Friday, December 1, 2017

Encounters: Model Roommates 1

This story is a reader commission.

Porter and Travis' Apartment. Los Angeles CA.

>“Just another couple of days, Porter. Next week at the latest. I swear I've got the money coming. I just got this booking for an underwear gig. What do you think?”

Me. Travis.

I stick out my crotch, making him look at my bulge. I gotta try something to change the topic off the rent. I'm in a sweatshirt with just briefs. Porter takes a quick look, but then throws down his backpack on the kitchen counter. He looks so fucking hot in his suit. My roommate even looks sexy when he rolls his eyes at me. Like now.

Porter. My roommate and landlord.

Porter goes, “Dude, every fucking month. If you can't afford -“

“I can. It's just that I got this new agent -“

Uh oh. Porter doesn't let me finish, “Travis, stop. Seriously. You're a good guy, but I can't carry you every month. Maybe you should find a cheaper apartment. I like having you as a roommate, but I'm not gonna let you cost me this place. I worked too hard to find it and I need someone who can pay his share if I'm going to keep it.”

Fuck, I don't know what to say. Okay, he's right. I am late on rent a lot, but this month is worse than usual. Between my ride and this place, I'm stretched beyond max. Worst part is that my go-to sources have dried up. My folks aren't lending me any more cash. When they found out how much my rent is, they freaked. They want me to move back in with them. Uh, no. Lose a beach apartment with my male supermodel roommate to go back to a 10x10 bedroom in the Valley? Like hell.

My credit cards are maxed and they're not giving my any more cash, either. I can't pay for anything right now. Thank god, I'm a 6’2”/180-lbs model/actor, so I can flirt and fuck my way to other essentials, like the haircuts, clothes and drinks. LA is just so fucking expensive. I seriously don't get how ugly guys make it.

So yeah, I get that what Porter is saying is technically smart. Not surprising, because he's smart. Like me, he's a model/actor, but he's also a science teacher. Fuck, those lucky kids. I never had a teacher that looked like him. Maybe I would've studied harder. 6’1”/190-lbs of ripped muscle and a boyish face, he looks like the hottest Superman ever. And he's such a nice guy. I hate hitting him with this the second he walks in the door after a hard day.

Fuck. I probably should walk away, but I just can't do it. I love this place. I love everything about it. Porter is awesome. The other tenants are smoking hot. I've already fucked five guys here, including this crazy couple in 4D. Even more important than sex, it's the location. I've gotten jobs just stretching out in front. Being able to run along the beach, I get noticed by the right people. This is where I'm going to get discovered. I know it. So, I can't give it up. Not when I'm so close to making it.

Porter changes into shorts and a tank. When he comes back, he goes, “I do have a suggestion.”

Yes! I told you he was smart. I'm like, “Tell me, man! I'll do anything.”


Oh, yeah! I smile, “Sure, let’s wrestle.”

Porter and I actually met at an indie pro wrestling show. Not as fans, but as wrestlers. We were 18 with dreams of making it to the WWL. We've never made it past the bottom of the card, but we still do occasional shows for this one place, because it means we get free access to their gym. Free is worth a little pain. And I love wrestling Porter. It's the only time he's willing to hook up with me. Well, only time when he's sober. Wrestling and booze are my tickets to ride him.

Fuck yeah. Let's wrestle!

I'm peeling off my sweatshirt when he stops me, “Not you and me. You with someone else.”


“I don't know. We'd find you someone.”

“I don't get it.”

“Someone who'd pay. I met a bodybuilder guy at a shoot who does it. It's even how he got the modeling job. Xaq says he does private wrestling sessions. He makes good coin and it's easy work, rolling around with regular guys. I guess he's a really good wrestler, because he says he's never lost. His clients just love worshipping him and he even has some regulars.”

“I think that's called being a prostitute. I'm not hooking for rent. I could move in with a daddy in Malibu and live for free if I was open to that.”

Porter shakes his head, “No, it's just wrestling. No sex. These guys are so into wrestling that they're willing to pay for just that.” I look skeptical, so Porter says, “Xaq says he's never had sex with a client. It's like one of his rules.”

“Uh huh. Porter, you're book smarter than me, but believe me on this one. You're too trusting. It's sex. This Zack guy is a whore. Bought and paid for. This way his johns can say they paid for wrestling, which is legal, and not for sex. It's like a game, but he's a fucking prostitute.”

“I swear it's not about sex. Unless you want to go there, I guess.” He looks at me with those sweet eyes, “You know, you always open for a good post-wrestling fuck, so I don't get why you're talking like you're some kind of virgin.”

“That's different.”

“Is it? Look, if guys want sex, you can say ‘no’, but at least look into it. You're a great looking guy and a good wrestler. You wrestle indie. I'm just saying that guys would pay you to wrestle with them. And then you could actually pay me to live here.”

I shake my head, “No. I can't do it, man.”

“Then pack your bags.”

I sit back, “This sucks. Just give me more time to figure it out. Please?”

“Travis, I'm not kicking you out today, but be serious. Even if you pay me for this month next week, you're already way behind for next month and we'll be having this talk again. Look, it's not like I'm trying to be your pimp. I mean, I'll be doing it, too.”


“Yeah, it sounds like a sweet deal. We risk getting hurt for $20 at an indie show. Now, I'll make real money wrestling for fun and it's all private. Full-time teachers can't do those gay porn wrestling sites like BIGBeast, but this? This is my private business. It's legal and it'll be fun.”

I nod, “Yeah, I hear you on the porn sites. Those Cave guys who share the ring with us? They seem to do okay. And that Cody guy who owns it? He fucked me right on the weight bench last year when I was working out there. Amazing. Damn, he almost got me to join them. Too bad porn would ruin my chances at an Oscar.”

Porter laughs, “Yeah, that's the problem with porn wrestling. It might cost you an Oscar. Anyway, c’mon, we’re doing this. At least try it. If you can't find anyone you like, we'll figure something else out, but at least I'd know you're trying to pay me.”

“No, man. I can't.”

“Well, what's your idea?” I try to think of one, but I can't. Porter goes, “See? This is your best and maybe only option. You won't even try it?” I shake my head. My roommate gives me a devious smile, “Want me to make you do it?”

I hold up a hand, “Aw man, don't do that. You know wrestling you is my weakness.”

Porter flexes his bicep then kisses it, getting my cock twitching. He reminds me, “You win most of the time, so what are you worried about? C’mon, Travis. Consider it a practice run. If you like wrestling me, maybe you can find someone else you'll like wrestling.”

“Of course, I like wrestling you, but I'll never find another you. How about I wrestle you for rent? Double or nothing. Usual rules with stakes. We can -“ I stop talking mid-sentence as my roommate’s face suddenly changes, like from having fun to being mad.

Porter slowly goes, “Are you serious?” I shrug. He's like, “Ignoring where you think you're going to get double the rent if I win, I notice you'll wrestle me for my money. And even put your ass on the line. But you won't wrestle someone else for their money to pay me what you owe me?”

“What? No. Well, yes, but -“ I struggle to think about what to say. I blurt out, “Don't try to confuse me, dude. It's totally different.”

Porter gives me a hard stare as he points at his chest, “Yeah, it's different. It's my money. And my ass.” He points at me. “I gave you a legit idea. You won't even think about it. Instead, you disrespect me by asking me to pay your rent for you. It's like every month I have to float you, now you just want to live here rent-free? Maybe you should pack your bags.”

“Don't be like that, man. Please? I do respect you. I love you, dude. I take it all back. I was joking and didn't know it'd come across so bad. It was a stupid thing to say. I'm sorry. You know how stupid I am sometimes.”

My roommate points at me, “You wanna stay? We’ll wrestle for rent. Double or nothing. But you lose, you need to work to pay me right away. Wrestling work. I didn't want to act like I'm your pimp, but if that's what it takes for me to get paid, that's what I'll do.”

Before I can answer, my roommate stomps to the bedroom to change out of his work clothes. I breathe in deep then go change, too.

Wrestling for Rent

I'm out first, wearing my blue pro trunks with a flame pattern in the front under blue shorts and a gray tank top. I put down the mats, moving things to get ready. I start stretching out, waiting. Behind me, I hear bare feet on the wood floor. I turn to see Porter.

I don't wanna do this,
but it looks like I have to.

Fuck, he's so hot. Porter’s in black compression gear - pants and tank top. With his leg up on the dining table and him bending forward, I can see he's wearing a black thong underneath. Damn, it's all I can do not to grab him and throw him down. As we stretch, Porter’s not talking and I feel bad. I can't stick him with no rent for the month.

Porter's trying to look tough in black.

I start to tell him the deal’s off, but he stops me. “Don't. Let’s just do this. I need to burn off some energy.”

I shrug, knowing not to argue with him when he's mad at me. After I win, I'll tell him I'll pay him. I'll find the money somewhere. I stretch out, focusing on the match. I do win more, probably 7/10 times. Of course, sometimes I let him win, but sometimes he lets me win. This isn't gonna be one of those times. Still, I think I'm better than him, but not by a ton. He could definitely beat me if I'm not careful. That's why I need to focus. Otherwise he'll be pimping me out to skeevy wrestling fans.

Round One

Stretched and ready, we circle the mat in silence. We normally do multiple falls to exhaustion, stripping down as we work up an awesome sweat and pump. I ask if that's what he wants to do and he throws it back at me that he doesn't want to do any of this, he just wants to get paid. I tell him that I'll pay him, but instead he charges in low and grabs my leg.

Porter lifts and trips me down onto my back. WHAM! He keeps my leg then rolls me over into a single leg crab. I moan then push up and kick. He flies off and I slowly roll over. He's already there, leaping on top of me. SPLAT! I'm winded, giving him an opening to grab my arm and bend my wrist to my shoulder. My elbow points up as he pushes back on it hard.

I feel a twinge as he really works the arm hold. I push on his side with my free hand as I plant my foot. I roll us over, breaking his hold while getting on top. Before I can do anything, he pushes me off. We rise to our knees and Porter dives in at me. He's being so fucking aggressive. It'd be hot if the stakes weren't so high. My roommate charges into me and he manages to push me backwards onto my back. SPLAT!

Porter gets on top as we grapple for control. I shouldn't be surprised that he's more intense than usual, but I need to be the same. He's mad, but if I lose, I'm going to end up as a slut. Well, I kind of am a slut, but only with guys I choose and not for money. I try to focus, but it's all I can do to counter him. We fight for control, him on top and me on the bottom.

Our muscles are pumped and we build up a sweat as we go at it. I get him in a front facelock with a body scissors, pulling his head under my armpit. It slows him down for only a second before Porter introduces body shots, slamming his fist into my side. THUD! THUD! THUD! I grunt and he manages to pull free. He sits back with my legs around him then comes down with a forearm smash to my chest. WHOMP! OOF!

Porter breaks the scissors, grabbing behind my legs and folding me up onto my shoulders. He puts his weight into it. My knees are forced down beside my head, my ass up in the air. I feel the strain in my neck as I support my weight and his on my head and shoulders. Instead of fighting it, I carefully roll with it, managing to get him over and slide my head and body out from under him.

As I free myself, I'm on my stomach. Before I can rise, Porter is on my back, trying to lock on a rear naked choke. I fight that, but he manages to surprise me by switching to a full nelson. He rolls onto his back, dragging me on top of him. I moan as he forces me to look down my body. I try to power out, but he's got his hands locked behind my head.

I whimper, fighting to hold out as my chin digs into my chest. Porters adds on a body scissors and I'm really trapped. I moan as he tells me to give. I refuse, telling him I could stay in this all day. He squeezes harder and I let out a long cry, but I don't give. My roommate is ferocious as he tries to collapse my shoulders and crush my body. I focus and hold out.

Porter’s got no choice. He lets go, pushing me off him. I roll away, off the mat onto my back, hoping I can catch my breath. Instead, he's on me immediately, grabbing my ankle and pulling me back onto the mat. He tells me I can't escape that easily as he slides my carcass across the vinyl.

My tank top slides up my body as I'm dragged, my arms stretched out behind me. It must give Porter an idea, because he dives on top of me, using his weight to stun me. SPLAT! As I get my breath back, he forces my arms up beside my head then spins around, sitting on my face and pinning my arms against my head with his legs.

Porter sits up then pulls down his tight black pants off his ass. He's wearing a thong underneath, so as he sits down, his gorgeous, smooth bubble butt spreads over my face. I moan as he uses my lust for him against me. I stick my tongue out, licking his crack. He laughs, “Yeah, you're real afraid of sex, Travis.”

I start to respond, but Porter starts in with fists to my pecs. THUD! THUD! THUD! I convulse under him as he takes it to my body. With me blinded by his ass, I'm not ready for the shots as he hits me randomly. He works my chest and then leans forward to punch my abs. THUD! THUD! THUD! I cry out with every shot.

The sudden and surprise fists distract me from freeing myself and I end up just taking the abuse. I bridge my hips and shift my torso from left to right as I helplessly take brutal body blows. THUD! THUD! THUD! Porter laughs at my growing tent under my thin athletic shorts, telling me how I'm already a wrestling slut, just one who can't pay his rent. I whimper as the trash talk gets me hot. Fuck, focus!

Porter grabs my pecs and I writhe under him. He squeezes hard and I feel like my chest is being crushed. My roommate pulls up, but his weight holds me down. I cry out as my pecs feel like they're going to be torn from my body. Porter lifts then slams his ass down into my face. WHAM! I'm stunned. He does it again. WHAM! And again. WHAM!

I finally get my wits and whimper my submission. “I give, I give.”

Porter lets go and slides off me. I roll onto my side moaning. My roommate grabs my tank top and pulls it off my body. I sit up, massaging my pecs. I check for bruises, but things are okay for now. Porter slides in behind me, wrapping my tank around my throat. I grab for it as it tightens. He doesn't choke me, but the threat is there as he wraps the ends around his hand.

“You going to wrestle to pay me?”

I shake my head. He lets go of the shirt. I pull it from my throat and roll away. I look up at him pacing the opposite corner of the mat. In his tight black spandex shirt and pants he looks pumped and scary. His sweat has them even tighter, clinging to his pecs, abs and meat. Fuck, he's serious and I'm in trouble if I don't get serious, too.

Round Two

We lock up again fast. Porter suddenly twists, putting me into a headlock. In like a second, he flips me over his hip then down onto my back the mat, keeping the headlock and landing hard on my chest. WHAM! OOF! I feel him squeezing my head hard. Fuck, he's so strong. My buddy has never manhandled me like this. He's always been like a stealth alpha, but there's nothing secret about it now.

So yeah, Porter is going for broke, but so am I. I'm an alpha, too, buddy. Swinging my body towards him, I force my sexy roomie off me. He keeps the headlock as he moves onto his knees. That's cool, because it leaves him wide open for some body shots to the back. POW! POW! POW! I pull free from the headlock then come in behind with a rear chinlock. I squeeze hard, knowing I need to wear him down.

Thanks to Porter’s struggling, my arm actually slips down and my chinlock turns into a rear naked choke. Works for me. Maybe I can end this fast and we can get back to being buddies who wrestle for fun. I tighten my grip, but Porter reaches back and grabs my head. He throws himself forward, flipping me over his shoulder. WHAM! I lose my hold and land on my back.

Before I can react, he's jumping over, coming down with his knee on my abs. THUD! OOF! It digs in deep and drives the air outta me. I reach for my stomach, which lets Porter grab my wrists. He pins my arms to my side then uses his legs to lock them there as he sits on my bulge. I start to struggle, but my buddy is faster, pounding the shit outta my abs and chest. THUD! POW! THUD! All I can do is take it as he attacks my body, weakening me down.

My whole front is red. I grunt with every shot. POW! THUD! POW! I feel my muscles breaking down, but I finally manage to buck up and throw him off. I roll onto my stomach and press halfway up when Porter crashes down on top of me. WHAM! SPLAT! I'm crushed on the mat under him. Fuck, he's so fast, not giving me any time to recover at all.

Porter spins and sits on my back. He grabs my ankle and pulls up, locking me in a single leg crab. My buddy rises and backs up, bending me hard and really punishing my back. Lucky I'm lean and flexible, but it's still wearing me down. I plant my hands then push up while kicking my leg. Too bad Porter leans against me and I can't kick him off.

I hover there, pushing against him until my arms are shaking, but all I do is make my back pain worse. I collapse back to the mat in a puddle of sweat, slamming down on my face and chest. THUD! Porter reaches back and grabs my hair. He pulls up and I cry out. He tells me to give, but I refuse. He lets go and turns back to the single leg crab. I plant my hands again and push to the left, trying to topple him. I don't know if it would've worked, because he lets go, probably figuring it was never gonna get a submission anyway.

Porter jumps up, coming down with a knee drop to my aching back. WHACK! I moan as pain shoots up my spine. My roommate spins and sits on my ass. He pulls me up into a camel. Fuck, my back’s screaming right away. He's really going after it and it's working. I wonder if I should just give to get back to a lockup, but going down 2-0 isn't a good idea.

I suffer in the hold, refusing to give. Porter subtly slides his hands around my neck. Oh fuck, a sleeper. If he knocks me out, it's over. I shake my head and try to break free from the camel, but he locks it in tight. Porter goes for it, trying to knock me out fast, so I have to tap and cry out my submission. “I GIVE, I GIVE, I GIVE!”

Porter lets go, letting me fall face first onto the mat. He rises up and I writhe between his legs. I roll over and look up at him. He just flips his hands, palms up and raises an eyebrow, silently asking me if I'm done.

I shake my head, “No way, man.”

My roommate just nods then reaches down and pulls off my shorts, revealing my blue trunks with the flame pattern on the front. I wait for a reaction, but he doesn't even blink. I wait, but I never see him check out my cock as it stretches out sideways in the trunks. It's like he's not interested at all, even though he's called it the most beautiful cock he's ever seen.


I'm down two. C'mon, trunks ...
work your magic.

Round Three

I know I have to get serious. I always say Porter looks like Superman, but right now, he looks more like a fucking supervillain in tight black spandex and frowning. I need to stop thinking of him as a friend and think of him as an opponent. He's obviously doing that with me. I make a plan on how to turn this around as we take a water break.

When we move to lock up, I try to look casual. We'll see how much my acting lessons are paying off. They are, because Porter dives for my leg, thinking I'm not ready. I catch him in a front facelock before he can get a grip. I flip us over, wrenching my roomie’s head around with a neckbreaker. SPLAT! We land on our backs, Porter holding his head and me smiling.

I roll around then drag him up by his hair. Porter loves hair pulling. I wonder if he likes it now? I pull him into another front facelock then swing my knee up under him. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! I hit his chest with my knee, knocking the fight out of him. It gives me an opening to grab the side of his tights then snap suplex him over onto his back. SPLAT!

Porter moans as I roll over. I reach down his amazing muscle body then grab the bottom of his tank top. I pull it up to expose his abs and chest. As I move to punch his torso, he pushes me away, rolling away. I know I can't let him recover. I dive at him with a double axe handle to the back. WHACK! He goes down and I grab him by the hair again.

I drag him up then body slam him down onto his bare back. WHAM! Porter rolls over moaning. I drive my knee into his back. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! He cries out with every shot. These power moves are really wearing him down. He's barely moving when I force him over. Damn, I love those abs and those pecs. I give him a few fists to keep him suffering. THUD! THUD! THUD! Porter takes the shots, flexing his torso to deflect them. He's solid, but I'm just working him into position for my real plan.

I put my knee on his abs then grab the bottom of his compression tank. I push it up so it goes over his face and biceps from shoulders to elbows. He's blinded by the black fabric as it covers his face. And his arms are effectively pinned beside his head. Porter looks hot in too tight spandex, but I wonder if he's liking how that shit feels now that he's trapped?

Porter blurts out, “What the fuck, dude?”

I ignore him and slide over his waist. The tight black fabric is immovable and my weight keeps his body down. I sit my ass down on his bulge, pressing down hard, distracting him. As he squirms to gets free of the spandex trap, I focus on his exposed torso. So hot and all mine. Normally, I'd play around, but I need to win more than I need to feel up his perfect bod.

I start firing real punches into his abs, breaking them down. THUD! THUD! THUD! Now it's his turn to be blind and punished. The hard shots turn his stomach red and keep him from being able to escape the tight tank. THUD! THUD! THUD! Amazing how distracting having your six-pack destroyed can be. I get it nice and red then slide off him. I notice he's hard in his black pants. Good to see he's not completely turned off by me.

I start in with knees to the smooth stomach, knowing the muscle wall is weak and ripe for some real punishment. Porter struggles and squirms, rolling onto his side away from me. No problem. I use my long arms to grab his wrist and ankle then put my feet in his back. I pull back and fold him back in the bow and arrow. My roomie cries out in pain.

As I crank on the hold, the tank slides up his arms and he manages to free his head. It's still at his elbows, keeping his arms tied up tight. He swears and moans, but doesn't give. I let go of his ankle and wrist then kick him in the back. WHACK! The shot pushes him onto his stomach and stuns him. I roll up to my feet, straddling his body as he works his tank completely off.

Finally free, Porter tries to rise, getting to hands and knees. I drive my butt down onto him and he falls back down flat on his face. I quickly squat down and grab his feet, lifting his legs up. I shift my grip then pin his ankles under my armpits. My roommate tries to plant his hands to push free, but I slam my fists into his side. WHACK! WHACK! He instinctively reaches back to block me, handing me what I want - his wrists. I grab them tight.

I squat up, rising and lifting Porter up into a tear drop. He hangs down by his shoulders and legs, his back bent the wrong way again. I hold his hot muscle body off the mat. The guy whimpers and moans. I start swinging him back and forth and his cries get louder. He hangs his head down, gasping for breath and trying to hold out. He can't.

Porter weakly submits, “I give! I give! I give!”

I drop him down. SPLAT! He reaches for his back while I go grab water. Okay, now I'm back in this. As I drink, I watch him stretch out. Fuck, he's so sexy. I can't wait to fuck him.

Can I work Porter's jobber side?

Round Four

That feels better. I was too distracted. Now my head’s in the game. I turn my ass to my roommate. I reach in to fix my cock in my trunks. I jerk it a little, but it's pretty hard already. I stretch it out to the side just right so it's weighing the waistband down and pulling them from my body. I turn back. This time Porter looks. And he likes it.

I stretch, watching shirtless Porter get up. Love that body. He makes a bad face and I get it. He needs to fix his dick, too. I gotta smirk when he's playing inside his thong under his black pants. Fuck, he's tenting big. Too much to push down. That must be uncomfortable in those tight pants. Good. Gives me an advantage.

I love Porter as the jobber. His hard-on proves that he likes it, too. I just gotta bring out that side of him. Use psychology or whatever. Dude wants to submit to me. He wants my cock. He wants me to fuck his ass. He just doesn't wanna admit it right now. But I know he likes it when I take control. Including now. Yeah, his swollen rod is showing me that.

Porter finally gets himself right. We move in for another lockup. This time, we go right at each other. We push and shift in the collar-and-elbow, trying to get an advantage. It's not easy. We're pumped and sweaty. Grunting. Porter slips down to a knee, but he pushes up and drives me back to the edge of the mat. He tries to twist and flip, but I shift.

It's like a test of strength and skill. Neither of us are willing to give in. We push against each other so long that we're breathing hard. Fucking isometrics or whatever. I finally just push him back as hard as I can and pull back, breaking it. We stand there staring at each other. Our chests are heaving and we're shaking out our arms.

I lift my hands. He wants a fucking test of strength, let's do it right. My roommate nods at me. He lifts his hands to meet mine. We lock hands. In less than like a second, we're bashing chests. BAM! We struggle for control. It's just like the lock up. We're pretty even and we know each other’s tricks. It gets us nowhere, except breathing hard.

Actually, it does get us somewhere. It gets us horny from our bodies rubbing together. When Porter nuzzles my neck, I know how into this he is. I decide to try a new trick. I force our arms up high and we break apart, only our hands are touching. I suddenly get dirty, lifting my knee up into his side. THUD! OOF! The sexy stud grunts and loses focus.

I lift my knee up again and let go of his hands. THUD! OOF! Porter doubles over as I move to the side. I grab him over the shoulder and the back of his tights. I lift and drop him down into a gutbuster. WHOMP! OOF! My buddy cries out, louder than usual. By me using the back of his tights, I've crushed his fucking manhood in front. Oops. Yeah, right.

With Porter hanging on my leg, his junk aching, I spank his ass. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He takes the whacks like a jobber, with happy moans, cries and whimpers. I use his tights to toss him off my leg onto the mat. He rolls away. I get up to move in, but he rolls to his knees. I wait and stretch. Now I see him checking me out as he tries to fix his crushed cock.

Porter finally rises and I move in to force a lock up. He goes low, but I'm ready for it. I jump over him. I spin and land behind him. When he falls onto his hands and knees, I grab him from behind around the waist. I pull him up into a reverse bearhug. I grind my cock into his ass. He moans. Yeah. I lift him up and squeeze the shit outta him. He groans in pain now, really feeling this because of my gutbuster.

I play with him. Every time I drop his feet to the mat, I grind on his ass. Then I make sure to lift him quick and squeeze. Keep him off-balance. After four times, I just throw him down to the mat. He crawls, reaching for the front of his tights. I dive on top of him. SPLAT! He collapses under my weight. I immediately feel him trying to lift his hips, because getting a trapped bulge crushed hurts like hell. I know he's mine. He's focusing more on his meat than me.

Since he's distracted, I go for a sleeper. Our rules are if you go out, it's over. Doesn't matter the score or what. Out is out. So, I can end this now and we can get to me fucking his tight ass. I grab him around his head. Porter blurts out, “NO!” He goes to block me, but I got the drop on him. I get my arm locked around his neck, my hand pressing behind his head.

Porter fights, but I've got it locked. He suddenly pushes us up and flips us. WHAM! We land on my back, his weight crushing me now. He pushes his hand inside my arm and pushes. I lose the sleeper. But I'm not done. I wrap my legs around him in a body scissors and squeeze. He cries out. I grab his hair and pull his head back. My buddy lifts his hands and grabs my wrist to pry my hand off.

With his arms up, Porter’s left himself wide open for a full nelson. I let go of his hair and throw my arms under his before he can react. He fights too late and I get him locked up. Now he's in a nelson-scissors combo and I know he's in pain. I maneuver my foot to his bulge. It's not hard to find. The guy is actually stretching his tight compression pants he's so hard.

Porter moans for me to stop, but when I ask if he's giving, he says no. Cool with me. I rub my heel up and down his shaft. Yeah, my scissors is weak now, but this is better. My nelson is forcing his chin into his chest. He's watching this. Looking down over his pecs. Past the six-pack. All the way to his painful rock hard dick that I'm playing with. A jobber’s fucking dream.

We're both sweating, but he's barely fighting now. I hear him whimpering. He tries to shift his body, but that just helps me. I switch back to a real scissors, going all out on the nelson and body-crushing vice. My buddy is so confused, he's got no choice.


I let go then push him off me. He rolls onto his stomach, whimpering. He reaches under his hips to deal with his dick. I watch his black spandex-wrapped ass bounce then slide in. I grab the waistband of his tight and pull them down. I wedge them under his amazing ass. Fuck, I love that ass. His black thong strapped is deep inside his crack, so they're just rising up, perfect.

Porter moans, his dick finally able to stretch out. No thong can hold it, so I know he's feeling better. I can't resist grabbing his ass cheeks like two melons. I squeeze them and move them around. My roommate moans. I stick my face down and motor boat them. He laughs and tries to crawl away, playfully asking me to stop. I rise up and spank his bare cheeks. SMACK!

I let him crawl away. He rolls over and leans against the love seat. I see that his thong is wet. I ask if he shot and he says he didn't. But I bet he was close. Porter massages his pouch. The black thong pulls away at the sides. I crawl towards him. He doesn't move. I grab the waistband of his tights and finish pulling them off. I caress his legs and I do it and I see him twitch.

I don't say anything, but I know he's got to be thinking that this is way better than fighting. I peel the pants off completely then neatly fold them up. I stand up and casually adjust my dick as I move to put the pants on the table. I'm a model. I know how to say ‘sex’ without looking like I'm trying. And I'm practically screaming sex as I pose-stretch, thrusting my bulging trunks at his face.

Porter won't admit it, but his meat does. He wants me to fuck him. I wait for him to quit, but he doesn't. It's okay, I can tell that his jobber side is in full control.

Yeah, my roomie is ready to give.

Round Five

Porter and me circle the mat. We’re pumped and sweaty, skin red from the fight. With me in my hot trunks, cock weighing them down, I’m looking smoking hot. And Porter’s amazing in his black thong with his hard-on stretching it out. I love the big shiny wet spot. Shows that he can act mad, but he’s turned on even more than me. Yeah, I’ve got him right - WHOA!

My roommate surprises me, tackling me back. we fall onto the big sofa. Porter mounts me, but I fight under him. I grab his wrists and we struggle for control. He pushes down, trying to grab my head, but I block him. I’m sinking into the cushion and one of the pillows falls onto my face. I bat it away, but it gives Porter a chance to slam his forearm into my pec. WHOMP!

I grunt, but shrug it off. He tries again, but I grab him around the neck. I squeeze and he’s forced to hit my forearm. I get my other hand up and get a double choke on. Porter gasps, clawing at my forearms and wrists. I tighten the grip, but I feel his knee slide up into my bulge. SQUISH! The weight distracts me, sending pain up my body.

I manage to throw us to the side, toppling us off the couch. PLOP! We crash down onto the mat. I land on top, but Porter rolls me over. He tries to mount me, but I get a body scissors on. My roommate swings his fists into my chest. WHOMP! WHOMP! I flex my chest just in time and take the shots.

I fire my hands inside his. He shifts back to avoid another choke, but I’m aiming for his pecs. I lock them around the sides of his chest muscles, squeezing tight. I add force to my scissors. Porter cries out in pain as I squeeze his sides and pecs. I really dig in and he can’t pry my fingers off. I’ve got real big hands to match my big dick and they’re fucking strong. My claw is going nowhere.

With my fingers buried in his muscle tits, I focus on my legs. I loosen then tighten the scissors as hard as I can. The sudden burst of pain works. He throws his head back, moaning at the ceiling. It hurts so much that his hands slip from my wrists to lightly rest on my forearms. I tell him to give, but he reaches down and grabs my hair. He pulls my head up then slams it into the mat. CRACK! My holds go weak and he pulls free.

Porter kneels massaging his chest. I kick my long left leg out, hammering him in the gut. THUD! OOF! My buddy falls forward. I spin around then move in on my knees. I grab him in a front facelock. I pull up, wrenching his neck. I throw myself backwards, pulling him with me. The top of his head hits on the mat in a mini-DDT. CRACK! I keep hold and wrench his neck hard.

I keep up the pressure, but Porter pushes off the mat and flips over, rolling free. He sits and rubs his neck, but I’m going full speed. Before he can even realize it, I’ve spun around. I tackle him from behind, forcing him down onto his stomach. I grab his head then rub it along the mat. This old face wash move is humiliating, not painful, but it’ll keep him in jobber mode.

I spin on his back then grab his ankles. I plant my feet on either side of him then lift his legs up into a crab. I sit back, folding him hard. He moans and cries out. Porter pounds the mat. Yeah, I got it cinched in good. Real good. He won’t give, but he’s got the high-pitched whimpering he does when he’s close. That’s okay, I know how to finish this once and for all.

I drop his legs then sit on his back. I spin 180-degrees then grab his arms. It takes me only a couple of seconds to get him into a hot and heavy camel clutch. He’s still whimpering like he does. I tell him, “Yeah, c’mon P, give into that jobber you know’s deep inside you. The one you let out when you want my big dick inside your bubble butt. GIVE!”

Porter tells me to fuck myself. I get it. He wants me to end this, not him. Help him keep his pride. It’s cool. I can put him out instead. I switch my arms into a sleeper. I wrap them around his head and start to tighten. He’s immediately tapping my leg, telling me he submits. Damn, I wanted this to be over. I release the camel and ask if he’s done. He says no.

“I hate to keep hurting you, P. Just give so we can fuck.”

“You haven’t won, yet, T. That’s your problem. You want everything too easy.”

My face turns red. You know what? He's been kind of a jerk in this. Maybe I will make him pay my rent this month. Maybe I’ll pimp him out to the creeps who just wanna fuck a hot wrestler. Yeah, he can wrestle for money to pay me and see why it's a stupid idea. Then maybe he'll get where I'm coming from.

I grab his black thong and roughly pull it off him. His dick is hard and leaking. Porter looks up at me, just nodding his head. Not like he can say anything, since he started the strip action.

Round Six

Porter’s up, but looking like a guy who should quit. Only thing not hurting is his rock-hard dick. I don’t say anything. Why bother? He wants to see this through to the end. Cool.

We move in and lock up. We both go high. I control him, he’s getting weak. I throw my leg out, getting it behind his. I push him down, tripping him to the mat. WHAM! I land on top then lie on top of him. I get him in a grapevine. I pin his wrists to the mat as I open up his legs. My bulge presses down on his cock. He struggles, his face in pain or his ‘O’ face.

I thrust my hips down, putting a ton of pressure on his cock. He cries out every time. Even more important, he loses focus and can’t fight my grapevine. Porter throws his head back. He tries to force his wrists up and throw me off, but he can’t. All the back work has him too weak to move me at all. Problem is, he’s not giving, either.

I decide to switch it up. I unwrap my feet then push my legs up. I come down with my knee to his abs. THUD! OOF! I roll to the side then drag Porter up by his arm. I pull him forward into a clothesline. WHACK! He falls back the mat, so I drag him up to his feet again. Porter’s wobbly. This time, I scoop him up and hold him across my chest.

My roommate begs me not to slam him. I tell him, “Submit or get slammed!”

Porter says, “Fuck no!”

So, I slam him. BOOM! I can’t help but put my foot on his cock and press down. I flex, telling Porter to give. He moans, “No!” I lift my foot then jump back onto the couch. I leap off, coming down with a big splash. SPLAT! Porter cries out. I go for a pin.



Porter actually kicks out. I'm surprised, but it's okay. All he's got left is his spirit. Between his back and abs, he won't be able to put any power behind anything. I run my hand over his body. So hot. I feel his abs then grab hold of his left pec. My roommate moans. Yeah, he'll do great as a wrestler for hire. He should be able to make some cash to pay my share of rent in no time.

I tap his face, “You really wanna keep going, man.”

Porter moans, “Bring it on.”

I smile, enjoying his feisty jobber side. I grab hold of his hair and drag him up to a seated position. Porter’s limp, except for his cock. I reach down and grab his rod. I playfully squeeze it and jerk it. I pull his head back, telling him, “If you quit, we can get to the fun stuff. I really don't wanna hurt you, buddy.” He shakes his head, so I use his hair and drag him to his feet.

I'm trying to decide how to finish Porter off when he suddenly knocks my hand from his hair then steps into me from the side. He whips his arm around my head, his rock-hard bicep cutting bulging into my throat. Before I can react, my muscle stud roommate locks his left hand onto his other arm, securing a perfect choke.

It's a Kiss of Death sleeper. Outta nowhere. I push on his body, but he's not budging. I punch him in the side. THUD! He ignores it. I fire a fist again. THUD! The sleeper just tightens. How? His body is wrecked! I try again, but his bicep just flexes. When the hold tightens and my eyes roll back in my head.

I gotta give or I lose. A knockout ends everything. I can't get knocked out. I try to tell him I give. The choke is so tight that I can't speak to submit. I can't go out. I can't. I can't. I reach for his back to tap my submission so I can fight for another round, but I can't lift my arm any more. I'm too weak. Oh fuck. C’mon, T. Focus!

I hang limp in the grip. My legs bend. My arms dangle. My -

Paying Porter

I wake up slowly. I'm naked. Sweaty. Tired. Ow. Sore. Lying spreadeagle on cold, wet vinyl mats. I start to remember what's going on. Fuck. I realize that I lost. Knocked out. Stripped. And I have a headache. I lie there and I know what losing means. Yeah, Porter’s going to fuck me. I love that part. It's the rest that bad. Very, very bad. I'll be pimped out as some kind of wrestling whore for hire.

Oh fuck.

I open my eyes to see Porter towering over me. He's naked with a white hand towel over his shoulder and a bottle of water in his hand. Fuck, he's so sexy when he's pumped, sweaty and dominant. We just stare at each other without speaking. There's nothing to say. He won. I lost. Looking up at him, my cock wakes up. Who am I kidding? It gets hard as hell, stretching out over my abs.

Porter looks down at my hard shaft bouncing up and down over my abs. He shakes his head, “Damn, that perfect cock is always ready for action.”

I smile. I've been told my cock is beautiful, perfect and a work of art by guys ever since I was 15, but it never gets old. Especially from Porter. I was worried he'd lost interest in me, but his cock is standing out as he looks down at me. No matter what, I don't wanna lose him as a friend. Friends fight, but we need to make up. It doesn't matter who's right or wrong.

And if I can get him in a good mood, maybe he'll let me out of our deal.

“Okay, boss, you got me and my perfect cock.” Porter finishes his water then tosses the empty bottle at the garbage can. It swooshes in perfectly. I tell him, “Nice. You should buy a lottery ticket, man.”

Porter ignores me, tossing the towel aside. He moves around to my head then turns, looking down my body. He drops to his knees then leans forward, going for a 69. When his cock reaches my face, I grab it and take it in. As I suck on his head, my roomie grabs my rod in one hand then I feel his lips around it. Oh fuck. Win or not, Porter can't resist getting a taste.

We work each other until Porter rolls onto his side. I roll with him and we go back to work. With a better position, I try my best to appreciate him. I'm just okay at cock sucking. Most guys just want my cock, so I never have to do anything for them. That's not gonna cut it here. I really focus on doing a good job. I hear my buddy moan and he pulls off my cock.

Porter whimpers, “Oh shit, T. You've been holding out on me. Oh. Where'd you learn that? Oh. Oh fuck, go easy. Slow it down. Oh fuck.”

I push my roomie onto his back and he lies there, letting me own his dick. I use every trick guys use on me, guessing what Porter will like. It works, because he's writhing on the mat as I suck his rock-hard shaft. I feel his hands on my head, running through my hair as I drive my mouth up and down. I feel him tense up, his breath getting shorter.

I pull off then look at him. His mouth is wide open and he looks confused. I ask, “Want me to finish you?”

Porter nods. I go back to work and seconds later, I'm sucking a load out of him. He shoots down my throat and I swallow every drop. My buddy tells me how great it feels and how I'm a fucking stud. He tells me to take it as I keep sucking until he starts to soften. When I pull off, Porter looks drained. He lies there as I kneel between his legs, playing with my cock.

Porter orders, “Fuck me, T. Take that perfect cock and shove it up my ass.”

I'm surprised, but I'm not gonna say no. His ass is pretty damn perfect, so it deserves my ‘perfect cock’. I grab lube and protection, then slide in between his legs. When I'm ready, I lift his legs against my body, pull him up and into me then drive my rod forward. Porter moans as I go deep. I fill his hole all the way until his bubble butt is pressed against my pelvis.

When I start pounding, Porter stretches his arms back off the mat against the sofa to brace himself from sliding. I get verbal, telling him to take my perfect cock. He loves that shit. His face is contorted, his mouth open as he gasps for breath. Even now, he looks so fucking hot. Hotter, actually. His torso is tense and pumped, his cock rock hard up his abs.

I'm inspired that I can make his eyes roll back in his head like that. I can't help myself. I stop pumping. I lean forward and attack his neck. He moves his hands to my shoulders then pushes me up and off, “What're you doing?”

“Uh, fucking you?”

“No, you're kissing me. Don't. Just fuck my ass. Remember, I'm the boss. You're fucking me because that's what I want you to do. You're my dildo. My perfect fucking dildo. Let me make this easier for you.”

Porter slides out from under me then rolls over onto his hands and knees. He thrusts his ass up at me. I don't like being call a dildo, but he is the boss. He tells me to get back to work. Okay. I can't resist that ass. Fuck, it's so smooth and round. I grab his hips and stick my dick back inside him. He whimpers and I start in again. I drive my cock in deep, pounding his hole fast and hard.

My roomie encourages me, moaning, “Yes, yes, yes.”

I see him grab under his body and start working his dick. He gasps and pushes back against me. He pushes his ass into me. It drives my cock in even deeper and harder. Porter suddenly starts breathing hard. I feel his ass tighten up on my dick. Oh fuck, it's like a fucking vice as his whole body tenses. He shakes and screams. He must be shooting his load.

I'm close, too. I wait for him to relax then slide out. I tear off the condom. Porter moves away as I'm jacking, ordering me to cum on top of his big puddle. I don't give a shit where I cum at this point. I explode out. Ropes of my cum shoot out. Fucking Porter after wrestling always gives me the biggest orgasms. Fuck. I keep working myself until I'm fucking drained.

I roll onto my back, exhausted.

My Decision

After we lie there for a long time, Porter goes, “So you have a choice to make.”

Oh yeah? Is he letting me out of the deal? That'd be awesome. I sit up, legs spread, elbows on knees, “What do you mean, buddy?”

“Look, if you really refuse to wrestle guys for money, I can't make you do it.” I smile until he adds, “But I need to know now if you're not going to do it. I need a reliable roommate. I need to know the rent is coming on time every month. You can't pay me and you've got no idea how you're going to pay me. I've been fair to you, letting you slide every month -”

“You've been more than fair, man. You've been awesome.”

“Right. So, I'm asking you to be fair to me. Let me find myself a new roommate who can pay up, if you're not going to let me find you matches. It's your choice.”

“Whore or homeless? Not much of a choice, man.”

Porter shrugs, “Unless you've had an epiphany, it's the only one you've got. Guys were lined up to get in here, so I'm pretty sure I can get someone with first and last to cover you leaving me high and dry this month then I'll just scrimp and save to make it up later.”

“C’mon, man, I feel bad enough. Don't rub it in. I hate not being able to pay you.”

“Sorry, Travis, but I really question that. I gave you the only viable option you have. You love wrestling. You need money. I found a way to combine those and you threw it back in my face. Then you actually tried to screw me on the deal. Figuratively and literally. Either you're serious about wanting to stay or you're not.”

“I am, man. I really am. I swear.”

“Okay then. Give me what you have as a down payment and I'll start looking for matches. But if you don't take the first one I find, you're out. So, make sure you're going to follow through. I'm going to take a shower.” He adds, "Alone."

Porter rolls to his feet then goes to his room for a shower. He closes the bedroom door hard, making sure I don't follow. As loser, I have to clean up, but instead I fall back onto the mat. I stare at the ceiling, letting it all sink in. I wanna be angry, but I can't. I wanna storm out, but I don't. Porter and this place are too important to me.

Instead, I grab my computer. I start up a wrestling video. A squash job. The most brutal one I got. Big hairy heel Dino Donato destroying the best jobber there is, little prettyboy Jack Jacobs. I lean back against the couch, my ass and feet on the mat. I grab my perfect fucking cock. I pound it roughly, but slowly. I watch the big, hairy heel throw around the wimpy jobber. I listen to him trash talk the shit outta the weak, whimpering loser.

I try imagining myself as Jack, but my cock only gets semi-hard. Instead, I imagine myself as Dino. Oh, fuck yeah. That's it. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Yeah, I own that little bitch. He's mine. I fucking own him. Uh. Uh. Listen to him beg. Oh fuck. Beg me you little bitch. Fucking beg me! As little Jack whimpers out his third submission, I squeeze out another huge fucking load, spraying it out onto the mats. I milk my cock until it's soft then keep gently playing with it as I calm down.

Wow, I needed that. Okay, I feel more relaxed. I roll up, grab some cleaner and start wiping down the mats. Maybe this is the kick in the ass I need. I've been riding too easy. Yeah, maybe this month, I'm gonna have to be a fucking wrestling whore. But I'm also gonna buckle down and find some better way to make cash. Somehow. Until then, I just hope that Porter finds me guys who’re sane and not too gross.

The End


  1. Oh yes! I love these models (Pietro and Trevor)! Thank you for the awesome match and story! :D

    1. You're welcome! When they were suggested to me by the commissioner of this tale, I figured they'd be popular. I'd seen them on Tumblr, especially Pietro as Superman.

  2. With all the drama building at the Cave and elsewhere, this story was pretty refreshing. The guys are beautiful, I love their personalities, and their fighting styles. Aggressive Porter making things look like it was going to be a quick squash, but then Travis taking over, exploiting Porter's Inner Jobber, to the point that it seems Travis IS the better wrestler. And then Porter's surprise comeback! Oh the drama. I'm glad it ends the way it does, because we NEED more of these guys. Maybe they'll even tag team, they'd be so...SWEET.

    And I loved the Xaq reference! I love Porter being book-smart, but naively believing Xaq's description of his private wrestling, the matches being so easy and never having lost. Whereas Travis seems to be able to see through Xaq already.

    I'd love to see how wrestling affects Travis and Porter's relationship. How will they do against opponents who aren't each other? If Travis has a rough time, will Porter feel guilty? WILL they tag team? Will the Cave or New Pro offer them anything lucrative enough to make them change their minds?

    Thanks for another great story!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it'll be a drama-free year-end. Just some (I hope) fun action. I'm pretty sure there will be a sequel to this, so we'll see where it goes.

  3. Travis and Porter hmmm what an explosive relationship though. First I start from the bottom up. That ending. Or should I say is that en ending? Lol it feels very to be continued to me. Anyways I have to agree with porter. I mean what a douch Travis is. It's like damn man. A good slap in the face he should have gotten for trying to screw your "friend". If I had been porter I would have probably just kicked him out anyways. Lol.
    I do have to say that I thought Travis was going to win. Then at the end Porter pulled it out. Hot. I also found it hot that Porter bottomed and used Travis to pleasure himself. Now the whole XAQ inference was hot as well. Perhaps I over think this but Porter doesn't look to me like he is that naive, he does tell Travis that they fuck after sex, so he probably knew that XAQ was lying as well. It's just him trying to see if Travis falls for it. That's just my two cents.

    1. This one definitely has an opening for more. I have an idea in the works, so I think it's a good chance we'll be seeing them again.

      Interesting take on Porter. Travis is a little douchy, but when you're a hot model, you get used to things being given to you.

    2. Fuck after wrestling. Fucking after sex would be a bit redundant wouldn't it????? Hahahaha! Oh maybe I should become a hot model then! Lol

  4. I just HAD to reread this gem of a story! Any chance we'll ever see a rematch... or just any match with Porter in it? Preferably as a squashed jobber ;) Also, do you take commissions?

    1. Re-reading is the best compliment. Thanks.

      I have started another story with these guys but it’s barely a beginning. No plans for a rematch, though.

      Unfortunately I am not taking commissions any more. It’s simply too much work and responsibility.

    2. Oh, I am always rereading your blog! I'm excited for the rest of the year anyway - and I just read your Beau v Buck story, which I love because Beau is my other hot favourite! Sorry to hear about the commissions but really glad you are staying true to your writing and your wellbeing.

    3. Appreciate that. While I’m not taking commissions, I do take suggestions. If you have an idea, feel free to email me and I’ll consider it. Commissions have the extra pressure of having to get done within a specific time period and that’s what I don’t want.

    4. Email sent :)