Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Review: Impact vs. Brock (Thunders Arena)

For my brief December trip down memory lane, I think I hit on a good one here. Impact from Thunders Arena is the perfect guy to look back at. His wrestling career ended before I was a blogger and he doesn't get a ton of coverage. Some of you might not even know who he is. But for a brief moment, damn, was he the finest thing around? Maybe not THE finest, but definitely one of the finest. And so, I decided to post about Impact vs. Brock because I think it's a great video for him.

Impact was a real shooting star.

I mainly remember Impact for his killer body and cocky attitude. Very Thunders. He only did six videos - four at the start then he returned for two more in bigger and balder form. Why he stands out over all the other Thunders hotties of the time is one of those mysteries of life, but it's not just me. He's listed on the Retired Wrestlers page near the top as a superstar (although he's beside Geo, so maybe take that with a grain of salt).

In this video, Impact looks his best. Not that he ever looks bad, but I love the low slung black shiny trunks. It highlights one of his best features, his Apollo's Belt, as the match goes on. Opposite him, Brock is a good contrast. Big and beefy, he's a cute football player type in a tiny blue poser. They're a good physical match, believably equal and competitive.

Feel free to keep pulling down those trunks.

Impact had everything you need to be a superstar.

Brock bends the sexy boy.

This 25-minute video has a classic Thunders setup. Brock's a cocky college boy who's ready to kick some ass. There's sort of a fraternity boy vs. outsider thing going on, but Impact is too good looking to be too much of an outsider. Still, there's clearly tension, like with a series of back-and-forth pec chops.

They mouth off for a little, but get to wrestling quickly. There's sexy chatter during the match, especially from Brock who mocks Impact whenever he has him trapped between those big legs.

Uh, yeah, that's a nice ... hold.

Impact: "Get ready, schoolboy. It’s about to get real."

College-boy Brock's a powerhouse, too. 

Impact: "Natural muscles aren’t doing shit now."

Action-wise, this is a fight. The standouts for me are the Brock's long-held scissor holds, so I pulled a lot of those images. Impact writhes and struggles, his head and lean waist repeatedly crushed between those thick thighs. In fact, the first half is mostly Impact getting squeezed, bent and put on display. His chest, torso, butt and biceps all look simply amazing in his barely-there trunks as he's punished.

Of course, Impact shows off his strength, with big bearhugs and his own squeezing, crushing holds. He's a dominant dude, but that's what makes Brock's moments of power and control even more impressive. Impact's short stint at Thunders positioned him as a powerhouse, but this is his most competitive match.

Brock: "You give, Impact? Because you’re looking
like a little bitch right now in front of everybody."

Brock: "You give?"

Impact: "You college boys are stupid. You keep
asking the same question not going to happen."

Brock: "This all you got?"
Impact: "It’s all I need for you."

In the end, Impact was a bit of a flash-in-the-pan with just four original matches, but what a flash. If you haven't checked him out, I'd recommend checking him out. He's hot, strong and a great character. Impact wrestles well, looking great giving and receiving tight holds. I think that Brock's his best opponent, if you're into more even battles, rather than squashes.

What did other bloggers say?

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. I'm so glad you picked this match to review, Alex, because it's a great one-off contest and one of my all-time favorite Thunder's productions. Impact was good, but I found Brock much more appealing. His physique wasn't nearly as ripped as Impact's, but he was proud of his "natural muscles" and confident in their strength. He wasn't about to back down from Impact's challenge and more than held his own.

    I think what I liked most about Brock was the expressions of intensity on his face whenever he had Impact subdued in a squeezing hold -- specifically his body scissors. Intense expressions by the aggressor are a real turn-on for me. And Brock referring to his biceps as his "Brock Ness Monsters" was inspired! :)

    I had big hopes for both competitors -- especially for Brock when he was "hazed" by Thunder's Arena legends Big Sexy, Sebastian, and Dominic in a video entitled "The Initiation". Impact's match against Z-Man was also really good. Unfortunately, both Brock and Impact ended up being flashes in the pan. Luckily there's always fresh meat at Thunders!

    - JS

    1. Thanks, JS. It definitely takes two to make a great match. And I do like the moments where the beefier boy is the one in charge. I’ve never heard of The Initiation video. Sounds like a great idea for Thunders’ frat house vibe.

    2. My apologies: It was actually Big Sexy, Sebastian, and BULLDOG who hazed Brock in "The Initiation". I'm not sure why I said Dominic -- although he and Bulldog were a lot alike, so it's easy to confuse them.

      I consider it one of Thunder's greatest missed opportunities that they never had a rematch between Bulldog and Dominic after they both muscled up. Both of them eventually got really swole and had similar preferences for wearing tiny posing trunks to show off their nearly identical stocky physiques, but their only match against each other was when they were both young and on the smaller side (and wore shorts) even though they competed for Thunder's concurrently for several years. Both were terrific performers, and I miss them a lot. I would love it if Thunder's could somehow make that rematch happen if they're both still in good shape.

    3. That is an easy mistake. I actually considered their match against each other for this run of older reviews.

      I loved Dom’s muscled up look, especially in those gold posers against Big Sexy. I did like his early matches where anything could happen, like losing to TAK of all people.

      My favorite Bulldog moment was actually the live show with Big Sexy because it sure seemed like they were having fun.

    4. I think Bulldog was really underrated. He always kept things lighthearted, like when he took Mario's comparison of his new blond highlights to Goku from Dragonball Z as a compliment, or when he "tattled" on Pee Wee by calling out for "Mr. Mike!" during a match when Pee Wee was up to his usual antics. And in his match with Lugar, Bulldog accused the larger bodybuilder of rubbing his nipples on him when Lugar tried chest-bumping him! He definitely would've had some great material for a rematch with a bulked-up Dominic.

      Speaking of Dominic, his match in the gold posers versus big sexy is one of my absolute favorites. The two really seemed to enjoy bearhugging each other (especially Big Sexy), and the gold trunks fit Dom like a glove. Dom was definitely at his most "Hulked-out" during that match, and I almost think he'd become TOO big by that point for Bulldog to handle. (But not too big for me!)

      To make it a fair fight, I'd love to see Bulldog at the size he was and in the tiny green and black posers he wore when he wrestled Mario and Lugar versus Dominic at the size he was and in the nearly identical tiny yellow and black posers he wore when he wrestled Python and Jeremy Walker. Evenly-matched contests in terms of size, strength, and gear are my #1 turn-on, as evidenced by my Brody vs. Ram fan fiction! :)

      - JS

    5. I think Bulldog was liked, but got overshadowed by big personalities like Big Sexy, Z-Man, Dominic, TAK. He was part of a high point of hot hunks. We’re kind of in one now and I think there are good guys now who will be forgotten because of guys like Blayne, Cason, Eagle, Scrappy and Steel.

  2. Impact vs Mogly it's one of my all-time favorite from Thunders. I think Impact is SUPER-SEXY (he, his attitude, his physique)... I didnt like the match with Brock because Brock wasnt sexy enought to match Impact and I enjoyed seeing Impact in the control (like he did with Mogly...)

    1. Oh yeah, Impact squashed Mogly where this one featured him in trouble quite a bit. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Glad you reviewed this one; I loved Impact and this one was my fave. Agree with all you [and JS] said about it, would just add that the camera work was exceptional in this one for showcasing Impact's hot hot biceps. An especially memorable shot has Impact on the defensive, locked in Brock's head scissors hold; the close-up of the inside of Impact's upper arm had to be shot by a cameraman prone on the mat. Super!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it.

      I’m excited by the response I’m getting on these older videos. These posts seem to bring up a lot of positive memories for a lot of guys.