Monday, August 15, 2016

The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 10

(Summer Storm, Part 3 of 4)

My best friend Cody

"Cody, are you sure about this?"

My best friend smiles, "Ryan, don't worry. I have a plan."

I roll my eyes, "Oh brother."

My 6'/205-lbs best friend sticks out his tongue and tackles me down. We roll around wrestling until Cody ends up on top. I'm 6'4"/250-lbs, but he works me into a bad spot then climbs on top. I let him keep the schoolboy pin. We're breathing hard, just chilling. I look up, "Look, you know I trust you, but if you want my help, tell me the plan."

Me, Ryan

Cody and I are best friends, but we also co-own The Cave. It's a gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video site. We're small, but have a solid niche that sets us apart from everyone else.

Recently, a former pro wrestler named Ryker came to us, looking to wrestle. Cody agreed right away, insisting that we be the first people he wrestled for. Ryker agreed as we're based in LA, same as him, but made it clear a lot of places are interested. The guy is perfect for us - gay, ripped and already knows his way around a ring. With other, bigger producers lined up behind us, it's a coup, but I feel uneasy about the whole deal.

See, Ryker is not a former pro by choice. He was rising up the ranks, but a sex wrestling video of him and his former tag partner leaked out. On the video, Ryker got destroyed and fucked hard. It's one thing to be outed, but this was all really graphic and there's an unfortunate bias against being the guy who gets fucked. The wrestling blogs made a huge deal about the video. If you search his name, it's the first thing that pops up.

Cody is often selfish and self-absorbed, but he's been going through a positive transformation lately. He's really learning from his past relationship failures, a conflict between us and his current boyfriend Jae. It's great to see him thinking of others and I understand that he wants to help Ryker, but I don't get what.

From his perch on my chest, Cody explains, "Here's the deal. Ryker needs money. Wrestling is all he knows how to do. Since his bookings dried up after the video went viral, sites like us are his only option."

I sigh, "I get that, but we're using a guy whose life was ruined by a sex wrestling video to make a sex wrestling video. It feels like we're capitalizing on his misfortune."

Cody smiles, "We're not releasing the video." I raise an eyebrow and start to question him, but my best friend leans forward, covering my mouth with his pouch. I stop talking and he leans back. "Let me finish, Ry. See, I've talked to Ben. He feels bad for the guy. I've almost talked him into helping Ryker, but he wants to have a real talk with the guy."

Ben is a good friend of ours who owns a wrestling fed called CLAW and also handles marketing for a bunch of other small federations. He's perfectly set up to rehabilitate Ryker's career.

"Wow, that's great." I ask, "Why not just tell Ryker all this and save us some time and money?"

Cody sighs, "I tried. Several times. He wouldn't listen and said he didn't want to talk about it. He threatened to go to another company. If he does that, it'll all be over. I couldn't push it without alienating him. But after the match, when he's on a sex and wrestling high, I'll make my move. You know how convincing I can be in person."

"It sounds complex, but okay. Now, you or I need to be his opponent. I don't want to pay two guys for a match we can't monetize. I'm not that generous, especially for a guy who doesn't seem to want to help himself."

Cody shakes his head, "You're too big and I'm too skilled. I want Ryker to have fun, not get squashed. I've already lined up his opponent and he's willing to do it for free."

"You're too skilled, huh?" Cody just shrugs matter-of-factly, like it's a given. I roll my eyes then ask, "So who's the selfless guy?"


Hero and Villain

Cody is in the back, getting the guys coordinated. I'm working the handheld camera. Normally we have another one operated by my friend Pete, but the fewer people who know this ever even happened the better. Cody said he'd pick up a camera instead. He wants it all to feel real to avoid raising any red flags.

Ryker is already here, getting ready in the back. He wanted to be a villain, reflecting his current mood, I imagine. We made him Voltage, a take on the Superman villain Live Wire. He's wearing black trunks with a white lightning pattern on it, combined with white pro boots and a full face mask. It's all perfect for his chiseled 5'11"/190-lbs of muscle.

SuperStar is Jae, Cody's serious boyfriend. He's a hot muscle stud and one of our most popular heroes. At 5'11"/200-lbs, he's beefier than Ryker, but he's less experienced. It should be a competitive match with Ryker having a slight edge. He wears red trunks with a yellow waistband, blue wrist gauntlets and red pro boots. We add a large 'S' shield temporary tattoo to his chest then hide his identity with a blue face mask.

Cody comes out and gives me the thumbs up. It's showtime.

The Match

The hero enters first. He jogs to the ring, his bulging pecs bouncing as he moves. We've learned in his time as SuperStar that his chest is very popular. The pecs are thick, round and meaty, disproportionately large compared to his waist. Out of instinct, I focus in on the 'S' shield to really give fans what they want, but then I remember that there are no fans.

With the hero set, Voltage bursts through the curtain. He points at the hero, challenging him. I'm impressed by his presence. The guy was great on the mic in his alter ego and he's bringing that natural presence with him to our ring. He walks forward, muscles pumped and hard. He flexes and it looks like an anatomy chart.

The two studs meet in the middle of the ring, crashing together. The villain threatens to destroy the hero, while SuperStar promises to bring the bad guy to justice. Damn, they're really into this as their foreheads, pecs and bulges touch while they face off. It's hot and intense until Voltage breaks it by whipping his arms around the good guy's narrow waist.

Voltage lifts, turns then slams the hero down with a belly-to-belly suplex. WHAM! He mounts SuperStar's waist then pounds SuperStar's pecs. THUD! THUD! THUD! The heroic musclehunk takes the fists then bucks up, throwing the villain off him. The ripped heel rolls then charges in, tackling the hero back down. His speed and intensity surprise SuperStar, who ends up on his back again, chest being pummeled by hard blows. THUD! THUD! THUD!

The villain springs from his knees into the air in one sudden and fluid move. He comes down with a big elbow drop onto the 'S' shield. THUD! OOF! Voltage grabs SuperStar by the wrist, forcing him to his feet. He pulls the hero into a hard knee to the abs. OOF! The ripped heel takes the bent over musclehunk and suplexes over onto his back. WHAM!

As soon as they hit, Voltage is springing up. He leaps into the air then comes down with a leg drop across the battered chest. WHACK! SuperStar grunts, his legs bouncing from the impact. Again, he's dragged up by his wrist. The hero pulls his arm free, stepping back to regroup. Too bad the chiseled bad guy has other ideas.

SuperStar can't move in time as Voltage leaps into the air for a dropkick. The villain's black boots slam into the big chest, sending the hero flying back into the corner. THUD! CLANG! The heroic musclehunk looks down at his chest as he rubs his meaty pecs. Voltage has focused his attack and it's taking a real toll.

While the hero is looking down, the villain smoothly somersaults towards him. SuperStar looks out, but it's too late. Voltage springs at him with a shoulder block that drives the musclehunk's ass onto the middle turnbuckle. WHOMP! The ripped heel rises then slaps his opponent across the face. SMACK! SuperStar lets out a surprised cry at the stinging blow.

Voltage uses the distraction to grab SuperStar by the wrist. He whips him across the ring, but he forces the hero to run in front first. The musclehunk slams hard into the top turnbuckle with his chest. CLANG! He stumbles back into a dropkick that sends him back in, chest first. CLANG! The stunned hero spins in the corner then collapses onto his ass.

SuperStar needs a moment to focus from the relentless assault. Too bad the villain has no intention of stopping. Voltage grabs the hero's boot then drags him forward two feet. The weakened musclehunk drops onto his back. The ripped heel steps on his victim's abs then plants one boot on each of SuperStar's pecs.

Voltage holds the top ropes for balance as he bounces on the big, battered chest. SuperStar moans as he's crushed under the 190-lbs of muscle. He pushes up, trying the relive the pressure. The hero manages to topple the villain off him then roll out of the ring to the floor below. He massages his chest as he fights to regroup from the one-track attack.

As SuperStar paces along the side of the ring, Voltage runs back into the ropes, bounces off and uses the added momentum to vault over the top rope. He splashes into the hero with a cross body block. They go down hard on the floor with the heel rising first. The villain stomps the musclehunk's pecs, keeping up the abuse. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

Voltage drags SuperStar to his feet by his mask. As he rises, the hero wraps his arms around the surprised heel's waist. He pushes up, flipping the villain over. Voltage lands hard on his back on the concrete floor. He rolls to rise, but the hero drops him with a kick to the gut. THUD! OOF! He unleashes a series of boots to keep the villain down. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

SuperStar forces the ripped heel to his feet then whips him into the apron. WHACK! Voltage hits hard on his back. He stumbles forward into a kick in his ripped abs. OOF! As the villain bends forward, the hero moves in then scoops him up across his chest. He body slams Voltage onto the mats that surround the ring. WHAM! The heel moans as he's dragged up again.

The hero forces Voltage back into the ring then rolls in after him. SuperStar looks like he's finally getting into the match as he moves in. I wonder if the fact that he knows it's exhibition had him in the wrong space mentally. Cody said he was allowed to win, but certainly the hero is doing this for fun, while the villain is treating it as a serious fight.

SuperStar drags the ripped heel to his feet. He turns them back to back then reaches over his shoulders to grab Voltage by the chin. The hero bends forward, pulling the villain off his feet into a hangman. Voltage moans loudly as he hangs on the musclehunk's back. He won't give, so the hero has to drop him to the mat.

The heroic musclestud drags Voltage up. He scoops him up then drops him into an over-the-knee backbreaker, continuing to focus on the back of his opponent. He bends the ripped heel over his leg, testing his flexibility. The villain moans as he's folded the wrong way. His black and white briefs are bulging, so I climb onto the apron for a better view. Fuck, Voltage is beautiful.

The crushing hold keeps going, but no submission. Just grunts of pain. SuperStar pushes the villain off his leg with force. Voltage rolls onto his stomach. Before he can move, the hero splashes down onto his back. SPLAT! SuperStar shifts to sit on the heel's back. He reaches for his arms to apply a camel clutch. The villain stretches his arms out, preventing the move, so the hero grabs under his chin and pulls up.

Voltage moans, but with his arms free, he's able to push up, toppling the hero off his back. The ripped heel rolls away then rises to a crouch. SuperStar makes a move towards the villain, but stops short, realizing his opponent is ready for him. Voltage rises and the two men circle warily. The villain reaches down to adjust himself in his trunks.

As the heel shifts his bulge, SuperStar sees the opening. He moves in fast, but gets caught by a surprise kick to his abs. THUD! Voltage takes his hand from inside his trunks then locks on a face claw. He says, "Smell that ball sweat, boy. You're going to get a good taste real soon." He trips the hero down on his back, keeping the claw on tight.

Voltage mounts the hero's waist as he leans into the claw. SuperStar kicks the mat as he's punished in the hold. He grunts as he tries to throw the villain off, but he can't seem to throw him. The hero's bucking and writhing causes the ripped heel to lose the claw. Before the bottom musclehunk can react, Voltage switches to a pec claw.

SuperStar cries out as his pecs are assaulted once again. The meaty pecs can take a lot, but Voltage's relentless assault on them has taken a toll. The hero throws his head back as he weakly grips the forearms of his opponent. His moans echo through the arena. The fingers dig under the muscle on the side as the heel works the crushing grip.

Voltage shifts his feet under his knees. He squats up. As he does. He drags SuperStar up by his pecs. The hero struggles to keep up, trying to relieve the pressure. In an impressive display of strength, the chiseled villain thrusts his arms up, lifting SuperStar off the mat by his pecs. Voltage keeps the hero aloft and groaning in pain for a good 20 seconds before he lowers the 200-lbs of muscle to the mat.

The villain releases the claw. He grabs SuperStar's left wrist then bends it behind his head. Voltage measures up his opponent as he says, "Time for the Short Circuit!" The ripped heel drives his fist right into the battered left pec, executing a perfect heart punch. The heroic musclehunk quivers from the blow before Voltage lets him collapse to the mat.

SuperStar moans on the canvas as he's rolled over onto his back. Voltage drops for a pin, hooking one leg and counting the fall. ONE! No response from the hero. TWO! SuperStar stirs. THREE! It's too little, too late. The heart punch knocked him out long enough and the first fall goes to the villain.

Voltage rises and flexes over SuperStar. He plants his boot on the 'S' shield as he shows off, arrogant in victory. He says, "Nobody gets up from my Short Circuit finisher. Ever. Your ass is as good as mine, hero."

Round Two

True to Voltage's prediction, SuperStar struggles to rise. Even as the bell rings for round two, the hero looks in no shape to continue. I wonder if he's cursing his boyfriend for getting him into this. Across the ring, the villain flexes and I see the hero's trunks fill out a little more. I guess he's not that upset, having the chance to wrestle a guy like Ryker.

The two studs move to the center of the ring. Voltage lashes out to slap Superstar across the face. The hero shocks the villain (and me) by thrusting his arm up, grabbing the wrist before the slaps connects. The heroic musclehunk spins, locking on an armbar on the surprised heel. The nice bit of possum-playing by the good guy has him in control.

Superstar kicks up, driving his boot into the chiseled abs. THUD! The washboard stomach can take it, but a second kick has the heel bending over, increasing the force on the armbar. THUD! OOF! The hero shifts, charging in and driving the villain to the mat. He locks the arm between his thighs then grabs under Voltage's chin. The hero pulls up, locking on a crossface submission hold.

Voltage moans as the round starts out with a deadly submission hold. He struggles to not give as his neck is wrenched. The heel claws at the hands under his chin, but it's no use. Superstar has his fingers locked and they're not budging. The studs are both determined, neither giving up. The villain pushes up with his free hand, getting his knee under him. He manages to shift enough to rip his arm free from the hero's legs.

The musclemen break. Superstar dives to grab Voltage, but the villain rolls away fast. When the hero moves in again, he kicks out to drive him back. The studs rise to their feet then circle. The ripped heel is shaking out his arm as the heroic hunk looks on intently. He's clearly in the zone, looking to even things up as quickly as he can.

They lock up in an collar-and-elbow. They strain against one another until Voltage shifts. Superstar's momentum sends him forward, right into a knee lift to the abs. THUD! OOF! The heel quickly slips around his opponent, locking on an ab stretch. He pulls backwards, bending the hero sideways. Superstar groans as he's punished in the hold.

Voltage puts his hand on the side of Superstar's trunks, hiking them up to increase the pressure. The hero's big bulge rises with his gear, his pained gasps rising an octave. The ripped heel reaches up then rubs the tensed oblique muscles. He switches to punches, rapidly hammering the stretched out side muscles. POW! POW! POW!

Superstar can only grunt as his body is used and abused. Voltage knows this hold, shifting his weight against every counter or power attempt the helpless musclehunk tries. Despite the extended stretch, the hero isn't giving or even close, based on his vocalizations. The villain must realize it, too, because he suddenly grabs under Superstar's leg, lifts and awkwardly drops him onto his back. WHAM!

The impact doesn't faze the musclehunk, but it positions him perfectly for more ab stomps. THUD! THUD! THUD! Voltage moves back then drops a knee into the hero's gut. OOF! The heel tries to pull Superstar into a head scissors, but gets pushed off. As they rise, the ripped heel sweeps his leg, tripping the heroic musclehunk onto his ass. PLOP!

Voltage grabs a boot, trying for a single leg crab, but SuperStar powers out. They rise, but the villain moves faster. He leaps for a dropkick, sending the hero backwards into the ropes. Superstar holds on as the heel rises. The hero bounces off, slamming into Voltage with a shoulder block. BAM! The villain staggers back, grabbing the ropes for support.

Superstar moves in with a boot to the gut, but Voltage resists the force of the shot. He grabs the hero and spins him around, reversing positions. With Superstar against the ropes, the ripped heel drives his knee into his abs. THUD! He follows up with a forearm to the side of the head that stuns him. CRACK! The musclehunk must be seeing stars now.

With the hero dazed on the ropes, Voltage unleashes hard pec chops. THWAK! THWAK! THWAK! The hero grunts as his chest is assaulted again. The heel grabs his opponent's wrist then whips him across the ring. On the ricochet, superstar ducks a clothesline, running into the ropes behind the villain.

Voltage turns right into a spear. WHOMP! The hero's football training is out to good use as he levels the ripped heel. They slam down to the mat hard stunning the villain. Superstar smoothly reaches for Voltage's legs, rolling him up and spreading him open in a spladle. The trapped stud moans as his groin and neck feel the burn.

Superstar pulls hard, going for a submission, but Voltage won't submit. The heel is flexible and resilient, allowing him to fight the pain. The hero has the villain curled up, his bulge almost hitting his chin. The trapped stud's legs are out, almost doing the splits. Still, he won't give. The dominant musclehunk reaches his free hand out and places it over the drooping bulge and taint.

Voltage cries out, "No! You're a hero! Remember?"

Superstar smirks, "I remember. You're pinned. Remember?" The hero taps his hand onto his opponent's balls. TAP! "ONE!"

"No! No! No!" The villain struggles hard to break free, but he can't.

TAP! "TWO!" Voltage tries to shift so he can lift his shoulder, but it's no use.


The trapped musclestud goes limp as he cries out, "FUCK!"

Superstar releases the spladle then rises. He flexes over the villain, showing off his pumped, sweaty muscles.

Round Three

As soon as the bell rings, Voltage sprints across the ring. SuperStar is caught by surprise, unable to move as the villain delivers a flying knee to his jaw. WHACK! The hero's head snaps back as he's driven backwards. The heroic musclehunk is crushed in his corner between the immovable turnbuckles and the ripped heel. CLANG! SuperStar looks almost out on his feet as he hangs in the corner.

Voltage bounces off, but sticks the landing before diving at the hero with a flying shoulder block to his abs. WHOMP! OOF! SuperStar falls forward over the chiseled stud's shoulder. The villain rises, hoisting the hero's limp carcass over his shoulder. SuperStar's arms dangle down and I wonder if he's even aware of what's going on at this point.

The villain turns out of the corner then flips SuperStar forward, slamming him to the canvas. WHAM! That wakes the hero up as he arches his back to relieve the pain. He gets a boot to his abs, driving his hips back down hard. STOMP! Voltage moves up the ailing musclehunk's body, giving him several stiff boots to his torso as he does. STOMP!STOMP! STOMP!

Voltage forces the hero to sit. He chops SuperStar's thick traps. CHOP! CHOP! CHOP! As the stunned musclehunk sits there, the ripped heel steps back then dives over his opponent, grabbing his head and pulling it forward. SuperStar's head is pulled between his knees before it's released and snaps back violently. SNAP! The hero grabs his neck and kicks the mat in pain.

The ripped heel rises, looking completely confident. He flexes for my camera then adjusts the front of his trunks. He's hard in the trunks, getting off on dominating the helpless musclehunk. Voltage points to his head, "Big brains beat stupid muscle any day." The villain drags SuperStar up. The hero tries a gut punch, but there's nothing behind it. It bounces off the chiseled abs.

SuperStar is a rag doll as he's spun around. Voltage slides his head under the hero's arm then grabs under his waist. The ripped heel lifts his helpless opponent onto his shoulder. He brings him forward with force, slamming his ass onto his outstretched leg in an atomic drop. POW! SuperStar bounces off, flying face first to the corner, his ass sticking out as he moans into the turnbuckle.

Voltage cops a feel as he moves in, squeezing the gorgeous ass, confident that it will soon be his. The ripped heel grabs the hero's masked head then slams his face into the turnbuckle. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! When it stops, the stunned musclehunk staggers backwards. He swings wildly, obviously punch-drunk.

As SuperStar tries to get his bearings, Voltage measures him up. He leaps, hitting the hero with a perfect dropkick that sends him flying backwards. THUD! The hero stumbles into the ropes, but can't keep his feet. His ass misses the middle rope and he slides backwards before falling all the way to the mats on the floor below. WHOA! WHAM!

SuperStar lies on the floor, trying to re-focus. His chest and abs are heaving as he breathes, his eyes blinking slowly. The hero has never really recovered from the surprise attack to start the round. This is his first break. The villain realizes it's a break, too, and knows he can't allow that. He vaults over the top rope, landing with a boot to SuperStar's abs. WHOMP!

Voltage drags the hero to his feet then runs him into the ring apron, back first. WHACK! He grabs the front of SuperStar's trunks, stretching them out. The ripped heel can't resist taking a quick look, commenting, "Not bad, hero. Is that why they call you 'Super'? It's sure as hell not because of your wrestling."

The villain slams his fist into the lower abs. POW! He uses the spandex trunks to pull the hero's hips into a series of hard fists. POW! POW! POW! With the abs now a bright red, Voltage spins his opponent around then uses the red trunks to push the helpless musclehunk back into the ring. As briefs wedge up the hero's bubble butt, the ripped heel can't resist slapping and fondling the smooth, round cheeks.

"Oh yeah, now THAT'S why they call you 'super'! Super-ASS should be your name. Fuck."

Voltage finishes playing then pushes the hero in the rest of the way. He slides in behind him, immediately copping one more feel of the exposed butt. He remarks, "it's your lucky day, Super-ASS. I was going to do more, but now that I see this, I just have to have it."

SuperStar tries to roll away, but he gets dragged up. Voltage scoops the hero up then body slams him to the mat with authority. WHAM! He drags the hero up then body slams him two more times, each harder than the last. WHAM! WHAM! The ripped heel adjusts his rock hard cock in the black trunks then drags the hero up one more time.

Voltage gets right in the dazed hero's face, "Shock Treatment time, Super-ASS." He spins the helpless musclehunk around, putting his shoulders into the hero's side. The chiseled musclestud squats then thrusts up, hoisting SuperStar across his shoulders in a torture rack finisher. The hero moans as his aching back is punished.

The villain says, "Now for the real SHOCK of my SHOCK TREATMENT!"

Voltage slides his hand over the hero's bulge then applies a crushing claw. SuperStar thrashes on his shoulders, but the ripped heel holds tight. Seconds later, the helpless musclehunk can only scream his submission.



The hero continues to cry out his submission, wildly flailing his arms until the ripped heel casually drops him to the mat. SuperStar lies on the mat, rubbing his back. He moans in defeat, suffering from the embarrassing squash in the third round.


Voltage flexes for my camera, putting on a real show. His ripped body is pumped, looking more ripped and powerful than ever. I wish he really was part of our stable. The stud is amazing.

When he finishes, the villain turns to the hero. SuperStar is stretching out his spine, on hands and knees doing a dog tilt that thrusts his ass up. Voltage admires the hero's ass then moves in. He grabs the loser by the mask, dragging him to his knees. He circles around front. The outline of his cock is obvious in his trunks as he enjoys his dominant position.

SuperStar kneels quietly and obediently. He knows the drill, having lost before. The villain flexes in front of his victim, forcing the hero to admire his amazing body. The defeated musclestud reaches out and begins worshipping the heel's chiseled physique. He starts at the boots, working up the legs with his hands, lips and tongue.

The villain basks in the glory of the submissive stud honoring his fantastic physique. SuperStar buries his face in the deep crevices of Voltage's eight-pack. He licks the washboard stomach as he kneads the heel's bulbous butt. The dominant musclehunk allows the loser to rise so that he can continue to pay homage to the muscular body that defeated him.

SuperStar honors the chest, shoulders and back before ending by kissing the flexed biceps of his conqueror. His lips open as he lovingly makes out with the mighty mounds. When he's done, the hero returns to kneeling before the muscleheel. He bows his head, awaiting further instruction.

The tent in Voltage's trunks is huge. He orders SuperStar to lower the black trunks. The hero eagerly reaches out to expose the heel's lightning rod. It pops free as the kneeling musclestud leans in, perfectly positioning himself to be slapped by the swaying shaft as it stands out at attention. SuperStar works the trunks over the boots then returns to his knees.

Voltage grabs the blue mask, guiding the loser to his cock. SuperStar opens his lips and eagerly accepts the beautiful rod inside his mouth. The heel holds the defeated stud's head tightly as he thrusts his hips, face fucking the helpless hero mercilessly. SuperStar handles it all, being used to The Bat's giant cock, which only makes the villain go harder and faster.

The villain slows then thrusts all the way in. He holds SuperStar on his cock, savoring the moment before he slides out. Voltage backs up then lifts his boot to the hero's meaty left pec. He pushes the compliant musclestud to the mat then orders him to remove his trunks. As the loser strips his red briefs, Voltage works his cock then sheathes it for the main event.

Voltage kneels then grabs the shiny red pro boots. He lifts SuperStar's legs into the air, lifting his awesome ass into position. The villain reaches around the legs, grabbing hold of his opponent's incredible chest. He squeezes the giant pecs as he braces himself. The heel leans into position then drives inside SuperStar.

The hero moans as the muscleheel slides inside him. Voltage pounds his cock, hammering the loser hard. It's a rough fuck, but SuperStar doesn't seem to mind. The villain goes faster and harder, slamming his hips into the pinned musclestud's mountainous ass. The dominant hunk pistons like a jackhammer, relentlessly pumping in and out.

The villain's hands crush the huge pecs as his sweat drip down onto the defeated musclestud's masked face. Voltage's breathing accelerates. He orders the folded up hero to shoot on his own pecs. SuperStar slides his hand onto his cock, obeying orders. He jerks his rock hard cock. A gasping Voltage talks dominantly dirty to the hero, which gets the submissive stud moaning loudly.

It doesn't take long before SuperStar erupts onto the famous 'S' shield, his cum splashing as it hits the meaty flesh. It puddles in the deep chasm between the huge slabs of beef. An excited Voltage pulls out. He lets the hero lie flat as he strips off the condom, mounts the loser then finishes himself off by jerking over the hero's pecs.

Voltage explodes, spraying rope of his hot white seed onto the thick chest. He coats the shield, adding his huge load onto the hero's huge load. The heel drains every drop before assuming a push up position over SuperStar's face. He lowers his cock down into the waiting musclestud's mouth. The loser cleans the winner's cock as he's face fucked again.

A satisfied Voltage slides off then rises to his feet. He flexes over the hero, boot on abs. I notice him admiring the cum-covered pecs as a smile crosses his face. The pumped hunk basks in the afterglow of victory before finally moving out of the ring. Once clear, he strips off his mask as Cody hands him a water bottle, congratulating him. Ryker grins, elated by the entire encounter.

Ryker is glowing. He's clearly on an adrenaline high, looking happy and relaxed. Being in the ring worked to loosen him up, just like Cody said it would. He nods at our praise, but he gathers himself. He asks, "So, where's my money?"

Cody leads him to the back, envelope in hand. I can tell my best friend is in full-on seduction mode, using Ryker's diminished defenses to win him over. I head to the ring to check on Jae, leaving the master to complete his plan.

After the Match

When Jae and I come into the locker room, Cody is asking, "Did you say Dylan and Kyle? Were they ROW guys?"

I mutter, "Oh god. What about those two assholes?"

Cody turns, "Ryker was giving me the download on the guys who outed him."

Ryker says slowly, "Yeah, they worked for ROW. That's how they set us up. Why? You know them?"

Cody says, "Unfortunately. We've met Dylan. He dated a friend of ours. It ended badly. And we heard all about Kyle. The two of them screwed over another very good friend of ours. Nearly drove him out of pro wrestling for good."

Ryker shakes his head upon hearing about another victim. He says, "Yeah, that's gotta be them. When I confronted them later, they bragged how they've been setting up guys for months. Bodybuilders. Wrestlers. Fucking us all over. They said it's a game. Me and Hawk were just the latest losers. I threatened to tell their bosses about their game, so they released the video. I lost any credibility I would've had. Maybe they didn't succeed with killing your friend's career, but they sure did with me."

Cody puts his hand on Ryker's shoulder and squeezes, comforting him. He smiles, "Maybe not. Here's what I've been trying to tell you, but you wouldn't listen. I know people who run wrestling feds. I already checked with a guy in DC. He's interested. Will you at least talk to him?"

Ryker warms up a little, but just can't go all the way to trusting Cody. He says, "I heard you the first time. And the second. And the tenth. I hear you now, but it's a load of crap. No promoter in their right mind is going to hire me. Google my name without safe search on and just see what happens. If I wanna wrestle, it'll be in porn. You already got me, you don't need to keep lying to me."

Jae says, "Cody isn't lying. What's the big deal anyway? This is wrestling. You'll get a new name. A new gimmick."

Ryker rolls his eyes, "You think I didn't try that? Look, this was fun. Jae, you're awesome and sexy and a great fuck. But I'm tired. Stop trying to get my hopes up. You're wasting your time, guys. And mine with these empty promises."

Cody smirks, "Let's just see about that." He rubs the ripped stud's shoulder and gives him a seductive stare.

Ryker looks worn down. Cody was right, this is a perfect time to manipulate him. The ripped stud just shrugs in resigned defeat, "Whatever. Make your call." Cody pulls out his phone and leaves the locker room. To me, Ryker says, "I can't handle this any more. Just pay me so I can get the fuck out of here when he comes back with the bad news."

I smirk, "Give it a chance. Cody can be very persuasive."

Ryker smiles at that as he stands up to stretch, "Now that I believe. He got me to dress up like a fucking supervillain. Mask or not, someone's gonna recognize me, so who cares if Cody is telling the truth? This fucks me over again. One secret porn video is bad. But this is legit. It makes me a porn guy for good."

I breathe in, "Cody's not releasing the video. He never planned to release it. It was just a way to get you to listen to him. SuperStar is Cody's boyfriend. He worked for free. We have permanent access to this ring. No one but the four of us will ever even know this happened."

Ryker's eyes go wide as he collapses onto the bench. He says, "Whoa." As he thinks it over, the ex-pro wrestler softens, "I don't get it. What's the scam? Why is Cody doing all this for me?"

I shrug, "He's Batman."

There Are No Coincidences

As Jae heads to the shower, Cody comes storming back in. He's still on the phone with Ben. He's saying, "Yeah, yeah. I get it. What I'm telling you is that you need to listen to Ryker. It's like -" Cody looks exasperated. He says, "Ben, seriously. Just listen to Ryker's story. I'm giving him the phone now."

My best friend hands the phone to a confused wrestler. He explains, "This is Ben. He's the wrestling promoter. He is willing to hire you. Tell him your story from the beginning. You need to name names. It's important."

Ryker takes the phone. He looks nervous, but he starts to tell his story.

I look at Cody, "Name names? Are you sure it's a good idea for Ben to know about Dylan?"

"Ry, you won't believe this. I wasn't going to say anything to Ben. I didn't want to bring that poison back into his life, but that poison is already back in his life."

"What? They're not back together?"

"Hell no."

Cody proceeds to tell me that Kyle roughed up Ben's friend Mike during what Mike thought was a friendly wrestling match. Worse, him and Dylan have been using wrestling personals sites to set-up bodybuilders and bigger guys. They sandbag them, beat them down, fuck them and humiliate them. Just like Ryker said and they're using the personals to get it done. It's unbelievable. Ben is upset. Cody is furious. And now, so am I. This is our community and these two are fucking with it.

Cody and I discuss the meaning of this new revelation while Ryker spills his guts in the corner. We debate on what to do. I know Ben. He's an alpha male with a strong sense of justice. I don't know what he'll do, but I'm worried that the cancerous Dylan is back in his life.

Cody suddenly smiles, "It's okay. I have another plan forming and Ben won't have to be involved at all. Not directly, anyway. All he'll need to do is write a check and pop some popcorn."

I recognize the determined and devious look in my best friend's eyes and I cringe a little. It always means trouble for someone. Hopefully not us.

To be concluded 8/22 in Route 69: Bad Boys S109


  1. Oooookay... It's time for me to open my mouth. I'm serious here, you've been warned. Once I start talking I will never shut up again! I will spam you with comments, and soon you will get sick and tired of my constant never-ending babbling and will ban me forever from your blog. And then I will have to use some kind of cheating way to access you site (because I like your stories, you know), such as proxy servers or anonymizers (or whatever), which is awful because honestly I’ve never used anything like that in my entire life! Which is strange again, because obviously everyone used proxys at some moments of their life, right? Well, except for me of course. Can you imagine how hard and difficult it will be for me? Oh my, it’s better not to think about it… Anyway, I think I got carried away from the topic I think… or from my comment. Right, so I just wanted to say that you’re awesome, your whole blog is awesome and your stories are awesome too. Some of them definitely more awesome than others, not gonna lie about that, but all of them are at least good. It’s very hard not to repeat yourself when you write about men who wrestle each other and then fuck. But somehow you’re doing it just fine, and most of your stories are different from each other, and all of your characters are close to being unique. And this story is the first story of yours where main plot/dialogues and characters with their dynamics were probably even more important than the wrestling match itself. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it greatly (twice even), and I was so glad that Ryker beat Jae (because I like the actor for Ryker, and I also like when Jae loses), but you have absolutely NO IDEA how excited the ending left me for the next week’s story! I’ve read in the comments section recently that ‘Bad Boys’ is one of your least favourite series, and honestly I can see why some people might not enjoy it as much as the Cave series or Route 69 series. I mean, I like bad guys and I have a thing for bad guys (because good guys only win in movies, you know)… but Kyle and Dylan are probably too bad even for my taste. And while I enjoyed domination and really enjoyed some humiliation there in their stories, it was a little bit too one sided storyline. At least so far. So when I’ve seen that next story will be BB again, and obviously Kyle and Dylan will be there… I feel like this time it will be much more unexpected scenario than other stories of theirs. Besides you promised some surprising appearance… That’s why I’m so excited for the next week, I know Ben is furious and ready for revenge. Originally I thought he will stand against Kyle and Dylan himself, but this story’s ending indicates otherwise. Maybe he will ask Jeff to help? That would be so awesome. I can definitely see it as great possibility, but it doesn’t explain why Cody said that Ben will have to sign some paycheck. Then I started to think maybe Cody or Jae will wrestle big bullies, but it seems like it’s really unlikely too. And again, there is paycheck. So maybe guys will set some kind of ‘trap’ for Kyle and Dylan? And call all of their victims (Nick, Hawk, Ryker, Mike and others) for some major revenge ass-kicking? But what about surprising appearance? I have a feeling it will be Josh (aka Mr.Riddle), he’s bodybuilder and will be awesome bait for Kyle and Dylan. Biggest and dumbest yet they said? It could be him. Or even Ram, or maybe Beau? I honestly have no idea what option makes me more excited! So many awesome possibilities. Oh my, it’s so confusing. And really exciting. Is any of my versions correct? Or at least close? Please, don’t tell ‘you have to wait and see’. We need some hints!

    1. Wow, thanks! Your comment has made my day. I love it and appreciate you taking the time to write it.

      As for SPOILERS ... can I just say you're not wrong? What happens next is basically located somewhere within your post. Is that enough? I'll also add that I'm not trying to trick the reader with a random twist at this point. I think the Summer Storm finale is a logical progression of the story. Oh, and Cody says check, not paycheck. ;) END SPOILERS

    2. Okay. The more I think about it the more it seems to me that Beau will be perfect for that role. I thought there would be some paycheck involved, so I didn't really see how he would take the money from Ben. I'm assuming they're friends, after all. But since there's no paycheck... maybe it's him. Besides he is on a losing streak lately, I bet he's ready to kick some major ass.

  2. Oh, Kyle and Dylan, you're so fucked! I could feel almost sorry for them--in fact I DO feel a little sorry for Dylan. Not for Kyle though, but I kind of love that about him.

    I loved this match, Ryker and Jae BOTH so hot, and it felt almost light-hearted. But then that end, threads coming together, "Bad Boys" coming to light...whoah! I don't even WANT to guess what'll happen, I like to be surprised. (Aw hell, why not: Maybe Dylan will find the strength to turn against Kyle. I liked Dylan's response to his dad's plight, I feel kind of bad that Dylan couldn't understand Ben and Jeff's friendship...But then I remember the first "Bad Boys," and I'm back to "That son of a bitch!")

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. The match was kind of light-hearted, given they're just two hot studs with no animosity. Ryker was clearly having some fun naming his moves.

  3. Aw, it was sweet for Cody, Ryan, and Jae to help Ryker. Although, Jae obviously didn't do it completely out of the kindness of his heart. :)

    Even though he thought his career was ruined, it was nice to see Ryker get into the match and name his moves.

    I'm guessing they intend to use Beau? With his massive size, and maybe playing up an exaggerated southern accent, he would be the perfect "biggest and dumbest" bait to lure Kyle and Dylan into a trap. Whatever their plan is, hopefully it goes off without a hitch so those two suffer.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Jae definitely got the most out of the deal. :)

  4. Great Match!

    I guess I'll be the bad guy and say that I kind of hope Ben's offer doesn't end up working out because I LOVE Ryker as Voltage in the cave. He's like one of the perfect villains the cave has!(Had/never had?) Other villains need to take note with targeting Jae's perfect chest and naming there moves. Those were fun to read. I also liked how he didnt like losing the second fall so he does a cheap short right after the round ends. Crossing my fingers for more Villain Ryker!

    Thanks again Alex!

    1. Thanks! You're not a bad guy ... Ryker did great as a villain and you're right, other guys could learn from that! We'll see what the future holds, but I guarantee Ryker will be wrestling in 2017 and he'll bring the same attitude.

    2. I'm with Axel: For Ryker being pretty muched forced to wrestle in the Cave, he definitely seemed to be getting awfully into it, naming his moves and all! Maybe he likes the heroes, villains and stakes more than he admits to himself. (On the other hand though, he didn't get to choose it entirely himself, his options were severely limited by Kyle. Naturally he'd want control in his own life.)

  5. So where do I start. I like the trash talking and the naming of his moves. Perhaps in wrestling there is not that much talking but I personally enjoy it. The thing about your stories that I think most of your fans agree, is that there is something new constantly. This whole mini-series is completely unique. And its so enjoyable. So I winder what the big surprise is for the last entry in this series. Who is it going to be? Also whats going to happen with Ryker after this is all done. And poor SuperStar. But what a boyfriend and what a true hero in many ways. He earned big respect today for putting himself in the middle and taking one for the team...literally!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Don't worry about Jae, he loved every minute of it, even the painful ones. Naming moves is very pro wrestling to me. Everybody names their big moves and finishers. I wanted to bring in Ryker's pro experience to make him different than the talented but just underground/play wrestler type guys The Cave normally has.

    2. I don't doubt one second he enjoyed it lol. BTW I liked that new image of Ryan and Codys shirt!!

  6. It's so good to see Ryker back! I was afraid he'd be a "one and done" character. Here's hoping he gets to match his strength and conditioning against some equally ripped opponents like Spartan, Money Maker, and Super Soldier!

    1. Appreciate the comment! I had other plans for Ryker, but based on the response, he might make a return visit to The Cave, too. If glasses can hide Clark Kent's secret, a mask can certainly protect Ryker's, too.