Monday, December 31, 2018

Story Preview: January 2019 (Warning: Spoilers)

What's up for January? Well, if you're type who likes to be spoiled, click and find out ...

So, you're ending 2018/starting 2019 spoiling yourself. Well, it's your call. We're starting 2019 by continuing one big story from 2018 and ending a series that started exactly two years earlier (even though it only spans a weekend in story time).

1/1/19: The Cave Unleashed 8: Beau vs. Keith

Beau, Keith, Toby

Yes, your favorite cowboy is back to test himself against the boss. Beau was duped by Toby then squashed by Keith. He ended up collared and subservient, but you had to know that wouldn't last long. Beau's ready for a re-match and Keith is more than happy to accept. Will things work out any differently in a fair fight?

Keith’s Cabin, El Paso TX

“So, the boy’s finally wantin’ to prove he’s a man.”

Beau growls, “I’m always a man. Always was. Always will be. I just wanna kick your lying, cheating ass.”

Keith laughs, “I was just askin’ Toby what was takin’ you so long to challenge me, boy. But I figured maybe you just liked bein’ owned. I never met a man who can put up with the humiliation I’ve been dishin’ out for more than a day and not like it.”

My 6’1”/230-lbs brother points at him, “Fuck you. I was just living up to the deal. Like a man does. Even though you and my snake of a brother cheated, I’ve played along for two weeks. That’s long enough. So, you accepting the challenge or not?”

The 40-year old ranch boss smirks, “You’re only challengin’ me ‘cause I asked Toby why you weren’t challengin’ me. If I hadn’t wanted a re-match, you’d still be on your knees, boy. You know it. I know it.”

The musclemen just stare at each other. Fuck, you can feel the intensity. Age-wise, Keith is 19 years older than my younger brother, but physically, he’s an inch taller and only ten pounds lighter. They’re a hot rivalry. And I’m the reason why they’re so tense. I’m so proud of myself.

Keith is saying, “C’mon, admit it, boy. You like bein’ my bitch. It’s okay, lots of guys do. You like wearin’ my collar around your junk. You like strippin’ on command. Kneelin’ down. Suckin’ the cock of a real man. Givin’ me your ass. Cleanin’ my place buck naked. Never been cleaner. I like how you get real low to scrub my floors. Stickin’ that big bare ass up at me.”

Beau ignores the mocking, focused on getting a rematch, “You’re stalling.”

“Naw, I’m acceptin’. You sure are quick with the ‘yes sir’ stuff out on the ranch now. Guys even noticed what a good boy you are now. Wonderin’ how I whipped you into shape when no one else ever could. If they only knew, right?”

Beau tenses at the idea of everyone knowing about his humiliation. “Is that a threat?”

Keith laughs again, “You still don’t get it. I don’t need to threaten you, boy. I’m not afraid of you. Never was. I’m just explainin’. I didn’t respect you as a man, but I gotta respect you as a boy. You’ve been real good. Best I ever seen. You deserve a treat. That’s why I’m acceptin’. Lettin’ you get beat down again is my way of showin’ my respect for you.”

Beau fights not to snap. He asks, “When?”

“How ‘bout now?”

Beau smiles broadly, “I was hoping you’d say that.”

1/15/19: BIGBeast: The New Guy 7

Steve, Camera-boy

Well, wrestlers have come and gone after a successful weekend of shooting at BIGBeast, the granddaddy of gay wrestling video companies in The Cave universe. When Jimmy heads out to run some errands, Steve and our narrator Camera-boy are left alone in the house with an hour to kill. While the cat's away, will these mice play? Yeah, of course they will.

"Aw, I thought you were staying, Steve?"

Steve looks out from his rental car, "I am. Until tomorrow then I'm moving to a hotel to check out Boston for a few days. Just grabbing something.”


The hot Canadian hunk steps out of the car and we walk back into the house. “I'm just getting ahead on packing. Although I didn't actually wear anything I brought, so at least there's no laundry to do. Jimmy said he'd be back in an hour with a new list of chores for me.” I snort, but he says, “It's not like that. I finished his original list, so I offered to take on some more work.”


“Yes, I offered to help the little tyrant. I feel like I owe him. He probably should've sent me packing on day one, but he took a big chance on me. Now that we're past the hazing phase, I think he's pretty cool. He said they're going to call me Jack Truman. Not bad, right?"

"Not bad at all. Suits you. It has a real good guy feel to it."

Steve says, "Thanks. I'm looking forward to dinner with you and Jimmy tonight."

"Me too. It'll be my last chill moment for the next week. I've so much to do with the videos. Editing takes a ton of time, especially for the matches I didn’t actually shoot. I'm actually not sure how I'm gonna get it all done in time. At least Jimmy will be here. He said we can train during down times."

"Training? Camera-boy still wants to be Wrestler-boy?"

I laugh, "That probably is what Jimmy will call me. There'll definitely be the word ‘boy’ in my name somewhere. But hell yeah I wanna wrestle! More than ever. I might be starting as a film student in the fall, but I grew up on a farm. I'm not afraid of pain and hard work and I grew up fighting. Wrestling's fun to watch, but way better to do."

Steve smiles. He casually says, "Everyone else is gone, eh? What're you up to now?"

"Nothing. I'm loading footage, so the computer is tied up. I figured I'd just surf on my phone -" The look on Steve's face stops me. I can practically feel the sex coming from his eyes. I ask, "Are you asking me to wrestle?"

Hope you enjoy these stories.



  1. Looks like you're starting off the new year with one of your heaviest hitters (and one of my personal favorites)! Happy New Year indeed! :)


    1. Yeah, I like to start the year off right. This will actually be the first year that Cody hasn't had a January story, so hopefully Beau's incredibly broad shoulders can carry the immense responsibility. ;)

  2. And somewhere in Beaus planet he is saying "who is this Alex Miller saying that I can "hopefully" carry the responsibility. That boy needs to be taught a good lesson by a real man".

    Oh and yes! BEAU IS BACK!!!!!!!!!

    1. LOL. I’m sure Beau will do a great job anchoring 2019.

  3. Oh goody goody goody!! Keith and New Guy! There's nothing more to say other than bring 'em on and thank you thank you thank you!!

    1. you’re welcome you’re welcome you’re welcome!!