Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Cave Unleashed 7: Beau vs. Toby

Our Cabin

“What's this, bro? WWL is starting in like two minutes.”

“Don't care. I'm watching the Rebels.”

“C’mon, Tobe. Wrestling vs. basketball? You don't even like basketball.” I ignore my younger brother’s comment, just staring at the TV. He says, “Seriously, Toby? I told you I had a brutal day. Keith was riding my ass all fucking day. I was so close to snapping. I need to chill or tomorrow your baby bro’s gonna get fired for beating the shit outta his boss.”

Me. Toby. Beau's older,
but smaller brother.

Beau hovers behind the couch. At 6’1”/230-lbs of huge muscle, my 22-year old brother is a big man. And he's showing off his massive muscles, wearing only a short white towel. He's freshly showered, but still pumped from a long day’s work at the farm we help manage. We share this cabin, but even though I'm older, he's bigger, stronger and thinks he's the man of the house. Worst part is, you think he'd be an idiot, but he's smarter than me, too. Book smarter, anyway. I love my kid brother, but sometimes I get tired of his perfection. And other things.

Beau. My big bodybuilder baby brother.

I tell him, “I was here first. Watch in your room. If it's good enough for your porn wrestling, it'll be good enough for your pro wrestling, too.”

“Why’re you being a jerk about this?”

The game goes to a commercial. I pause the DVR then turn to my bodybuilder brother, “A jerk? You think I'm being the jerk here?” I’m shirtless and going commando in my thin athletic shorts. I'm not a muscle monster like my brother, but I'm no weakling. I'm an in-shape 5’11”/175-lbs. I roll my shoulders back then hold the remote up, “Okay. You want it? Take it.”

When Beau reaches for it, I quickly pull it forward. He stretches out, leaning over the couch and me. Leaving himself wide open. With my free hand, I give him a hard shot to his right ribs. THUD! Thanks to his thick muscles, he might not even feel it, but I got two more fast ones for him. THUD! THUD! Beau pauses, his torso hanging parallel to the floor over the couch.

My younger brother stops reaching, “What're you doing?”

I tell him, “Defending my turf, little brother.” I only call him my little brother when I'm provoking him or mocking him.

Beau suddenly smiles, “That how you want to play this, big brother?” He calls me big brother ironically, as an insult. “I'm pissed off at Keith and you're pushing me? Gimme the remote before you get hurt.”

Keith. Beau's boss.
The reason we're about to wrestle.

I obediently put the remote down on the footstool where my legs were resting. He reaches out even farther, extending his hand as far as he can. With Beau stretched out, I punch him in the right side again, getting him right under his rib. THUD! He pulls his arm back, “Stop it, Tobe.” I jump on his back. My sudden weight forces his torso down. His ass is up on the back on the sofa and his face is down in front of the couch.

Beau's hanging there with the couch cutting into his abs. I grab him around the waist then wrap my legs around his head in a figure-four. I use my left hand to punch him in the right ribs again, aiming for a soft spot. THUD! THUD! THUD! I lock on a bearhug around his body where I've been punching. I've got his head and body tied up tight, so I start squeezing.

My musclebound brother puts his hands on the couch cushions and pushes up to parallel. He says, “If you wanna wrestle, let's wrestle.” He uses his power to push us up then he grabs the back of the couch to get to a standing position. I hang from his neck, my legs wrapped around his head nice and tight and my arms squeezing him at the ribs.

Beau walks around the couch like I'm not even there. He unhooks his towel, letting it drop to the floor. I'm hanging upside down, staring at his rock-hard bubble butt as he carries me around. Huh. I obviously don't have my legs right, because my musclebound brother isn't reacting. The bearhug ain't doing shit, either.

I release the bearhug then put my right hand on his bare left cheek. I push up then elbow him in the right ribs. THUD! POW! THUD! On the third time, he grunts. Beau says, “Careful, man. I don't wanna drop you on your head. Lemme put you down on the mat then we can go.” We have mats down in what should be the dining area. Beau squats down then tells me to drop, so I do. PLOP!

I rise up as he turns around to face me in his naked glory. He's such an arrogant fucker. So proud of his body. The big muscleman would walk around naked all day if he could. I drop my athletic shorts, getting naked, too. I'm not letting him think that I'm ashamed of my body. I'm fucking hot and hung, too. I lean forward to face him, planning my strategy. I haven't been able to beat him since we were teenagers, but that doesn't mean I just lie down for him.

Beau leans forward to match me, “What made you wanna wrestle? Just ‘cause I said I had a bad day?”

“You really wanna talk now? How about I submit your ass first then we talk while you make me dinner?”

“Dinner is the bet? Cool. I like when you're feisty, bro. I appreciate you helping me work off steam. Really wrestling’s way better than watching wrestling.” I reach out my fist and we dab hands. All friendly competition. He asks, “Wanna put something on?”

“You shy all of a sudden?” My younger brother laughs at the thought of him ever being shy about his body. I nod, “Thought so. I'm cool with Greek. Ain't nothing we ain't seen before.”

With that, we move in and lock up. Beau could overpower me, but he doesn't. Not saying he goes easy, but he likes to make me work before he puts me down. I push against him and he goes just hard enough to control the action. I look for an opening, a surprise move. As I push on him, I suddenly twist and throw my left leg out and around. My knee slams into his right side, THUD! OOF!

Beau’s momentum carries him forward onto his hands and knees. PLOP! I spin beside him then knee him in the side, WHOMP! The big muscleman actually flips over onto his back. I jump over him, making sure to land with a stomp to his right-side ribs. THUD! OOF! Beau growls at me as I spin and sit. I put my feet in his side then grab his right wrist and right ankle. He could probably stop me, but he decides to see where this is going.

I pull hard, bending him sideways against my feet. I draw one foot back then drive it into his side. POW! Beau grunts. I do it again, harder. WHOMP! The muscleman starts to fight, so I go back to the simple stretch. I know him. He's testing himself, letting me do this to see if he can power out. If I go too hard, he'll fight, but if I keep working him in one spot, maybe I can do some damage before he realizes it's even happening.

The fact that he's feeling some pain already gives me some confidence. I release his wrist and ankle, giving him one hard kick in the side. STOMP! I somersault backwards into a crouch, but Beau rolls towards me, getting aggressive. I dive over him just in time. He turns towards me with a big smile on his face. I'm giving him a challenge and he loves it.

Don't get me wrong. Beau’s still sure he's going to win. He's just happy that I'm playing him tough. Doesn't always happen. If he catches me early, sometimes it's over fast. But today, he wants to burn off energy, which means he wants this match to last. Perfect. I got the jump and I've got a plan. So keep believing you're invincible, brother. Keep believing.

We circle again. I stick my fist out and we dab again. Good, he's still having fun. We swat hands then Beau barrels into me. I'm bowled down onto my back. SPLAT! I lose my breath as he mounts me. I bridge my hips, trying to throw his 230-lbs naked ass off me, but easier said than done. He lets me try to throw him off, but all I do is tire myself out

My younger brother bends my right wrist to my right ear then pushes on my elbow. I moan. I use my left fist to pound on his right side. THUD! THUD! THUD! Beau winces. He loses focus, enabling me to twist into a better position. I try to flip us, but only I roll over. He stays on top, controlling me. Beau's still in play mode, sliding on me, but not going for any moves.

I try to rise to hands and knees with him on top, but he sweeps my hands out. SPLAT! I land hard with his weight crushing me. I try again. This time, when he goes for the sweep, I surprise him. I grab him by the wrist and push with my legs. I manage to roll us over, landing on top of him. I fire my right elbow back into his right side.

Beau throws me off. As he rises, I sweep my foot out. I trip him down. I leap on him then fire fists into the same rib area I've been targeting. THUD! THUD! THUD! Beau sweeps me off. He rolls to hands and knees, moving slowly. Surprised. I'm feeling my adrenaline rushing. Been a long time since I felt this kind of control against him.

I leap over his back, straddling his waist. I lock on a standing body scissors then throw my body weight to the right. Beau lands on his right side, my leg digging into the weakening rib area. I extend my legs and lock my ankles. The muscleman moans - literally moans - as I scissor his powerful body. What a fucking rush.

My younger brother grunts, “Enough’s enough, bro.”

I ask, “You submitting?”

Beau laughs, “Naw, just warning you. Fun time’s over early tonight.”

I thrust my feet out and tighten my scissors as hard as I can. ARGH! Yeah, Beau cries out. I give it all I've got, trying to crack his rib, if necessary. I hear him groaning, but I see him getting pumped. I feel him flexing his muscles. He grabs my left foot and twists. I let out a yell and lose the scissors. The big muscleman rolls away, moving onto his hands and knees.

As I flex my foot, making sure it's okay, I see him rubbing his side. He looks at me, “Who’ve you been practicing with?”

I smile, “You. Since we were kids.” I rise up and walk over, extending my hand to help him up, “Don't tell me I finally got you? All I had to do was punch those perfect abs of yours?”

Beau takes my hand and we get him to his feet. He stretches, “You wish, bro. Ain't my abs, though. You're hitting my side. See?” He shows me the red marks. I reach out and gently rub my handiwork. So arrogant. He's literally giving me a target by telling me where it hurts. I'd attack him now, but I don't wanna upset him. He could still crush me, if I'm not careful.

I go to the fridge and grab two bottles of water. It's stupid for me to give him a break, but that's the point. I need him to feel like I'm not being strategic. He's smart. His question on training shows he's already getting suspicious that this time might be different. I don't want that. I ask, “You feel better, yet? We can quit if you wanna catch your show.”

Beau shakes his head, “You kidding? I wanna keep going more than ever, bro. You're doing awesome. Best you've done in a long time.”

I reply extra slowly with just the right amount of respect, suspicion and fear, “Thanks. Why do I suddenly think I'm in big trouble?”

Beau laughs then reaches out and tousles my hair, saying ‘good job’. Fuck. I want to call him a condescending asshole. I want to remind him that he's my younger brother. And I really want to rub in that I'm kicking his big muscled ass. But I don't. Instead, I smile like a chump and offer to put his water on the counter. We'll see who gets the last laugh, brother dearest.

We bend forward for another lockup. I breathe in and out slowly, controlling myself. Gotta look relaxed. Just a fun match. Don't get anxious. He's coming for you. Don't panic. I've gotta keep the pressure on or else. All my hard work won't mean shit if I don't stay focused. I know he's gonna try to take over. No playing around this time. C’mon, Toby. Be smart.

As soon as we step into each other, Beau's pushing me back. I don't fight him, instead, letting him tackle me. Surprise, baby bro. I grab behind his head as we fall with his momentum. I brace for impact, knowing 230-lbs of muscle is going to crash down on me. However, I also pull down. CRACK! WHOMP! I grunt, but my brother gets the worst of it as his head hits the mat hard. This exercise mat ain't much padding on these wood floors.

With Beau stunned, I secure my arms, controlling his head in a front facelock. I whip my legs up around his torso before he can pin them down behind his. I squeeze with all my power. He groans, but that's all I get. I open my legs then whip them in, using them as weapons to hammer his sides. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! I lock the scissors back on tight.

I hear the blond bodybuilder growling. Shit. I keep squeezing. C’mon, Toby, finish him. I flex my legs as I try to crush his midsection. I look where my legs are. Too low. I open them then re-apply the body scissors a little higher. I squeeze and get a cry of pain. I bounce my hips, really rubbing it in as I press into his weakened sides. I adjust the facelock, turning it into a choke.

That gets a reaction. Beau fires off a couple of desperation fists into my sides, but he can't get enough behind them. I'm way too wired. He plants his hands and pushes up, lifting me off the mat. The muscle beast drops, slamming my back down into the mat. WHOMP! I hold on tight. He does it again. WHOMP! I just keep squeezing. I say, “Submit, bro! C’mon! I got you!”

GRRR! My alpha male brother doesn't like that. He reaches under his body and grabs my arms. Beau powers my hands apart, focusing on breaking the choke. He pushes then pulls free. He looks up at the wall, breathing for a second. I see his face is bright red. Fuck, I must've been close.

While he's taking a second to get focused, I keep moving. I crunch up and slide under his right arm. I push him sideways, stretching his torso. His right armpits beside me, his right arm locked behind me. With him stretched and trapped, I lower the scissors and pound the fucking shit outta his side as hard and fast as I can. THUD! POW! WHAP! THUD! POW! Damn, it's red as hell and Beau is crying out with every shot.

I dig my knuckles into the softened flesh and his voice gets higher. Damn, I've never hurt him like this before. I release the body scissors and slide out from under him. Beau's in shock, so he doesn't even move to stop me as I roll onto his back then drag him over on top of me into an ab stretch. I trap one leg between mine and bend his body to his left.

Beau is locked up, his aching right side stretched painfully and wide open. I Hammer it with forearms. THUD! THUD! THUD! I claw it, digging my fingers in between the ribs into the soft, red flesh. My bodybuilder brother is whimpering like I've never heard. Damn, I've done some damage. Fuck, he won't say he gives. Why won't he give?

I'm about to ask him to submit when he flexes his body and throws it forward. I'm pulled with him as he rolls all the way over onto hands and knees. Damn, it's still like I weigh nothing to him. I let go as we roll, using the momentum to roll away. I rise to a crouch then dive at Beau with a shoulder block into his right side. THUD! ARGH! I topple the big man down again.

As I climb on top of him, Beau puts his hands under my chest and abs. He throws me off him to the side. I roll away onto one knee. The blond bodybuilder is on his knees. His right side is red and he's clearly favoring it. His big dick is soft, looking smaller as it hangs down between his open legs. Yeah, he's not his usual self. But he's not defeated. Hm.

I decide to attack his ego while we're pausing, “Oh, shit. Your side. I'm sorry, Beau. I just wanted to help you work off some steam. Am I going too rough? Do you need a break?”

“I'm fine.”

“You sure? I just wanted to help you work out your frustration with Keith. I'll go easier.”

Beau shakes his head, “Never. You keep fighting, bro. The harder the better.”

I just keep stone-faced and nod. On the plus side, I just got permission to keep attacking. He really is gonna make me break something before he gives. I bet he won't even be completely healed tonight or even tomorrow. On the down side, while I'd like to believe that I've left a lasting impression, he's still not respecting me. He'll never respect me. No matter -

No. My mind is wandering. Fuck. Dammit, Toby, don't do this. I try to psych myself up. Who cares about goddamn respect right now? You're right where you want to be. Everything’s going perfect. Just focus on the plan. It's working. Worry about your sibling rivalry bullshit later! Respect doesn't mean shit. Only the plan. C’mon, man, you're doing great. Focus.

Okay, the immediate problem is that he'll be defending that side. I need to get him to make mistakes. Trick him. We bend forward to lock up. The bodybuilder bastard is smiling. He's enjoying this. Use that. Find the opening. Exploit the weakness. We slap hands then I go low to his left, the opposite of what he expects. I grab his leg to topple him, but he grabs me around the waist. Fuck. He lifts and I'm flipped over, crashing onto my back. BOOM!

Beau's on top of me, facing down my body. His big balls are hanging over my face. I'd headbutt them, but I don't. Yeah, he's my bro, but the real reason is because I know I can't win a dirty match against him. I swing my legs up to grab his head, but he grabs my legs. The blond bodybuilder sits up and back, dragging me into a pin.

As 230-lbs of naked muscle presses down on my head, neck and shoulders, I grunt. We don't do pins, because it'd give Beau too much advantage, but he's gotten me to give just based on the pressure on my neck. ARGH! I turn my face away from his crack and wriggle my right arm out from under his right shin. I feel him pull back and my neck aches. I lash out with a fist to his side. WHACK! I time a full body kick perfectly and actually manage to thrust my legs free.

Beau rolls off me to the left, keeping his right side away from me. I roll to my right. As I start to rise, I see my bodybuilder brother move in. He's fast for a big man. Too fast. He grabs me from behind and pulls me up into a reverse bearhug. Fuck! I feel his arms crushing my core. So strong. I fight to counter, but he lifts my feet off the mat. I squirm and struggle, but he's got me.

I brace my feet on his thighs and grip his forearms. Instead of trying to break free, I desperately throw my body to the left as I push with my right foot. I force him to twist. I throw myself to the right then whip myself to the left again. Normally, it's Beau whipping me around in a bearhug, but this time, I'm doing it to myself. Yeah, it hurts, but I'm hoping all the jerking and twisting hurts his right side more.

I go back and forth, flailing my naked body with all the strength and speed I can manage. Yeah, 175-lbs is usually nothing to him, but maybe I've changed that. Sure enough, Beau throws me to the mat. As I fight to rise up, I see him stretching out his torso. I'm weak and sore, but I think he's still worse. Gotta keep it that way. I plant my left foot then dive at him.

Beau sees me coming. He grabs me then spins us around, taking me to the mat. We land hard with his weight on top. SPLAT! Fuck, I'm stunned by the impact. Beau grabs my hair in his right hand and drags me up. I fire a fist at his right side, but he blocks it. The blond bodybuilder is in serious mode now, unwilling to give me any more cheap-shots. Guess I’ve done some damage.

I get scooped up across his chest. He's still strong enough to do that. The big man drops me into an over-the-knee backbreaker. CRACK! I groan as I hang on his leg. I know he's using this as a rest hold for himself. I hang while he recovers and works out how to finish me. Can't let that happen. Fortunately, my upper body is hanging to his right. Perfect.

I lift my elbow into his right side. THUD! I turn my arm then just grab it. I squeeze hard. Beau grabs my wrist, losing his focus. I throw my legs up and grab his head. Before he can stop me, I'm flipping him over into a head scissors. WHOA! PLOP! I land on my side with him trapped in a head scissors as he lies on his back. I enjoy his grunts of surprise and pain as I squeeze.

Beau growls. He uses his weight to roll over onto his side. I hear him let out a small whimper and I know that it's his side. It's really bothering him if just twisting hurts. I fight to keep the scissors on, but he twists some more and I lose position. The blond bodybuilder slips free. I roll onto my stomach to rise, but he grabs my ankles. I kick, but he locks them under his armpits.

My musclebound brother steps over me, flipping me into a Boston crab. Fuck. He sits down. ARGH! I fight to focus. He must be hurting, because he's being real direct. He's using his weight and only going at my back to end this fast. Fuck. I know I can't push him off. Been there, failed at that many times. Damn, he's gonna snap my spine if I don't do something.

I flail my left arm blindly, hoping to hit softened beef. THUD! THUD! THUD! UNH! I finally hear a grunt. I try to do it again. This time, I hit it first time. THUD! OOF! Beau leans back more, trying to pull my feet to my head. The pressure on the crab is insane. I Hammer my fist into his body as hard and fast as I can. THUD! UNH! THUD! UNH! THUD! UNH!

Beau finally has to let go. I writhe on the mat. I should've given. Fuck, my back is seizing up. I should've given. Normally, I would've, but this time, I gotta keep fighting. My bodybuilder brother senses my weakness. His complete confidence (arrogance) is back. Instead of coming at me, he just stretches, hoping to work out the kink in his side.

I'm in no rush to rise. If he's gonna give me time, I'm gonna take it. It feels like seconds, but it was probably minutes when he moves in behind me. I put my hands down then bring my feet up and in, like I'm going to rise. When he gets close, I suddenly kick back, like a mule. My feet drive right into his aching torso. WHOMP!

The force and surprise send him flying backwards into the wall. WHACK! I squat up and spin around in the air. All these years of doing burpees finally pay off in wrestling. I dive at Beau as he bounces off the wall. THUD! My shoulder hits his abs and I drive him backwards. I rise up then unleash a flurry of fists into his body, making sure I target his right side. THUD! POW! THUD! My bodybuilder bro takes them probably still in shock that I'm gonna beat him.

Beau swings his left arm around. I try to block it, but he's put everything into it. He clubs me and I fly to the side. THWAK! I drop to a knee, off the mat. Beau comes at me, but I dive away. He follows, but I keep avoiding him. He's getting pissed, but he's also wincing every time I make him turn. On the fourth dodge, he's slow to turn, so I dive into him, trying to tackle him.

My brother might be hurting, but he's still a muscle beast. I can't get him down. He grabs me by the throat then lifts me into a suspended choke. I struggle until I slam my knee into his side. He drops me. I rise, but he grabs me. I fight, but he just completely overpowers me into a rack across his big shoulders. ARGH! My back screams. Then I scream. Fuck.

Beau circles the mat, bouncing me. I kick my feet and flail around. I can't reach his side, but maybe I can make him twist wrong. The fight just makes my back hurt more. I feel it giving. Dammit. I'm waving my arms and legs like a crazy man. I gotta throw him off balance. I gotta. Oh fuck, my back! C’mon, Toby! Hold on! Just. Hold. On.


Beau drops me immediately. I lie on my stomach, sweaty and exhausted. I pound the mat angrily. I roll onto my back. The blond bodybuilder is hobbling around the mat, stretching out his side. I see the damage I've done. I smile. Not because I hurt my brother, of course, but because I finally showed what I can do. Too many squashes over the years.

I put my hands over my face. I got him so good, but not good enough to win. Dammit. I didn't think I'd win when I challenged him. That wasn't the point. But once we were into it … once I was so close … I wanted to win. I really wanted to win. And I could have. I know it. I deserved to win. But you didn't, dumbass.

I reach my right hand up, “Help me up, bro.”

Beau nods, moving slowly to me. He hesitates, trying to figure out how he can use his left hand, but I aim for his right. He gives it to me and pulls. As he does, I don't make it easy, leaning my weight back so he needs his whole body. I see him wince. When I'm up, I dive in for a hug, accidentally giving him one final shot to the ribs as we collide. THUD! AHH!

We congratulate each other on a great battle. He rubs my head again and praises me for pushing him so hard. I ask what he wants for dinner, telling him I'll start it while he showers then I can shower while he's eating. As he walks away, I say, “By the way, I set the DVR for the WWL while you were in the shower the first time. It's been recording the whole time.”

Beau looks and sees the red light. He shakes his head and smiles, “You're too good to me, bro. This is exactly what I needed.”

I smile, “You chill tonight. Tomorrow will be better. I'm sure of it.”

A Better Day

Well, today is not better for Beau than yesterday. Once again, our asshole boss Keith is riding Beau’s ass. I step in to calm things down, but instead I think I make them worse. Actually, I know I make them worse. I know this because Keith and Beau are headed to the exercise shack to wrestle out their differences on the mats. Fighting your boss is probably never gonna work out well. Win or lose, you always end up losing.

Keith is ready for a fight.

I follow behind, even though Beau tells me to stay behind. Keith invites me to watch my brother “get a much-needed attitude adjustment.” Our boss is muttering the whole way about Beau being a young punk who needs to learn some respect. For his part, my blond bodybuilder brother says it's Keith who needs to learn to respect him.

As we enter the deserted mat room, Beau says, “You're the only manager here who has a problem with me.”

Keith sneers, “I'm the only manager who isn't afraid of you. You got way too many opinions for a guy on the bottom rung. Your fancy degree doesn't mean shit out here, kid, and I'm tired of hearing about your theories. I should just fire your ass, but this’ll be more fun.”

I shake my head, keeping my opinion to myself. Thing is, Keith can't fire Beau. That's one problem. The top bosses here love him. They respect him as a worker. They connect with him as a college guy. They lust after him as a sex object. And they bond with him as a man. My brother could probably get Keith fired before the reverse would happen.

They keep jawing as I lock the door behind me. I see it both ways. Beau's smart and hard-working, but he does offer up a lot of suggestions. They're meant to help, but I can see why a guy like Keith who learned on the job rather than in a classroom is tired of discussing and debating every single instruction. He overreacts like everything is a challenge and Beau hates being ignored. If they weren't so alpha, they could probably work it out.

I've spoken with both of them a lot, but all that's happened is more tension and more digging in. It's taken months, but this was probably always where things were headed.

Beau strips off his shirt then sits down and pulls off his dusty boots. The socks are next then his jeans come down, revealing tight white briefs with a big bulge in front. My brother stretches. Keith strips down, but keeps his skin tight, stretchy button-fly jeans on. From the outline of his cock and the way his balls bulge, I'd say he's going commando under them.

Beau is ready for a fight.

The two men don't say anything more. Nothing about rules or stakes or what a win means. I don't bring it up. I guess they know what's at stake. Someone’s gonna win and someone’s gonna go down hard. If Keith wins, Beau's gonna have to shut the fuck up and follow orders. If Beau wins, Keith’s gonna have to listen to him and stop riding him so hard.

You can tell it's serious because all the talking has stopped. The two chiseled musclemen are pacing around. At 6’2”/220-lbs, the 40-year old Keith’s slightly taller and slightly lighter, but size isn't going to make the difference. The mature muscleman's shoulders are broad, but it's his legs inside his jeans that have my attention. The denim is stretched tight and his thighs look massive.

Without a word, the guys are facing each other. They move in and bump bodies. WHOMP! It's a classic staredown. Intense. With a big nose and harder edges, Keith's face is ruggedly hot, while Beau is more traditionally handsome. Keith’s dark, grizzled looks contrast against my blond bodybuilder brother's youth and freshness. Not that it matters when their pecs press in tight as they silently psych themselves up. Beau's pouch presses into the front of the tight older cowboy’s jeans. He's not hard, but he's definitely bulging with excitement.

Simultaneously, they back up, subtly flexing as they roll their shoulders and bounce their pecs. They've taken the measure of the other guy. Now, it's time to wrestle. They bend over at the same time then move to their right as they circle counter clockwise. If they were this aligned at work, we wouldn't be here. I stay safely tucked away in the corner. I doubt I'll be needed, so I'm just gonna enjoy the show.

The musclemen move in fast. They lock arms, fighting and straining for an advantage. It's a stalemate. They break apart then move right back at it. Beau manages to shift, pushing Keith sideways and down. My bodybuilder brother grabs the mature muscle hunk around the waist then lifts, flipping the 220-lbs of beef like it was nothing. The boss goes down hard. BOOM!

Beau mounts him, locking on a grapevine and front facelock. The two beasts grunt and squirm as the younger muscle god exerts control. Keith snarls and fires fists into the blond bodybuilder's sides. THUD! I see my brother wince. Uh oh. Is he still feeling the effects of last night? He reaches for Keith’s left wrist, grabbing it to prevent another punch.

My little brother pins the arm down, sliding it to his other hand. He passes the wrist off to his other hand as Keith hammers his right hand into Beau's left side. THUD! THUD! THUD! The young buck ignores those, so it is just his right side, still bothering him from last night. His right side is tender. He pulls Keith's left forearm under his head, stretching his neck.

As Keith fights, Beau throws his body up, letting it come down hard on the boss. SPLAT! It's only an inch, but 230-lbs is 230-lbs. SPLAT! SPLAT! The third time drives the air from Keith, allowing Beau to open his legs even wider and pull his left arm even further over. With Keith pinned, his left arm and his legs under control, Beau's doing good, but he's got to focus on doing something more than lying on him.

The young buck gets it, too. He uses his free hand to return the body shots, pummeling Keith’s left side. THUD! THUD! THUD! That gets the mature muscleman grunting. Wear him down and soften him up. Keith isn't just going to take, though. He growls then pulls his left arm free. He whips it around, driving his fist into Beau’s right ribs. WHACK! ARGH!

Keith senses the weakness, saying, “Don't like that, eh, boy?” He fights past Beau’s right arm, getting in another hard shot. WHACK! OOF! I notice the grapevine has slowly closed up. The boss has his feet planted. As my brother focuses on defending his tender right side, Keith is able to use that to push up, rolling them to Beau's left onto their sides.

The boss keeps rolling, straddling my brother’s hip. Keith drives his fist down into Beau, connecting with the obvious weak point. THUD! AH! THUD! AH! THUD! AH! The blond bodybuilder throws the mature muscleman off him, rolling away. Beau looks pissed as he moves into a crouch. Both studs rise and face off.

They move in tight. Keith powers under Beau's defenses and grabs him around his chest. With a big roar, he lifts then turns, slamming Beau down onto his right side. BOOM! He pushes my bodybuilder brother onto his back then drives his knee into the young buck’s right ribs. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! The blond stud tries to defend, but Keith’s knee drives right through his arm.

Keith grabs Beau's thick blond hair and drags him up. As they rise, my little brother fights, so the boss kicks the blond bodybuilder in the side. WHACK! That distracts him enough for Keith to drag him to his feet. The mature muscleman scoops Beau's 230-lbs of muscle up. I notice he lifted my brother up with his right side facing down. Sure enough, that's no accident. He drops Beau across his leg in like an over-the-knee side breaker. CRACK!

Beau bounces off the leg and rolls onto his left side. He holds his right ribs tight. I get why he doesn't want to lie on his injured side, but he's also left it wide open for Keith. The mature muscleman is like a shark smelling blood in the water. He dives in, coming down with a flying elbow drop. THUD! This time, the young buck screams out as 220-lbs of man crash down.

Keith looks confident. He admits as much, “I've heard of a glass jaw, but a glass rib? Damn, boy. You better quit now, because I'm just gonna keep it up until you do.”

“Fuck you.”

The boss actually laughs at Beau, “I was hoping you'd be an idiot, but now you're gonna be an asshole, too? I'm gonna love tearing you apart, boy.”

My bodybuilder brother tries to roll away, but Keith grabs him by the hair and the back of his white briefs. He pulls hard, bending Beau's head back and up as the white elastic strap stretches out as far as it can. The boss uses the double hold to force the young buck up to his feet. The white briefs wedge up between Beau's mountainous butt cheeks as he gets thrown face first into the wall. SPLAT! The impact obviously stuns my brother.

Keith drives his knee up between the young muscle stud’s legs. THUD! He pushes on Beau's head, forcing his face into the wall. With my bodybuilder brother trapped and tasting paint, the fists come flying, right into the damaged side. THUD! AH! THUD! AH! THUD! AH! The boss pauses, leaning in and asking for a submission.

In response, Beau plants his hands on the wall and pushes back. The musclemen topple backwards, both falling on their asses on the mat. PLOP! PLOP! I clap my hands, “Good job, bro! Beau never quits, Keith. Never.” My words must motivate Beau, because he turns and tackles the boss down. He clubs the mature muscleman's thick pecs. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP!

The force would stun most guys, but Beau's instinctively using his right arm. He's not getting the power he normally does. And, as he raises his arm for another big shot, his right side is stretched and wide open. Keith puts big paw on my little brother's side and squeezes with a paralyzingly claw. Beau's whole body tenses up as he bends to the right, whimpering.

Keith shakes his hands, really digging in with the nerve claw. I tried this and it only kind of worked, but Keith's hand is much stronger than mine and he's more experienced with the claw. He can bring a big man down with nothing but nerve holds. If not for Beau's side, that might've been his line of attack. Not that it matters right now. This is bad enough.

I've never see Beau's face contorted in pain like this. Never. Keith pushes and Beau topples over onto his left side like a lightweight. I'll give my brother credit. He tries to pry the fingers off him, continuing to fight, despite the paralyzing pain. When the boss lets go, even I'm relieved. The boss reaches over and mockingly slaps Beau's bare ass. SMACK!

Beau growls and rolls away, so obviously favoring his right side. I guess it's not a secret, so why not. Keith moves in. My bodybuilder brother goes for a surprise tackle, but he's too slow. He misses by a mile, landing on hands and knees beside the mature muscleman. Worse, he's left himself wide open for a hard kick to the side. WHACK! That sends him flying.

Keith saunters over. He grabs hold of Beau's briefs and pulls them down. Not to unwedge them, but to strip them off completely. They slide down Beau's sweaty legs and off his feet. The cruel cowboy moves in, mounting my brother's back and putting the tighty whities over his face. What fucking domination. Damn. The naked 230-lbs bodybuilder is nothing to him.

The denim-clad hunk forces the naked muscleman up into a reverse bearhug. He squeezes Beau hard, making sure his arms cut into the softened flesh. I can't see the pain of Beau's face, because of his underwear mask, but his powerless body and cries of pain tell me all I need to know. Total destruction.

Keith throws Beau back and forth. My brother's massive manhood is as soft and limp as the rest of him as he is broken in half. The blond bodybuilder won't give, though. I encourage him to keep fighting, hoping to see this continue. So he can come back, of course. This time, my words are too little to inspire any kind of response.

The boss throws the naked muscleman down. He reaches into his jeans, adjusting his obviously swollen junk. Beau might be soft, but Keith looks excited. He bends down and pulls the underwear off the handsome bodybuilder's face, tossing them aside. Beau is moaning, but otherwise unmoving. Keith pauses to plant his foot on the back of his victim’s head. He flexes his right bicep over my brother while fluffing his denim-bulge. Nice package.

From behind Keith pulls my brother to his knees by his blond hair. It's intentionally slow as the mature muscleman is feeling supremely cocky at this point. He reaches around, tapping Beau's face. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! It doesn't revive the young buck much. He grabs under Beau’s armpits and forces him up to his feet. It'd be a helpful move if it didn't mean he's just going to dish out more punishment. You can tell he's just toying with the bodybuilder now.

I clap for Beau, “C’mon, Beau. Don't give. Keep fighting. You can do it, bro.”

The boss laughs, “Now you're just making fun of him, aren't you? I mean, he can do it? Really? You think this meatbag can do anything? A good brother would be telling him to give.”

I shake my head, “You don't know him. He never quits. Hell, if you're so sure, why don't you just end it already? Because for all you've done, he's still standing.”

Keith smiles, “This boy has a hard head. I'm gonna make sure he never forgets what he learned here today.”

I shut my mouth. Nothing I can say to that. I don't want Beau to give. I want him to keep fighting until the bitter end. He's done, though. I've never seen him like this before, but I can tell. Only his stubbornness is keeping Beau from submitting to the superior man. At least the superior man today. Yeah, Keith's wrecked my bodybuilder brother, but he's managed to use the damage I did yesterday to do it. If not for that, this might be a totally different match.

Keith bends Beau back into a dragon sleeper. The blond bodybuilder looks weaker than I've ever seen him. Smaller. He's lost his pump and with it, his usual look of invulnerability. His arms hang down, thick, but undefined. His legs tremble as he struggles to even stay up. And his cock, usually rock-hard in a match, is just as limp and small as the rest of him.

The boss reaches forward and explores Beau's big, useless chest and abs. He smirks. “Imagine how much work you put into this body. All those hours in the gym. Eating just the right food. All the supplements. Steroids. All wasted. I mean, a 98-lbs twink could've done just as well. Or a 230-lbs fat slob. Actually, the slob might've done better. Pathetic.”

With that, Keith lifts up. Beau twitches then goes completely limp. The mature muscleman lets go and my bodybuilder brother collapses to the mat, unconscious. He lies in a crumpled heap as Keith flexes over him. The dominant cowboy rubs the outline of his hard cock in his jeans as he looks down at my defeated brother. He looks up at me, flexing again like I'm the audience.

Keith says, “Damn, I went too hard. I really wanted to hear him scream a submission.”

The conscious cowboy kneels down. He lifts Beau's right arm. When he lets go, it falls. ONE! He does it again. TWO! Keith looks at me, holding the arm up. He punches Beau in the right side. THUD! The shockwave of pain shocks him awake. The mature muscleman pretends he's surprised, “What's this? It's staying up! He's not out of it after all.”

Keith forces my naked brother onto his stomach. He reaches under his body then lifts, dragging him up. The cowboy closes his legs around Beau's waist in a standing body scissors. He grabs under my brother's chin, pulling his head up and back. Keith taps his victim’s face, “Wakey, wakey. Time to scream out your submission, boy.”

With that threat, the boss squeezes his denim-covered legs around Beau's body. Normally, this would get a laugh, but after all the punishment, it gets the scream the mature muscleman is looking for. The blond bodybuilder cries out as his body collapses under the force of the squeeze. His head bobs up and down, his face etched in pain.


As promised, my brother screams his submission. The cries echo around the room, amplifying the confirmation of what's been obvious since the beginning. Ever since Keith first attacked his ribs, this has been inevitable. Beau just wouldn't accept it. The winner opens his legs, letting Beau fall onto his stomach on the mat. SPLAT! The older cowboy puts his foot on Beau's back and flexes.

I rise to help my defeated brother, but Keith puts up his hand. I stop and move back. He steps forward, placing his feet in front of Beau's shoulders. He reaches down then forces the naked muscle beast up into a standing head scissors. Oh no. The massive denim-wrapped thighs flex around the bodybuilder's head, crushing it in the scissors.

Seconds later, Beau goes limp. When Keith opens his legs, my bodybuilder brother falls back down, completely unmoving. I look at him, unable to move. I've never seen this before and never thought it would happen. Lose, sure. But this level of humiliation? Never. This was a brutal and ruthless squash job.

I rise to help Beau, but again get warned off. Keith says, “You keep jumping the start, son.”

“C’mon, he's done.”

“He's done when I say he's done. Now, rumor has it your brother likes a little extra action after the match. That right?” I nod. Keith smiles, “If he'd won, would he have fucked me?” I nod. “Out loud. You gotta voice.”

“Yeah, he might've fucked you.” Keith raises an eyebrow and wags his fingers at me, ordering me to admit the truth. I confirm it, “Okay. He definitely would've fucked you. And probably more. But -”

“Sit back down. Don't worry, I'm not gonna wrestle him anymore. I'm just gonna take what's mine.” For emphasis, Keith puts his foot on Beau's big, white ass.

I sit down and sigh. Keith turns from me, rubbing his bulge in his jeans. I glance at my phone. Yeah, I've been filming this since the start. Hey, I figured this would be good and you never know when you're gonna wanna watch some hot domination wrestling. Okay, it's still running. Hopefully I have enough battery and storage to get this next part, too.

The Extra Action

“You sure you wanna watch this part, Toby?”

Keith dumps water on Beau’s face, waking him up. My naked, battered brother sputters and tries to focus. He moans as he moves, not used to being dominated so completely and sure as heck not used to being knocked out.

I look back at Keith, “I ain't leaving my bro. Not like this. I got his back.”

Keith laughs, “You're doin’ a helluva job so far, son.”

I snarl, “You ain't done nothin’ wrong, yet. Beau can dish it out. Beau can take it. You keep things honest and I'll stay right here, just like I've been doing. You don't and you'll see what kinda job I can do protecting my baby bro.”

The mature muscleman smirks then turns to an aching Beau, “That right, baby bro? You can take what you dish out?”

The naked blond bodybuilder grunts, “I can take whatever you got, that's for fuckin’ sure.”

WHACK! Keith kicks his left foot into Beau’s right side. The impact sends him flying off the mat onto the dusty barn floor. He rolls around, the dirt sticking to his sweaty skin. My brother holds his side, moaning. The boss grabs Beau by the ankle and drags his naked carcass back onto the mat, sliding his 230-lbs of muscle along the slick vinyl. He forces the blond bodybuilder back onto his knees.

Keith says, “Now, you gotta learn a few things. I'm your fuckin’ boss. That's not a title. It's not a job. It's who I fuckin’ am. I own your cocky ass, boy. You think you're hot shit because you lift a few weights. You're not. You're a fuckin’ punk. You're gonna respect me from now on. And if you don't?” The boss puts his foot against Beau's large manhood. The threat is obvious. “Only thing I wanna hear outta that pretty mouth of yours is, ‘Yes sir.’ You got it?”

Beau has no choice, “Yes, sir.”

The boss nods, “Good, boy. Now, I'm sir and you? You're boy. Not Beau. Boy. Got it, boy?”

“Yes, sir.”

Keith unfastens his jeans, revealing his hairy bed of pubes. He tells Beau, “Pull ‘em down, boy.”

I can see that even reaching up that much still hurts my brother. He's too proud to admit it, though. He fights through the pain and peels down the tight jeans. The boss’ thick cock flops out, resting on a low-hanging sack of two big balls. Ain't the first time I've seen it, but I still let out a “Damn.” And he ain't even hard yet. Yeah, my little brother’s bigger, but that doesn't matter now. He ain't the boss.

Beau has the jeans down to the ankles. He lifts Keith’s right foot. The boss makes it harder, fighting him just enough to make him work for it. Sending another message. Nothing’s gonna come simple for Beau around here anymore. Keith’ll make sure of that. I fight back a smile. I hate seeing my baby bro in pain, but I’ll admit that I don't mind seeing him taught a lesson.

Keith’s naked. Finally. Okay, two naked cowboys. One ‘sir’ and one ‘boy’. Keith grabs Beau’s thick blond hair and forces his head back. They stare at each other as the older muscleman looks for how much defiance Beau has left. I bet it's a lot. He's a feisty fucker. The winner says, “Suck me, boy. Suck the cock of the boss who beat your ass. Wrap those lips around it.”

Beau opens his mouth and leans forward. Every movement is painful. His adrenaline is running lower, so the pain is setting in. I whisper, “C’mon, bro, fight through it. Just do what you gotta do and then I'll take care of you back home.”

Keith smirks, but doesn't say anything. My brother can't say anything, his mouth is full of the winner’s cock. He slides his mouth back-and-forth. The boss moans, “You're pretty good at that. I guess we know your first task every day from now on, boy. Instead of shooting your mouth off about the crops or the animals, you're gonna use it on my cock.”

The blond bodybuilder just keeps working. He ignores Keith’s taunting and the pain. He knows the sooner the mature muscleman explodes, the sooner he can rest up. Beau might be a top, but he knows how to handle a man’s cock. The winner’s rod has swollen up to full-mast. It's thickness makes it hard to manage, but Beau’s got this. He ain't gonna fail. Not again.

Keith is quickly grunting. He pushes Beau off him and steps back. His wet, shiny cock is sticking straight out, bouncing up and down as it throbs. The boss orders Beau to rise then makes him turn around and brace against the wall. The older muscleman is jerking his cock slowly, keeping it hard as he looks at Beau’s mountainous ass.

I call out to Keith. He turns and I hold up a condom wrapper. He looks at me with a sneer but walks over to me. He puts his hands on his hips, basically saying if I want him to wear it, I gotta put it on him. I nod. Not like I mind. I take his uncut cock in my hand. Hefty. Thick. I jerk it a little, making sure it's as hard as possible. It is. The rod is like steel.

With a smile, I say, “It's a damn nice tool, Keith.”

I make sure to use his name, so everyone knows I'm still a free man. I didn't lose this. Keith flexes for me as I wrap his meat. When I'm done, Keith turns. I smack his butt. WHACK! He turns to glare at me, but I just smirk and lean back with my hands behind my head. I'm ready for the finale, so let's see it. He returns to Beau, who's still in the very painful position for him.

Keith hears my brother grunting. He forces his finger into the tight hole as he asks, “Tough for you, boy? Arms up like that. Stretching your body out after I fucking beat the ever-living shot outta it?”

“Yes, sir. But I'll make it through. Sir.”

“You better, boy.”

Keith pulls his finger out then grabs my little brother's hips. The older cowboy forces his head inside Beau’s tight hole. My brother’s loud groan fills the exercise room. I know he's bottomed before, but not very often. His hands slip on the wall as he fights to take the cock while his entire body is screaming in pain. He breathes slowly, trying to relax.

The boss slaps the side of Beau’s ass. SMACK! “Hold it together, boy. The boss ain't even halfway in yet. Take my fucking meat, boy. Fuckin’ take it.”

Beau settles down. He gets his hands back up and he's calmer. More focused. The mature muscleman pushes in deeper until his pelvis is pressed against Beau’s huge round ass. My little brother does hold it together. Keith starts pumping. He slaps the side of Beau’s ass in rhythm. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I just watch as the winner’s back and ass tighten up, flexing as he picks up speed.

“Yeah, that's real tight, boy. Daddy’s gonna loosen you up. Damn, you're my bitch now. Ain't ya? Daddy's boy. Yeah, take it, boy. Tell daddy you love it.”

“Uh, I love it, daddy sir.”

“Yeah, you're real obedient now, ain't ya, boy? Just like the boss likes.”

The cowboy keeps talking, making sure his control is heard as well as felt. My cock stiffens in my jeans as I watch my alpha brother get turned into a bottom boy by this muscular, grizzled cowboy. Fuck. Keith hammers that fat ass, breeding him like a fucking champion. My little brother just fights to stay up. His monster cock and bull balls just dangling down, useless.

Keith slides out. He forces Beau to spin around. The boss smirks, “So I've heard about you. Mouthy little punk. Like to act you're a tough guy. Like to use these muscles to intimidate and control. How's it feel to be on the other side, boy?”

“I don't know what you've heard, but I don't do that. Sir.”

Keith fires a punch into Beau's side. THUD! ARGH! My little brother drops to a knee. The boss grabs him by the hair then drags him back up. He says, “Don't lie to me, boy. I know all about you. You're a bully. But every horse can be rode. Every rider can be throwed. And I've done both to you, boy. Threw you off your throne then rode that ass of yours.”

The winner moves back to his jeans. Beau looks at me with a confused look. I shrug like I don't know either. I point at my chest, asking if he wants me to do something. He shakes his head. My little brother is a proud fucker. He’ll just focus on getting through this. I knew he would. Keith comes back, holding a small black leather strap with silver studs on it. Oh fuck.

Beau's eyes go wide. He knows what's next. He's collared a lot of guys in his time. It's one of his kinks. If he's been collared, I haven't heard about it. Keith might be breaking new ground here. The boss walks back, cocky as fuck. He locks his eyes on Beau's and just stares at him. He fishes around for my little brother’s manhood, not looking, just going by feel.

The manhood is easy to find, but hard to hold in one hand. Keith’s calloused hand is as rough as sandpaper, so Beau is definitely not comfortable as his meat is manhandled. Without breaking his stare, the older cowboy works the leather strap under Beau's balls and over the base of his cock. He pulls hard, tightening it until my little brother winces.

“Yeah, I heard all about you, boy. How's it feel?” SNAP! The strap is locked in place. “Being the one collared? Knowing that I didn't just beat you today. I own you. Isn't that the game you like to play, boy?”

Beau replies, “I do play it. For fun. I only collar guys who like being collared. Sir.”

“Really? Did Blake like being collared, boy?” Beau's eyes go wide. “Did Hank just beg to be collared, boy?” My little brother can't answer as Keith reveals the names of Beau's less willing victims. “Daddy asked you a question, boy.”

“They started fights with me. They knew there'd be stakes.” Keith puts his hand over Beau's side, so he remembers, “Sir.”

“That ain't what I asked, boy. Did they want to be collared?”

“Well, no. Sir.”

“I didn't think so. Like I said, you're a fucking bully. And I'm the guy who whupped your sorry ass, boy. Easily. And now, you're the one who's collared, boy. You didn't ask for it, but you knew there'd be consequences, didn't you?”

Beau sees the trap he's been led into. He answers, “Yes, sir.”

“Good, boy. I plan on doing some spot inspections. And I better find you wearing this. I'm gonna fuck you either way, but it'll go a lot smoother for you if you're collared up. You understand, boy?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good, boy.”

Keith slaps Beau’s side. SMACK! ARGH! My little brother lets out a cry and he drops to a knee from the pain. Yeah, his adrenaline is so fucking gone. The boss forces Beau down onto all fours. It's a struggle, but Beau gets into position. The mature muscleman leans back and flexes, showing me his muscular back. It's a dominant image. I wish I had my phone.

The boss comes back and makes me fluff him and put on a new condom. I take my time, enjoying the task. Keith grabs my chin and stares at me. We share a long, lingering moment. He wants to kiss me, but he returns to my little brother, instead. The mature muscleman lowers himself to his knees behind the blond bodybuilder. He grips Beau’s hips then forces himself back inside.

Keith pounds the collared cowboy even harder than he did before. Beau braces himself to withstand the powerful thrusts, struggling not to be pushed by Keith's hammering. It's a rough fuck. No gentleness here. No, just pure domination by an older alpha over a young alpha. The fucking goes on and on as the winner makes it last.

Finally, Keith is gasping. He pulls out and strip off the condom. The mature muscleman moves around then forces his cock into Beau's mouth. The blond bodybuilder takes it just as the winner explodes. I see my little brother trying to swallow the load, but he can't keep it all in. Hot white cum leaks out on the side, running down to his chin.

The older cowboy keeps going until he's soft then order Beau to clean his cock. The collared cowboy does his best. The winner slides out and rises. He moves to his jeans and I can see Beau's head drop. Suddenly, Keith kicks back, hitting my little brother in his injured side. CRACK! The blond bodybuilder flies sideways, rolling onto his back. His face is etched with pain.

I blurt out, “Hey! It's over. You beat him. You fucked him. You even collared him. Enough, man. He's done. You proved your point. You're the boss of him from now on. You own his ass.”

Keith smirks at me, “Damn right. I'm just leaving him with a reminder about the cost of crossing me. In case he gets any ideas about challenging me again.”

The mature muscleman pulls his jeans and boots back on. He dons his hat, tipping it to me before he heads out. I move in towards Beau, kneeling beside him. I pull off the collar from his junk then make sure he's okay. He's not. He's hurting, both physically and mentally. I help him get dressed then we make our way to our cabin.

Brotherly Love

I help Beau into bed, lying his naked, bruised carcass down. He grunts as I help him find a comfortable position that doesn't add pressure onto his right side. I take the collar off his junk, putting it on the nightstand. I ask him if he wants the TV on. He says no, he just wants to think. I ask if he wants a doctor. He says no, he's just sore. I ask if he wants something to eat or drink. He agrees to that.

When I bring him water and a recovery shake, I ask, “How you doing?”

My brother gives me a strange look and a strange answer, “Depends.”

I raise my eyebrows, “Depends? What does that mean? Depends on what?”

“On how you answer my questions.”

“Questions? What questions?”

“Let’s start with you admitting it then we can talk when and why.” Fuck. He's guessed this didn't just happen. I try to act confused, like I don't see where's he's going, but he sees through me. Finally, after a couple of rounds of game-playing and denials, Beau glares at me, “Stop it.”

I'm still acting real innocent, “Stop what, bro?”

Beau asks, “Are you going to smother me with a pillow in my sleep?”

Now this question legitimately shocks me. I sputter, “What? No! Oh my god. Did you get a concussion? Why would you ask me a question like that?”

“I'm a little sore right now, but I'll be better tomorrow. And even better the day after. So if you're not gonna kill me now, you need to. Stop lying. And answer. My. Goddamned. Questions. Otherwise, there'll be hell to pay. Maybe not tonight, but eventually.”

Fuck. Okay, time to come clean. I nod, “Okay, if you wanna talk about this now, ask away. I'll tell you the god’s honest truth. You've obviously figured out that I'm responsible for today. That's true. What're your other questions”

My younger brother soaks in my answer then asks slowly, “I'll start with ‘when’. Plan or opportunity?”

I think, “You mean did I relentlessly attack your ribs yesterday knowing you would face Keith today or did I set you up to fight Keith after I knew I hurt your ribs?”

Beau nods.

I admit, “Definitely plan. I'd arranged for him to challenge you. When we got back from Pennsylvania, I saw him working out and knew he was a tough guy. We've been sparring and he kicks my ass just as good as you do. So, I knew you two had to wrestle.”

“So, you set up the match with him. He knew. I didn't.”

“Bro, I did way more than that. I wanted it to be intense. Give the fight meaning. I manipulated you guys into butting heads. For weeks, I've stirred the pot with you here at home and with Keith while we wrestled. By the time I was done, he wanted to take you down so bad, especially after I told him all the shit about collaring and owning. He legit thinks you're an asshole and a bully. And you legit thought he's a prick boss on a power trip.”

Beau's fuming, “I knew it. It had to be you. No one else could tell him that shit.”

“Of course. He fucked up mentioning Blake. Anyway, I made it so Keith wanted to completely fucking own you. It was on, but then I offered to give him a better chance. I was going to go after your knee, but he said ribs then showed me exactly how and where to attack.”


“Knees can be tricky. I needed you to still be arrogant enough to accept the challenge. If I hit you wrong and your knee went out, you wouldn't have wrestled him.”

“I don't mean why’d you go at my ribs. I mean, why any of it? Why’d you set up your own brother. Why betray me? I love you. Protect you. We've been together my whole life. Still live and work together. We’re best friends. I've always had your back. Why don't you have mine?”

“Oh, gotcha. Do you remember yesterday? When we were wrestling? You were doing your usual test yourself garbage, because I'm such a joke to you? But yesterday, I was doing a good job. The rib attacks were working. And you rubbed my head. Twice.”

“Did I? Okay, so what?”

“You don't see how disrespectful that is?”

Beau frowns, “It's playful. Just messing around. But even if it's not, why not tell me to stop? I mean, you can't really think this will make me respect you more?”

I stare him in the eyes, “No, that ship sailed long ago. I know you'll never respect me, but I can't stop caring that you disrespect me. You rub a kid’s head. Or a dog’s. Not a man’s. And not your older brother’s. You do shit like that all the time. Ever since you grew bigger, our roles have been reversed. But you don't even treat me like your younger brother. You treat me like a total bitch. You're an impressive dude, but sometimes, you need to be taken down a notch.”

“And this is how you do it? By setting me up? By making sure I'd lose.”

I shrug, “Well, doing it without softening you up wasn't working.”

That shuts him up. He finally asks, “Holy fuck. You've done this before?”

I count on my fingers, “Blake. Bubba. Randy. Jimbo. Hank. Huh. I guess the sixth time’s the charm.”

Beau is in shock. “Fuck, bro. You hate me. You really hate me. My own brother hates me.” He says to himself, “How'd I never see it?”

“Because I don't hate you. You're my brother. I love you. I just don't always like you. These little games I play with you keep me from exploding.” We just stare at each other. I explain, “If it helps, I liked seeing you beat those guys. I would've been happier the other way around, but I was still proud to see my baby brother kick ass. It would've the same if you'd beaten Keith.”

Beau snarls, “Rethink that not-smothering me plan. It's your only hope.”

I laugh, “C’mon, bro. You collar lots of guys. You dish it out. Now, you need to just take it. Otherwise, you're kind of a hypocrite. So you're Keith’s collared bitch? Big deal. He's got a smokin’ hot body and a thick cock. Enjoy not being in charge for once. Some guys say that spending time as a sub makes you a better dom. Keith’s not a bad guy once you get to know him. If I hadn't messed around, I bet you'd be friends.”

“Fuck Keith. He had to cheat to win. Yeah, I'll be a good boy for a while, until I can get a rematch. I'm going to crush him. It's you I care about. I lost my fucking brother today. And you don't even seem to get it or care. I can never trust you again. And I’ll never forgive you.”

I shrug, “That's just the shock talking. We'll be fine. I sure feel better. And when you think about it, you'll understand my side.”

“You can't seriously believe that.”

“Damn, I've never seen you be such a baby. You're acting spoiled, bro. It's not like this is such a big deal. You were outsmarted, beaten and collared. Like I said, a taste of your own medicine. When you've done your time, you can get that rematch and maybe win it. It's simple. You might even like it for a while. And if you don't, at least you'll learn something.”

“Oh, I've learned something.”

I shrug, “If I can trust and forgive you, you can do the same for me. I've put up with a lot worse for a lot longer and look at us. It's just like you said. We live together. We work together. We hang out together. We're brothers and we're best friends.”

Beau stares at me with hard eyes, “Not anymore.”

“Drink your shake. I'll finish making your dinner. Spaghetti with hot dogs cut up in it. Your favorite. Then you can get some sleep. I gotta go over to Keith’s later. He owes me a blowjob for making this happen. I can't wait to see him on his knees, sucking me off. I'll pound his face extra hard then shoot down his throat, just for you. Don't worry, though, I won't be gone long. I'll be back to take care of you, bro. And you got my cell if you need me.”

I can't wait to get my reward from Keith.

I leave my stunned younger brother to think about things. He just needs to get some perspective. I didn't want him to figure it out, but now that he has, I think it's actually better. Keith will be the one owning his ass, but Beau will know I'm the reason why. It'll help him see things from my point-of-view. I love my brother. Maybe now, I'll like him, too.

The End


  1. BRAVO, Alex! An action-packed, multi-match story with shocking twists and turns! Great job!

    - JS

  2. Man, Toby is kinda messed up. Hard to be too sympathetic for either character, though, which means you've done your usual stellar job of character development over the various story arcs. Got to admit it was nice seeing Beau beaten and collared. Would be all sorts of satisfying if Keith repeated the performamce without Beau being softened up, first. But for now I'm happy seeing Beau being taken down a notch. Maybe learning how Toby feels and the lengths he'll go will help Beau mature. Toby seems a lost cause. Man, you've really done a good job with these characters!

    1. Appreciate that. I wasn't sure how this one would play.

      I like to believe that all my main characters have something that adds tension to them. At least one quirk, trait or flaw that they need to overcome. Something that makes them 'not perfect' as perfection is what loses me in a lot of fan fiction. Glad that comes through.

      As for Toby being a lost cause, the idea I most remember from The Talented Mr. Ripley is in the line, "Well, whatever you do, however terrible, however hurtful, it all makes sense, doesn't it? In your head. You never meet anybody that thinks they're a bad person."

  3. My comment is going to be a bit different this time. I think your comparison with the Talented Mr Ripley is very good.
    In watching that movie you’re left with that mixed feeling. Same here. I think, it’s fair to say that this story can be put in its own genre here in the Cave. So for example, if you’d devide your stories by genre, romantic, action, adventure, this one would stand alone in that it’s drama but there is an element of thriller in it. I’m not even sure where to classify it. It’s dark. You can sense the darkness coming from Toby. Even when Toby is being “nice” it doesn’t feel like he is being nice. It’s almost like hate bit him.
    I hope people love the scary aspect of it. It’s so different, and I feel it’s going to have long term ramifications in his sibling relationship. It would with me. Beau was cocky and all but wasn’t really deserving. I think this had to be though to write in a sense. It’s so different from the fun and happy stuff we’re used to.

    And Keith, what a scorching hot boss. Oh my. Tough. Hot. Insanely hot. I don’t have a problem with him st all coming back. Not one bit. Wow.

    1. Thanks for the perspective. I never thought of it as scary, but I definitely thought of it as different, especially for regular readers. It wasn't that hard to write, but it did take me a while. And I had some doubts when I posted it. But I'm happy with how it went and what's to come.

  4. Daaamn! I love Beau, so my emotional half was all, "Noo!" but my carnal half was all, "YEAH!" In other words, "jobber-lover conflict" fully engaged, so, successful story.

    You could see where Beau's coming from: he thought he was being brotherly and affectionate. You can see where Toby's coming from (even if you don't agree with his actions): enough's enough. And in a surprise twist, you can even see where Keith's coming from: he thinks he's putting a Bad Boy in his place, and fighting on the side of justice.

    And another big sign of a great story: I can't wait to see what happens next with these three guys. Sometimes in stories (like comics or TV series), in an attempt to not push story along too fast, they go too far the other way and it feels like they never pull the trigger on what they've been building up to. You seem to have found the right balance. So impressive, that you have these huge plots and character arcs in what, on the surface, look like nothing more than fun wrestle/fuck stories. Reader beware! :)

    And P.S. Beau is so freaking beautiful. A squash like this eventually NEEDED to happen. A gorgeous jacked friendly guy in a world of vicious wrestling and jobbers and heels--it's like Chekov's gun finally went off. :)

    1. Aw, thanks. I try to give every character a realistic motivation. Even if it's a crazy or wrong one, they at least have a reason for whatever they do. Glad it made sense.

      Is it bad that I don't understand the Chekhov's gun reference? Since it's gun and not phaser, I assume it's about the writer and not the Star Trek character. LOL. Okay, googled it. I agree in principle, although I think I do include a lot of irrelevant and unnecessary stuff. LOL.

    2. I only learned about Chekhov's Gun recently, but Beau DID make me think of it. "If you show a gun, it has to go off," or in this case, "If you show a totally hot muscleman, he has to get his own ass handed to him." I honestly didn't think Toby's plan would ever come to fruition--but I'm glad it did, much as I love Beau. As for their relationship--Toby really seems to think things are just gonna settle down between them and be fine. He's really gone! And I DO think it's sad that Keith and Beau probably could've been friends. There's always so much to unpack in your stories!

    3. Maybe Beau and Keith will reconcile knowing the machinations that got them there. Leading to a friendly rivalry? Maybe a new tag team?! (Yes, please).

    4. Sean, I loved the Chekhov comparison, and Tom...that sounds like a damn sweet idea. Hot Tag Team!!! Super Hot. It could be a love/hate tag team! I love Millers tag team stories.

    5. Interesting ideas, guys. Only time will tell if Toby is forgivable, Keith can see Beau's good side and Beau can get over the shock and hurt. While being Keith's collared boy, of course.

  5. Will there ever be a sequel, this story left me hanging and wanting more. Good Work man!

    1. Thanks! We will definitely see more from Texas as the guys deal with their new status quo.

  6. What an interesting Chapter. I've been waiting for the day that Toby takes down Beau but this was an unexpected outcome. I was expecting someone big and dominant to come and beat Beau at his own game and the man to submit like he did with Jeff but this was an different take. I like how Toby was a mastermind behind this but clearly there is going to be huge tension between the two bros and I have no clue how to take things until the next chapter to see how things unfold. Though with that uncertainty I did like this chapter and excited to see how things turn out... and hope that Toby stays on top. I'm that one guy that Hope's to see Beau Job haha! Would love to see Keith again in the future too!

    1. Well, this story was definitely for you. Like the old expression, never a horse who couldn’t be rode, never a rider who couldn’t be throwed. All these guys will be back next year. We’ll see how it goes.