Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Review: Myles Morales vs. Sam Reddy (Movimus)

We headed back to the mat. Myles Morales vs. Sam Reddy from Movimus caught my eye for a few reasons. Both these guys are new to me, but I was attracted to their contrasting looks and body types. So when I found myself in the mood for some simple, classic submission action with no gimmicks, this one scratched that itched.

It's a battle of the body types on the mats.

Myles Morales is a name that caught my eye, but maybe he's just a fan. He's older and bigger than his comic book namesake and he isn't very Spider-man. At 5'10"/195-lbs, he's got a great body, muscular with broad shoulders and powerful, sculpted muscles. He's too tall to be a fireplug, but he feels short thanks to his opponent.

While Sam Reddy is technically heavier, his 205-lbs is stretched out on a lanky 6'7" frame. If I was describing his look, it would be "UCW giant". He's got the same lean, tattooed look you see there, but this is Movimus, so don't expect the same style.

Miles looks like a powerhouse.

Sam is swimmer-lean.

Myles back and butt are delicious.

This match looks a little different and I have an affection for the setting. It feels like one of them cleared their living room, put the mats down and welcomed his opponent in. Everything combines to make it feel like these two guys met on the internet and just decided to get down. It gives it all a more casual, less serious feeling.

The 16-minutes of wrestling is solid and non-stop. They go for the standards - takedowns, headlocks, chokes and arm work, each using their bodies effectively.

It's a scrap from start to finish.

Sam is tough to wrangle.

Hurting Myles' muscles won't be easy.

I was curious to see how the differing body types impact the match. In my experience, long and lean isn't as good as compact power, but it can be tougher to submit. So I was expecting Myles to dominate the action, but maybe be frustrated by Sam's resilience. It actually works out more evenly than I expect with a lot of back-and-forth.

The final score is 2-1 with the final fall coming right at the end. I loved how exhausted both guys looked on the mat, but the score was over the picture. I chose not to spoil things rather than show them lying, unmoving and drained.

Sam's pretty powerful himself.

Can Myles submit the lanky stud?

Or is Myles the one who's on the losing end?

In the end, I enjoyed seeing these two men struggle for supremacy on the mat. It feels somewhat voyeuristic, based on the setting, which adds to the intimate feeling. Myles has a rocking body and Sam makes a nice contrast for him.

So that's my take. What's yours?




  1. I got a little too excited when I found this post. Myles Morales was a cam model by the name of Trey Jones. I've been dying to see him do something else, and now I get to see him wrestle!!!

    1. Very cool. Thanks for sharing the info. Enjoy watching him wrestle.

  2. Anyone knows if Sam Reddy goes by another name?

    1. I do not know. Not sure how many guys still read this post, so you might not get an answer.