Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Encounters: Elite League of Fighting (Part 1)

The room was silent as they waited for the signal, knowing it was almost time for erotic pro wrestling to save Christmas once again.

Lenchon watched out the window. He smiled as he saw the sled, led by nine reindeer, race along the snow then climb into the air before disappearing in a burst of magical, time-defying speed. The elf announced to his tribe, "It is done, brothers. The great wizard has launched. Master Claus is up and away and we are free for 26 hours!"


The elves erupted with cheers. They were a beautiful and majestic race of supermen. The shortest was 6'5" tall, the tallest almost 8'. Once lithe and graceful, centuries of physical labor in this workshop had built their muscles. The immortal beings were still outstanding physical specimens, but many were much more muscular than their ancestors.

The tall, handsome creatures started moving immediately. Work tables were pushed together. Mats were laid on top of them. Corner posts were installed. Steel cables were strung with care. The entire effort took mere minutes as the master builders of Santa's Workshop used their skill, speed and a little magic to transform the world's most famous factory into a multi-ring professional wrestling arena.

The elves stripped their uniforms quickly, revealing their chiseled muscular bodies. They replaced their work clothes with tight and tiny pro wrestling gear. Buff bodies stretched in their brightly-colored trunks and boots, all of their own design. They savored the feeling of freedom which only came this one day a year between midnight on Christmas Day in Samoa and midnight on Christmas Day in American Samoa.

It was not as though they didn't enjoy their work. They did. But in the hundreds of years since they pledged their loyalty to the mighty human wizard now known as Santa Claus, this day had been treated as special.

The Northern elves once lived in nature, at peace when they were among the first humanoids on earth. As the chosen ones, they often acted as guardians of the world. Legends of adventures with wizards, dwarves, giant eagles and the like, battles for the fate of the entire world and quests for magic rings were still sung aloud during the long work days.

While the other elves had long ago left this world, this small tribe remained. They defended the world in a different way than their ancestors. They did it by spreading peace and happiness through their hard work. It was a 364-day a year job, but the final weeks before Christmas were the worst. But for the next 26 hours, the ageless wizard Santa Claus was delivering toys and no child was dreaming of wanting anything new.

For centuries, this day was about a feast with music and song. While fun, the elves needed more physical and mental stimulation. Over the past 35 years, the stress on them had increased exponentially. Each and every year there were more children on Earth, more of them were celebrating Christmas and they were demanding more complex toys.

While the wizard Claus was a merciless judge of character, harsh in his assessment of behavior, there were still hundreds of thousands of toys to make each year.

It was proving to be too much. The elves were close to giving up. Each year, the feast turned a little more from celebration to debate about their very existence. A loss of the will to live was the only real threat to these immortal creatures at the North Pole, but it was suddenly a very real threat.

Pro wrestling came into their world at just the right time to give them purpose.

It was Lenchon who introduced the pro wrestling idea. He still spoke of the first toys he created that used the theme. The dolls of muscular human men in the tight briefs and boots. The models of wrestling rings that little boys asked for. The championship belts signifying dominance and superiority.

In one letter, the boy included a disc of a video of his favorite wrestlers and asked for dolls of them. The elves had made many DVD players by that point. It was a simple matter to view the footage. Many, many times. "For research," they told the wizard. "To ensure accuracy," they explained.

The elves wanted more. So they searched. They found pro wrestling, but also discovered erotic pro wrestling. To the elves, they assumed this was what they were looking for, so they watched these videos, too. They were different, but no less exciting. In fact, they were more exciting to the sexually active tribe of male elves.

Over the months, the magnificent muscle creatures could not get enough. They watched more action. More footage. More domination. More humiliation. More sex. They watched it all - the heels and the jobbers, the high-flyers and the brutes, the power moves and low blows, the stakes, the sucking and the fucking. Every detail. Every nuance of these modern-day gladiators.

The former elven warriors were captivated. That was when the Elite League for Fighting was formed. The elves had no idea that pro wrestling was choreographed or that the erotic stakes were considered pornography. It didn't matter.

With their supernatural recuperative abilities, they could mercilessly punish each other. They were powerful, magical creatures for whom, unlike humans, a piledriver, for example, could not kill or even cripple them. With their lighter than human bodies, they could fly through the air. And with their incredible stamina and free spirits, they already fucked like jack rabbits. Now, they could do it for more than just fun.

The ELF gave these majestic male elves something to look forward to and they made the most of it.

Yes, pro wrestling saved Christmas that year and every year since. And it was finally time for it to do it again.

Toron (Champion) vs. Calemirdir (Number One Contender)

Of all the elves, Toron was the greatest wrestler. While he was not unstoppable, the thick, muscular elf had mastered the holds quickly. He was remarkably resilient, even for an elf, and determined to never submit. He won the championship belt eight years prior from Lenchon. Every year since, he had dutifully and successfully defended his title multiple times during the long ELF event.

The opening match of the night was always for the title. Toron sat on the champion's throne, his legs spread, belt at his feet. The elf waited patiently as Lenchon confirmed everything was settled. Once done, the ELF founder started the announcement.

Champion Toron

"Welcome one and all to the annual Elite League of Fighting event!" The crowd of elves cheered loudly. "Are you ready?" The crowd roared. "Then let us get it on! This inaugural match is for the E.L.F. Heavyweight Championship! Up first, the number one challenger, winner of last year's tournament, standing 7'8" and weighing in at 320-lbs ... the mighty CALEMIRDIR!"

Challenger Calemirdir

The crowd politely cheered the tall challenger as he leapt into the ring and circled with his arms raised high. The youthful Calemirdir immediately leaned towards the heels of pro wrestling. He connected with the bad boys and sought to emulate their swagger and bold defiance when he was in the ring.

Even though he was centuries old, the elven stud was one of the youngest elves, both in body and spirit. The brash, cocky elf often stretched the rules, vexing his opponents and the referees. The heel wore tiny and tight black spandex trunks with short boots. The black-haired elf's smooth, pale body was hard and muscular, making him a powerful force in the ring.

To many of his tribemates, Calemirdir was known as the whore of the North Pole. He was a mere babe when they came to work for Santa, so all he knew was building toys, eating and sleeping. The smart and creative stud bored easily. Fucking and wrestling were the only outlets for his energy that he truly enjoyed and he excelled at both.

The magnetically sexy challenger would set his sights on a fellow elf, seduce him then once he had fucked him, move on. Thus, wrestling was perfect for Calemirdir, as it allowed him to switch partners on a whim without any drama.

However, one elf that he had never been able to woo into his bed was the stunning Toron. The challenger saw tonight as the opportunity to finally have his way with the champ.

"And now, introducing YOUR CHAMPION!" The crowd went wild as the handsome and confident Toron rose from his throne. He skillfully kicked his belt up into his hand then strapped it around his waist. Lenchon continued, "Standing 7'2" and weighing in at 280-lbs, here he is ... the one, the only, the CHAMP ... TORRRRRRRR-ONNNNNNN!"

The champion strolled into the ring, the lights beaming off his smooth tanned skin. Toron had long brown hair and a remarkably handsome face. He wore bright white trunks that were tight and revealing, barely able to contain his oversized cock and mountainous ass. When he raised his arms, the crowd erupted. He basked in their applause then dramatically peeled the gold metal belt from his waist.

Toron handed the belt to Lenchon with a smile, confident that it would be returning to his waist in mere minutes.

The two elves moved to the middle of the ring, bumping chests and bulges. They engaged in a dramatic staredown. Each year, the celebration ended with a tournament of the elves with the best records from the 24-hour event. The winner became first in line to challenge the champion the next year. Both Calemirdir and Toron had known they would be facing each other for 364 days. They had been preparing and planning for this match.

"I have waited too long to have you, Toron. Are you prepared to lose your title belt and magnificent ass? Are you prepared to finally give yourself to me?"

"Brave words, arrogant youngling. No elf has ever submitted me and no elf ever shall."

They stared each other down. Lenchon pushed them apart. It was time to actually wrestle. Their engorged cocks pressed against the fabric of their trunks, letting everyone see just how ready they were.

The Match

The two elves circled. The contrast between them was stark. Calemirdir, the taller, heavier heel in black, bounced as he stepped, bobbing and weaving with anticipation. Meanwhile, Toron, the handsome, more muscular champion in white, moved methodically, measuring his foe.

After a full circle, they locked up. Toron immediately twisted and overpowered the taller wrestler into a side headlock. He dramatically cranked on the hold, imitating the videos they had all seen. Every muscle in the champion's magnificent body tensed and flexed as he squeezed. UNH! UNH! Toron kept them moving, keeping his opponent off-balance.

The heel groaned as he was led around by his head. Calemirdir surreptitiously slid his long arm around the champ's narrow waist. When they turned away from the referee, the elf in black reached around front and raked his hand across Toron's large bulge. ARGH! The taller elf slipped his head out easily as the champion clutched his white spandex-encased package.

Calemirdir wasted no time. He grabbed a handful of Toron's long brown hair then pulled back, dropping the champion to the canvas. WHAM! Lenchon warned the heel about hair pulling, but was brushed off as the younger stud unleashed stomps on the muscle-elf's heaving pecs. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Toron bounced with each boot, his powerful chest turning red as he was assaulted.

The challenger knew he had to really break down the champion's core for his finisher. He leapt up and came down with a huge elbow drop. WHAM! Calemirdir rolled around, taking a seat on Toron's handsome face. The black-haired muscle elf relentlessly punched and pounded on the chiseled abs. THUD! THUD! THUD!

Realizing the champ's shoulders were down, Lenchon began to count the pin. Toron thrust his arm up, breaking the count and toppling Calemirdir off him. The muscular elf in white rolled to his feet just in time to see the challenger charging him. Toron turned and grabbed his opponent's forearm, pulling him over with an arm drag takedown. BAM!

Calemirdir sprang to his feet, only to be dragged over by his arm again. BAM! This time, Toron held on, locking on an armbar. He put his shin on the younger elf's side and cranked hard on the hold. Calemirdir moaned as he felt the pain from his shoulder to wrist. The mighty challenger slapped the mat with his free hand and moaned.

Toron used his tight grip to force the muscular heel to his feet. He pulled Calemirdir into a front facelock then grabbed the side of his black trunks. He quickly flipped the bigger elf over with a snap suplex, driving him to the mat behind him. SLAM! The champ smoothly used the momentum to roll over onto a knee and foot. He flexed over his opponent, his bulge hovering over the heel's face.

Calemirdir roared and rose up fast, head butting the champ's bulge with his forehead. CRUNCH! Toron groaned and fell to the side, holding his large bulge. Lenchon warned the heel about the low blow, but the big elf in black brushed off the ref.

"For flexing over me after one suplex, he deserved worse. And he will get it."

The challenger dove forward, clubbing the back of Toron's head. CRACK! He rose then unleashed a series of stomps to the chiseled core. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The heel grabbed hold of the ailing muscle elf's hair and dragged him up. He locked the champ in a front facelock then gripped the side of the white trunks.

Calemirdir quickly lifted Toron up, but unlike the champ, he did not flip him immediately. He showed his strength by holding the muscle elf upside down in the air, parading him for all to see. Only when he had completed a lap around the ring did he fall backwards, slamming Toron down with the big suplex. WHAM! Instead of letting go, the challenger rolled them over then forced Toron to his feet once again.

The champ was helpless as the heel lifted him again. Calemirdir once again held the champ aloft before dropping him with a second suplex. WHAM! Toron bounced on impact and went limp. But the challenger was not done. He repeatedly dragged Toron up four more times, each time executing a long-held, increasingly devastating suplex. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM!

As they laid on the mat, Calemirdir finally released his opponent, who was limp and dazed from the six powerful suplexes. The challenger rose and planted his boot on Toron's heaving chest. He taunted, "Now is the time to flex!"

The powerful heel struck an impressive series of poses as the crowd admired his tall, muscular body. He reached down, grabbing a handful of the champ's long brown hair. He forced him to his feet then scooped him across his chest. The challenger spun, bodyslamming Toron to the mat with all his strength. BOOM! The muscle elf bounced off the mat then arched his back to relieve the pressure.

Calemirdir drove his large black boot into the raised lower abs and prominent white spandex bulge. THUD! SQUISH! Toron curled into a ball from the impact. Lenchon again warned the heel, but it was too late. The younger stud knew the referee was not going to disqualify him for small infractions, but he played along. Calemirdir laughed as he claimed it was an accident, blaming the victim for moving.

The heel scooped Toron up then bodyslammed him again. BOOM! He dropped down for a cocky pin, driving his black spandex wrapped balls onto Toron's handsome face while pushing his hands into the champ's meaty pecs. The referee counted, but the resilient muscle elf raised his left arm at the two-count.

Calemirdir calmly rose, using Toron's brown hair to drag him up again. He stepped over his prey, locking on an ab stretch. The younger stud bent the champ to the side, straining the ripped midsection. The heel pounded on the stretched out abs, working to weaken the muscle elf further. THUD! THUD! THUD!

The crowd was impressed with the younger elf. Normally he was fast-moving, impetuous and relied on overpowering his opponents. Calemirdir had clearly prepared for this match as his plan was becoming clear - attack Toron's prominent bulge for control then his back and abs to break him down.

As Toron moaned in the ab stretch, the younger stud paused to seductively rub his opponent's beautiful torso. He reached his long arm down to caress the meaty rod that rested inside the white trunks. Calemirdir was known to be a lover of the male form, admiring human and elf physiques alike. Toron's mighty muscles fascinated him more than any other.

Calemirdir purred, "You are a beautiful creature, Toron. I shall enjoy having you. I may even grant you a re-match to have you more than once tonight."

The audience cheered with surprise and approval. The dominant heel was infamous for getting bored with his sexual partners once he had his way with them. The sensual game continued, with the challenger savoring his complete control. He massaged Toron's nipples and chest. In fact, he molested every part of the champ's magnificent body that he could reach.

Toron grunted. He enjoyed the feeling, but also the rest. Calemirdir had unwittingly eased up on the pressure as his focus shifted. The champ steeled his will. He roared then flexed and pulled, actually flipping the taller Calemirdir over his hip. PLOP! Toron staggered backwards as the overly confident heel landed on his butt.

The champ charged in. He unleashed a flurry of hard stomps that ravaged the taller elf's tightly muscled body. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The champ dragged Calemirdir to his feet then whipped him into the ropes. When the challenger bounced off, he was met with a stiff shoulder block. THUD! Neither elf went down.

Calemirdir smiled, "Try again, mighty Toron! I challenge you!"

Never one to back down from a challenge, the champ ran backwards. He charged at the bracing elf in black. They collided with another shoulder block. THUD! Undaunted, the champion raced back and came in for a third try at knocking the big stud down. Calemirdir attempted to surprise him with a clothesline, but Toron was ready.

The champ ducked, turned and leapt in from behind, bringing the challenger down head first with a bulldog. CRACK! Toron went for a quick pin, but the heel kicked out at one. The champ dragged his opponent to his feet, scooped him up then dropped him into a gutbuster. OOF! He pushed the wheezing Calemirdir off his leg.

Toron grabbed the challenger's left leg, lifted then flipped him into a single leg crab. He sat far back, punishing the heel's back. The challenger moaned as he suffered, his large bulge nicely elevated and displayed as his legs spread. The champ's thick chest flexed and his arms bulged. Toron grunted, increasing the force.

The taller elf was flexible, but the powerful champ almost had his opponent's foot pulled to the top of his head. The hold was almost too good, as once again, Calemirdir's long reach worked for him. With Toron straining to bend him more and more, the younger stud was able to reach the champ's brown hair as it hung down. A swift tug distracted Toron enough for the heel to kick free and escape the submission hold.

The muscle elf complained to the referee, a foolish mistake for the veteran champion. Before either standing elf realized it, Calemirdir crawled over and drove his arm up between Toron's legs. SQUISH! The surprise low blow shocked the champ and he went weak upon impact. He fell back onto the cheating heel's shoulder.

Calemirdir squared up, lifting his opponent into a torture rack. Lenchon was suspicious, but he had been focused on Toron's face. The move was done so smoothly that he couldn't be sure if the challenger had done anything more than get the muscle elf into position for the deadly submission hold.

Toron moaned, but refused to submit, even as his muscular body was bent and folded mercilessly. The champ hung helplessly over the taller stud's shoulders, pain racing through his body. As the stunningly handsome elf cried out, the heel couldn't fight his instincts. He slid his hand up and applied a tight, savage ball claw. The muscle elf's moans rose an octave.

This time, Lenchon saw what was going on. He pulled the hand away, causing Calemirdir to lose his balance and hold. The champ fell off his shoulders to the mat below. The heel was furious, but Lenchon was a capable fighter and not intimidated at all. Realizing he was wasting time arguing, the challenger moved back to the suffering Toron.

As Calemirdir moved in, Toron was sufficiently recovered to spring up for a tackle, but he was a second too slow and the heel was ready. The champ ran right into a rising knee that clipped his chin and chest. He fell back while the challenger kept advancing. The younger elf in black grabbed his opponent's long brown hair and forced his head between his thick thighs.

Calemirdir grabbed Toron around the waist. He lifted, flipped then drove the champ straight down with a ring-shaking power bomb. KABOOM! The champ went completely limp, but the heel didn't go for a pin. Instead, he scooped the muscle elf up across his chest and paraded his lifeless carcass around the ring.

After a lap, the challenger turned, leapt and drove Toron down with a big power slam. KABOOM! The champ cried out and desperately arched his aching back, his handsome face showing the effects of the abuse. Calemirdir scooped him up again and body slammed him down. BOOM! The taller hunk allowed himself a moment to flex over his prey, his confidence high as Toron lay unmoving at his feet.

The relentless Calemirdir dragged up his helpless opponent. He grabbed hold then gorilla pressed the muscle elf champion into the air. The arrogant heel in black held Toron aloft before dropping the champ down onto his back from almost 10' in the air. KABOOM! The crowd was sensing an upset as the heel finally went for the pin.

Lenchon dropped and slapped the mat. ONE!


The referee dropped his hand for three, but out of the corner of his eye, he saw Toron's leg lift onto the bottom rope. Lenchon's hand hit the mat. Calemirdir leapt to his feet and raised his arms, but the referee waved it off. He pointed at the leg, which was still draped on the rope. The heel turned red with rage. He dragged the champ to the middle of the ring to try again.



The resilient champ raised his shoulder in defiance, summoning his unmatched elven stamina. Everyone knew how hard it was to beat Toron. Calemirdir was furious but focused. He dragged the powerless muscle elf up by his hair. The heel wrapped his arms around the ripped torso and lifted, hoisting Toron into a big bearhug. The champ cried out, his body tortured by the deadly hold.

The challenger wasted no time. He started shaking the limp body of the champ back and forth, increasing the pressure. Toron moaned, offering no resistance to the mighty hold. The crushing bearhug sapped the strength from the handsome elf in white, but it did not submit him. Lenchon asked, but the champ shook his head. When Toron went limp, the referee grabbed his wrist, lifting his arm up high. The champ held it aloft.

Calemirdir released the bearhug, but quickly grabbed Toron by the throat before he could move. The heel lifted Toron into the air by his neck then chokeslammed the champ down to the mat. WHAM! The heel went for a cocky pin with hands on chest and abs, but the muscle elf lifted his shoulder at two. The challenger merely nodded. He was neither surprised nor angry any longer.

The heel actually smiled, "You are tough, mighty Toron. Your reputation is well-earned, but I have a plan that will break even you!"

Calemirdir grabbed Toron's long brown hair and rose to his feet. He ran his free hand across his throat, signifying the end was near. The heel led the champ by his hair on hands and knees, as though he were a dog. When they reached the corner, Calemirdir forced the muscle elf up against the turnbuckles.

The challenger whipped the wobbly champ across the ring. The muscle elf in white stumbled, unable to stop himself from colliding into the opposite turnbuckles, front first. CLANG! He bounced backwards, ricocheting right into a shoulder block to the back from the charging Calemirdir. WHACK! CLANG!

Toron was sandwiched between the corner and the turnbuckles. His hips pushed into the middle turnbuckle, held by the younger elf's shoulder. The champ's upper body bent backwards. His legs went limp. Calemirdir smoothly lifted the lifeless carcass over his right shoulder into a backbreaker. Toron hung on the heel's broad shoulder, his legs dangling in front as his arms, head and chest hung behind the taller heel. Toron's spectacular white spandex package rose, reflecting the bright lights like a beacon that drew the eye.

The champ was moaning as he fought against the pain. He willed himself not to give, even though his body was racked with agony. The champ groaned, letting out high-pitched whimpers that no elf had ever heard from the magnificent muscle elf.

The sounds emboldened Calemirdir. He laughed, "Yes, Toron, give into the pain so that we may share the pleasure of my elfhood inside you!"

The threat of being on the losing side of the fuck woke the champ up. He kicked his legs, causing the challenger to lose his hold. Toron rolled off to the side, down to the mat. Calemirdir merely nodded. He was sure Toron would give, but he refused to allow himself to get distracted.

The younger elf looked down at the writhing muscular carcass at his feet and formulated a new plan. He was so close. The taller stud climbed the corner, working his way onto the top turnbuckle. Simultaneously, the champion rose to his feet.

As Calemirdir measured the champ up for a cross body block, the weakened Toron wobbled. He suddenly tumbled sideways into the ropes. The impact shook the turnbuckle, causing the challenger to lose his footing. His feet fell on either side of the turnbuckles and he landed hard on his bulge. ARGH! The big heel cursed as he straddled the padded metal joint, struggling to focus.

Toron gained a second wind, moving to the corner. He slammed his forearm into Calemirdir's head three times to stun him. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! The muscle elf climbed the ropes in front of the ailing heel until his white spandex pouch hovered in front of the slowly recovering Calemirdir's face.

The champ raised his arm defiantly before continuing up. This was the Toron the crowd knew. His spectacular muscles pulsated with power, recovering from all the abuse. They cheered as they anticipated the handsome hunk's signature superplex.

Suddenly, Calemirdir swung his arms around, gripping Toron's bulbous ass. His large hands tightly gripped the huge mounds. At the same time, he brought his face forward. The taller elf opened his mouth and engulfed the champ's obvious cock head that tenting the tight white trunks. The heel inhaled deeply, sucking on the spandex-wrapped meat.

Toron lost his focus and balance, teetering on the middle ropes. Only the challenger's tight grip on his ass kept him from falling backwards. The champ brought his hands onto Calemirdir's shoulders to push free, but the heel held him too hard and the aggressive tongue bath was too enjoyable.

The champion muscle elf moaned, his head falling back as he was worshipped by the elf in black. Calemirdir knew how to please an elf and Toron was no different. The white spandex was quickly moist from the creative and erotic attack.

The champ's body was going limp, except for his cock, which strained against its white spandex prison. His body arched backwards, arms out to the side, in an almost spiritual pose. Only the mighty grip of the heel kept Toron from tumbling backwards. He tried to focus, but the taller elf in black kept molesting him.

Toron finally regained some composure. He forced himself forward, his back screaming in pain, even as his bulge and ass radiated pleasure. The champ rested his hands on Calemirdir's head as it twisted and undulated against his pelvis. The handsome muscle elf lifted his arm and slammed the heel across the back. THUD! The challenger ignored the impact.

As the champ lifted his arm for another strike, Calemirdir moved his hands. He gripped the waistband of the tight white trunks and yanked upwards, actually lifting the 280-lbs of elven muscle for a second. Toron cried out, the trunks crushing his aroused package.

When the stud in white landed back on the ropes in front of him, the heel then yanked the white spandex down. He exposed Toron, front and back, wedging the white pro trunks under the champ's massive balls and mountainous ass. Calemirdir laughed slightly as he went back to work, engulfing the huge elven rod in front of him, his hands gripping the bare ass to keep the mighty champ in place.

Unencumbered by spandex, the challenger sexually attacked his opponent even harder. Toron lost any ability to fight back. He leaned backwards again, straining his damaged back muscles, but the pleasure weakened him too much to resist. Toron's loud gasps and moans filled the workshop as he was sucked by the young slut of the North Pole.

The referee tried to get the wrestlers down, but the crowd told him to leave them be. Lenchon shrugged and watched, enthralled like everyone else.

The heel wasn't satisfied with just sucking the champ. He pulled his helpless victim's cheeks apart then slid one of his thick, long fingers between them. Calemirdir pressed his finger against the hole then inside. Toron let out one long cry of pleasure as he was violated, his body convulsing. Taken front and back, the champ shook, his thick legs weakening.

Sensing Toron complete submission, the heel withdrew his finger and mouth. He smiled broadly as he licked his lips. Calemirdir released his grip on the huge elven ass, quickly bringing his hands around front. With all his might, he shoved the champ, sending him flying backwards. Toron landed hard in middle of the ring. WHAM! The mighty muscle elf lied in a heap, quivering.

Calemirdir hopped back into the ring. He reached into his black spandex trunks, adjusting himself and stretching out his recovering groin. He smirked at the still-hard champ, lying on his side, unmoving.

"I could ravage you for an eternity, Toron, but first, it is time to put an end to your reign."

The challenger reached down, grabbing hold of the champ's long brown hair. He wrapped it around his hand, over and over again. Lenchon warned him against using the hair, but even the referee knew it was futile. He had lost control of the match long ago.

Calemirdir forced the quivering champ up. He positioned them back to back then grabbed under Toron's chin. The taller elf leaned forward, pulling the powerless muscle elf into a hangman. The champ cried out. His body was wracked with pain as his back endured more punishment.

Even as he rested on the heel's broad back, the champ remained hard. Toron's huge elven rod bobbed freely as he hung limply in the submission hold. His white boots were nowhere near the mat. His arms dangled to the side. His core muscles were too weak to successfully counter with a shift, turn or roll. The champ was resilient, but he had limits.

The crowd was screaming now, half begging Toron to hang on, the other half encouraging Calemirdir to pull harder. The champ's amazing cock stayed high and hard, his muscles large and impressive, but the pain sapped his will to resist. The muscle elf had never felt such pain.

Toron meekly whispered, "Please ... I give ..."

The large pointy ears of the elves heard the admission, even over the crowd noise. The crowd erupted, the sound actually rising to reach near-deafening levels. The long-running reign of the mighty muscle elf Toron was officially over. However, Calemirdir was not satisfied. He insisted he could not hear the submission. The new champ demanded the loser say it louder.

Toron cried out, "I give!"



Finally, the cruel heel released his victim. Toron collapsed to the mat like a sack of broken toys, but his long brown hair was still wrapped around Calemirdir's hand. The now-former champ's torso remained raised, dangling by the roots. He looked helpless and pathetic. The heel unwrapped his hand, allowing the champ to collapse for good.

For the first time in eight years, Lenchon grabbed a wrist other than Toron's. He raised the younger heel's arm in victory in the opening match of the night. The crowd was enthusiastic in their applause. Toron was a worthy champion, but change was good. Calemirdir had proven himself to be the bigger, stronger and smarter competitor tonight.

The new champion made the sea of elvish cocks swell as he stood proudly, chest heaving, being led around the ring as the best of them. They were, of course, a little jealous, too. Every one of them dreamed of being the elf to dethrone Toron and seed him. Speaking of seeding, it was time. All the elves moved a little closer and stood a little taller in anticipation.

The Stakes

When Lenchon released his arm, Calemirdir wasted no time. His black trunks bulged in anticipation of the final phase of wrestling. The elves had enjoyed seeing how some humans had added a sexual component to the matches. As soon as the sexually voracious forest creatures witnessed the loser being forced to submit to the winner, they knew that had to be a part of their contests.

The cruel heel had waited a year for this, knowing he would be the first one to try to end the impressive run this year. Now that he had done it, and with such dominance, he was rock hard. Toron's broken, powerless muscles excited him as he had never been excited before.

Calemirdir grabbed the muscular ex-champ by the hair. He forced him to his feet. The sore and devastated Toron had no choice but to follow. He was shocked and disappointed that he had lost. As he looked at the winner, wearing the gold belt that he had owned for so long, the handsome muscle elf hung his head in complete submission. Toron knew that he would fall to the bottom of the ranks, having to fight to rise through the ranks again. Any re-match was a long way off.

Before he could even begin, he had to get fucked by the younger elf in black.

The new champion had a smug look on his face. He felt the weight of the gold belt as it rested on his bulge. And it felt great. This moment was everything he had dreamed of. Toron was a beautiful elf. In his white gear, with his impressive muscles, it seemed incongruous for the ex-champ to be standing with head bowed, completely subservient. That is what made it even hotter.

Calemirdir circled his prey. He ordered Toron to strip off his trunks all the way. The ex-champ obeyed. The heel grabbed the former champion and kissed him deeply. He smothered the handsome stud, dominating him in a new way. The new champ wrapped Toron up in an embrace. He sensually kissed the muscle elf, the heat and skill causing the weakened stud to melt in his conqueror's powerful arms.

The new champ felt Toron's submission to his sexual will and it excited him. He could feel the loser's excitement, too. Calemirdir pulled his mouth away. He smirked at the stunningly handsome elf then he pushed the loser to his knees. Toron dropped and waited. The younger elf stood in front, his package straining the front of the black trunks.

Calemirdir forced Toron to peel down the black trunks, revealing the smooth elvish cock and balls underneath. He teased the former champ with his beautiful rod before impaling the muscle elf's mouth on it. The loser accepted the cock, knowing he had no choice. As he sucked, the younger elf stroked his ear and neck, causing him to shudder with joy.

"You like that, don't you, Toron?"

"Mmm hmm."

"Of course you do."

The new champ toyed with the kneeling muscle elf as his cock was worshipped. He knew exactly how to excite another elf. Calemirdir's reputation for sexual prowess was well-earned. He parted the long brown hair at the back, bringing it over the shoulders. The heel ran his fingers with a feather touch up the back of Toron's neck, the handsome stud shuddered and gasped.

The ex-champ fell off the younger stud's cock as he lost focus, his body fully aroused. From his stance towering over the loser, Calemirdir could see the every muscle in Toron's body was pumped with excitement. His nipples stood out from the heaving, proud chest. Toron's mighty cock was bobbing for attention as it leaked pre-cum. Yes, the muscle elf was primed for love-making.

The heel smirked. He grabbed Toron by the hair as he circled behind the kneeling elf. He dropped behind him, his massive cock at full mast. Calemirdir positioned his rod then slid it forward, parting Toron's cheeks. He massaged the broad shoulders then kissed the thick neck of the defeated muscle elf.

Toron was mostly a top and had not been fucked in a century. He gritted his teeth as the new champ worked his huge organ inside Toron's tight ass. The handsome elf moaned as he was split open. Calemirdir enjoyed the sounds of pain and pleasure coming from the loser. He kissed the side of Toron's neck and rubbed his pec as he gently forced his way into the mountainous ass.

When he was deep inside, he whispered, "I can take you to heights you have never been. I can make you explode without touching you. I can bring you such pleasure ... but I will not. Not yet. This fuck is not for you. It is only for me. The real champion. Prepare to be seeded by your better!"

With that, Calemirdir pushed Toron down onto his forearms, keeping his ass high. With the conquered muscle elf primed and presenting his ass, it was time for the seeding. Calemirdir wanted to play with Toron, to edge him mercilessly until he begged to cum, but now was not the time. He was the champion and this was a domination fuck.

The younger stud began rhythmically thrusting, stretching out his opponent with the power of his thick and long cock. Calemirdir slapped the bulbous butt in time. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! He reached forward and grabbed Toron by the hair. He pulled the ex-champ's head up, letting the crowd see the look of pure pleasure on his handsome face.

Calemirdir taunted the loser, telling him that this is where he belonged, on his knees, whimpering and moaning while being ridden. Toron merely groaned as he accepted the stakes for losing. He had been on top for so long, he had forgotten how it had felt to lose a match. The muscle elf finally felt open and the cock inside him felt good.

The ex-champ wanted to move. He wanted to be an active part of this, but Calemirdir wouldn't allow it. The younger elf didn't want any illusion that this was a reciprocal love-making session. So Toron just knelt there, staring at the crowd as his ass was owned by the younger elvish stud.

Toron's cock throbbed as he was fucked mercilessly by the new champion. He longed to touch it, but he did not dare. Calemirdir's cock filled him so completely, the younger elf's pounding dominated the ex-champ. When the heel released his hair, the handsome muscle elf buried his face on his forearms, hiding from the lustful eyes of the crowd.

When he was ready, the new champion erupted inside Toron, filling him with his white, hot elvish cum. His loads were legendary and many of the elves were disappointed not to see another one. However, the mighty elf was proving a point. The powerful explosion filled the loser with warmth, even as he was forced to endure the humiliation of being seeded.

When he was drained, Calemirdir slowly withdrew and rose majestically. Lenchon handed him the belt, congratulating the winner on his victory over the handsome muscle elf. The heel held the belt aloft then returned to Toron and looked down at the loser.

The new champion sneered, "How does it feel? Knowing that your era is over, Toron. You were a disappointing opponent, but your spectacular ass made up for it. Beg me to fuck you again and I actually might."

Toron retorted, "Enjoy your title, youngling. I doubt you will be champion for long."

Calemirdir's face went red at the disrespectful response. The new champ said, "I have beaten you. Easily. I have seeded you, filling you completely. You are now the lowliest wrestler in the ELF. I offer you the pleasure of my cock, but you choose to disrespect me?"

Toron realized he was being bitter. The new champion was right. He earned the belt. The handsome muscle elf apologized, "I am sorry, Calemirdir. You are a worthy champion."

The younger champ shook his head, "Too late. As punishment, I hereby forbid you from releasing your seed by your own volition. It will be up to your next opponent to determine if you deserve any respite. If he denies you, it will fall to the next until you find a merciful opponent to end your chastity."

The defeated challenger nodded. He rolled onto his side, desperately looking for a willing foe for a match. His cock was crying out for attention, his balls painful as the pressure of the unreleased cum built up. Most of the other elves averted their eyes, tormenting the desperate elf. A small few smirked right at him. Toron realized that he might need to beg and bargain to earn the right to cum.

Meanwhile, Calemirdir stood proudly as he thrust the belt into the sky. He flexed and basked in the admiration of the other elves. While he would wrestle many more times tonight, there was no doubt in the crowd that he would end the night as the champion.

The loser was ignored while Calemirdir took his new place on the champion's throne. He didn't bother to put his trunks back on, preferring the freedom of nudity while he watched and stroked himself.

The mighty elf would observe the festivities. He would wrestle again, choosing formidable competitors as the event continued. Impressing the champion was an unofficial, but important part of the ELF. With Calemirdir's reputation as the slut of the North Pole, the elves knew that performing well in the sexual stakes would be an even more important part of the festivities this year.

Now that the inaugural match was officially completed, it was time for every elf to get in the game. The throng of majestic, beautiful creatures paired off quickly then moved to find a ring. Those without a ring would serve as referees, giving them first dibs on that ring for the next round.

The elves had 23 hours left before they had to start cleaning up before Santa returned. They planned to make the most of them.

To be continued 12/25 ...


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    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, I used the idea of the hot Tolkien elves (tall and beautiful) then beefed them up from working in the workshop.

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    What an amazing hot concept! OMG! Brofre I forget...Is there like a LIKE widget or something that you can put for stories and/or comments? That would be fun and great. Poor Toron....nahhhh hot and Great Calemirdir!!!! The whore of the elves haha...this story was a true Joy ride. Aggressive yet felt so joyful, playful and light! Those elves can be naughty though yet so innocent. This was a very creative and juicy story...cant wait for the next one...on Christmas day!!! woohoo!!

    1. Thanks! I wanted it to be a little something different, fun and unexpected, so I appreciate the feedback.

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    1. Great! Thanks for the comment.

      I figured that using these giant, immortal hunks definitely gives me the freedom to increase the punishment beyond my normal stories. Not sure I took full advantage of it, but maybe next year. :)

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