the wall as I admire his sweaty, pumped magnificence. It never gets old. I grab a condom and hand it to him, but he shakes his head. He looks and points at my cock. Oh shit. Keith only lets me fuck him once a week maybe. Now, he’s letting me do it after beating Beau. In front of Beau.

As I sheathe my cock, I get harder as I realize his game. He’s sending a clear message that he’s #TeamToby. I’m getting something my arrogant super-brother never will. My perfect brother can only lie there and watch while I get to ride the man who owns him. Me. The one he never respects. That he treats like a child. He can only watch me finally be the top man.

Keith drops to hands and knees facing Beau. I drop behind him. Doggy style is perfect as I get to fuck that amazing ass while watching my brother’s jealous face. I drive into the boss’s ass, taking him rough like he likes. He loves how I plow his ass, the harder the better. I slam my hip against his smooth round cheeks. We grunt loud and I dom-talk him, telling him to take my cock. He submissively begs me to own his ass.

I ride the boss like he’s my bitch, relentlessly hammering his hole. We’re both sweating now, crying out. I gasp and fight to keep going as I feel my load rising. Keith begs me to shoot inside him. It’s all I need as I slam in deep then explode inside the latex cover inside his amazing ass. My whole body shakes as I pump back and forth to get every drop.

When I’m done, I pull out and sit back on my heels, getting my breath back. I pull the full condom off my soft dick and relax. Keith sits back and I stare at his broad shoulders and v-shaped back. So sexy. He rises then turns to pull me up into a kiss. We make out then he ushers me to the door. The winner turns back to the loser.

“Boy, get cleanin’ then get gone. Your brother and me are gonna have some fun.”

Beau vs. Keith. Round Four.

Another two weeks later and it’s time for yet another challenge. Keith and me are inseparable so I’ve seen pretty much all my brother’s humiliation. Beau’s a stubborn fuck, but I can tell it’s wearing him down. Six weeks. So much longer than I ever expected. I almost feel sorry for him then he keeps hating on me for nothing, so I get over it fast. Such a baby. One day, he’ll get it and we’ll be friends again. Until then, this is fun, too. Keith is really cool.

This time, Keith makes the blond bodybuilder start buck naked, while he wears a pair of Beau’s trunks I gave him. They’re a special gold and black pair he wore for a superhero-themed gay wrestling video company out in LA called The Cave. He played Nuke Man in a few videos. It’s just a petty little mind game. My younger bro tries to stay cool, but the look on his face is priceless. I kill me.

Keith's amazing in those trunks.

Beau doesn't like my surprise.

They circle the mat room. Keith puts his hands up for a test of strength. The naked bodybuilder raises his hands to accept. They lock hands pretty fast, considering what’s on the line. As soon as their fingers clamp down, they’re straining and grunting. Big muscles flex and pump as the two muscle beasts fight for dominance. Huge paws work to get an edge. Thick pecs slam into each other. BAM! They push back and keep straining.

Beau grabs the first advantage. He pushes down and Keith has to brace his right leg behind him. Sweat starts flowing and the grunts get even louder. The boss pushes back to even, but he can’t reverse things. My younger brother keeps the advantage and with a big push, the dark-haired hunk is driven to one knee. PLOP! Well, there’s one win, even as minor as it is.

Keith keeps his hands up and fighting, but with Beau’s power, it’s only a matter of time. Suddenly, the boss pulls his hands to the side. The blond bodybuilder’s arms drop and spin in front of him. Keith pushes up and back. Beau cries out as his hands are bent back. He rises onto his toes as he struggles to resist the pressure. I hear him whimper in pain.

The studs stay like that for a moment, with Keith kneeling and Beau dancing on his toes. My younger brother’s face is etched with pain as he fights to counter. He finally has to throw his knee forward in desperation. THUD! It slams into the boss’s thick chest, sending Keith backwards a little and easing the force on Beau’s hands.

Beau keeps his grip and pulls the older hunk forward into another knee to torso. WHOMP! He releases his grip, immediately whipping his hands forward. He grabs Keith’s head and forces the kneeling hunk down into a standing head scissors. My bodybuilder brother closes up his thick thighs and flexes them, crushing the dark-haired hunk in the powerful hold.

Keith grunts in pain. The blond muscle beast flexes his legs, looking to wear down the man who owns him. The hold is brutal and I hear Keith moan. I watch as he grips Beau’s thick legs. The boss is still on one knee, giving him the chance to press up and actually lift the 230-lbs of young beef up. He back body drops Beau over, managing to escape the potentially fatal hold.

The mature muscleman stumbles forward then walks it off as Beau rolls over and springs to his feet. He’s clearly emboldened by some sense of superiority, or at least equality, after the squash from last time. He charges in. As the boss moves to stop him, Beau goes low, coming in under the outstretched arms and grabbing the dark-haired stud around the waist.

Beau squeezes and stands, lifting Keith into a big bearhug. He tries to crush the older man, six weeks of frustration giving him even more power than usual. The boss moans loudly as his waist is collapsed by the mighty arms of the younger muscleman. Every muscle in my bodybuilder brother’s massive body swells up. Veins pop and he’s 100% focused on making this hurt.

Keith moans loudly. He fights to resist the powerful vice that’s clearly making it hard for him to even breathe at this point. Beau shakes his prey, throwing the 220-lbs of muscle back-and-forth. It’s effective at making the mature muscleman cry out in pain. As he’s whipped around, Keith throws his arms up, managing to box Beau’s ears. POW! He pushes back, escaping.

The boss stumbles to the wall for support as he tries to regain his breath. Beau charges in, not wanting to give him that chance. My brother is a little reckless, running right into a rising foot. THUD! It doesn’t really hurt him, but it slows his momentum. Keith pushes off the wall, coming in with a huge clothesline that levels the young bull. THUD! WHAM!

Beau shakes his head out on the mat. Keith sends his foot down onto those perfect pecs. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Beau grunts as he’s abused. He tries to grab the foot, but the boss moves it south and drives it down onto his abs. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! My bodybuilder brother crunches up while lifting his legs. He grabs Keith’s leg and trips him down onto his stomach. SPLAT! Beau tries to climb on the older bull, but Keith rolls away.

The guys rise and charge in. They lock up fast. Beau pushes Keith back, but the boss twists and sends Beau down to the mat front first. SPLAT! The dark-haired hunk splashes down onto the young bull’s back. SPLAT! The 220-lbs of muscle crashing down on top of him knocks the wind out of Beau. It gives the older hunk the chance to spin around and sit on him.

Keith pulls the big blond hunk up into a camel clutch. He leans back, pulling the younger bodybuilder with him. My brother moans. He’s not built to bend like that. The boss shifts his ass, grinding it in as he actually forces Beau to look at the ceiling. 230-lbs of muscle is useless as he struggles against the older hunk’s incredible power.

I don’t think Beau’s ever faced a guy as strong, smart and resilient as Keith. The guy will never give to some young muscle punk, so Beau needs to figure out how to knock him out. The boss already knows he can make Beau give. He’s done it all three times. And now, he’s breaking the naked muscle beast’s back in a vicious camel clutch.

Beau’s cries fill the mat room. His big pecs and shoulders tense as he tries to throw his arms forward. He refuses to give, even though the pain is so obvious in his face and voice. Keith moves one hand off Beau’s chin. He flexes his bicep at me with a wink then slaps my brother’s face. TAP! TAP! TAP! “You ready to give, boy? I do love hearin’ you beg.”

The blond bodybuilder doesn’t respond at all. He just closes his eyes to focus. Keith leans forward, easing the pressure, but allowing him to wrap his arms around Beau’s head. The boss is going for the knock out. Suddenly, Beau throws his arms forward. In this new position, his sweaty triceps can finally slide over and off the sweaty quads.

Beau immediately pushes up and to the right, throwing Keith off him before he can lock in the sleeper hold. My bodybuilder brother clumsily propels his 230-lbs of muscle on top of the boss, crushing him under it. Clumsy or not, he makes an effective battering ram. CRUSH! All the air leaves Keith’s amazing body. The young bull fires his elbow back, catching Keith’s temple. CRACK!

With a new advantage, Beau wastes no time. He grabs the waistband of the Nuke Man briefs and pulls them down, exposing Keith’s gorgeous manhood. Yum. When they’re at the ankles, Beau stretches the leg holes and twists before sliding the holes over the opposite feet. He successfully binds the boss’s ankles together, effectively immobilizing him.

Cool. Maybe things’ll get back to normal after all. No more slave Beau. Keith all for me. And Beau can get over his sulking and we can be best friend bros again. Go #TeamBeau and knock the old bull out. Instead of trying that, Beau forces the mature muscleman over onto his front then lifts his legs. He straddles Keith’s back the sits to lock him into a crab.

With both Keith's ankles bound, Beau can hold them under his right armpit, leaving his left hand free to pull back even harder on Keith’s right knee. It adds pressure and you can hear it in the boss’s voice. He curses as he tries to power out. No way. Beau’s way too strong for that. My brother uses this to recuperate from the brutal crab while also trying to break the dark-haired hunk.

The young bull says, “Not so fun when you’re the one tied up, is it, boss?”

“UNH! At least I ain’t cryin’ ‘bout it, boy! UNH! You may have got me, but you ain’t got no idea what to do with me!”

Beau shakes his head at the arrogance, but he realizes that he has to prove Keith wrong. After all, he hasn’t ever even come close to winning yet. The blond bodybuilder releases the crab. He drives his foot into the aching lower back. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! That gets the older bull flopping under him, but Keith can’t escape with his feet bound.

The young stud drops both his knees onto Keith’s tick back. WHOMP! That gets a loud cry as Keith lifts his ankles and head in reaction. Exactly what Beau wanted. He reaches out his long wingspan, grabbing both the chin and tied up ankles. The blond bodybuilder rocks a little then throws himself backwards. He pulls Keith with him, locking the mature muscleman into a bow and arrow over his shins.

Keith cries out as he hangs there. Fuck. I pull my phone out of my shorts and video this. The naked boss trapped and stretched out like a bitch. I want to go over and pound those abs. Or those balls. Damn, he’s so helpless. His arms flail around as they hang to sides. His left arm searches for Beau’s face, but he can’t reach it to try a counter.

The old bull moans, struggling not to give. I said he wouldn’t, but maybe I was wrong. This back punishment is rough. He’s another guy who isn’t built for anything like this. Beau bounces him and I enjoy watching his big old meat flop around. Yeah, I’ll be jerking off to this for a real long time. Somehow, the boss won’t give, so Beau lets him go, throwing him forward. SPLAT!

Beau drags Keith up. The dark-haired hunk can’t counter as he’s forced to hop on his bound feet. My bodybuilder brother lifts the mature muscleman up onto his shoulders, easily racking his 220-lbs of muscle. The younger stud reaches his hands between the thick thighs to stabilize the struggling beefcake as he pulls down on his chin.

The older hunk cries out as he’s bent over my brother’s shoulders, the rack testing his resilience. Keith’s tough, but that’s a great submission move. Beau bounces his victim, going for the win. The boss grunts, his beautiful manhood flopping back and forth. Damn, I want to save him, but I also wouldn’t mind Beau winning so things can get back to normal.

I anxiously watch the sweaty young muscleman fight to force a submission. Keith can’t hold on much longer, can he? Suddenly, the older hunk slams elbow into Beau’s face. WHACK! He follows up with an eye rake, which forces the blond bodybuilder to drop him. Keith crashes to the mat, but he focuses on untying his ankles while my brother shakes his head. Just as the boss gets loose, Beau is on him to take control back.

Beau drags the now-naked Keith up to his feet. The boss surprises him with an elbow to the lower abs. THUD! OOF! The dark-haired muscleman immediately pushes off and runs Beau back into the wall. BAM! OOF! He grabs Beau by the tricep and behind the head then pulls him forward. My brother fights to stop it, but that only helps Keith spin them both around and run the younger bodybuilder face first back into wall. BAM! SMACK! The impact stuns Beau.

As my brother grips the wall for support, Keith unleashes a series of fists into Beau’s lower back. POW! POW! POW! He steps back to add his foot to the abuse, kicking up and smashing my naked brother into the wall. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Beau tries to push off, but all that does is allow Keith to drive him face first into the wall again. SMACK! CRACK!

The blond bodybuilder drops to his knees. Keith moves in and pulls him backwards into a dragon sleeper. He slams my younger brother’s pecs with huge forearms. THUD! THUD! THUD! I don’t get the plan here except smash Beau into submission. The boss rises up on his knees, increasing the force of the dragon sleeper and I see my brother fading. THUD! THUD! THUD!

Keith releases Beau and my brother collapses to the mat. The young bull rolls to escape, but that only opens him up for the boss to jump on his back. Keith forces his arms around the big bodybuilder’s head and rolls them over. The older hunk wraps his legs for a body scissors as my brother lies on top of him, completely controlled.

My brother starts to fight, but Keith immediately adjusts for a perfect rear naked choke. His experience and skill enable him to lock it on perfectly. Beau is still fighting, but that ends fast. The 40-year old fighter squeezes hard and my younger brother’s eyes suddenly roll back in his head. His big muscles go limp, his arms dropping to the side and his legs flopping down.

Keith works the hold as Beau gurgles and flails with his last bit of consciousness. I think it might be instinct at this point. The 230-lbs muscleman writhes and flops around until the boss tightens one last time. Now he’s out.

The boss eases up and says, “Toby! Get over here and check his arms.”

I move in fast and grab a wrist. I lift and drop. PLOP! “ONE!”

I grab a leg. I lift and drop. PLOP! “TWO!”

I move to the other arm. Up it goes. Down it falls. PLOP! “THREE!”

I tap Keith, “He’s done. You win. Again.”

The Cowboy Gets Ridden. Again.

Keith pushes Beau off him, letting his carcass collapse onto its side. PLOP! My bodybuilder brother lies unconscious at my feet as I just take it all in. Keith really is better than Beau. Fourth win. The unconscious stud’s muscles soften and he looks a lot less imposing. Still big but not scary big, you know? Being beaten and knocked out will do that to a huge muscleman.

The boss rises up and shakes his head, “Well, Toby, looks like you’re still safe.”

Keith pulls me in for a kiss. He’s so sweaty and strong. I grip his rock-hard biceps and squeeze. I don’t even make a dent. Same when I hold his shoulders. Fuck. I melt a little more as we make out over my sleeping younger brother. Feels so good. I lovingly worship Keith’s muscles. He owns Beau, but he kind of owns me, too. Emotionally, I mean. I really like the guy.

The better man breaks off and asks me, “You okay?”

At this point, I’m surprised by the question, “Yeah, I’m fine. Why?”

“Just checkin’. He is your brother. I know you still love him, despite how he treats you.”

I breathe in deep then lock eyes with him to make it feel like I'm emotionally torn. I'm not. I tell him, “Look, not gonna lie." Actually, I am going to lie. "It’s tough seeing Beau hurt over and over. Against any other man, I probably couldn’t watch. At least not without jumping in, even if it meant getting hurt myself. But you’re different, Keith. We’ve been rolling around for a couple of months and, well, I ...” I pause to choose my words carefully, “I like you.”

Keith nods, “I like you too, Toby. You’re a good man. A bully like Beau doesn’t deserve a brother like you.” He pauses then asks, “You think he’s learned anything, yet?”

I nod, “You’ve seen him. I think living on the other side of a collar has humbled him.”


I shrug, “Knowing Beau, he still might need some time and distance to see my side of things, but I know he respects yours.” I pat his bicep so he lifts his arm and flexes for me. I try to squeeze it, but it’s like steel. I smirk, “You’re the man of the ranch, champ, and he knows it.” I kiss the flexed muscle then give my man a flirty look. “We all do.”

Keith laughs, “Damn right. And I hear you. Time and distance. I can arrange that. And it’ll give us some time alone.”

“I’d love both those things. Beau has four weeks vacation saved up. It might take all of them to understand my side, and it’d leave you and me alone for a whole month.”

“You got it, handsome. Look, before anything else, I gotta fuck your brother one more time. You wanna go or stay?”

“What do you think?”

Keith kisses me then roughly shoves Beau’s shoulder with his foot. My bodybuilder brother stirs as he’s shaken. He writhes on the mat, naked and groggy. When Beau pushes up onto his hip and hands, he finally understands that he’s been out. He knows he lost. Again. I’m kind of sad as his head drops, hanging in defeat. He really wanted to win this time. And really thought he’d win. But, he didn’t. And now, I’m kind of happy again.

The dark-haired muscleman fluffs his big dick as he watches. It’s semi-hard already, so when he stands back up and starts jerking, it powers up fast. Man, I love that cock. And I’m going to love seeing it plow the cockiness right out of my little brother. Whenever he fucks the muscular cowboy, it feels awesome. For me, that is. It’s humiliating for Beau, of course.

Beau looks over at Keith who’s sheathing his big rod. The blond bodybuilder doesn’t need to be told. After six weeks as bottom boy, he knows the drill. HA! Drill. More like a fucking jackhammer. My baby brother rolls onto his hands and knees, thrusting his big muscular ass up and out. He buries his face in his forearms, his big muscles tensing.

Keith says, “No, no, no. Not like that, boy. I want you on your back on the table. Legs up. Eyes on me. I want to watch you watchin’ me fuck you. I don’t want you thinkin’ about anything or anybody but me. The guy who just beat you for the fourth fuckin’ time.”

Beau tenses but he’s got no choice. He pushes up to his feet. The big bodybuilder wobbles a little then walks out of the mat room to the heavy reclaimed wood dining table. He rolls onto it, back down then he lifts his legs up, grabbing behind his knees to keep himself in position. Keith nods and moves in. He slaps my brother on the ass. SMACK! With a nod, he puts his cock in position.

Keith says, “Eyes on me, boy.”

The big blond bodybuilder looks at his master. Keith looks back and they lock eyes. The boss thrusts forward, driving his big dick in deep. Beau moans loudly as he’s plowed hard. His mouth hangs open as he adjusts to the meat inside him. Keith starts pumping, slowly riding his bodybuilder bitch. They never break their stare, even as Beau’s mouth hangs open while he gasps to handle the pounding.

Keith slams his shaft in my bodybuilder brother and I’m jealous. Until I look at the boss’s face. Then I see the difference in how he pounds my ass and how he pounds Beau’s. There’s no feeling of enjoyment now, no sense that this is a good time. It’s all about teaching arrogant young muscle a lesson. But damn, what a lesson. I’m back to being jealous, but of Keith this time. Not that I want to fuck Beau, but I’d love to teach him a lesson. Hm, I guess I kind of did. Good for me.

My younger bro struggles to maintain eye contact against the brutal fucking, especially after being beaten and knocked out. He’s sore and probably has a headache. Keith refuses to let his eyes go, though. He drills him as hard with his stare as he does with his cock. The message is sent and I don’t think Beau will be challenging Keith again any time soon.

The four-time loser is rock-hard, but the dark-haired muscleman won’t let him touch it. It just bounces up and down, useless as it slaps down against Beau’s perfect abs. My cock is hard in my shorts, watching 230-lbs of arrogant bodybuilder bitch get plowed hard. Should’ve shown me some respect long ago, bro.

Both guys are sweating and gasping. Keith pulls out then orders Beau down onto his knees. The better man strips off the condom and rams his cock inside Beau’s mouth. He unloads his seed down Beau’s throat, the boss’s body shaking and tensing as he fires off. I know from personal experience that it’s tough to handle that load and Beau can’t. Some leaks out the side, down onto his chin.

Keith keeps hammering Beau’s face until he’s done. The boss slides out then looks down at the loser. He slaps Beau’s handsome with his cock. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! My brother looks pissed. Bad move, bro. Bitches like you need to accept their station. The boss must see it, too. His cock powers up as he humiliates the big man. He orders Beau to get up to his feet as he grabs another condom. Oh boy.

“Got any doubt about who’s the man, boy?”

“No, sir.”

“Who’s the fuckin’ boss?”

Beau answers, “You, sir.”

The dark-haired hunk spins Beau around. He pushes him forward to brace himself on the table. Keith drives his cock back in to fuck Beau again. The heavy table actually moves for the force. Keith orders me to brace it. I jump to the other end, pushing to keep it in place. It gives me a great view of my perfect brother getting plowed again. We lock eyes and I just shrug.

Keith grabs my brother's hair, keeping his head up and eyes on me. He asks, “Who’s the fuckin’ boss?”

Beau has to admit, “You, sir.”

The winner pulls back on Beau’s hair. He pulls him back, locking on a sleeper. My shocked bodybuilder brother can only gasp as he’s choked while getting fucked. His cock is standing out, rock-hard and his balls have shrunk. He’s so close to shooting. Beau’s too weak to last much longer.

“Who’s the fuckin’ boss?”

My brother struggles to understand the question then answer it. He grunts out, “You, sir.”

Satisfied, Keith finishes Beau off again, knocking him out. The blond bodybuilder goes soft, losing definition as his pecs sag, his shoulders slump and his legs buckle. The real sign is when his massive arms go completely limp. Keith opens his arms and slides out. He aims Beau to the sofa.

I say, “Timber, bro.” The big man collapses face down onto the leather couch. PLOP!

The boss strips off the condom then jerks his cock. He leans over my unconscious brother, using the back of the couch for support. Keith summons me over and I race around the table to him. I kneel beside him and seize his throbbing cock. The gorgeous muscleman rubs my head as I work his rod. He suddenly gasps and I know it’s coming. I pump out his second load, coating my brother’s huge muscular ass.

I spray my man’s seed all over the smooth white flesh, lining the huge mountainous globes. Beau’s so knocked out that he doesn’t even react. Fucked and knocked out twice in a fair match? New record. Yeah, I finally picked a good man in Keith. I squeeze harder on the monster cock, draining the big balls. My guy squats a little so I can wipe the last drops on Beau’s leg.

I stand up so Keith and I can kiss again. It feels even better. We break to look down at the blond bodybuilder’s crushed and cum-coated carcass. I thank him and he just laughs, “Any time, baby. Gotta defend my guy, right?” I swing my arms around his neck at being called his guy. What a man. As we hug, I suddenly wonder, who could beat Keith? I wonder.

My guy tells me to gather Beau’s clothes. He grabs the silver-studded leather cock ring and snaps it together. The boss spins it on his finger as he nudges my younger brother with his foot. Beau stirs and slowly rises. He hangs his head as he silently stands before his master, waiting to be collared again.

The winner spins the ring as he says, “Now you know who’s boss. Again. I ain’t gonna collar you, boy.” Beau looks up surprised. Keith laughs, “That’s right. I ain’t gonna fuck you ever again. No more cleanin’ my house. No more humiliation. No more ownership. No more rematches. I’m done with games and shit.”

Beau tries to process it all, “Why?”

“Because I say so. I don’t owe you any more than that. I’m the better man. And because we all know that, you’ll do what I say around this ranch without any collar, won’t you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Damn right. No more questionin’ my orders. No more mouthin’ off. No more struttin’ around this place like you own it. You work for me like every other man here. You’re nothin’ more than anyone else. And you’re nothin’ less any more. You got that?”

“Yes sir.”

“Gonna start with a vacation. I want you gone. Tonight. And don’t come back for a month. You got four weeks vacation saved up. You’re gonna use it all up.”

Beau tenses but just says, “I’ll get on it. Sir.”

“You heard me, right? It’s startin’ now. Be gone tonight. I don’t care where but you won’t be here. And when you come back? Or maybe it’s ‘if you come back’. Depends how much man you are, I guess. Either way, I expect you to remember all this and be the best damn hired hand around here. All this ‘yes sir’ shit better keep up. Now get the fuck out of here.”

“Yes sir.”

“Wait. One more thing. Toby is still off-limits. I like him a lot. You ever touch him, you’ll answer to me, boy. You got a good brother. You treat him like crap, but for some reason, he still loves you. Still sticks up for you. You don’t fuckin’ deserve him.”

“Yes, sir. You’re right. I definitely don’t deserve him.”

Keith misses Beau’s real meaning, but I don’t. So childish. My guy continues, “You should try to be more like him.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll work on being more like Tobe.”

“Good boy. Now, get gone and come back a new man with a new attitude, ready to work.”

“Yes, sir.”

I move to give Beau his clothes, but Keith stops me. He says, “No, he’s outta here. Now. As is.” He notices I have Beau's Nuke Man trunks. He grabs them back from me, "A souvenir."

I’m surprised, but I don’t question anything. Fuck, I love when Keith’s feeling this powerful. I want him to use that power on me. How fast can Beau pack? The boss pulls me in for a kiss, telling me he’ll be over to check that Beau’s gone. I smirk and nod, knowing I’m going to have a fun night. I go outside first, checking that the coast is clear for my naked brother to follow.

On the porch, I try to hand Beau his briefs to cover his fading hard-on, blue balls and cum-coated ass, but he just wants his keys. His erection is going down and he doesn’t care if anyone sees him. He just wants to go home, pound one out, shower then pack. I hand him the key and he jogs to our cabin, ignoring his nakedness.

I jog with him, trying to talk, but just getting the silent treatment. So immature.

Brotherly Advice.

“A month off. With pay. I’m so jealous.”

Beau's getting ready to go.
Bye bye, little bro.

Beau ignores me, so I hop onto his bed beside his duffel bag. He keeps angrily shoving stuff inside. I notice he isn’t packing any of his thongs or trunks. I ask, “No wrestling gear?” He freezes and I see his fists clench around the jeans he’s folding. “Or you just gonna do nude? Oh, I know my little brother. Nude wrestling. You’re gonna have all kinds of fun.”

My musclebound brother slowly counts, “One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine.” He breathes in deeply then slowly exhales, “Ten.” He finally starts folding again.

“At least tell me where you’re going.”

“None of your fuckin’ business.”

“Well, I’ll miss you, bro. I know you’ll call Ben, but that Cody guy is the one you should check out. He’s so fucking hot and he owes you a rematch, right? God, what a beautiful man.”

Beau ignores me.

When I stop fantasizing about Cody, I say, “In spite of your attitude lately, I really do love you a lot. You know, Keith’s right. In the end, this was a good thing for both of us. We should both be glad this happened. I found a man to ... like. And it’s a real learning opportunity for you.”

“Go to hell.”

I sit up on his bed, “You know, bro, they say you can really tell about a guy by how he reacts to adversity. I gotta say, you’re showing a lot about yourself. Focusing on the negative. Being so childish. Acting like you got it so rough. Blaming me.”

My brother whines, “You are to blame. For all of this, Toby. God knows what lies you’ve been telling Keith about me, but he’s a complete idiot and you’re a monster. When he figures you out, I hope he crushes you ten times worse than what he did to me. And when he does, you won’t have anyone to save you. You’re gonna get yours. Eventually.”

“I’m sorry you feel that way.”

“Don’t be sorry. Be scared, because you’re a monster, but you’re also a fuck up. You’ll betray Keith and he’ll see the truth. This will all blow up on you.”

I lose my cool, “Just because I can’t be perfect like you doesn’t make me a monster or a fuck up. And you’re not the innocent victim you think you are. I’m a good person and I’m a hell of a lot better at everything than you think I am. After all, who’s leaving and who’s staying, Mr. Perfect?”

Beau shakes his head, “You’re jealous of me for ‘being perfect’, ignoring all the hard work I’ve done to get this body, this brain and this life. You were mad at me, but you never came to me. No. You betrayed me. Sandbagged me. Hurt me. I got beaten. Fucked. Humiliated over and over. Six weeks of hell. Now, I’m exiled from my home and job for a month. Because of you. All of it. But in your twisted brain, I shouldn’t blame you for it?”

I calm down. I’m sad but not surprised, “Let me give you some brotherly advice. You’ve had everything go your way in life and now you’re being a big baby the first time you fail. You should really work on that over the next four weeks. Figure out why you’re like this and how to be better. When you come back, I will help. Whatever you need. I’ve forgiven you for being a bad brother. Now forgive yourself.”

Beau just looks at me, his mouth hanging open. He just shakes his head, “I don’t know what to think any more, Tobe. It’s like you’re either completely evil or completely insane. Maybe both. Probably both. This ain’t some personality flaw in me. Maybe I should forgive you, because you’re batshit crazy, but I can’t.”

I roll my eyes, “So dramatic. You can only fix yourself if you’re open to the truth. Tell you what. I’ll think about my part in all of this. I will. Maybe I am partly to blame for your inability to handle one minor hiccup in your life. Maybe I coddled you too much. I’ll think on that. Thank god it was a fun bump in the road and nothing really serious. Imagine if you -”

“Bat. Shit. Crazy.”

“Don’t interrupt. Just listen. Maybe that’s your biggest problem. Not listening. Not seeing. What I’m saying is, if you can’t handle fun sex games with a hot muscle daddy like Keith, what can you handle? You know how many guys would trade places with you? But. But. I will think about me. And you think about you. Seriously. Then when you come back, we can discuss it. Deal?”

My younger brother just zips up his duffel bag, grabs his backpack and heads to the door. He tosses his key in the bowl, but he doesn’t look back. I lock the door behind him then look around our place. It’ll be lonely around here without him. Maybe I should get a cat. Beau’s a dog person, but now I guess I can do what I want. Yep, I’m getting a cat.

The End


  1. DAMN!!! I thought for sure Beau was gonna get at least one win here! Incredible to see him dominated in such a way. Keith is such a stud, a bit misguided, but fuch it's been hot watching him own Beau. Hope this doesn't turn Beau into a jobber for life. Still love watching Nuke man dominate in the Cave

    1. Thanks for the comment. Well, as long as Keith doesn't travel to The Cave, Beau can still dominate. ;)

  2. I certainly didn't see this scenario playing out the way it did -- although it did solve a major dilemma I've been facing in my own fan fiction project!

    I agree with Phil's last comments above. I hope there are no long-term effects on poor Beau's psyche and that Nuke Man will be back to dominate The Cave soon in an even more revealing trunks to replace the pair he lost! Perhaps unleashing the full power of Nuke Man on Cave opponents is just what he needs to vent his anger and frustrations. :)

    This was by far your most emotionally complex story to date, Alex. It's amazing how your work continues to evolve. Great job!!!


    1. Thanks! Definitely tried to do a lot here, so I appreciate that it came through. Beau’s journey continues this year, so no comment on any impact, short- or long-term.

  3. This has to be a top three in All Cave stories. This is “the closure” of a long running series of stories between Toby and Beau. And what a mega story. This story was so well written and executed. Was it shocking? Hell yeah. Every single “challenge” you expected Beau to win. But no. He got beat fair and square in every single one. And he had to give more than once! Plus being out out. Thing is I must imagine The way Keith treated Beau in the job. It couldn’t be fun.
    This story has layers and consequences. It’s not over yet. And I’m so open minded to wherever it takes your imagination. Because this story is just good. Keith is a damn superstar. And Toby is one heck of a narrator. Those two characters have some real depth to them. They have particular ways of thinking whether you agree with them or not. They are legit in their arguments. I think the schism between the brothers feels real. And again Keith is brilliant. He kicks the Blonde hunk out of the house in a way.
    But what makes the story is that all three men have opinions of what’s happening. Maybe it’s time for Caveys for stories. Cause this story needs an award!

    1. Wow, that’s great. I’m glad you loved it so much. And you’re right, this isn’t over. Keith vs. Beau is over and Keith won, but there’s more to come in the story.

    2. Btw, I think that at this point we have to have a group conversation on the Official top three or perhaps top five stories. Lol. Perhaps a poll or perhaps submissions. Something! Haha

  4. I'm fine with Beau dominating in the Cave, but I just hope he never, ever beats Keith, because this was all so surprising, and so PERFECT. (I personally love jobber-Beau.) And any "revenge" on Keith would be totally unsatisfactory, since he was also just getting played by Toby--but fortunately, level-headed Beau seems to have figured that out already. Oh, for Toby to betray himself, and Keith and Beau to finally understand each other...!

    And Beau getting sleepered out TWICE? Thank you for that. Beau getting sleepered out is a few of my favorite things. :)

    And psychopath Toby's P.O.V. is so fun.

    1. Thanks! I’ll take perfect. :)

      Toby is up there with Xaq as the most unreliable of all my unreliable narrators, which is always fun.

    2. Can't say it any better than Sean did (which is why I waited for him to opine :-) ). He nailed it and perfectly summed up my feelings. And as an, ahem, older dude it's always kind of nice seeing an older wrestler dominate a young buck. ;-)

    3. Thanks Tom. I’m glad you liked it. Older guys do pretty well in The Cave universe, so maybe that’s some, ahem, older dude bias on my part. ;)

  5. P.S. Experience over strength.

    Most intriguing line: "As we hug, I suddenly wonder, who could beat Keith? I wonder."

    1. Some people just can’t help themselves, can they?

    2. Hahahaha. No they can’t!!!! Toby is very mischievous!

  6. Haha! Coming into this story I was 80% sure that Beau was going to win and get his pride back but damn was I wrong! Not only once but 4 times! Even without the leg injury Keith was able to take him down. Looks like that man is a monster all on his own which is crazy impressive with how strong Beau is. I'm curious to see were Beau goes with his vacation. I agree with everyone else that I want to see him come back with wins under his belt... but I cant lie in wanting to see him job a bit more!

    1. Thanks, Axel. I knew Beau was going to lose, but the ‘how’ changed a lot. Originally it was one really long fall, an iron man match, but when I hit the triangle choke, my fingers typed TAP and everything changed.

      Beau has four whole weeks to do something, but no spoilers here. You’ll have to wait to see what, with whom and how it plays out. :)

  7. Alex, you are an excellent developer of characters. I hope there is a story arc for Beau. Maybe that arc could lead to a pro match vs Keith at the cave.

    This could lead to the introduction of new characters who Beau mets up with during his journey, maybe Beau jobs to a smaller Patrick LeBlanc looking character,

    Anyway, you do a great job and develop your characters very well.

    1. Thanks, I appreciate that. It’s the characters that keep things going.

      There are plans for Beau, but I don’t anticipate a rematch with Keith. The man meant it when he said he’s done with the boy. However, while I think Keith has proven all he needs to prove, Beau has a lot to consider.

  8. Everyone has their own tastes, but I think this is the hottest story you've ever told. To me, Beau is boring as a victor but the ultimate hot muscle boy getting owned - all stud and alpha in that way that so when he ends up a magnificent trophy fuck the conquest is even hotter. I hope he is beaten and used often in the future - you know how to make him someone to be had without ever consciously knowing how his body makes him such a target. Never a jobber but always someone who needs to be put in his place.

    1. Wow, thanks. It’s amazing to read so many comments like this at this point in the blog. I love your take on Beau. :)

  9. Most excellent! Jobber Beau for life!!

    1. Thanks! Appreciate you taking time to comment.

  10. I really hope one day Keith realized Toby lied to him, I love seeing Beau jobbing but I hate seeing the heel legitimately dislike him lmao, I think I'll write a fanfic of my own where Keith realizes they were both manipulated and decides to have a more lighthearted match with Beau (still dominating Beau of course ;) but without Toby's manipulation involved)

    1. That sounds great! As a reader, I often dream up sequels or changes to my favorite stories, so I wholeheartedly encourage it. Sometimes I write them down. Sometimes I just keep them in my head. But I always have fun doing it.