Saturday, December 15, 2018

CLAW 6: Ryker vs. Hollywood

The Ring at Xenia X-Gym

“Hi, I’m Ryker. Nice to meet you, sir.”

As the 38-year old muscular hunk shakes my hand, he says, “Call me Hollywood, sport.”

“Oh, okay. Well, you can call me Ryker. Thanks for having me up here. I’m excited to get the chance to tryout for your roster. Ben thinks I’m ready to work beyond just CLAW. The opportunity to audition for Riot Wrestling is -”

“Stop. You don’t need to schmooze me. You want a job. I got one to offer.” I just nod. We walk in silence as Hollywood leads me across the gym, past the cardio machines and free weights into the adjacent ring area. He closes the large metal door behind us, sealing us in.

I say, “Wow, nice setup.” Hollywood gives me a look, so I add, “No schmooze, sir. I really mean it. It’s very old school. Classic. I’d love to wrestle here in front of the fans.”

Hollywood explains that they usually do one show a month on Fridays. This is different, because they’re doing an extra one for a local veterans’ charity tomorrow and that’s left him needing more guys. However, if I impress him, there’s a chance that I’ll be offered a regular roster spot moving forward. I tell him that so far, I’m usually on two CLAW shows a month, but they’re on Saturdays. I assure him that I can handle the 6-hour drive to Xenia OH on Fridays. He seems pleased that I’ve thought about long-term logistics.

“Ben says you’re a real stud in the ring. Get into gear and show me.” I look around for somewhere to change, but Hollywood says, “Lockers are back in the gym. It’s private. Just change here, sport.”

I nod, “Yes, sir.”

I peel off my clothes as Hollywood watches me. He tilts his head, checking me out. I feel like a piece of meat. I get naked then reach into my bag to get my gear. As my ass sticks out, right at the handsome pro wrestler and promoter, I suddenly wish I’d laid out my stuff first. Stupid. I fish out a crisp white thong and slip it on. It’s not much coverage, but it’s something.

Next, I search for my white practice trunks, pads, socks and boots. My butt is still out. I don’t know why I’m nervous. Well, yes, I do. This is my first solo road trip since my boss Ben gave me a second chance at being a pro wrestler. Ben’s awesome and one of the two incredible guys that I really owe for my comeback. He set this up as a new opportunity for me to move past my sex tape scandal (read: how Ryker ended up with a sex tape scandal) and I really don’t want to blow it. I owe him a lot.

With my trunks and knee pads on, I sit down, pull on my socks and boots then lace them up. I stand up and adjust, feeling pretty good. Hollywood strips off his shirt. Oof, gorgeous. Focus, Ryker. He’s the boss. You’re a professional. He pulls at his pants and they tear off, revealing tight black trunks, black knee pads and black pro boots. Damn, what a hot muscleman. Obviously, we’ll be sparring a little. I don’t mind that at all.

We slide into the ring, bouncing around and testing the ropes in silence. He’s good. I hope I am. He’s focused. I wish I was. I don’t know that much about him, but I guess I know enough. He’s a friend of Ben’s, a great indie pro wrestler who started his own place and the star around here so that all that matters. (read: how Hollywood met Ben)

As we wind down our stretching and warmups, Hollywood asks, “You and Ben fucking?”

My eyes go wide and I stammer, “Wha - wha - what? Uh, no. No. Nothing like that.”

Hollywood shrugs, “Your loss. He’s great.” He circles around me, “So, you’re not the boss’ trophy boy. That’s good. Doesn’t mean you can wrestle but gives me some hope. You definitely have the looks. You’re moving good. Seem to know your way around the ring.” He stops in front of me, “Why so tense, sport?”

I inhale deeply and breathe out slowly, forcing myself to calm down. I finally say, “Honestly? You know my deal. Ben took a huge risk on me. I don’t want to fail him at CLAW. Or here, with a friend of his obviously doing him a favor. He’s also created an environment where I feel comfortable. This is my first time out on my own since I came back. It’s more intimidating than I expected.”

“I get that. Question is, can I trust you not to be scared when it counts?”

“You can. I understand. Ben vouched for me, but you’re your own man. You’ve got no reason to trust me. To like me. To hire me. Except for what I can do in this ring. I’m good. I am. I won’t ever let Ben down. And if you give me this chance, I won’t let you down either, sir.” (read: how Ryker was saved)

Hollywood claps his hands together, “Okay, sport. I like what you’re saying. Let’s wrestle.”

I nod, “Yes, sir.”

Wrestling Hollywood

We run different moves for 20 minutes. Hollywood is very professional. So different than Ben, but in my previous wrestling life, I’ve met more guys like him than my CLAW boss. Just put your head down. Do your job. I stay quiet and focused, using everything I’ve learned on giving and taking holds. He gets flashy and flamboyant, but I stay focused.

Hollywood pauses the practice, “Okay, you’re technically skilled. You’re probably not going to kill or seriously injure me or anyone else in the ring. Let’s take this up a notch. You and me. Real match. Right now. Impress me and you’re in Riot.”

We circle the ring then lock up in a classic collar-and-elbow. We push for a second then Hollywood pushes down while lifting his knee. My face falls right into it. CRACK! I’m stunned as he grabs my hair. I’m pulled into a side headlock, my head squeezed. I focus through the pain then grab him behind the leg and around the waist. I lift and drop him down on his shoulders. WHAM!

I roll over and grab him in an armlock. I twist hard on the arm, working it. I drag him to his feet, keeping the arm locked and wrenched. He tries to kick to the side, but I dodge it. I raise his arm, moving under it as I give it another twist that I turn into a hammerlock. Hollywood tries to fire back with an elbow to my head, but I lean out of the way.

The boss grunts, threatening me, “You’re gonna pay for this, kid.”

I stay quiet, focusing on the wrestling. I reach over his shoulder, adding on a choke. The handsome muscleman bends forward, flipping my over. I lose the arm hold and he drops in behind me with a chin lock. His knee digs into my back. I grunt, my feet kicking as my head is pulled back. I manage to lift my arm and spin free.

Hollywood rises fast, but I dive at him from one knee. He anticipates it, catching me in a front facelock. “Too slow, kid. I thought you young lightweights were supposed to be fast?” He pulls up on the hold, choking me. I grab his forearms and pull down, easing the force. I suddenly kick up, flipping my boots up and over. He can’t handle the sudden shift and we topple backwards with me landing on top. CRUSH! The boss is winded as I sit on his chest.

I pull the handsome hunk’s head up between my legs into a head scissors. I roll onto my side and lock my ankles. Hollywood groans loudly, his black boots rising and falling in frustration. I tense my legs as he struggles against my hold. I focus on my next move, but his moaning, writhing and squirming is distracting. He’s a hot victim. WOOF!

The boss rolls us over and I know I’m about to be in trouble. I use our momentum by throwing my legs with the shift. I pull him over to the side. He cries out, “You fucking little bitch!” I squeeze harder on the scissors and he’s even more dramatic in his reaction. Nice. I’m tempted to ask how he likes the view, with his face buried at my bulge, but I need to stay focused.

I know he’ll counter soon, so I beat him to the punch. I release the hold then somersault back into a crouch. He rises slowly, “Big mistake, kid.” I stay quiet, waiting for my opening. There it is. I dive in and grab his legs. I lift fast, toppling him backwards. I spin and flip him over onto his chest. I sit back in Boston crab.

“You’re - UNH! - beating on the boss, sport.”

“Yes, sir.”

“At your - UNH! - job interview.”

“Yes, sir.”

“UNH! Some folks might say that’s - UNH! - pretty stupid. That you should - UNH! - let the boss win.”

“Some might, but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t. Sir.”

Hollywood squirms under me, searching for a counter. He finally says, “Smart boy.” I smile with pride until he pushes up on his hands and kicks out his legs with all his strength. I fly forward, the crab busted by his sudden burst of power. We scramble up fast, facing off. The muscleman nods, “Nice move. If you’d done more work on the back, you mighta had me.”

“Good to know.”

Hollywood nods then thinks. He says, “Okay, I’ve seen enough.”

I nod, silently but confidently awaiting his verdict. I’m pretty sure I nailed every move in the training and now in this short match.

“Sport, you got the looks and you hit every move perfectly.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“What you don’t got is the attitude. The personality. The presence.” My jaw drops and my body sags. He holds up his hands, “Don’t cry, sport. Look, you seem like a nice kid. And you fit CLAW. Ben’s got a good thing going with his focus on eye candy. Riot’s different. I want more than sex appeal. I want bigger than life. Showmanship. Wow factor. Something unique. Something I remember and will talk about. I don’t see it. You’re quiet and methodical. The moves are perfect, but they’re boring. I’m sorry.”

I’m floored, but I won’t give up. Not like this. I think fast on how to turn this around. I snap my fingers, “Hold on, sir. Please.”

I hop out of the ring to my back. I rifle through my bag, searching. Where are they? Come on. C’mon, they have to be here! They saved me once, they can do it again. I’d never leave them - HERE! I strip my white trunks off fast, almost falling to the floor as I work them over my boots. I pull on my black trunks with the white lightning pattern. Hollywood watches patiently, his eyebrows raised. I squat to get them right then run back into the ring.

Change my gear, change the world!

I point at him threateningly, “Get ready to be shocked, old man.”

Hollywood smirks and spreads him arms, “Okay. You got one more chance. Shock me, sport.”

Ryker’s Last Chance

I bounce up and down on the balls of my feet. I shift back and forth, upping my energy. I was way too concerned with proving I can wrestle. I probably wouldn’t have even gotten the tryout if Hollywood didn’t think I can wrestle. Time to prove I can do a lot more.

We charge in for a classic collar-and-elbow. I slide to the left, lifting my quads up into his abs. WHOMP! OOF! When Hollywood bends over, I drive my elbow down into the back of his head. WHACK! The handsome muscleman drops to one knee, bracing himself with one hand on the ring. I spin behind him, reaching in front of his face and pulling him back into a dragon sleeper.

I force up to standing then drop him down onto my knee. CRACK! I snark, “You bored now, old man?” I bring my forearm down onto his broad chest. THUD! THUD! THUD! I shove him to the side, immediately rising. I spin around to straddle his chest. I measure him up then drop, driving my fist into his left pec. “Lightning strike!” I spring back to my feet and flex over him.

Hollywood snarls, grabbing my leg then toppling me to the ring. SPLAT! He growls as he rises, lifting my leg up with him, “No rookie punk is getting over on me.” The handsome hunk spins me over into a single leg crab. I pound the mat, grunting loudly as I fight to escape. “Cry all you want, Lightning Boy, it ain’t gonna make a difference!”

I suddenly spin and kick, flipping Hollywood to the side as I slide free. We both rise up, but I immediately run past him to the corner. As I leap onto the middle turnbuckle, he spins to see what I’m doing. I come flying off with a big fist to his left pec. POW! The shot sends him flying backwards, his feet flying out from under him before he lands on his back. BOOM!

The boss reaches for his pec, getting that I just might have a plan. I’m already up in the air, coming down with a big elbow on to his left chest. WHOMP! He moans and goes limp for a second. I grab his hair then use it to pull him up. I chop him across the chest. THWAK! He stumbles back a step. I keep doing it, driving him back to the ropes. THWAK! THWAK! THWAK!

I lift my knee into his abs then grab his hair and pull his head back. I flex my bicep in his face, “Having fun, old man? I am. You’ve had a taste of the lightning …” I grab his head and pull it under my armpit in a front facelock. “Now here’s the thunder!” I pull him off the ropes then suplex him over. BOOM! I force him up into another front facelock.

Hollywood pushes on me, trying to run me backwards, but I twist, using his momentum to flip us over and around. We land hard, with me on top. SPLAT! I rise to one knee straddling his waist and flex my bicep, “HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW?” I smack his face for emphasis. SMACK! The handsome muscleman doesn’t like that. He crunches up with an elbow to my abs. THUD! OOF! I roll away to the side, coughing.

Hollywood rises, “Yeah, you had your fun. Now it’s daddy’s turn, boy.”

We move in for a lockup, but I go low and left, dodging his charge. I smoothly spin on my knees then lift my arm up between his legs. SQUISH! He lets out a faint gurgle then drops to his knees. I slither up behind him, grabbing his hair. I pull his head back. “How’d you like my Shock Treatment, daddy?”

I rise up then step over his shoulders. I lock his head between my legs then bend forward. I grab his leg and pull up. I tell him, “Time for the Electric Chair, old man!” I force his knee up to his face in my version of a stump puller. He whimpers under me, not built for this kind of flexibility. His hamstring must be tearing right now. The boss is really grunting now.

I hold his black boot with one hand and flex my other arm, “You can’t see it, but the crowd’s loving seeing me flex over you. Guess it’s been a while since they saw a hot young stud in action.”

Hollywood isn’t giving. I release his leg then jump up and down, with his head trapped. ARGH! That gives me time to step off then drop down to one knee behind him as he rubs his neck. I pull him back into a dragon sleeper again. As he kneels, helpless and trapped, I rain down forearms onto his left pec. THUD! THUD! THUD!

I toss Hollywood aside and he writhes face down on the mat. I rise and flex again before moving in. I use his hair and the back of his black trunks to force him to his feet. The trunks wedge up, exposing his ass. Nice. Using his hair, I force him to stand up then lock on a vicious pec claw that Ben taught me. ARGH! The pain is immediately etched on his handsome face.

“You feel the electricity, old man?” I crush his pecs, digging my fingers in. I watch his gorgeous features contort with pain. He’s sweating and grunting. I can tell I’ve got him weakened now. Time to finish things. I run him back into the corner. CLANG! I peel my fingers off his chiseled chest then jump up onto the middle tops on either side of him, pulling his face into my bulge.

I tell him, "A guy as old as you should know that the future is electric youth."

I drive my fist into his head, counting as the crowd would do, “ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE! TEN!”

I drop back down and see him shaking out his head. I immediately fire away on his torso, really focusing on his left pec. THUD! POW! THUD! The rapid-fire strikes keep him pinned in the corner. He tries to block them, but he’s still dazed from the lightning strikes and I’m faster. POW! THUD! POW! I turn, diving into him with all my body weight as I drive an elbow to the head. SPLAT! CRACK! That stuns him, leaving him wide open again. THUD! POW! THUD!

As Hollywood sags against the turnbuckles, I flex in front of him, “Fuck you and your place. I’m too fucking good for Riot anyway.” I kick him in the abs as punctuation.

The muscleman bends forward gasping. I use his hair to force him up, smirking when I see how red his left pec. Perfect. I grab his wrist then whip him across the ring. He spins, slamming into the opposite corner with his back. CLANG! He stumbles out right into my perfectly aimed dropkick. My boots slam in his meaty left pec. WHOMP! He flies backwards into the corner. CLANG! The guy can barely stand.

I laugh, “If your boys ask about how I beat your ass, this is called the Short Circuit.”

I run backwards into the far corner. I kiss my fist then charge out. I run halfway then leap into the air to fly the rest of the way. I aim my fist at his damaged pec, hurtling in for the devastating heart punch. Or that’s what would’ve happened if he wasn’t moving to the side just in time. Oh no. I can’t stop my momentum. My hand slams into the turnbuckle as I fall onto the top rope. CLANG! I’m thrown off by the tension, landing on my back as I hold my hand. FUCK!

The pain is blinding, but as I open and close my hand, I’m just thankful that it’s not broken. I roll onto hands and knees, shaking it out. I don’t see Hollywood flying in with a big elbow to the back of my head. WHACK! I’m driven down, face first into the canvas. SPLAT! I’m stunned by the impact, giving the boss the chance to drag me up without resistance.

Hollywood locks on a front facelock. He suplexes me over fast. BOOM! I groan and try to roll away, but he’s on me again. I get scooped up then bodyslammed down. BOOM! I bridge my hips up to relieve the pressure then collapse to the side. As I struggle to rise, the handsome muscle hunk is back, forcing me up across his chest the body slamming me down even harder. KABOOM!

The power moves are having the desired effect, wearing me down and weakening me. I need to focus. Unfortunately, that’s hard against an experienced pro who’s out to finish you off. Hollywood grabs my hair and forces my head between his legs. His thick thighs close up and I feel the pressure. He twists his hips back and forth, viciously wrenching my neck. AH!

I feel his mighty arms wrap around my waist. Suddenly, I’m powered up, hanging upside down. No, no, no! He drops me down with a piledriver. CRACK! My neck jams as it hits the ring, stunning me. My limp carcass collapses to the side and I moan weakly. Hollywood pushes me onto my back. I can barely register what’s going on. The boss goes for the pin.

ONE! I hear the slap of the mat.

TWO! Oh, that’s for me. He’s counting my shoulders down.

THR - NO! The muscle hunk breaks his own pin, using my hair to pull me up to a sitting position. I hang limply from his hand, like a puppet. One of the ones with strings. A - a - why can’t I remember the name. Oh yeah, because he slammed my head into the mat. Gotta focus. Gotta turn this around. Gotta prove myself.

Hollywood grabs my cheeks, “Those were some cute moves, Lightning Boy, but this is how a real champ finishes his opponent.”

Instead of the easy pin, I get dragged back up. He shoves my head back between his thighs. Oh no. Not another piledriver! I get lifted up, but this time, my legs fly over his shoulder. I think I’m going into an over-the-shoulder backbreaker, but he slides me down his back as he bends forward. The muscleman grabs me under my chin and holds me on his back in a hangman.

I dangle there, unable to think of how to counter. He holds me with one hand then reaches back and grabs my left boot. He pulls it back (or is it forward?) locking my foot over his thick thigh. He switches hands and does it again. He grabs my chin with both hands again, bending my neck as he pulls my head onto his shoulder.

With me trapped, Hollywood rises up and the pain in my arched back and bent neck increases. He stomps forward, sending shockwaves through my body. Shockwaves. I need a move called the Shockwave. Why did I never think of that before? Focus Ryker. Focus! I can escape if I just kick my feet. Oh yeah, they’re locked up tight. I flail my arms, but that does nothing.

I regain my ability to think, but it’s not much use. I struggle in the hangman, whimpering and moaning in pain. Well, he’ll know I can sell if nothing else. The strain on my neck and back is incredible. My arms hang limp to the side, useless. If only I could get my legs free, I could kick and shift free, but his quads are too thick. My feet are trapped. I start gasping as I suffer.

Hollywood suddenly rises slowly. Oh, thank god. My boots slide down his leg then slip free as I plant them on the mat. I relax for a moment, until I realize he’s not letting go of my chin. He’s forcing my head back even more, so it’s resting on his broad shoulder. I feel his ass swipe against mine. What’s he - oh no. Suddenly, he’s dropping and I’m pulled down with him.

The boss lands on his butt. PLOP! I’m not so lucky. When he stops, I stop. The back of my head slams down onto his shoulder. I’m stunned by the neckbreaker, sliding down and collapsing to the canvas. Hollywood rolls over. He folds my arms over my sculpted pecs then slides up to plant his bulge on my face. He pushes his torso up, pressing down and I’m pinned.

ONE! I fight to move.

TWO! I manage to weakly kick my legs.

THREE! I’m done.

Hollywood leans back then flexes his arms. I manage to open my eyes and enjoy the show as he kneels with his biceps up. The magnificent muscleman rises up to his feet then takes a victory lap around the ring like there’s a real crowd. Damn. He’s a fine man, but I’m thinking about me. I sure hope I did enough to convince him to give me a chance tomorrow.

My Hollywood Adventure

I lie on my back, gasping. Fuck, he got me good. Real good. I rub my neck, testing it.

Hollywood stands over me, “You okay?”

I lift my fist straight up, extending my thumb upward, “Yes, sir. Although I guess that’s the question for you. Am I okay?”

The muscular hunk looks at me, stone-faced, not giving anything away. He finally nods, “You’re in, kid. Congratulations, you really turned it on with the Lightning Boy routine. A little corny, but that makes it memorable. I like the energy and the cockiness. With your looks and body, that’s a guy fans will want to see and talk about. You’ll be all over social calling your shots.”

I close my eyes and double pump my fist. I roll over onto my stomach then push up to my feet. I extend my hand with a big, “Thank you, sir. You won’t regret this.”

We shake but he pulls me into a hug. I sink against his hard body, my emotions taking over. It wasn’t that long ago that I met my guardian angel. Or should I say my guardian bat? Cody saw something in me and saved me. Got me to trust guys again and set me up with Ben. And now, he’s unknowingly done it again. This Voltage character, the one Hollywood actually hired, was all Cody’s idea.

Hollywood was the biggest test so far and I passed. No safety net here. No generosity. No sympathy. No charity. Just me proving myself. And I did. I got the job. Hollywood has no reason to lie about me being good. He’s not going to risk his reputation on me. This is the real deal. I’m back. I’m really back. I can go anywhere and be anything.

The handsome muscleman whispers, “What’s going on? You okay?”

I push back and nod, “I’m great. Better than I’ve been in a long time.”

My boss for the weekend smiles, “Good.”

I dive in for another hug. Our heads pull back in unison and we have a lingering nose-to-nose stare. It feels intense. I can’t move. I can’t look away. He’s so incredible. Our nearly naked bodies are so sweaty and pumped. I can feel his bulge pressed beside mine. I think he wants to kiss me. The heat between us is overwhelming me.

That’s when I make a huge mistake.

I tilt my head, lean in then kiss him. Oh fuck. Why am I kissing him? He kisses me back, but I push away, stammering an apology. I ramble, finally promising, “It’ll never happen again, sir. I just got overwhelmed.”

Hollywood puts his right hand behind my head and his left on my ass. Oh. He holds me firmly, “You think I mind, sport? Get back here.”

My eyes go wide then he pulls me back into for a deeper, lust-filled kiss. I melt as he owns my mouth. Oh fuck. Don’t kiss your boss, Ryker. Everything was perfect. Now you’re fucking it up with sex. Don’t do this. Don’t. He grabs hold of my left ass cheek, pulling me into him. Oh fuck. He squeezes it. Fondles it. I moan as he moves his mouth onto my neck.

I grip his powerful shoulders tightly. Damn. He whispers in my ear, “Decision time, sport. You got the job no matter what. You want to stop?”

I lean back and look him square in the eye. I smile, “Hell no. I want this. I want you.”

The hunky muscleman grins wide. With permission granted, he roughly pulls me back into a kiss. He moves back to my neck. Then he lowers himself to kiss my chest. My nipples. I whimper. He runs his hands over my smooth muscles. I breathe in deeply as he sucks on my nipple while feeling me up. Oh god. He’s down on one knee. His fingers are in my waistband as his mouth is on my abs. I moan, “Oh god. Yes, yes, yes.”

I run my hands over his head and shoulders. Hollywood pulls my sweaty black lightning trunks down off my ass. He pauses to squeeze and fondle my exposed cheeks. He spreads them and kneads them. His tongue is tracing my abs. I need to grip his thick shoulders to steady myself. My trunks get pulled down to my knees then he rises. We kiss before he circles behind me.

Hollywood kneels down. He works my trunks over my boots then tosses them aside. On command, I spread my feet and bend forward. He toys with my muscular butt. I moan in anticipation as he pulls the thong strap out of my crack. I feel his finger press against my hole. Oh, fuck that feels nice. When I feel his face between my cheeks I gasp.

The handsome muscleman takes his time as he teases me with his tongue. I whimper, bracing myself with my hands on the mat. When I’m good and wet, Hollywood rises then slaps my ass. SMACK! He tells me to go to the corner. I obey as he grabs protection. He comes back fast. My cock is stretching my thong, but I don’t pull it off. I just wait.

Hollywood moves in behind me. He caresses my body, telling me I’m gorgeous. I tell him he’s incredible. He pulls me back into a reverse bearhug and squeezes. My head falls back over his shoulder as he crushes me against his muscles. I feel him humping my ass and I go weak. When he lets go, I turn to face him. He’s got his trunks down and he’s jerking himself.

I admire his amazing cock for a moment. Damn, it’s big - 8” and thick. I kneel down to take over. He lets me grab his cock. I go down on him, getting him hard immediately. It’s a lot of meat to handle, but I’ve got experience. I use my mouth and hand to work him. His approving groans encourage me to keep working. I’m loving his huge cock and he’s loving it.

I’ve got him gasping as I master his rod. I think he’s wanting me to drain him as he moans, but he suddenly pulls free. He smiles, “Oh fuck, you’re good, sport. Real good. Almost had me.” The muscleman breathes deeply as he tosses me the condom. I slide it on while he gathers himself. The handsome hunk grabs my hair and uses it to guide me onto hands and knees.

Hollywood moves in behind me. He slides into position then lubes his finger. I groan as he preps me for his massive meat. When he puts his head against my hole, I bite my bottom lip and try to relax. The muscle stud pushes in slowly. I adjust, moaning loudly as he fills me. I tell him how good it feels, letting him know I can take it. He grips my hips and starts thrusting.

I moan as he pounds my ass. It doesn’t take long before he’s slamming inside me. Under me, my cock is rock hard and flopping as I’m fucked by this awesome man. Damn, I never expected this, but he’s so big and he knows how to use it. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. His shaft driving inside of me is all I can think about. Oh god. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Hollywood pulls out then puts me on my back. My legs go up and he goes back inside me. I stare at his handsome face as he takes me again. He stares at my abs then my pecs before working his way up to my face. We lock eyes. He tells me to jerk myself. I eagerly grab my own cock and pump. I’m so hard that I’m close to shooting in seconds. I struggle to hold on.

I’m gasping. My mouth hangs open and my face is frozen. Hollywood recognizes the signs. He orders me to shoot all over myself. Hey, gotta do what the boss wants, right? I unleash my load all over my chiseled abs and heaving pecs. Ropes of my seed line my tanned torso until I’m left squeezing out the final drops while my ass is pounded.

With me drained, Hollywood pulls out. He uncovers his big shaft then unloads on me. I watch and grunt encouragement as he fires his hot white cum on me. I admire his pumped muscular body, his veins popping as he milks his massive meat. What a gorgeous fucking man. When he’s done, he sits back on his heels and just surveys the scene, lustfully looking at my body.

I collapse back, exhausted and filthy, but enjoying my post-sex euphoria.

Better Than Expected

Hollywood reaches his hand down. I accept and he pulls me up to my feet. I fall against him and he holds me close against his hard naked body.

“I was wrong earlier, sport.” I gulp as we lock eyes. “It’s not your loss. It’s Ben’s. He’s missing out on something special by staying professional with you.” I blush and look away. Hollywood laughs, “Oh shit, don’t get shy again, sport. I need you ready for action tonight.”

“Tonight? I thought I was just doing the charity show tomorrow.”

“Nope. I want you on both. If you can do it.”

I look him in the eye, confidently saying, “I won’t let you down.”

“Better not. You’re facing me tonight. We’ll do it just like this. Without the sex, of course.” The handsome hunk leans in, whispering, “We can save that for the private after-show.”

I groan, “Mmmm.” It hits me, “Wait. I’ll be facing you in my first Riot match? I’m honored, sir.”

“Don’t be. I was champ, but thanks to a nagging knee injury, I’ve fallen down the ranks. Haven’t been near the top card for a while.”

“Wow, that’s admirable, considering it’s your place and you can be whatever you want.”

“No handouts, sport. Not even for myself. Especially for myself. I’m climbing back up, one man at a time. Thanks for being a rung.”

We clean up the ring and our bodies naked, just shooting the shit. Hollywood tosses me my thong and white trunks, telling me to put them back on because the showers are out through the gym. I tell him I’ve got a t-shirt and shorts I can throw on, but he says no, just the white gear. The handsome hunk teases that me walking through the place will sell a few more tickets. Or maybe he’s not teasing me, because when I’m dressed, he carefully adjusts the strap on my gym bag so it cuts perfectly between my pecs.

Hollywood looks me up and down, “Walk slow so guys have time to get their phones on you. And remember, attitude.”

I shrug, more than willing to be his eye candy. Selling tickets is everyone’s job. As we enter the gym, I strut confidently, like a cocky young punk. I pause to refill my water bottle then spin around to chug down a few gulps. Sure enough, all eyes and a few phones are on me. Hollywood knows his clientele. I ‘accidentally’ let some of the water spill onto my pecs. It runs down my sculpted body onto my white trunks then to the floor.

The boss roughly grabs my arm. He says, “Get moving, punk. You’re on the card for tomorrow, but I’ve got better things to do than waste more time with a rookie.” As he pulls me, I let more water spill on the floor. He points at it, “Fuck, look at the mess you’re making.”

I pull my arm free, “Hands off, old man. Otherwise the next mess I make will be you.” The gym crowd lets out an ooooooohh.

Hollywood sneers, “You’re threatening me? ME?”

“No, I’m challenging you. Tonight.” I poke the red welt on his left pec, drawing attention to the lingering damage, “You couldn’t handle sparring with me. You sure as hell can’t handle a match with me.”

“Oh fuck, you’re on, sport. I’m gonna crush you so bad tonight they’ll have to carry you to the ring tomorrow.”

We stand chest to chest for a few more seconds then I stomp off to the locker room. Now that’s a great promo. In the locker room, guys are checking me out, asking my name, telling me to kick Hollywood’s ass. They ask about merchandise and I tell them I’ll have a table after the show. They promise to stop by. I even sign a couple of autographs. Who knows, maybe they’ll be worth something someday.

The End


  1. Oh man oh man oh man! Ryker!! I just like this guy so much. On so many levels. So I opened this story with some trepidation and almost didn't want to read it for fear of a tragic outcome. Unfounded! This played out perfectly. So true to character for him. The hesitation at first, then the methodical, workmanlike focus on just demonstrating his technical skills, then the attitude change when the black trunks come on. A heel turn! I really hope we see more successes for Ryker here at Riot. It would be sweet revenge for all that's happened to him. And yay for Mr. Handsome. I really, really like what appears to be a stand-up character.

    1. Thanks! I’m not sure what tragic outcome could’ve happened, but I’m glad it all worked out well for both Ryker and you.

      You’re right that it was the journey of Ryker played out in one story that hopefully moves him completely forward. For both him and Hawk, I hope we’ve seen the end of the sex tape even having to be mentioned. On to new behind-the-scenes drama.

      Hollywood isn’t a ‘nice guy’, but he is a stand up guy. He’s confident bordering on arrogant but he’s honest with a strong work ethic and high standards. No rug pull coming.

  2. JAck Ryker. Hot name for a hot stud. Those cue cards are such a wealth of greatness hahaha. I mean...Cody....Savior...hahaha How awesome is that. I can imagine, those cards changing with time as the stories expand. They are awesome to get refreshers on characters we barely get to see like Mr Handsome aka Hollywood aka Hank. For new readers Im assuming they are a bonanza of information.
    This reminds me of when I first began reading stories by people like Bard, specially when they were serials like The Cave, Claw etc. I was reading them for days going to the back stories. So exciting! I wonder if there are any new guys here that don't comment but feel that way! There are so many stories that Miller has written now. If Id be new at the Cave, Id be stuck for a month! LOL.
    Anyways. This was a gem. I loved the testing phase. Ryker passed level 1 and two, in technical skills but eventually failed in the character part. And Bam! Cody and Bens training got him to up his game and bring out....VOLTAGE!!! SWEET!!!
    But even better was him losing while winning!
    Now another technical detail from the post. I like the links to past stories! I think its a great move. Hopefully the guys think that as well!
    Ok. What about those Ryker images though. FML.LOL. HOT HOT HOT...TRIPLE HOT!
    Its so intriguing that whole part of the story of pushing Ben into Rykers mind. Its almost like he know Ben wants Ryker but is holding back. DUM DUM that future drama coming? No opposition to seeing Ben come back in a more active role! Ben is a Cave Legend!
    Im not going to enter into details of the story. Because I think, having Ryker (DR) bottom is an imagination MEGA PARTY in itself. And the fact that this time it was very mutual and he was all into it, makes it perfect. So I agree with Millers comment above that, this is the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one for Jack Ryker. And Hollywood is much welcomed to be back in the future. I think he earned a lot of points with his "performance" here. I wonder if we are going to see more of Riot in the future. Will be this a future R69 story concept with Ryker traveling to Xenia once a month? That would hot. FOur leagues Cave, Claw, Riot and Rival! Lets not forget about Rival. Im sure Presidente will have revenge on Alex Miller if he forgets Rival. He is not one to be messed with!

    1. Thanks! Riot is pretty much a one-off for now. In 2019, we will return to CLAW proper to check in on guys like Mateo, Xander, and Koke.

  3. Okay, I know this was Ryker's story, but I can't help being hung up on Hollywood. Mr. Handsome! Even in the Alex Millerverse, few men are as beautiful as Hollywood. Combined with his personality--honest, hard-working, maybe a LITTLE arrogant. Combined with his age--being slightly more mature ups his hotness, and adds another type of diversity. Combined with his skills--he's perfectly poised to be able to kick ass OR get his own ass handed to him, depending on his own skills, injuries, his opponent's strength, and what might be needed for story purposes. I hope to see him become a major player. :)

    And obviously, yay Ryker! I love seeing him and Hawk heal from Bad Boys. I loved his inner monologue, particularly while he was getting his ass kicked. "The ones with the strings..." "Why don't I have a move called the Shockwave...?" Hilarious.

    And I love love LOVE the links to previous related stories. Very useful, AND fits in with the comic book aesthhetic of the Alex Millerverse. "See ish 156!"

    1. Thanks, Sean! Hollywood is awesome, which is why I wanted to bring him back and into one of the series. He definitely has a chance to return.

      I’ll try to add links wherever I can since they’re helpful. I didn’t know if they broke up the flow of the story.

  4. P.S. Okay, maybe Hollywood is more than "a little arrogant." Re-reading his previous story, he DOES seem to have a penchant for pulling people up before the three-count. Gotta love that! :)

  5. Oh yeeaah! That's got to be one of the hottest, arrogant, moves a heel can do. Sends a clear signal he's the man and is in charge.


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