Friday, December 28, 2018

Review: Aryx Quinn vs. Mitch Colby

Closing out my December reviews, let's check out Mitch Colby vs. Aryx Quinn, another BGEast favorite that pairs two hot hunks. Interestingly, this match has largely been ignored. I'll often ask, "What are other bloggers saying about this match?" Nothing really. Joe used an image for a post on scissors. It came up in Bard's interview with Aryx (more on that below), but otherwise, I couldn't find any coverage of it. Maybe it's not that good for anyone else?

Well, let me explain why I like it and you can decide for yourself.

Two mega-stars collide in this inter-generational battle.

The talent can't be beat. I'm a huge fan of both guys and what makes their pairing even better is the contrast between them. Aryx Quinn is the young muscle punk. Mitch Colby is a more mature stud. Aryx has all the arrogance that comes from being young, talented and hot as fuck. I mean, he's already adding muscle, so why wouldn't he be confident? Mitch is equally as confident, but in a quieter and more amused way as he towers over young Aryx.

Aryx shows his creative side. And his back side.

Mitch opens the young hunk out wide.

The studs play with scissors a lot during this one.

Right from the start, I think these two show a ton of chemistry. Maybe it's just that they're that good, but I really believed that they both want to dominate the other and that after the match, they're heading to the back for some post-match fun. Throughout the match, they're all over each other and the tension between them never stops.

When I VOD'ed this, I thought youth would crush experience, but I was wrong. There's back-and-forth action, but Mitch actually controls a lot more of the match. I didn't time it, but it felt like Aryx's moments were shorter. They are sexy, though, as you'll see from the images. Both guys are in skimpy gear with Aryx's perfect ass on display from the start.

Mitch loves controlling the cocky punk.

I could watch this all day.

Aryx has no limits as he counters Mitch's
scissors in the most obvious way.

Mitch knows what's up with that bottom.

Action-wise, things are sexy, but a little sloppy. Aryx and Mitch can't work together to properly execute two of Aryx's signature moves and Mitch can't power the young buck up for a bow and arrow. When Bard interviewed Aryx (A BIG TEDDY BEAR), this match came up and Aryx actually might've explained what happened ...

"I was facing off against Mitch Colby for BGEast, down in Florida [Ringwars 20]. At that time I had my nipples pierced, and I asked him if he was going to be punching me to make sure he kept the shots low and in the gut rather than high up on the chest. In all the confusion and hectic-ness of the match, he ended up punching and tearing out not just one, but both of the nipple rings, and I was literally bleeding and in intense pain during the match. It was not an easy one to work through."

Pain and blood notwithstanding, I still thought the match is great. Like I said, the chemistry seemed hot. The body-displaying submission holds successfully showcase their assets. They abuse each other's washboard abs. Both guys use scissors effectively (especially effective for the viewer) numerous times. And they're pros at selling and dominating, so it all feels real and competitive. And I love the way it ended up working out.

Yeah, you got this Aryx.

Or maybe Mitch has this?

Who's the man?

In the end, I really enjoyed these two together. I'll admit to preferring Mitch on top and those are moments I remember more, but overall, I found the match to be sexy fun. Aryx is an amazing heel-jobber, playing his character flawlessly as usual. He's certainly a tough guy for persevering with bloody nipples. Mature Mitch is the cool dude of my fantasies, a unique persona in the BGEast pantheon.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. I was surprised when I read this match hasn't really been covered, Alex. I loved it and would definitely recommend it. Aryx is at heel-jobberiest here, which I love. I'm honestly one of those people who enjoys squash matches, but liked the back and forth here. Mitch is the perfect person to put young punk Aryx in his place. I especially love the ending.


    Mitch knocking Aryx out, waking him up, but the punk is still dazed and not fully conscious. He uses the younger guy's thong/wedgie as his grip and marches him out of the ring and into the locker rooms for more unseen fun. Hot!

    1. Thanks! I'm happy to read guys liked it, too. Chase Addams tweeted this is one of his favorite matches of all time, so the positivity is flowing now.

      I absolutely believe there was unseen fun once the cameras went off and no one will ever convince me otherwise. LOL.

      I actually have a GIF made of that end part where the winner uses the gear to lead the loser out, but I deleted it at the last minute because I wasn't sure how spoiler-y to go. I'll definitely use it at some point. Maybe Valentine's Day 2019.

  2. I haven't seen the match but absolutely love the pairing of these two just from the screenshots you chose. Both bring their unique talents (and many they are) to this. Mitch has long been one of my favorites, too. The mature Mitch today is just as hot. What a guy! Thanks for the review (as always). I may need to spend some Christmas money today.

    1. You’re welcome for the review. Glad I helped you discover something new!

  3. When are you going to do that review of Frey vs Professor Muscles?