Monday, July 6, 2015

Route 69 S206: Odessa TX

"Hey, Brooks!"

"Howdy, Ben! Thanks for coming early."

Brooks invites me into his room then proceeds to strip down. He's laid out a dozen shiny pairs of briefs and wants to get my opinion on what he should wear. Of course, he'll wear them all over the course of the weekend, but he's wondering about what to wear when we wrestle. I point to the pair I like and he slips them on.

I ask, "So how was the drive?"

Brooks gets dramatic, shaking his head, "Man. Rain falling like a cow pissing on a flat rock. Wind that'd blow the warts off a toad. Hail the size of hell and half of Texas. Tornadoes coming at me from every side. I even went off the road once right into a mess a black bears. Had to fight 'em off with my bare hands. But I did it. And all just to wrestle you, buddy."

I laugh, "All that between Dallas and Odessa? And you fought through it just for me? Wow."

"Honest, I'm only here for you, my man. Otherwise, I'd just be home reading the good book." I give Brooks a skeptical look, causing him to break into a smile. He says, "Okay, okay. I might wrestle someone else this weekend ... but I'll be thinking of you the whole time." He gives me a wink. "Ben, just wait until you see how many guys show up. And it won't be just locals. There'll be other guys from Dallas, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Tulsa ... you name it. Even as far as St. Louis. You know they got a shitload of wrestlers there."

I smile at the thought, "So cool. A weekend of nothing but non-stop wrestling. I'm so glad you guys invited us. I have to find and thank John for including us, too."

Brooks says, "Are you kidding? You and Jeff were the best things to come along in a long time. Group hasn't been the same since y'all left. Every guy was going crazy, hearing y'all were making the trip. This place booked up faster than a bell clapper in a goose's ass. Be glad you and Jeff got a room. Ain't nothing left but tent camping now."

Brooks goes on and on, but I love it. He's a sweet guy and so adorably cute, with earnest face, careful sculpted hair and a bit of scruff. He's a lean muscleman, with a hairy chest, clear six-pack and nice-sized package. I met him in Fort Worth Texas a few months back when my best friend Jeff and I were living in Dallas. Jeff introduced me to a local wrestling group and Brooks was one of the main guys I wrestled the couple of times I managed to go.

Now, I'm excited to be part of a weekend of fun private wrestling here in Odessa. We've got this whole gay-friendly ranch locked up, filling every room, cabin and the entire campground. There are two rings in separate barns and a ton of mats spread around indoors and outdoors for guys to just hookup and have scheduled or impromptu matches.

We've even lucked out with weather. October can be a crapshoot, but it's dry, sunny and in the 80's during the days, meaning fewer clothes and lots of outside action. The nights will fall into the 60's, but all the more reason to work up a sweat wrestling.

My best friend Jeff came along and is off doing whatever. He's an actual working pro wrestler, but he's got the weekend off after a rough week last week. He loves these types of things, with fighting and fucking being two of his biggest passions. Since he's a hot chiseled muscle stud - 6'2"/220-lbs of ripped muscle - he'll have no trouble finding opponents. Jeff's been on a bit of a losing streak, including getting his head shaved (it's grown back enough that he can spike it) and losing his first-ever fuck stakes match. Both losses were to hated rivals, so he's definitely looking to blow off some steam.

At Brooks' urging, I strip down in his room, pulling on a pair of silver trunks. The ginger stud informs me that this is the most clothes I should plan on wearing all weekend. All the guys eat, drink and hang out in speedos and trunks. Aw, the joys of being the only guests.

Brooks and I talk it over, deciding that we'll wrestle tonight, under the stars. That gives me all day to find other matches. I drop my bag off in my room. Jeff's already gone, so I follow his lead and head out, hunting for my first match.

Brooks Comes Through

As soon as I step out of my room, Brooks frantically grabs my arm, "He's here. I got him waiting for y'all, but he won't be free for long. Grab yer boots!"

I grab my white socks, boots and pads then Brooks whisks me off to one of the rings set up in the barn. I'm asking what's up, but he's playing coy. When we get there, I see the back of a hot stud in the ring. His back is muscled, tapering into a perfect 'V' and his ass is to die for as he stretches out in the ring. On the back of his black trunks is written 'Mr. Handsome' in gold script. Aw, too bad trunks almost always lie.

Brooks drags me over, "Mr. H, this here is, um ... the Silver Stud. What'd I tell you?"

Mr. Handsome turns. Wow, I owe the trunks an apology. They didn't lie at all. He's stunningly handsome. He looks me over and nods. Mr. Handsome says nothing, just flexes and poses, showing off his spectacular body.

As the stunning hunk finishes his routine, he finally speaks, "So, Silver Stud, ever been in a real pro match in a real pro ring before?"

Mm. So arrogant with a deep, sexy voice. I casually stretch then strike a double bicep pose. I flex my legs then bounce my pecs, showing off my own gym-built physique. I finally reply, "I get the basic concept." I add finger quotes as I finish, "Mr. Handsome."

The amazing looking stud smiles and nods, obviously pleased by my look and attitude. He walks away and Brooks tells me to get ready. I tell him I need information on the match, rules, limits, etc. Brooks tells me my opponent's deal and I smile broadly. It's good having a go-between who knows what I like. It all sounds good to me, which means only one thing.

It's on.


When I'm done getting ready, Mr. Handsome is gone from the ring, replaced by Brooks, who's wearing sexy ref-attire. He's got black and white striped trunks along with a bow tie, black boot and cuff on his left side and coordinating white accessories on the right.

There's a crowd of about a dozen guys in the room, with more walking in as word spreads. I guess Mr. Handsome is a popular draw every year in the pro ring. I know a few of these guys from the Fort Worth club, but most are strangers. I walk around, shaking hands and high-fiving them. Mr. Handsome is clearly a heel, so I might as well be a face. They're all different shapes and sizes, but all are in speedos with only a few modest guys wearing t-shirts. I get patted and rubbed on the shoulder, pec, abs and butt, encouraged to give them a good match.

Brooks calls out over the crowd. He does introductions, "GENTLEMEN, WELCOME TO THE FIRST PRO MATCH OF THE WEEKEND!" Wild cheers erupt. Brooks introduces me, "This is a one-fall, 15-minute time limit match. First up, making his debut appearance here, all the way from the bright lights of Broadway in New ... York ... City, HERE IS THE SIL-VEEEERRRRRRR STUD!"

I slide under the bottom rope, bouncing and waving. I start stretching, testing out the ropes. The ring is completely pro-level and ready to go. I just need an opponent.

Suddenly, "Sexy and I Know It" blares in the room and the crowd parts. I see my opponent strolling in, wearing a long black and gold robe. Oh man, he loves to work it, doesn't he? Mr. Handsome is the epitome of arrogance as guys cheer him, but get ignored. While I interacted and let them cop a feel of my tight, hard-earned muscles, this guy looks at them like they're completely beneath him.

Mr. Handsome reaches the ring apron. He turns and points to one of the guys, calling to him. The guy excitedly runs over. Mr. Handsome directs him to the stairs. The fan, eagerly acts as a valet, runs up and sits on the middle rope while pushing up on the top rope. Mr. Handsome strolls up the stairs, slowly and methodically, then slides between the parted ropes. He spreads his arms wide, circles then stops. The valet slides into the ring. He gets the pleasure of untying the belt on the robe then moves behind the gorgeous hunk. The fan grabs the shoulders of the robe and slowly pulls it off as all the guys around the ring cheer, whistle and go crazy.

I stay to the side during the entire production, letting him have his moment. Finally, Brooks steps up, thoroughly checks our bodies and trunks for foreign objects. He goes above and beyond in his duties, getting envious laughter from the audience, then calls for the bell.


Ben vs. Mr. Handsome

Mr. Handsome and I circle the ring. He pauses and flexes. I can see from the side that he's even flexing his ass for the guys, who're eating this up. No wonder this guy's so popular. The arrogant heel points at his abs, moving his hands up and down them.

I ask, "Are we going to wrestle or are you just going to show where you had lipo? Nice job, by the way. I can barely see the scars."

Mr. Handsome's eyes go wide at my insolence and he charges at me. I dodge, letting him slam into my corner. CLANG! I run in behind him, splashing onto his back. OOF! I spin Mr. Handsome around, slapping my hand across his beefy pecs. SLAP! The sound echoes through the barn. The muscular heel ducks under the top rope as Brooks orders the break.

I pull my hand back for a punch, but Brooks grabs my wrist. I turn to him, which gives Mr. Handsome the opportunity to kick me in the gut. OOF! I stumble back from the cheap shot. The arrogant muscleman slips back under the top rope then runs at me with a clothesline. I duck and trip him down onto his face as he runs by. SPLAT! The handsome hunk crawls across the ring, holding his nose. He scrambles to his valet, getting him to check that nothing's broken.

Mr. Handsome finally rolls over, lying on the bottom rope, his valet rubbing his shoulders. I smirk then flex my own muscles. When I bounce my pecs, the crowd cheers. The heel springs to his feet, furious at being upstaged. He charges at me again, running into my boot. OOF! I scoop him up then body slam him down. The musclehunk arches his back, hips rising, so I stomp down, driving the sole of my boot into his washboard stomach.

Mr. Handsome rolls away, under the bottom rope. He rubs his abs, checking to make sure his body is still perfect. I engage in another round of flexing, riling up the crowd. As Brooks starts counting him out, I taunt the heel, "Looks like you've been replaced, Mr. Has-been!" The assembled throng cheers, telling him to get his hot ass back in the ring.

As the cute ref hits six in his count, the enraged heel climbs the steps and enters the ring just before ten. He argues with Brooks, telling him I pulled his hair. When was that, I wonder? Fortunately, the ripped ref is having none of it, telling us to lock up.

We charge into a traditional collar-and-elbow lock-up. Our muscles strain as we press against each other. Mr. Handsome is strong, I'll give him that. He forces me back into the corner. We break cleanly, but then the arrogant superstud aims his forearm at my head. I'm ready, blocking it then lashing out with a forearm of my own. I hit him across the head and he staggers back. I do it again and again, driving him into his corner opposite mine.

I grab his wrist and whip him across the ring back into my corner. CLANG! He hits on his back. I charge in with a clothesline across his chest then turn and hit four solid chops as Brooks counts to five. I step back, leaving Mr. Handsome sagging against the turnbuckles. I thrust my hands up in a V and do a turn for the audience. When I complete the 360, the heel charges at me. He flattens me with a shoulder block. OOF! WHAM!

The arrogant musclestud points at his head, suggesting he's smarter than me. He starts stomping my body mercilessly, showing his own power. STOMP! THUD! STOMP! I roll away, sliding under the bottom rope and recovering. I see the valet out of the corner of my eye, moving in behind me. I ball my fist and spin around. He freezes, not wanting any part of a face-to-face confrontation. I see his eyes dart over my shoulder and a smirk crosses his face.

I suddenly whip around and kick out. As I expected, Mr. Handsome is moving in behind me, trying to take advantage of the distraction. My boot catches him off guard and plunges into his chiseled abs. I slam my forearm across his back, dropping him to one knee. Grabbing his hair, I spin his back to me then wrap my arms inside his. I lock my hand and hold him tight, bringing his elbows together until their nearly touching.

I force the heel forward towards the crowd, telling them, "Cop a feel, boys! He's all yours!"

Mr. Handsome cries out, "No, no, no! Keep your filthy hands off me!"

The crowd doesn't listen, squeezing his bulging pecs, caressing his eight-pack abs, rubbing his legs and shoulders and fondling his trunks. The arrogant heel is helpless as the guys fight over the chance to touch this ripped muscleman. I hear Brooks is close to counting us out, but the crowd boos, telling him to knock it off.

One particularly enthusiastic and large fan shakes his fist and yells, "Shut up, Brooks! Don't you even try to end this match or else!" The ref backs off, letting the match continue and the fans have their fun.

Suddenly, my world goes dark. The valet has put the robe across my face. He holds it tight, smothering and blinding me. I lose focus and the arrogant heel breaks free. He spins (I assume, although I can't see) then pounds me in the gut. Mr. Handsome pummels my abs as I fight to pull the velvet blindfold off my face. I'm run back into the ring apron before the robe falls. The first thing I see is the handsome musclehunk's forearm coming at my head. WHACK!

I spin around, gripping the bottom rope and ring apron for support. Mr. Handsome moves beside me, lifting his knee up into my gut! THUD! THUD! THUD! My feet are lifted off the floor by the force and I bend lower. The muscleheel grabs my hair then slams my face into the ring apron. a WHACK! I fall to one knee, seeing stars. I shake my head and open and close my eyes.

Beside me, Mr. Handsome isn't following up, probably flexing his amazing body for his adoring fans. I feel him grab my hair and the back of my trunks. He wedges my trunks up my ass, much to the delight of the crowd, as he forces me under the bottom rope and back into the ring. I don't bother fixing my trunks, leaving my ass bare. The heel rounds to the steps, entering on his own sweet time.

Mr. Handsome moves in close. He plants his boot on my chest and flexes. Brooks drops, as though to count, but I save him the trouble. I twist out from under the cocky pin and slam my forearm into the back of the heel's leg. He drops to one knee, giving me the chance to hammer him in the gut. WHOMP! I rise, hammering him with a forearm to the head. WHACK! The heel is dazed as I drag him to his feet.

I lock him in a front facelock then suplex him over. WHAM! As I sit up, the heel rolls onto his stomach, rubbing his back. I climb to my feet, circle around him then grab his ankles. I put my feet on the back of his knees, wrapping his boots around my shins. Two hard punches to his sides bring his arms back where I can reach them. Mr. Handsome starts to fight, but it's too late.

I rock back-and-forth, pulling the arrogant heel all the way up, suspended over me, his magnificent body wracked with pain and on display for all to see. As I lie there, keeping him aloft, I get a great view of his rippling back and huge, round ass. Everyone's going crazy, including Mr. Handsome whose moans echo throughout the cavernous barn. The heel is in pain, but won't give when Brooks asks.

I release the hold, letting him fall to the side. He lies on his stomach, groaning in pain. I drag him up to his feet then shove his head between my legs. I reach down, grab his trunks and return the wedgie, exposing his smooth cheeks. With that done, I grab him around the waist and flip him up over my shoulder. The handsome heel hangs on my shoulder, his body stretched out and back aching. I walk around the ring, making sure everyone sees Mr. Handsome from every angle.

Mr. Handsome still won't give. I drop him down to the canvas where he curls up into a ball. I ask the crowd, "Who wants to see Mr. Has-been go to sleep!"

They erupt with cheers, so I turn to force him up. I turn him so his back is against my front then slowly wrap my arms around his head, getting them just right. When I cinch the hold on, Mr. Handsome thrashes wildly, his magnificent body whipping around. The heel manages to move enough that I can't put him out, but I still control him.

Suddenly, I feel his boot kick back, slamming up between my legs. URGH! The low blow weakens me and I lose the sleeper. The arrogant heel turns to me. He roughly grabs my hair and wrenches me up and back, flipping me to the mat hard. SLAM! I'm still holding my balls, writhing on the mat, while Mr. Handsome shakes off the punishment I've dished out. He comes over to me, unleashing a series of angry stomps. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

The muscleman kicks me onto my back and straddles my head. He looks down, catching my eye. I watch helplessly massaging my manhood as he puts his hands behind his head, tightens his abs and swivels his hips, showing off with renewed dominance. The superstud drops down, driving his perfect ass into my pecs. OOF! He sits on me as Brooks drops to count. ONE! Pause. TWO!

I manage a kick out from the cocky pin. Mr. Handsome isn't concerned. He gets up then drags me up. He scoops me across his big chest then body slams me to the mat. WHAM! Once again, the heel plants his boot on my chest and goes for a pin. Brooks counts, ONE! I sweep sideways, tripping the overconfident muscleman. He lands on his bare ass, getting a laugh from the crowd.

Mr. Handsome tells them to shut up as I roll away. I use the ropes to rise. The arrogant heel remembers me, finally moving towards me. I lift my boot high, kicking him in the chest. He staggers back and I charge at him. I run the musclestud into the ropes then whip him off. I turn to the side, ready to deliver a superkick that'll flatten Mr. Handsome.

When he hits the ropes, I lift my foot, but I never get the chance to land it. Mr. Handsome's valet jumps up and grabs him around the waist, holding him and preventing him from bouncing off. I lower my foot, complaining to Brooks. As I point, the crowd behind the arrogant heel is yelling something I don't understand. The ref moves to admonish the sneaky assistant as the muscleman backs away, his hand behind his back.

I assume he's finally fishing his trunks out of his ass crack, deciding I should do the same. As I reach back, Mr. Handsome charges at me, swinging his fist. I barely dodge and he sails past me into the corner. I see his trunks are still wedged then I notice that in his left hand are brass knuckles. I get what the fans were saying - the valet tucked these in the back of his trunks!

Mr. Handsome swings at me again, but I block the move. The valet is distracting Brooks while I kick the heel in the gut and strip the foreign object from his hand. The ref turns just at that moment, catching me with the knuckles. He grabs them, threatening to disqualify me. Brooks starts groping my bulge, looking for anything else. I argue my point as Brooks molests my pouch. Suddenly, Mr. Handsome thrusts his leg up over the crouching ref. I see the boot coming, but I'm too late.

CRACK! The heel lands his own superkick that snaps my head back. I collapse to the mat, stunned by the impact. Mr. Handsome circles me. He doesn't go for the pin, even though I'm easy prey right now. He flexes, of course, then looks me over carefully. The cocky muscleman grabs my hair and drags me up. He scoops me up across his chest then slams me down. WHAM! He stomps my abs then backs off.

Through groggy eyes I see the handsome hunk run his hands over his chest, wiping off the sweat. He flicks it at the crowd, acting as though he's repulsed that my sweat got on his mighty muscles. The cocky heel grabs my legs then steps over me, flipping me into a Boston crab. I groan in pain as he sits back. I hear him telling the fans, "Look at those pecs bounce, boys! That's a real man's chest!"

Mr. Handsome doesn't worry about submitting me. He drops my legs then stands up. I roll over between his legs, looking up at broad back and his incredible ass in his wedged trunks. He flexes his arms then kisses each bicep. I summon my strength and kick up, aiming for his nuts. YEEARGH! My boot hits the inside of his thigh, deflecting the impact, but I get enough that he staggers off me.

I crawl to the ropes, pulling myself up once more. I move forward slowly. When he sees me coming, Mr. Handsome limps forward and grabs my arm. He pushes me into the ropes then whips me across the ring. When I fly off, I see he's bending over for a back body drop. I dive up, sliding across his back and rolling under him. I grab his trunks as I slide by, aiming to pull him into a pin.

The heel stands up, fighting me. I fall onto my back, pulling his trunks down off his ass as I land. Hoots and hollers erupt as the black spandex gear slides down the heel's thighs, exposing his manhood. I lie under him with a clear view that he's going completely commando. The embarrassed muscleman breaks free then staggers forward, fumbling to cover up. I rise and roll to my knees, still feeling the impact of the match.

I get to my feet just as Mr. Handsome turns towards me. I charge with a clothesline, but the arrogant musclestud ducks. I turn and he drives his boot into my abs. OOF! The heel shoves my head between his legs then hoists me up. I hang upside down, bracing my hands on his thighs. He sits back, slamming my head down in a piledriver. BOOM! I fall limp, unable to move. My body twitches as he plants his hands on my pecs and his bulge on my face.

Brooks counts the pin. ONE! Pause. TWO! Pause. Before the ref can hit three, the cocky heel drags me up. I hear him saying, "That's not how I'm going to beat this loser!"

Mr. Handsome pulls me in close, grabbing me by the throat. He squats down, puts his hand on my ass and lifts. I'm up for only a moment before he dives forward. I'm chokeslammed into the mat hard. The magnificent muscleman slides on top of me. Brooks counts. ONE! Pause. TWO! And I'm pulled up again.

"No, no, no ... that's not how I'm going to beat this putz, either!"

Mr. Handsome drags my limp carcass up again. I can barely keep my feet as he forces my head down into a front facelock. He carefully spins us around, making us stand back-to-back. He's got hold of my head on his shoulder. I can't do anything but hang there. I'm help up by his power, my arms dangling and muscles weak.

The muscleheel's plump ass slaps across mine as he swivels his hips for the fans. I stand there, helpless and groggy as he takes his time. Finally, he drops, dragging me down with him. CRACK! He hits his neckbreaker, nearly knocking me out. I collapse behind him as he sits, laughing. Mr. Handsome rolls me onto my side then lies against me like I was a couch cushion. Brooks starts to count.

ONE! Pause. TWO! Pause. THREE!

Fans erupt in cheers for the winner. He arrogantly rolls over, gets in my face and says, "THAT'S HOW I'M GOING TO BEAT YOU!"

Mr. Handsome flexes over me for a long time in many different positions. When he's done, the mighty heel grabs my hair and trunks, forces me up then whips me out of the ring. I stumble into a group of guys who help me up, turning me to the ring as they feel me up. They tell me I was great and I can't help but smile.

The arrogant heel resumes the display of his perfect body alone. Brooks moves in to hold his arm up in victory, but the muscleman wants no part of it. He yells, "DONT TOUCH ME! AND DONT. EVER. INTERRUPT MY POSING!"

Mr. Handsome clotheslines Brooks down hard then throws him out of the ring. The muscleman's valet comes in, congratulating the victorious superstud. The victorious heel allows him to put his robe on him then kisses his valet deeply. The two men exit the ring area to the shouts and cries of admiration and thanks.

Behind the Scenes

I'm sitting in a small storage area in the back that's functioning as a one-person changing room. They've put in a folding chair and full length mirror for guys to get ready. I'm unlacing my boots when Mr. Handsome comes in. I smile, having been expecting him to drop by. Still in his black trunks, the muscleheel steps right in front of me, stretching backwards, which thrusts his bulge towards my face.

I look up, meeting his eyes. I glance down at his bulge then back to his eyes. He nods. I lean forward, sniffing the heel's front bulge. Mmm, manly. I open my mouth and engulf the head of his cock through the black spandex. I slide my tongue along the outline of his cock then suck his balls through his trunks.

When I've surveyed his entire bulge with my lips and tongue, I move my mouth and kiss his lower abs. I trace the chiseled muscles with my tongue. Next, I slowly peel down the front of his trunks, lowering my mouth along with it. When I move low enough to expose the base of his shaft, I pause. I slide my hands around back and uncover his amazing ass first. I can see it in the mirror and it's spectacular.

Mr. Handsome lets me spin him around so I can worship his amazing posterior with caressing hands and kisses. I spread his cheeks and he bends forward, allowing me to tongue his hole. I slide forward off the chair to my knees before finishing the job. I've got him good and wet, so I push and he spins back around. Staring at his front bulge again, I finish pulling the trunks down. I slowly reveal his cock, which I barely caught a glimpse of during the match. It springs forward into my waiting hand. Already semi-hard from my earlier worship, I easily jerk it to full mast.

Wow. The hard cock is as handsome as the rest of the man. A stacked 8", his manhood is perfectly proportioned and shaped.

I let the steel rod slap me across the face as I bring the trunks all the way down to the floor. Mr. Handsome steps out of the trunks stepping right back into position. I lift his throbbing member up, attacking his smooth bull balls then licking up his shaft. I glance up, looking for approval, getting a double bicep pose in response. Good enough. I go back to work, sucking the stud.

I take it as deep as I can, using all the tricks I've learned over the years. I use my right hand to work the base of the chiseled heel's shaft as I reach my left hand around and roughly grab his hard, round cheek for support. I taste a hint of pre-cum as I work. I'm rewarded when Mr. Handsome grabs my head to slow me down, obviously getting too excited.

After the long sensuous blowjob, the musclestud pulls me off his cock. He spins the chair the forces me to lean over the back, bracing my hands on the seat. He grabs a condom then moves in behind me. When I turn my head forward, I see why he moved the chair. I'm looking at the mirror. He'll be able to watch himself as he takes my ass. I decide to enjoy the view, too, bracing myself to take the thick steel shaft.

Mr. Handsome lubes me then slides inside. It feels great. When he starts thrusting, I see his abs tighten and chest swell. We both stare at his amazing torso and face while he splits my ass in two. Oh god, he's such a fucking man. I'm lost in the moment, almost outside my body as I watch him ravage my ass.

The stunning heel pounds my hole for a long time. I hear his breathing change, but he never moves his eyes from looking at himself. He shudders and moans, obviously firing off his load inside me. I feel warmth as he keeps pumping. He braces himself on my back slowly thrusting to drain the last drops of his perfect balls.

Mr. Handsome pulls out, sliding off the condom and tossing it into the wastebasket. I turn around to straddle the chair and face his majestic cock. I grab his legs and pull him to me. I wrap my lips around his dick, cleaning off the remnants of his seed. The muscleheel rubs my head and shoulders as I work. I finish and lean back, staring at his flaccid manhood, chiseled abs, heaving pecs then handsome face. Our eyes meet again and I see the hint of a smile.

Without a word, the heel grabs my chin and pulls me up, pushing the chair aside. He spins me to face the mirror, pulling my back in tight against his body. When I’m steady, he moves in front of me and kneels down, facing the mirror. Mr. Handsome flexes his left arm then kisses his bicep.

I admire the peak of the perfect muscle as Mr. Handsome extends his right arm, coming up under my hard cock. He brings his arm up for a flex, trapping my steel shaft in the fold of his elbow. Oh crap. He bounces his pecs then starts expanding and contracting his bicep. The pressure squeezes my cock, effectively pumping it.
The heel continues to put on a show, his arm muscle compressing my cock. He moves his arm forward ad back, my cock wedged between his bicep and forearm. I feel the cum welling up, my seed being drawn from me by his mighty arm muscles. We stare into each other's eyes in the reflection and he gets a cocky smirk.

It doesn't take long before I'm firing off my load onto the mirror, coating it with my spray. Mr. Handsome’s muscles draw the cum from my balls, draining them dry. The arrogant heel rises, turns then puts his right arm in front of my face. I extend my lips and tongue, licking his flesh and cleaning off my own cum from his mighty muscles. When I’m done, he lowers his arm then pushes me down, forcing me to sit in the chair again.

I watch as Mr. Handsome grabs his trunks and slides them back on. He checks himself out in the mirror, making sure he's perfect once again, then leaves. Just before he exits, he turns and gives me a wink and a sly smile.

I smile back. When he's gone, I quickly collect my thoughts for a moment then clean up the room for the next person. Damn, this weekend is starting off amazingly.

I've Heard About You

On the way back to our room, I smile and nod at a big naked bear coming down the hall. The 280-lbs mountain of beef is holding his trunks and limping slightly. He has a huge smile on his face. He nods back at me then says, "If you want an awesome ass-kicking from a muscle god, go to room two. He's freaking amazing. I gotta rest up so I can wrestle him again."

Mmm, that sounds fun. Who's this muscle god? I quickly reach mat room two, sticking my head inside.

Oh, it's Jeff!

My buddy is alone, stretching out in his tiny red trunks. It turns out that he's having a pretty good time so far. We sit together on the mat and he tells me that he's had three matches already. Apparently, he easily out-wrestled two bears and a twink, but it was still fun. As we're sitting there talking about how Jeff wants a tougher match now, a guy suddenly appears at the doorway.

This guy's a ripped hard body with a huge tattoo that covers his left shoulder and pec. He's got tanned white skin and an intense stare. He's sporting short cropped black hair and a tight black beard. He's definitely handsome, with a square jaw and defined features. The guy's just wearing a pair of small black and magenta wrestling trunks. Damn, I love his body, with no fat and his hard muscles rippling with obvious power.

He says, "Hey."

We say, "Hey," in unison.

"I'm Diego." We introduce ourselves. He asks if we're wrestling and I say no, just talking. Diego looks at Jeff, "I just heard about you. Wanna go?"

Jeff answers by standing up, backing to a corner and pointing at the mat. Diego wastes no more words or time, sauntering on to meet Jeff. He doesn't smile and I wonder what his deal is. I'm thinking, what are the stakes, rules, limits ... basic stuff you should ask before you wrestle someone. They don't seem to care as they face off. I casually back into the corner out of the way.

Since Jeff's obviously not going to do the smart thing and check this guy out, I'm going to stay here make sure things are cool.

Jeff vs. Diego

Jeff and Diego hunch over. They're not wasting any time, getting right into the action. They swat hands then move in and lock up tight. Jeff pushes Diego back all the way off the mat into the wall. The guys stand up, bodies pressing together, pinning Diego against the wood wall. They stare each other down, but don't speak.

Finally, they break clean, return to the mat then circle again. After having felt Jeff's strength, Diego is more cautious this time. He dives then retreats, looking for an opening and testing Jeff's reflexes. They've both got intense looks on their faces, a huge contrast from my fun match with Mr. Handsome earlier. This is serious shit.

Jeff charges in. Diego dives down, going for the legs. Jeff catches him around the waist. He quickly lifts and flips, planting Diego on his back. WHAM! Jeff grabs the hard muscle stud's arm, pulls it out and wraps his legs around it. He uses his legs to keep Diego down while cranking on the hard armbar. The big pro wrestler wrenches back, getting grunts of pain from his opponent.

Diego twists and manages to turn his arm, relieving the pressure. Jeff lets go of the arm, but Diego dives on top of him before he can rise. The dark musclestud goes for the head, but my buddy manages to block him and throw him off. Jeff rolls to tackle Diego, but gets flipped instead. The smaller hunk mounts Jeff's waist, hammering it with two hard gut punches.

Jeff bucks his hips, sending Diego forward into a front facelock. My buddy wraps his legs around the lean waist of his opponent, controlling him. Diego fires off some really hard sounding body punches while the bigger musclestud tightens his squeeze. I hear Diego grunting and see the sweat on both of them building already. Finally, the dark muscleman works his head free.

Diego sits back while Jeff rolls them sideways. He pushes the smaller stud until he's locked in a tight side scissors. The bigger muscleman tightens his legs, keeping Diego under control. The smaller hunk throws his body forward, getting to a seated position. Jeff's legs lose their impact and he releases the hold. Once again, Diego punches fast, mounting Jeff.

The two studs struggle, with Diego managing to stay on top. He's a good grappler, countering everything Jeff's trying before he even has a chance. The two studs are ridiculously powerful, with Diego's rock hard, fat-free physique almost the match for Jeff's bulging muscles. Whenever they have a free hand, they're hammering each other with body punches.

Diego manages to catch Jeff's ankle, but the bigger stud kicks him off. They roll to opposite sides of the mat, staring each other down. The two studs circle. It's been five hard minutes, with no submission in sight. I see bruises forming on their bodies, but they don't care.

Once again, they hunch over and move in. Diego grabs Jeff by the wrist, but Jeff uses the tight grip to pull the surprised hunk towards him. Their bodies collide, giving Jeff the chance to wrap Diego up. He lifts and turns, slamming the smaller man down in a belly-to-belly suplex. Jeff wraps Diego up, scissoring his left leg and grabbing him under the armpit. He pulls back, stretching the hard-bodied muscleman out.

Jeff pounds on Diego's side while keeping him stretched out. I know my buddy's a strong dude, so this has to be hurting. The smaller hunk moans as he's abused, but he doesn't give. Jeff adjusts position, forcing Diego onto his stomach and mounting him. He pulls up on the dark muscleman's chin. Diego tries to pry Jeff's fingers apart, but it doesn't work. He switches gears, planting his hands and rising, throwing Jeff over.

Jeff keeps hold of Diego's chin, dragging him over with him. As both man land on their backs, the bigger musclestud wraps his legs around the hard-bodied hunk's head, securing a figure-four headlock. Diego pushes up on the legs, but he's locked up tight. With muscles rippling, Diego writhes on the floor, twisting to try to avoid being put out.

Diego reaches back, grabbing Jeff's foot. He gives a sharp, sudden pull. The big stud cries out as his toes are wrenched backwards. The headlock goes loose and Diego slips out as Jeff rolls away. Both men rise. I notice Jeff testing his foot, checking to see how his foot is going. He eyes Diego warily as they circle again.

The ripped musclemen circle once then get right back to business. They lock up fast, with Jeff powering Diego into a standing side headlock. He flips his opponent over his hip, crashing down onto his chest. Diego goes limp for a moment, absorbing the impact of the flip and 220-lbs landing on him. Jeff cranks on the headlock, stretching his opponent's neck out.

Diego swings his legs up. He grabs Jeff's head, pulling him back. Their bodies coated in sweat, the bigger wrestler loses the headlock. He rolls and pushes, preventing Diego from locking the hold tightly. The men start to rise, but the dark musclehunk dives at Jeff's knee. He trips Jeff down then slaps on a leglock.

The smaller stud wrenches on the leg, getting grunts from Jeff. My buddy kicks at his opponent, who dodges and twists to avoid a solid impact. I see Jeff's handsome face contort with pain as his leg is twisted. The leaner stud keeps up the pressure until Jeff gets close to connecting we a kick. Diego lets the leg go, but grabs the ankle instead.

Before Jeff can react, he's flipped onto his stomach. Diego applies a crippling ankle lock that has Jeff crying out in pain. When Diego plants his foot between Jeff's legs, his heel pushing on the red spandex-covered balls, the big man's cries go up an octave and his thrashing intensifies. Diego obviously knows submission holds, applying this one nearly perfectly. Jeff slams his fist into the mat, desperately trying to hold on.

Jeff manages to focus, getting to hands and one knee. He throws his body to the left. Diego loses the hold as Jeff lands on his back. When he reaches for the damaged leg, Jeff kicks him in the gut with his good one. The blond pro wrestler inches back, sliding on his ass out of reach. He watches Diego rise to a crouch, staring him down like he was injured prey.

Diego moves in as Jeff rises. He tries to get Jeff to put weight on his sore leg, seeing just how much damage he inflicted. When the dark muscleman darts in, Jeff surprises him by charging in. My buddy grabs the smaller stud in a front facelock. He falls back, driving Diego's head into the mat. With the hard-bodied stud groaning, Jeff forces him onto his stomach.

Jeff mounts Diego's rippling back then goes for a rear naked choke. The smaller muscleman fights to block it. Diego's successful, so Jeff goes for a full nelson. As Jeff's hands slide under the hard-bodied hunk's armpits, Diego grabs the invading wrists. He controls the bigger musclestud long enough to roll them over and escape.

The men are slow to move, both winded. Diego's in better shape, though, springing up like a cat and coming down with a knee to Jeff's abs. The dark musclestud pounds Jeff's midsection with fists then dives sideways, driving his elbow into Jeff's chin. My buddy groans and goes limp, giving Diego the chance to roll back to another ankle lock.

When the hard-bodied muscleman grabs Jeff's leg, instincts kick in. My buddy whips his other leg out, tripping Diego to the mat. Jeff springs on top of him. They fight for control, with Jeff using his weight against Diego's endurance. The smaller stud kicks Jeff aside. When they reach a. Crouch, both men dive at the other.

The two big muscle bodies collide, but Jeff gets the better of it. He knocks Diego down then gets side control of his body. The dark muscleman fights, but Jeff acts fast. He pulls Diego's arm down across his own throat. He secures the arm triangle choke. Diego fights, but won't give. Jeff gives him another chance, but the smaller stud is feisty.

Jeff tightens the hold. Diego's eyes roll back in his head and he's out. Jeff slides back to a seated position. He checks the dark muscleman's arm three times, letting it fall limp to the mat. My buddy sits back, breathing hard and stretching out his aching muscles.

Jeff looks at me with a smile, "Wow, now that's exactly what I needed."

Jeff's Prize

Jeff gets to his feet. He limps around the mat, working out his leg. He kicks Diego as he passes. The tattooed muscleman stirs, waking up with a pissed off look on his face. Jeff reaches down and Diego shakes his hand, but doesn't look too happy about it. He sits up, resting his elbows on his raised knees. He looks down at the mat, dejected.

Diego says something to himself then looks at Jeff's rising bulge. He looks down then slides off his trunks, tossing them aside. The intense musclestud scowls at Jeff. He says, "All right, just get it over with, man."

Jeff doesn't need to be asked twice. He roughly forces Diego onto his stomach. I toss him a condom. My buddy quickly puts it on and positions his cock at Diego's hot ass, not wasting any time. He correctly reads his opponent. Diego's clearly not into games or long drawn out action. Jeff shows the defeated stud respect by going right for the victory fuck.

Jeff slides in slowly, but steadily. Diego groans, but accepts the big shaft without a problem. He props himself up on his elbows, hanging his head as Jeff starts pumping. I can't tell what's he's thinking. The pro wrestler rides the tattooed musclestud's tight ass. Diego doesn't move, but he moans with every thrust. He's taking it without much emotion, perhaps not expecting to end up in this position.

Jeff delivers a real ass pounding, thrusting with so much force that Diego's body is sliding on the mat. He holds nothing back, fucking with the same intensity as they wrestled. It only takes Jeff a few minutes before he's grunting that he's close.

Jeff shoots his load inside Diego's hole, shaking as he unleashes his hot white seed. When he's done, he pulls out, carefully removing the stuffed latex pouch and tossing it into the nearby garbage can. Jeff lies down beside Diego. He lies on his side as the intense muscleman turns to face Jeff for the first time since he lost.

Jeff says, "Thanks, dude. You here all weekend?" Diego nods. Jeff says, "I'd love a rematch."

Diego smiles for the first time. He says, "I'd love that, too. I already know you're gonna be my favorite guy here. Not many guys like it rough and do it safe and good."

Jeff asks, "You talking wrestling or fucking?"

"Both, I guess. That was intense. I'm kinda surprised you didn't shoot on me. The few guys who beat me like to cum on my chest."

Jeff shrugs, "I didn't know if that tattoo meant something. I don't wanna cum on something that's like a tribute to your dad or something. I'll do it after I beat your ass tomorrow."

Diego laughs. They do some friendly trashtalking then make plans for dinner tonight. I excuse myself, feeling good that Jeff's safe. In the hallway, guys are hanging out wanting a piece of both hot muscle studs. I let Jeff and Diego know what's up as they pull their trunks back on. My buddy asks his new friend if he's into tag matches. When the goateed hunk confirms he is, Jeff asks me to send over the two toughest looking guys.

I check the studs out, ask a few questions then pick two. With my matchmaking done, I quickly head off to make my own wrestling connections. I'm not spending my weekend watching Jeff have all the fun.

I don't see much of Jeff over the next two days, but I know we both had a blast. As we make the long drive back up north for the next ROW show we swap stories of our adventures. I love that my buddy feels so much happier and confident.

It's good to see him with his mojo back. I hope this is a sign of good things to come.

The End


  1. damn this was a hot double match! :) Great as always :)

    1. Thanks! I liked doing the double matches, it's just a lot more work, obviously.