Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Cast: Who's Who (December 2018)


We closed the year with one newbie, a lot of fan favorites and maybe a couple of new fan favorites? Interestingly, I saw on Twitter that Derek Bolt did a porn video bottoming for Jay Landford, the base model for Handsome Hart Mitchell. Maybe Hart can come to life?

Anyway, this is the last cast post for 2018, but there are a lot more returning and new guys planned for 2019. More on next year in a few days in my usual wrap-up post.

Encounters: Model Roommates 2

Travis/Stunning Shane Tatum = Trevor Signorino (Model)

Bob/Handsome Hart Mitchell = Jay Landford (Porn Actor)

Porter = Pietro Boselli (Model)

CLAW 6: Ryker vs. Hollywood

Ryker/Voltage = Dan Rockwell (Model)

Hank/Hollywood = Markus Ricci (Model)

The Bat + SuperStar in "What a Croc"

The Bat/Cody = Leighton Stultz (Model)

SuperStar/Jae = Mike Carr (Model)

Croc/Buck = Jacob Zemer (Model)

Python/Brody = Joel Thomas (Bodybuilder)

Toyboy/Winston = Brandon Thornton (Model)



  1. Am I the only one that thinks that all three December stories were a huge home run? Not to mention the manipulations? Jae and the Bat were on fire. We had the first GIFS in a story! I LOVED THOSE! Voltage came back and so was Travis looking great on that car. And of course Buck and Brody. On fire.

    1. Wow, thanks! Appreciate it. I’m happy you loved the stories and the images.

  2. I agree with Fricks! December was a great month and your fantastic photo manipulations made the story that more enjoyable and fun to read! I mean look at Harts outfit you made him! Not to mention Travis stunning shane gear that is just as hot! And the added Porter Gif. Full of hot men this month!(well every month..)

    1. Thanks! I’m always happy to read that the images help with the stories. I think they add a lot, but it’s great to read it.